Seven Things Cover

by Chris Ritter

I am excited to share that my book, Seven Things John Wesley Expected Us to Do for Kids, will be published in May from Abingdon Press.

Here is the description provided by the publisher:

An encouraging gift book that reinforces the Wesleyan DNA of being passionate and purposeful in ministry with children. It uses John Wesley’s instructions to Methodist preachers found in the “Large Minutes” as an outline of what he expected Methodists to do for kids:
• Teach Them Intentionally
• Know Them Personally
• Pray for Them Intensely
• Mentor Families Meaningfully
• Challenge Ourselves Continually
• Shape Our Ministries Appropriately
• Care for Them Practically

Pre-orders of the e-book version are being received HERE.

I anticipate most people will want the paper version as it will be a hard-back like Three Simple Rules that can be shared around.

The book is geared for Christians in the Wesleyan/Methodists stream and is a sort of easy-reading, positive “kick in the pants” for us to increase our investment in what Wesley called “the rising generation.”  It would make a great gift for:

  • Parents preparing for the baptism of their child.
  • Sunday School and Children’s Ministry workers.
  • Church Councils.
  • Annual conference lay and clergy members.

The book challenges the reader to identify a child in their life for each chapter and answer the call of the Holy Spirit to re-invest in them.

Please join me in praying God will use this little book for his great glory.