by Chris Ritter

“How can you find time to write all you do and still serve a large, growing congregation?” That is the most-asked question I get when I meet readers of The answer is simple: Caffeine. And the caffeine is supplied by subscribers to the site. Together, they make up Team Caffeine.

When you join Team Caffeine, you receive weekly exclusive weekly posts called “Don’t Quote Me on This.” These emails are considerably less filtered than the public posts and are aimed at providing “actionable intelligence” for leaders bringing their people through turbulent times. Bishops, leading pastors, and concerned laity make up Team Caffeine. Sometimes Team Caffeine gets a first look at upcoming posts.

One of my latest subscribers wrote back: “I should have done this a year ago.” In addition to being added to the list, you will receive a weekly password that gives you access to the archives where all past messages are stored. (The word count on the archives currently stands at 37,000 words, so there is plenty there for your review.). Here’s the magic button:

What members of Team Caffeine are saying:

The most reliable and helpful resource during these uncertain times. 

Cara Nicklas, Oklahoma Lay Delegate, GC2020

If I only had time to read one email or blog post per week concerning the status of the United Methodist Church it would be this one.  Chris has the ability to synthesize many individual viewpoints, see emerging trends and provide concise insight.  He does this with grace and an evenhanded treatment of competing viewpoints.  Many people today feel the need to speak THEIR truth, Chris is called to speak THE truth.  There is a huge difference.” 

Frank Holbrook, Memphis Conference Lay Delegate

As for being a member of the Caffeine Team, I would say that this has been a well spring of trusted information. So glad that God led me to peopleneedjesus.

Eric Shin,

It makes my day, no, my week, whenever I see “Don’t Quote Me On This” in the subject line of my inbox! You are often the reasoned breath of sanity in the murk that swirls about us. “

Herb Flanders, North Georgia

I’m very glad to have joined the Caffeine Team. At first, I was just joining as a way to thank Chris for all of his hard work. I visit the site often, especially the Compendium, and appreciate these essential resources. However, I’ve found the weekly DQMOT emails to be some of the most valuable sources of information I read. I don’t have time to digest even a fraction of what is being published about our denomination these days. In DQMOT Chris distills the most significant news of the week along with some helpful speculation that really helps me think through it all. Joining the Caffeine Team isn’t just a good way to support this rich resources: it is an invaluable resource in its own right!

Rev. Matt Abel, Florence UMC

As an Annual Conference lay-delegate for my local church, Chris’ prolific narratives and insights about the direction of the UMC are enormously helpful to me as I work to maintain situational awareness and provide sound and fair dialogue with fellow church leaders and pastoral staff. !  Love being on your Caffeine Team!

Glenn Heistand

I have served the United Methodist Church under appointment since My efforts to understand and better serve Christ and the Church have consistently been informed and helped by your blogs, UM Compendium and this past year by investing in your caffeine support group, “Don’t Quote Me On This.”Thanks for your insights and willingness to share.

Darrell Cates

I really enjoy your email and encourage anyone who has an interest in the impending schism of the Methodist denomination to follow you.  The information is helpful in making a decision on how to take the next steps for a local church when considering options after the May 2020 General Conference.

Dan Dalton, Dalton & Tomich is my biggest resource for all things related to the UM divide.  Chris has gathered and/or created a wealth of content that has been invaluable in getting me and keeping me up to date on the latest happenings.   Being part of the Caffeine Team gives me an extra and early insight into situations and conversations that I would otherwise not be privy to.  “Don’t Quote Me on This” is the email I most look forward to every week.

Sean Hachem

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And, yes, my morning caffeine usually comes in the form of Diet Coke…

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