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Interview with Bishop Scott Jones & Mary Lou Reece (Bishop of the GMC)” by Jeffrey Rickman via PlainSpoken Podcast. “Bishop Scott Jones served faithfully in The United Methodist Church all his adult life. He has now chosen to answer the call to be one of two full-time bishops in the Global Methodist Church. I learned that he would be speaking at a church nearby in Claremore, so I extended the invitation to him and his wife Mary Lou Reece to sit down for a visit. They were gracious to accept the invitation, to have lunch at home with my family, and to let me learn from them for a little more than an hour on camera.” (Added 5-27-2023)

Post by Virginia WCA Facebook Group: “As churches are desiring to move to the GMC, we are getting some questions about the process. Below is some additional and useful information on that:” (Added 5-27-2023)

Mid-South Global Methodist Church Website. “Currently under development, The MidSouth Conference of the Global Methodist Church will cover Kentucky, Middle and East Tennessee, Southwest Virginia and the state of West Virginia.” (Added 5-26-2023)

Manistee United Methodist Church joins new denomination” via Manistee News Advocate (MI). “On May 21, church members decided to leave the current United Methodist denomination and join the newly formed Global Methodist Church. ” (Added 5-26-2023)

New era to begin May 28 for Friendship Methodist Church” via Donalsonville News (GA). “On Sunday March 26th the congregation of Friendship United Methodist Church made the overwhelming decision to leave the United Methodist Church and join the newly formed Global Methodist Church. This was not a decision made lightly and involved a lengthy discernment process. Through the process it was revealed that the current direction of the United Methodist Church did not reflect the beliefs of the local congregation.” (Added 5-26-2023)

The Changing Shape of Methodism” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News. “Although exact numbers are not available at this point, it appears that at least 80 percent of disaffiliating congregations are aligning immediately with the Global Methodist Church (GMC).” (Added 5-26-2023)

Tweet by Liam Adams. Religion Reporter: “Following the ratified disaffiliations from the #UMC of churches in West and Middle Tennessee, the Global Methodist Church’s new Mississippi-West Tennessee Provisional Annual Conference recently launched a website: https://ms-wtngmc.org/our-mission” (Added 5-26-2023)

83 United Methodist Churches in Iowa Exit Denomination” by Kim Roberts via Ministy Watch. “Most plan to join the Global Methodist Church.” (Added 5-26-2023)

Coker United Methodist Church | Roundtable Discussion” via Coker UMC (YouTube). A San Antonio congregation holds a forum on the Global Methodist Church. (Added 5-25-2023)

Interview with Jeff Pospisil (New Chief Financial Officer of the GMC)” by Jeffrey Rickman via PlainSpoken Podcast. “Jeff Pospisil has an active YouTube channel, on which he provides many resources for individuals and churches to be faithful with their money. He was the Treasurer for the Dakotas Annual Conference, where they thrived under his leadership. He was recently recruited by the GMC to head up the financial ministry of the new denomination.” (Added 5-25-2023)

Of Borrowed Lawnmowers and United Methodist Clergy Status” by Bob Phillips via PeopleNeedJesus.net. Thoughts on the ill treatment of retired UM clergy exercising their ministries in a GMC setting. (Added 5-25-2023)

Presentation by Bishop Scott Jones” via Claremore FMC Facebook. A presentation on the GMC to a church considering affiliation. (Added 5-25-2023)

Future Home of the Mississippi – West Tennessee Provisional Annual Conference Website. (Added 5-25-2023)

Post by Jason Woolever via IGRC WCA Facebook Group. “The Global Methodist Church will partnering with The River Network to plant hundreds of new GMC churches in the next few years. This webinar “Starting a Church without a Pastor” might be one that you would like to watch with interested members of your community.” (Added 5-25-2023)

Global Methodist Church’s Catechism Now in Print” by Walter Fenton via GMC. “A foundational catechism for a denominational family is not only a good idea; it’s essential,” said the Rev. Dr. Jessica LaGrone, a TLC member and Dean of the Chapel at Asbury Theological Seminary… “One of my favorite lines in the introduction of our catechesis proclaims that its purpose is to help those in our connection to ‘understand, recall, profess, and enjoy the church’s essential teachings.’ The proclamation that right doctrine is something that we enjoy is a powerful one, and one that is to be celebrated.”(Added 5-24-2023)

Post via Mid-Texas GMC Facebook Page. “This week we topped 200 churches that have voted to affiliate with the Global Methodists in Mid-Texas. As more congregations join the Mid Texas family, we are gathering experienced, Christ-Centered individuals for conference leadership. We are excited to announce that Brian Denman will be our Finance and Administration Chair.” (Added 5-24-2023)

2023 Commencement” via United Theological Seminary (YouTube). Starting at 1:42:15, Bishop Bickerton addresses the split in the United Methodist Church, naming churches going independent or joining the GMC. “It is nasty, deeply hurtful…” Shared a personal story of eventual healing after a hurtful divorce. (Added 5-22-2023)

Denomination vs. Independent” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News. Lifts recent examples where denominational accountability has been helpful and also the positive contribution of concerted efforts in mission. (Added 5-19-2023)

The past is dead? Time for news analysis of America’s scrambled Protestant marketplace” by Richard Ostling via Get Religion. “The news service of the United Methodist Church, #3 in size among U.S. Protestant groups, last week posted tabulation of departures since 2019 of 2,996 conservative congregations, roughly one-tenth of the denomination, with more in process. Most are joining the newborn Global Methodist Church.” (Added 5-18-2023)

Ordination in the Global Methodist Church” by Jeffrey Rickman via Substack. “This is an article detailing my twelve-year journey towards ordination. It covers a lot of details that people usually do not say out loud. ” (Added 5-18-2023)

Connectional Funding – Keeping The Focus on the Ministry of the Local Church” by Keith Boyette via The Global Methodist Church. “All local churches are asked to contribute one percent of their operating income to the funding of the general church…. Where provisional annual conferences are not yet operating, local churches are also asked to pay an additional one percent of their operating income to underwrite the formation of annual conferences in their regions.” (Added 5-17-2023)

Bishop meets with local departing Methodist churches” by Jeff Long via Southeast Missourian. “Representatives of six area congregations who have voted to disaffiliate from the United Methodist Church met Monday, May 15, in Cape Girardeau with Bishop Scott Jones of the Heartland Conference of the newly- organized Global Methodist Church (GMC).” (Added 5-17-2023)

Global United Methodists (sic) Move Forward After United Methodist Split” by Carla Hinton via The Oklahoman (paywall). Coverage of a GMC Summit in Bethany, OK. (Added 5-16-2023)

A View From Inside the UMC: Reflections on Bishop Bickerton’s Presidential Address” by Paul Stallsworth via Firebrand Magazine. “Were the bishops to be done with their denial and confess their complicity in the schism, healing and reconciliation would come to the church. Were the bishops to repent and depend upon God’s grace for forgiveness, there is no telling how much good among Methodists, including United Methodists and Global Methodists, would be divinely given. But first the bishops must overcome their denial.” (Added 5-16-2023)

Press Release via The Woodlands Methodist Church (PDF). “(The Woodlands, TX) On Sunday The Woodlands Methodist Church (TWMC) announced its decision to affiliate with the Global Methodist Church (GMC) following a churchwide vote of members that resulted in the resolution passing by 96%. The vote far exceeded the self-imposed threshold of 66.67% needed to join the GMC and makes the 14,000-member congregation the single largest church to join the new expression of traditional Wesleyan Methodism.” (Added 5-15-2023)

Vote Passes to Join the Global Methodist Church” via The Woodlands. Following a church-wide vote of 2,110 members, The Woodlands Methodist Church joins the Global Methodist Church, becoming its largest congregation. (Added 5-14-2023)

A Catechism of Christian Faith and Doctrine for the Global Methodist Church” via Seedbed. “Seedbed is pleased to partner with the The Global Methodist to offer this indispensable resource to the present and future membership of the church.” (Added 5-12-2023)

Saturday is Sorta Important” by Jeffrey Rickman via PlainSpoken Podcast (YouTube). How will the next Arkansas Special Session go after the last one resulted in lawsuits and contention? “Also, the Heartland TCAT of the Global Methodist Church is going to be holding a two-day event called The Summit, which will end with the ordination of a new class of clergy.” (Added 5-12-2023)

Faithbridge Affiliation Vote” via Faithbridge Church (Franksville, WI [Racine County]). One of the largest UM churches in Wisconsin votes by 99% to join the GMC after a 93.7% vote to disaffiliate. (Added 5-11-2023)

Connecting Local Churches Together” by Walter Fenton via GMC. “Within a year, the Global Methodist Church has witnessed the formation of eight provisional annual conferences in the U.S. and one each in Bulgaria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the Philippines. The North Alabama Provisional Annual Conference and the Alabama-Emerald Coast Provisional Annual Conference are the newest, commencing operations in May.” (Added 5-10-2023)

Dothan church joins new denomination, but mission stays the same” by Aaron Dixon via WDHN. Focuses on Covenant Church in Dothan, a mega-church, joining the GMC. (Added 5-10-2023)

Alabama-Emerald Coast Provisional Conference of the Global Methodist Church Website. A September 8-9 convening celebration is planned. (Added 5-9-2023)

Post by Bishop Mark Webb (GMC) via Facebook: “Visited Churches in Eastern Slovakia, then trip to Ukraine border, Budapest and finally Vienna. 3 countries (a few meters away from a fourth) all in one day. Inspired by the leaders and members of the Slovak Provisional District of the Global Methodist Church. Heard amazing testimony about the ministry with and among Ukrainian refugees. Thanks to Rev. Gabi Kopas our presiding elder in Slovakia and her husband, Samir for their wonderful hospitality!” [photos] See also Ordination Service. (Added 5-9-2023)

Hundreds of Churches Look to Separate from the UMC” by Daniel Crews via WFMY. “As I have stated before, we are not enemies,” said Resident Bishop Ken Carter of the Western Conference of the United Methodist Church. “By action of the annual conference you will be free to be an independent church or a global Methodist church or a southern Methodist church or part of some other denomination. That is your work to do.” Voting results expected next week. (Added 5-7-2023)

www.globalmethodist.world: Wesleyan Network for Global Mission Website. “The Wesleyan Network for Global Mission exists to support local churches on a global level in the the completion of the Great Commission through identifying and calling forth Apostolic leaders, equipping in best practices, aiding local churches in scalable stages of becoming Great Commission Churches, and through fanning the flame of Scripture informed, worship-based prayer.” (Added 5-6-2023)

Post by Bishop Mark Webb (GMC) via Facebook. “Blessed to be in Slovakia and spend time with leaders and members of The Global Methodist Church. [photos included] (Added 5-5-2023)

Global Methodists Take the Gospel ‘Beyond These Walls’” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. “In refreshing contrast to various United Methodist conferences I have attended over the years, “Beyond These Walls” was devoid of hijacking the church for political agendas, embarrassed avoidance of challenging but clear Scriptural teachings, and unbiblical theology.” (Added 5-5-2023)

Digital Resource Guide” via Global Methodist Church. “…we send you this digital resource guide to help your local church understand who we long to be as connected congregations of the Global Methodist Church. Please use this, and subsequent guides, and so join with your brothers and sisters all around the world in fulfilling the Global Methodist Church’s mission…” (Added 5-5-2023)

4 Reasons to Join the GMC” via Iowa WCA (YouTube). “Rev. Tom Shinkle & Rev. Mike Morgan share four reasons for you and your congregation to join the Global Methodist Church. From Consistency of Doctrine to an emphasis on Local Ministry, the future of the GMC is exciting for all churches.” (Added 5-4-2023)

GMC Thursday Night Live with Dr. Sterling Allen & Bishop Scott Jones” via YouTube. Bishop Jones interviewed. (Added 5-4-2023)

Contempt” via Baltimore-Washington WCA Facebook Page. “This is the sentiment that we are now experiencing from the leadership of the UMC. We believe it was always there, but we never felt the full force of it until now. It’s serious hatred for traditionalists, but most of all the GMC.” (Added 5-4-2023)

Global Methodist Movement Turned One Year Old May 1, 2023!” by Marty Boddie via YouTube. A video post celebrating the first anniversary of the GMC. (Added 5-3-2023)

Pastoral Openings” via Florida Provisional Conference (GMC). A list of Florida pastoral openings. (Added 5-3-2023)

Beyond These Walls Conference Propels Missions” by Paul Lawler via GMC. “The Global Methodist Church recently served as the primary sponsor of the Beyond These Walls Conference, drawing over 600 participants from the United States, Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa to the campus of The Woodlands Methodist Church in the Houston, Texas metroplex.” (Added 5-3-2023)

Post by Jessica LaGrone via Facebook: On the 1st Birthday of the GMC: “This is not a fledgling. Not a splinter. Not a “wait and see.” This is a move of God. In a single year. One of the biggest challenges right now is the number of major international groups wanting to contact, ask questions, work through logistics, and join with us. I’ll take that over other challenges I’ve faced in connectional work in the past.” (Added 5-3-2023)

Retired Clergy and the Ghost of BT Roberts” by Bob Phillips via PeopleNeedJesus.net. Punitive actions against retired UM clergy serving in GMC settings runs counter to sanity and the evangelistic mandates of the Gospel. (Added 5-3-2023)

Conversation with the Global Methodist Church” via Christ Church Memphis. Pastor Paul Lawler interviews Keith Boyette as a large disaffiliated Memphis congregation discerns its future alignment. (Added 5-2-2023)

Post via Global Methodist Church Facebook Page: “2400 clergy. 2000 churches + growing: It’s been one year since the Global Methodist Church launched. Today, we are a growing movement of the Holy Spirit making disciples of Jesus Christ who worship passionately, love extravagantly, and witness boldly.” (Added 5-2-2023)

Post by Jeff Greenway via Facebook: “Happy first anniversary to The Global Methodist Church to those already in, and those coming our way! It is hard to believe it’s been a year! We’ve had many incredible servant leaders (many of whom remain unnamed) helping to midwife, birth, and now form this new expression and movement of Methodism! Much has been accomplished in a very short time! The best is yet to come!” (Added 5-1-2023)

RECOMMENDED ACTION: Affiliation with the Global Methodist Church” via The Woodlands. A very large Texas church shares materials related to a recommendation to join the GMC. (Added 4-29-2023)

Methodists Moving Forward in South Georgia” by David Donnan. Developments in South Georgia as the GMC conference moves toward a July 27 convening AC session there. (Added 4-29-2023)

Global Methodist Church Transitional Training” via Forney Methodist Church. A Texas Church offers a series of training videos to manage the transition to the Global Methodist Church. (Added 4-29-2023)

Apportionments in the Global Methodist Church” by Jeff Pospisil via YouTube. The former treasurer of the UMC Dakotas Conference talks about how GMC Connectional Funding is different from UMC apportionments. (Added 4-29-2023)

The GM Church Beyond the US” by Keith Boyette via GMC. “Whether in Africa, Asia, Europe, or the U.S., too many local churches find themselves locked in the UM Church because their bishops and annual conferences are not acting on their disaffiliation requests or the terms offered them are so onerous and financially prohibitive it makes an exit – with their property and assets –nearly impossible. Nevertheless, they continue to prayerfully persevere as they explore every possible pathway to the Global Methodist Church.” (Added 4-26-2023)

Conversation with the Global Methodist Church” via Christ Church Memphis) (Added 4-21-2023)

Global Methodist Church recognizes university as a ‘recommended educational institution’” by Michael Gryboski via Christian Post.(Added 4-19-2033)

The Ministry of Building a New Connection” by Walter Fenton via GMC. (Added 4-19-2023)

GMC Thursday Night Live with Dr. Sterling Allen & Bishop Mike Lowry” by GMC Thursday Night Live. A conversation with bishop emeritus of the GMC and bishop in residence at United Theological Seminary. (Added 4-14-2023)

Congregational and Clergy Applications Move Online” by Keith Boyette via GMC. “Since the online system was launched, more than 500 churches and clergy have completed applications and are in the process of being reviewed by a team of persons under the supervision of the Rev. Angela Pleasants, the GM Church’s Clergy and Church Relations Director. Prior to the launch of the online system, more than 1,550 churches and more than 2,150 clergy had submitted applications manually via email and been approved. Applications submitted manually before March 20 continue to be processed; however, the online system has improved the accuracy and speed with which applications are being processed.” (Added 4-12-2023)

Annual Conference Of Global Methodist Church Launches – OH And Western PA” via minafa.com. “The Allegheny West Provisional Annual Conference (AWAC) of the Global Methodist Church officially launched on Saturday, April 1, 2023. Annual Conferences of the Global Methodist Church are formed for the purpose of connecting clergy and congregations for shared ministry and accountability across a geographic region. The Allegheny West region includes all of Ohio and the Western third of Pennsylvania.” (Added 4-10-2023)

GMC Pastors, Churches, Take Note!” by Chuck Griffin via Holston WCA. Pension transfer information. (Added 4-10-2023)

Irving church joins Global Methodist Church after splitting from United Methodist Church” via Dallas Morning News. Coverage of Irving First joining the Global Methodist Church. (Added 4-7-2023)

Online Course: Life Together in the United Methodist Connection“via UMC.org. “What will happen at General Conference 2024? What is happening in the United Methodist connection now, and with the new Global Methodist Church? This session of the official U.M.C. polity course will include structural realities and principles affecting our annual conferences and local churches right now and in the future.” (Added 4-5-2023)

Amarillo United Methodist Community group begins sharing facilities with St. Luke Presbyterian Church” by Mya Clark via MyHighPlains.com. Quotes from UMC and GMC folks in this article on a new UMC worshipping community of disaffiliation dissidents that hopes to become a church. (Added 4-5-2024)

A Bible Belt rift over gay marriage in the Methodist Church just landed in Upstate New York” via Syracuse.com. “Upstate New York’s former bishop Mark Webb left the church in January and joined the new, more conservative Global Methodist Church, which he helped create. He’s the first bishop north of the Bible Belt to do so. A handful of Upstate New York congregations, too, have decided to leave in recent months.” (Added 4-4-2023)

Methodist Mitosis 2.0: New Thoughts on a Needed Direction” by Bob Phillips via PeopleNeedJesus.net. “A Roman conquest approach by the GMC, the UMC, or individuals in authority will bring a bleeding loss to the Wesleyan way. A renewed vision of a Methodist Mitosis process truly can end the journey toward… lived grace for the 21st century church.” (Added 4-3-2023)

Post by Derek Russell via Facebook. “My church became part of The Global Methodist Church on January 1st. This year, our denominational payments are 27% of those we were expected to pay last year. That is a savings of over $27,000, which is a big deal for the financial outlook for us in 2023.” (Added 4-2-2023)

GMC Thursday Night Live with Dr. Sterling Allen & Rev. Angela Pleasants” via GMC Thursday Night Live. An interview with a key GMC staffer. (Added 3-31-2023)

Tweet Thread by Michael Adam Beck: Defending United Theological Seminary: “Why would we dismiss a seminary with such positive momentum simply because they have opened the doors to educate GMC students? Is that not being “fully inclusive”? Critiques aimed at United sound like the very dualistic thinking that has led us to schism to begin with.” (Added 3-22-2023)

Beeson Divinity School approved to train clergy for Global Methodist Church” by Greg Garrison via AL.com. “Beeson Divinity School is committed to welcoming students from churches of the Wesleyan tradition,” said Michael Pasquarello III, Beeson’s Methodist Chair of Divinity and director of the Wesleyan Studies certificate program, said this recognition was good for Beeson. “We are thankful at this time for the privilege of partnering with the Global Methodist Church in preparing women and men for the joy of spreading scriptural holiness throughout the world.” (Added 3-23-2023)

ChatGPT on the Challenges Facing the Global Methodist Church” by David Donnan. Chat GPT’s essays on the challenges facing the GMC. (Added 3-23-2023)

Inspire – The Webinar of the Global Methodist Church” via Global Methodist Church YouTube Channel. Cara Nicklas, Keith Boyette and Bishops Webb and Jones are featured in this first in a series of webinars. (Added 3-23-2023)

Tweet Thead by John Lomperis: “Fun Facts: Not a real denomination? The # of congregations now in the #GlobalMethodist Church is already higher than all 3 #UnitedMethodist Central Conferences in Europe COMBINED, or than any US annual conference, or than the #UMC Western Jurisdiction” (Added 3-23-2023)

Tweet by Mark Tooley: “Some exiting United Methodist churches, even if joining Global Methodist denomination, are deleting Methodist from signage, which’s national pan-denominational trend. For better or worse, most church goers aren’t very concerned about denominations.” (Added 3-23-2023)

These are the schools the Global Methodist Church recommends for hopeful clergy” by Emily McFarlan Miller via Religion News Service. “None of these schools are Global Methodist schools,” said the Rev. Keith Boyette, who heads the denomination as its transitional connectional officer. “They serve diverse constituencies, diverse student bodies. We don’t expect them to be exclusively for the Global Methodist Church, but we’re looking at are they as an institution aligned with who we are and our mission and our doctrine and our practices as a church?” (Added 3-23-2023)

Second Alternative Educational Pathway Approved” by Keith Boyette via GMC. “The Global Methodist Church’s Transitional Leadership Council has approved United Theological Seminary’s (Dayton, Ohio) Certificate in Theology and Ministry (CTM) and its Advanced Certificate in Theology and Ministry (ACTM) as alternative pathways toward completing the educational requirements for ordained ministry. ” (Added 3-22-2023)

GM Church Launches New Online Application Process for Clergy and Local Churches” by Keith Boyette via GMC. “Local churches and clergy wanting to join the Global Methodist Church will now complete and submit their applications online. Applications will immediately be routed through the GM Church’s review process. As a result, the Church will be able to track the status of applications more efficiently, and the time to review and approve them should be significantly reduced.” (Added 3-22-2023)

Long-standing Big Spring Church undergoes Change” by KBST. Coverage of First Methodist Church in Big Spring, TX joining the Global Methodist Church. (Added 3-22-2023)

Let’s Do Better” by Rob Renfroe via Good News Magazine. What United Methodists and Global Methodists must do better, during disaffiliation and after. (Added 3-22-2021)

United Methodist congregations contend with process of disaffiliating” by Julia Marcua via (Pittsburg) Tribune-Review. “They are among more than 260 churches in the Western Pennsylvania Conference of the United Methodist Church — almost one-third of its 800 members — that have taken steps to leave the denomination. As debates and disagreements continue over same-sex marriage and ordaining gay pastors, the creation of a more conservative Global Methodist Church branch in mid-2022 sped the momentum of congregations voting to disaffiliate.” (Added 3-22-2023)

Post by Bob Phillips via IGRC WCA Facebook Group. “Update and Takeaways from GMC bishops/leadership: GMC has 1350 churches, 1900 clergy from 8 nations, 9 provisional conferences, anticipates members from Europe, Asia, Central/South America. Convening General Conference will be summer or fall 2024. Bishop Webb will be the first provisions bishop of the Great Lakes Conference (IL, IN, MI, WI). (Added 3-21-2023)

Tweet by David Watson: “Perhaps so. I’d say we should be humbler in our ambitions generally. The GMC should be (1) catholic, (2) Protestant, and (3) Methodist. I.e., we will confess the Great Tradition understood through a Protestant lens with specific Methodist emphases. No need to reinvent the wheel.” (Added 3-21-2023)

The Global Methodist Church and the Quadrilateral” by David F. Watson via Firebrand Magazine. “My point is not to reject Scripture, tradition, reason, or experience, but to suggest that without greater definition the appeal to these will leave us knee-deep in a hopeless swamp of confusion.” (Added 3-21-2023)

Great Lakes Conference Website (GMC). The GMC conference covering Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan has a website. (Added 3-20-2023)

Bishop Mark Webb” via GMC Thursday Night Live via Facebook. An interview with GMC Bishop Mark Webb. (Added 3-17-2023)

A Sneak Peak at Five Possible 2023 Decisions in the Global Methodist Church” by David Donnan. Weighty decisions facing the Global Methodist Church. (Added 3-16-2023)

Global Methodist Church Announces Asbury Seminary as a Recommended Educational Institution” via Asbury Seminary. “Since our founding in 1923, we have answered the call to spread scriptural holiness throughout the world,” Dr. Timothy C. Tennent, President of Asbury Seminary, said. “We share a vision with the Global Methodist Church to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ, and it is a sacred privilege to serve the Church by equipping men and women to answer that call.” (Added 3-15-2023)

Healing and Hope: A Time of Worship and Celebration for God’s Leading” via GMC Kentucky. Promotes an April 15, 2023 in Wilmore with Bishop Scott Jones. (Added 3-15-2023)

Rebuttal to ‘What is Actually Happening with the GMC in the Congo’” by Jean Jacques Mbuyu, as translated by Rev. Matthew Sichel. The General Council for the North Katanga Conference responds to an article by Rev. Ben Ilunga Banza on the status of the GMC in Congo. (Added 3-15-2023)

WBS Named an Approved Seminary by the Global Methodist Church” via Wesley Biblical Seminary. “We are excited to partner with the GMC by training pastors and church leaders,” said Dr. Matt Ayars, president of WBS. “As a seminary grounded in the Wesleyan tradition and committed to the full authority of Scripture, we are ready to develop trusted leaders for faithful churches in the GMC.” (Added 3-15-2023)

Post by Bob Phillips via IGRC WCA Facebook Group: The Global Methodist Church is now an authorized endorser for the Bureau of Prisons. This closes the loop on GMC’s capability to endorse chaplains at the federal level with the Department of Defense, the Bureau of Prisons, and the Department of Veteran Affairs Medical Centers. (Added 3-15-2023)

Recommended Educational Institutions and First Course of Study Program Announced by the Global Methodist Church” by Keith Boyette via GMC. “Asbury Theological Seminary, Ashland Theological Seminary, Beeson Divinity School at Samford University, Truett Theological Seminary at Baylor University, United Theological Seminary, and Wesley Biblical Seminary are the first schools to be approved as Recommended Educational Institutions of the GM Church for the completion of educational requirements by candidates for ordination.” “Candidates may complete their educational requirements at any accredited educational institution.” (Added 3-15-2023)

The many meanings of connectionalism” by David Scott via UMNS (Commentary). “As United Methodists and Global Methodists grapple with how to relate to one another, either directly, indirectly (through common participation in multilateral groups like the World Methodist Council), and programmatically (through common use of Wespath services, for instance), how will these new forms of practical organizational and relational connectionalism lead to new insights about or changed interpretations of connectionalism as a theological principle?” (Added 3-14-2023)

How Pastors Withdraw from the UMC & Join the GMC” via Western PA WCA. “It should be noted that no ordained clergyperson – active or retired – should leave the UMC via paragraph 360.2. Do not surrender your ordination status/certificate for any reason, no matter who requests it. That is simply inappropriate unless you are leaving pastoral ministry altogether.” (Added 3-9-2023)

The In-Between” by Bishop Mark Webb via GMC. “As the disaffiliation process continues to play out in the UM Church, let’s keep praying that all involved in conversations and decisions will be gracious and seek to help one another move into the next faithful season of ministry and mission. May we always be witnesses to the grace of God through Jesus Christ in all our actions and conversations.” (Added 3-8-2023)

Finding a Way Home – Six Reasons to Join the Global Methodist Church” by David Donnan. “For the past several months I have had the opportunity to share with individuals and groups about the Global Methodist Church. This is the talk I give formatted for my blog.” (Added 3-7-2023)

Catechism: It’s Not Just For Catholics Anymore – Dr. Chappell Temple” via East Texas GMC via YouTube. “Are there non-negotiable when it comes to what we believe, and if so, what are they? And how can we best communicate and contend for the faith to others, especially those in the next generation? The new catechism for the Global Methodist Church offers one practical solution in defining and teaching what our understanding of the faith really is. The workshop will examine that resource and how to best use it to share our core beliefs and follow the Wesleyan Way of Salvation.” (Added 3-7-2023)

Informational Meeting for Global Methodist Church” via Forest Hills Macon (YouTube). A March 5 informational session in South Georgia. Projection of 218 leaving by May in South Georgia. (Added 3-7-2023)

New Developments Shape UMC Unity in the Philippines” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. “The Philippines has been targeted by the WCA and the GMC with disaffiliation efforts. As in the United States, UMC leaders in the Philippines have struggled against WCA and GMC propaganda that the UMC will forsake its historic Christian doctrines contained in the church’s constitution. By stoking fears, UMC leaders contend, WCA and GMC proponents have falsely characterized the denomination.” (Added 3-7-2023)

Tweet by John Lomperis. “Interesting. Liberal #UnitedMethodist caucus promotes sheet outlining supposed #UMC vs GMC differences, admits that in the former, de facto theology + practice of marriage varies by annual conference https://umarc.org/_files/ugd/6d72ef_1d0dd00f72d5413c8b12c647c8ea736a.pdf” (Added 3-7-2023)

Tweet by John Lomperis: “Saturday, large Korean-American congregation approved to leave the #UMC. Today, it reportedly voted to join #GlobalMethodist Church. Unlike most US #UnitedMethodist congregations, its worship attendance (>2,000) is LARGER than its membership.” (Added 3-7-2023)

Houses of Study Draw New Students to United Theological Seminary” via United.edu. UMNS linked to this article about growth United is experiencing though a Hispanic House of Study led by Dr. Jorge Ochoa, a Fresh Expressions House of Study led by Dr. Michael Beck, a Global Methodist House of Study led by Rev. Greg Stover, a Global Pentecostal House of Study led by Dr. Cheryl Bridges Johns, and a Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship House of Study led by Bishop Lisa Weah. (Added 3-6-2023)

GMC Thursday Night Live with Dr. Sterling Allen & Rev. Keith Boyette” via YouTube. An interview with the Transitional Operations Officer of the Global Methodist Church. Breaking news: GMC convening conference in summer or fall of 2024. Response to Weems article and Bickerton speech. (Added 3-3-2023)

Let’s Make a Deal!” by Scott Field via Northern Illinois WCA. Given the punitively high cost of disaffiliation in Northern Illinois: “Some congregations, or portions of congregations, and pastors, too, are choosing the third option, neither default to #StayUMC or disaffiliate. You might think they are leaving, but they think of themselves as launching…a new ministry of the Global Methodist Church (GMC).” (Added 3-3-2023)

United Methodist Bishop Joins Global Methodists with Scott Jones” by Andy Miller via More to the Story Podcast (YouTube). An interview with bishop and Wesley scholar Scott Jones. (Added 3-2-2023)

Presentation by Joe DiPaolo” via Vimeo. Church of the Good Shepherd in Lancaster, PA hosted this well-sourced presentation on the GMC view. See also the UMC View by John McIllhenny and the related Q&A Session. (Added 3-2-2023)

After Pushing for UMC Unity, Former Bishop Joins New Denomination” by Emily McFarlan Miller via Christianity Today. CT picks up this RNS story highlighting Bishop Jones’ move to the GMC. (Added 3-2-2023)

Bishop Scott Jones moves from ‘extreme center’ of UMC to new Global Methodist Church” by Emily McFarlan Miller via Religion News Service. A round-up of reactions to Bishop Jones moving to the GMC: “The Jones family is truly one of the first families of Methodism in our church,” said Will Willimon, (Added 2-28-2023)

Revival!” by Walter Fenton via GMC Crossroads. “We celebrate the movement of God at Asbury University which has spread to so many other places around the world. As I have read testimonies, viewed videos, and watched the livestream, I have been filled with great joy, praising God for what He does through a simple gathering of God’s people,” said the Rev. Keith Boyette, the Global Methodist Church’s Chief Connectional Officer. “Our fervent prayer is that this Divine Moment will result in millions of encounters with the God who sets captives free, and energizes fresh moves of God in our homes, churches, the streets of our communities, and throughout the world.” (Added 2-22-2023)

Setting the Record Straight: No Trust Clause in the GMC” by Jay Therrell via WCA. “With Bishop Haupert-Johnson’s very public campaign against misinformation, imagine my surprise as I was watching an interview she did for the Virginia Annual Conference where she now serves, where she shared actual misinformation. (The comments come around the 13-minute mark.) Haupert-Johnson said, “And quite frankly I’ve heard WCA and Global Methodist Church folks say the first thing they’re going to add is a trust clause because if you don’t have a trust clause whatever the ruling faction in your church is controls the church.” (Added 2-21-2023)

Bishop Scott J. Jones Joins Truett Seminary’s Wesley House of Studies” via Baylor University. ““I couldn’t be more thrilled with the appointment of Bishop Scott Jones to serve in the Wesley House of Studies at Truett Seminary,” said Leah Hidde-Gregory, president pro-tempore of the Mid-Texas Conference of the Global Methodist Church. “He will not only provide our students with excellent academic instruction but he will also offer practical, pastoral counsel to help guide their journey in ministry.” (Added 2-20-2023)

New church springing out of United Methodist denomination begins services in Gainesville” by Jeff Gill via The Gainesville Times. “The denomination was “going more and more progressive, and that is not my theology,” said Wiliamson. “I’m very basic in my theology. I’m very conservative.” He said he felt called by God to help start a Global Methodist Church in Gainesville. The end result was Asbury Chapel, which began meeting regularly on Jan. 8.” (Added 2-14-2023)

What is the Cost of a Pastor in the GMC?” by Jeff Pospisil via 10-minute Treasurer. The former treasurer of theDakotas Conference discusses clergy costs in the Global Methodist Church. (Added 2-12-2023)

Beginning the Shift: From Disaffiliation to Fruitfulness” by Sterling Allen via Good News. “Still, for those of us who have disaffiliated and have joined the Global Methodist Church, we must get back to the work Christ called us to do. We need to shift our focus from disaffiliation to fruitfulness.” (Added 2-10-2023)

Scouting Ministry in the Global Methodist Church” by Art Collins. “I see the scouting ministry family as a large mission field – one of the largest – and as one who firmly believes that you’ve got to fish where there are fish, I want us to have a presence there. And if we are going to be involved in Scouting Ministry, we should do it intentionally and with full understanding of what we’re up to. That’s the Methodist way, after all.” (Added 2-9-2023)

Texas Global Methodists Turn from Denominational Decline” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. Descriptions of recent GMC annual conference sessions in Texas. (Added 2-8-2023)

GM Church Officially Recognized by the U.S. Department of Defense as Religious Organization” by Walter Fenton via GMC. “This is an important and encouraging announcement for clergy who want to serve in the U.S. armed forces as Global Methodist Church chaplains,” said the Rev. Gary Clore, the GM Church’s Director of Endorsing Ministries. (Added 2-8-2023)

Simple Things: Top Minor Tweaks Offered in the Global Methodist Church” by Bob Phillips via PeopleNeedJesus.net. Less-talked-about changes that make the GMC refreshingly different. (Added 2-6-2023)

Post by Mindy Briggs Denison via OK WCA Facebook Page. Shares a letter from West Texas A&M Wesley Foundation about their decision to align with the Global Methodist Church. The post complains that Oklahoma Conference campus ministries were not given this option. (Added 2-4-2023)

Eastern Texas Convening Conference-Service of Ordination” via Global Methodist Church Thursday Night Live YouTube Channel. “The largest ordination class in the history of Methodism” (90) as former UM local pastors are ordained as deacons and elders. (Added 2-4-2023)

Letter regarding the employment of Western PA Conference clergy” by Bishop Cynthia Moore-Koikoi. Stating retired UMC clergy are not allowed to serve in churches of the Global Methodist Church. (Added 2-3-2023)

Eastern Texas Convening Conference” Livestream via YouTube. Video from convening conference of the Eastern Texas Conference of. the Global Methodist Church. (Added 2-3-2023)

What’s Going on with the Global Methodist Church?!” via Church Answers. The GMC as “the fastest growing denomination on earth.” Sam and Josh Rainer interview Keith Boyette. (Added 2-1-2023)

Called for a Purpose” by Bishop Mark Webb via Global Methodist Church. “I’m humbled to begin this journey with the Global Methodist Church. God is at work. John Wesley was used by God to renew a church, spark a revival, and spread scriptural holiness across the land. He was “plucked from the fire” for a purpose. My prayer is, “Do it again God! Do it again in me and through me. Do it again in us and through us.” (Added 2-1-2023)

Rev. Jones new pastor of FUMC” by Julia May via The Huntsville Item. A Texas congregation has its third pastor in the space of a year following a failed (but majority) disaffiliation vote and exodus of members. ““Many people did leave our congregation to start a church in the Global Methodist Church,” [Rev. Jones] said. “We wish them well. There is room for another expression of Methodism in Walker County.” (Added 1-31-2023)

“‘The birth of a movement’: One of first Global Methodist conferences launches in Lubbock” by Alex Driggars via Lubbock Avalanche-Journal. “”Now, if you thought you were here for the launch of a new denomination, I’m sorry to disappoint you,” Lyndol Loyd, lead pastor of LakeRidge Methodist Church said as he welcomed those gathered at his church. “You are here for the birth of a movement — a movement of the Holy Spirit.” (Added 1-29-2023)

East Ohio WCA Information Meeting on the Global Methodist Church” via Google Drive. Video and related documents from a 1-22-2023 meeting about the GMC. (Added 1-28-2023)

Post by Bob Phillips via IGR WCA. “The Department of Defense has authorized the Global Methodist Church, as an official and legally recognized faith group, to endorse chaplains for ministry in all branches of the military. The GMC meets all the strict constitutional qualifications and criteria as a recognized faith group established by the DoD.” (Added 1-27-2023)

Wespath Expands Services to Methodist Kin” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. “While issues around disaffiliation remain tense, the Rev. Rick Van Giesen, Global Methodist Church’s benefits officer, said no such tensions exists between the new denomination and Wespath staff. Van Giesen was formerly treasurer and benefits officer for the Illinois Great Rivers Conference in The United Methodist Church.” (Added 1-26-2023)

Witnessing Boldly” by Bishop Scott Jones via GMC. “I am excited that the Global Methodist Church has committed to making disciples who witness boldly. Yet this will not be easy because we have all accumulated some bad habits over the last 50 years. Our commitment to this part of the denomination’s purpose needs sustained reflection about the role each clergy and lay person should play in the Church’s mission.” (Added 1-25-2023)

First Global Methodist Annual Conference in America Moves Forward” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. “We’re seeing a new church being born!” Thus declared J.D. Walt, founder and president of Seedbed, last weekend in Waco, Texas. He was speaking to the inaugural session of the Mid-Texas Annual Conference of the Global Methodist Church, meeting January 19-21 under the pioneering leadership of the Rev. Leah Hidde-Gregory.” (Added 1-24-2023)

Post via Hewitt Methodist Church (Facebook). [Photos] “Our Pastor the Rev Dr Seung Ho Bang was ordained as Elder this weekend at the Global Methodist Church Awakening Conference. The conference was the first Global Conference to be held around the world and Pastor Bang was the first Korean in the Global Methodist Church to be ordained.” (Added 1-23-2023)

Post via Jessica LaGrone via Facebook. [Photos] First ever elder ordained in the Global Methodist Church: Rev. Tynna Dixon.
Second: Rev. Gabe Dominguez. Shown with President Pro-Tem Rev. Leah Hidde Gregory, Bishop Scott Jameson Jones. and Bishop Mike Lowry At the Mid Texas Annual Conference this weekend. I can’t describe the excitement I feel about these first ordinations. This movement has my heart.” (Added 1-22-2023)

Goodbye Methodist Church G.B.” by Steve Clark via YouTube. A British Methodist clergy leaves British Methodism to join the Global Methodist Church. (Added 1-21-2023)

Global Methodist Bishop Mark Webb on the GMC’s Growth, Future” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. Bishop Mark Webb says the GMC now has 1,100 fully approved + accepted congregations and he predicts the slow-motion exodus from the UMC into the GMC will continue for multiple years. YouTube video. (Added 1-19-2023)

How the GMC Could End Up Like the UMC, and Why It Won’t” by Keith Sweat via Hermit Preacher. “For every person selected for every office in the Global Methodist Church the Transitional Leadership Council has released a biography stating the persons professional qualifications, personal faith, and doctrinal understanding.” (Added 1-19-2023)

The Early Growth of the Global Methodist Church” by Keith Boyette via GMC. Report: 1100 churches and 1200 clergy have joined so far. “These clergy and churches are from Angola, Bulgaria, the Democratic Republic of Congo, England, Panama, the Philippines, Slovakia, and the United States.” (Added 1-18-2023)

Why (Global) Methodist?” by Marty Boddie via YouTube. Three reasons for optimism about. theGMC. (Added 1-17-2023)

Like Buying a Pig in a Poke” by Jack Harnish. “…as I have observed congregations voting to disaffiliate from the United Methodist Church with the intent of joining the Global Methodist Church. Do they really know what they are buying?” (Added 1-16-2023)

Why Scott Jones is a Bigger Deal than you Think” by David Donnan. The significance of a bishop who long ago staked out “the extreme center” joining the Global Methodist Church. (Added 1-16-2023)

Bishop Scott Jones Joins Global Methodist Church” by Walter Fenton via GMC. Bishop Jones has been received as a second active General Superintendent and Bishop of the Global Methodist Church. (Added 1-11-2023)

Former Texas Bishop Goes to Global Methodist Church” via UM Insight. Shares an image of a letter reportedly from Bishop Scott Jones announcing his move to the GMC. Note: There is controversy in the United Methodist Clergy Facebook Page about whether this was leaked early, but not whether it is true. (Added 1-10-2023)

‘A Spirit of Governance’: On Bishops in the Global Methodist Church” by David Watson via Firebrand Magazine. A vision for episcopacy in the GMC, moving away from a modernism managerial model. Let’s not make the mistake of “fighting the last war.” Answers criticisms by Bishop Willmon. (Added 1-10-2023)

The North Alabama Conference of the Global Methodist Church Website. Includes executive team bios, disaffiliation information, and a find-a-church function. (Added 1-7-2023)

Global Methodist Connectional Funding: A Less-Burdensome Alternative for Denominational Support” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. “…the one-time costs of disaffiliating from the UMC (for which loans are available) can be made up by the annual savings of being set free from United Methodism’s high annual apportionment demands.” (Added 1-6-2023)

Bishop Mark Webb Joins Global Methodist Church” via GMC. “Initially, he will serve as one of the general superintendents of the GM Church and will not be appointed to a specific residential area.’ (Added 1-4-2023)

Of course the fall of Roe was 2022’s top religion-beat story (including those church attacks)” by Terry Mattingly via Get Religion. “Decades of United Methodist battles about the Bible, sex and marriage forced the exit of 1,500-plus congregations, with that number continuing to rise, and the birth of a conservative Global Methodist Church.” (added 1-2-2023)