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Traditional Methodists of South Georgia” via Facebook. A January 22 event at Epworth by the Sea will feature Jay Therrell and Cara Nicklas. (Added 12-31-2021)

Ultra-Progressive Liberation Methodist Connexion Fizzling Out” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. The demise of the short-lived LMX. (Added 12-31-2021)

2021 Year in Review” by David Scott via UM & Global. Five major themes explored in the blog for 2021. Questions about GC tops the list. (Added 12-30-2021)

Holidays Can be Complicated for LGBTQ+ People” by Charlie Schlenker via WGLT (NPR affiliate). Hope UMC’s Drag Advent Service is featured, along with mention of Craig Duke. (Added 12-23-2021)

UM Men Engaged in Two-Year Bungee Jump” by Rich Peck via UM Insight. The challenges faced by the UMM organization include leadership changes, the BSA bankruptcy, and COVID disruptions. Better days hoped for ahead. (Added 12-23-2021)

The LMX: Where Are We Now?” by Press Release via UM Insight. The Liberation Methodist Connexion explains that it has not gained traction due to internal disharmony and other factors. (Added 12-22-2021)

Year-End Mailbag with Keith Boyette” via Holy Conversations Podcast (WCA). A end-of-year status update from the President of WCA. (Added 12-22-2021).

$30 million from United Methodists in BSA Bankruptcy” by Sam Hodges via UMNS. Annual conferences asked to help raise $30 million for the Survivor’s Trust Fund as part of the Boy Scouts of America bankruptcy. (Added 12-21-2021)

A Message to the RMN Community” by Bishop Peggy Johnson. Bishop Johnson apologizes for participating in the trial of Frank Schaefer as she and her spouse live publicly as a “cisgender/transgender couple.” (Added 12-21-2021)

Clarifying United Methodist Challenges and Preparing for the Future” via IRD. The Institute on Religion and Democracy comments on recent developments in the UMC. (Added 12-21-2021)

December 17 Perspective” by Rob Renfroe via Good News (Youtube). The President of Good News answers questions about the Protocol and GC2022. (Added 12-17-2021)

Filipino Leaders Push to Elect New Bishops” by Gladys Mangiduyos via UMNS. A push to elect new bishops in spite of BOD hurdles. (Added 12-16-2021)

Christmas Letter from the Council of Bishops” via Press Release. “As we enter 2022, we will continue to make room for all to be welcome. Christ compels us to live creatively in the context of all the new possibilities that only a true gift of Christ can bring.” (Added 12-16-2021)

Christmas Covenant Celebrates Second Anniversary” via Press Release. This statement was linked by United Methodist News Service and includes a video by Bishop Rudolpho Juan of the Philippines. (Added 12-16-2021)

“Ruling: NCJ Bishops, Others Must Still ‘Fully Comply with’ the UMC Discipline” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. An NCJ delegate receives a ruling of law from Bishop David Bard on the “Beloved” Covenant. (Added 12-16-2021)

An All-Welcoming Church: Reality Check in Newbergh, Indiana” by Bob Phillips via PeopleNeedJesus.net. A congregation thrown under the bus for not being excited about the pastor surprising them in drag. (Added 12-16-2021)

Why You Don’t Need to Compromise to Evangelize” via Youtube. An outside response to Indiana pastor Craig Duke’s drag HBO appearance. (Added 12-16-2021)

A Pregnant Pause” by Bob Dean via UM Insight. A retired Iowa clergy offers Advent preaching notes in light of our denominational woes: “Every new beginning also means something has come to an end.” (Added 12-15-2021)

The Financial Future of Connectional Ministry” by David Scott via UM & Global. “Yet regardless of what other strategies denominational agencies may or may not adopt to respond to lower apportionments, the agencies are moving towards greater soliciting of direct gifts from United Methodist individuals and congregations.” (Added 12-15-2021)

The 2022 WCA Global Gathering by Keith Boyette via WCA. Letter announcing the 2022 Global Gathering will be April 30 in the Indianapolis Area. (Added 12-14-2021)

If You Box Traditional United Methodists Into a Corner” by Jay Therrell via Juicy Ecumenism. A reprint of Jay Therrell’s blog post, “Do As I Say, Not As I Do” about those exercising power over others while themselves disobedient to the Discipline.(Added 12-14-2021)

A Brief History of Apportionments” by David Scott via UM & Global. “The apportionment system is already facing pressures, and these are not likely to go away any time soon.” (Added 12-13-2021)

“Making New Wineskins for New Times, United Methodist Women Updates and Changes” by Yvette Moore via UM Insight (reprinted from Response). UMW seeks to attract younger women by rebranding and offering a national membership option. (Added 12-13-2021)

A ‘Messy,’ ‘Ugly,’ and ‘Joyful’ Church Advent Celebration” by Annie Kate via CI Proud. Coverage of the drag service at Hope UM Church in Bloomington, IL. (Added 12-13-2021)

Tweet by John Lomperis. “Another sign of the unsustainable #UnitedMethodist dysfunction: when #UMC institution gets undermined by hostile secular govt for its Christian values, it has to rely on outside group for defense, rather than official #UMC agencies like GCFA or GBCS” (Added 12-13-2021)

Trees Symbolize a Reformed Denomination” commentary by Mel West via UMNS. When the UMC “completes its reformation” it should plant a tree to symbolize “one root, several branches, and many leaves.” (Added 12-11-2021)

UPDATED: “A Note from Pastor Eric: When Living Faithfully Means Leaving Graciously” via The Story. Eric Huffman surrenders his UM credentials as The Story completes its separation from St. Luke’s in Houston, not planning to join the GMC. See also “11.22.21 Status Update” which says, “…the UMC has been crumbling under the weight of its own political mess. What once was gridlock-induced inertia has become all-out tribal warfare between “left” and “right,” and the UMC is now on the path toward full schism in 2022 or 2023. This will very likely mean that every local UM congregation will need to vote to go with the left-leaning UMC or the new, right-leaning denomination (Global Methodist Church). This sort of infighting is anathema to the gospel and would only serve to distract us from our mission to inspire nonreligious people to follow Jesus.” (Added 12-10-2021)

Iowa Cabinet Jumps the Gun” by Thomas Lambrecht via Good News. Coverage of the Iowa Cabinet allowing for new definitions of marriage in their conference. (Added 12-10-2021)

United Methodist Leaders Neutral as Affiliated Children’s Home Sues to Stop Biden Administration LGBT Policy” by Michael Gryboski via Christian Post. Holston UM Home for Children is getting no help from the denomination in fighting a policy that would make them adjust their adoption policies. (Added 12-9-2021)

Unexpected Gift: The Global Methodist Church and the Reformation of the United Methodist Church” by Bob Phillips via PeopleNeedJesus.net. The coming separation provides a much-needed opportunity for the UMC to face reality. (Added 12-9-2021)

Response to Iowa United Methodist Bishop’s Divisive Decree” via Juicy Ecumenism. Coverage of the “Leading Now” Statement by the Iowa cabinet, along with the response from Iowa WCA. The introduction critiques the statement as a 98% white conference disrespecting the discernment of the global church. (Added 12-9-2021)

An Evening with Rev. Angela Pleasants – Part One” (See also Part Two) via Eastern European WCA Youtube. Presentation by the Vice President of Church and Clergy relations for WCA. (Added 12-9-2021)

Do As I Say, Not as I Do” by Jay Therrell via JayTherrell.com. Some bishops are abusing their power and breaching their fiduciary duties to the UMC. Suggests a comity agreement in annual conferences to allow the transfer of churches. (Added 12-9-2021)

Drag Queens and the Coming Methodist Schism” by Mark Tooley via World. Sexual license is leading to a demise of the UMC. (Added 12-8-2021)

News Coverage of Indiana pastor placed on paid leave following his surprise appearance on HBO’s drag queen show. WFTF Local Coverage, AP News, Courier Press, Washington Post 1, and Washington Post 2. (Added 12-8-2021)

Letter to Newburgh UMC” by Mitch Giesleman. The letter from the superintendent of the South and Southwest Districts of the UMC informing them that their pastor, Craig Duke, has been removed from duty following his appearance on HBO’s Drag Queen show. I understand the church, DS, and bishop are all progressive in their approach to human sexuality. (Added 12-8-2021)

Cabinet Response to WCA” by Iowa Cabinet. Bishop Laurie Haller and the Iowa Conference Cabinet claim conscientious resistance to the teachings of the UMC and refuse to revoke their statement permitting clergy to violate the Discipline. (Added 12-8-2021)

Note: Robert Hunt has revised his post “The Cloister and the Bawdy House” after complaints. According to a reader, “Robert offered an apology and made several changes, including taking out all references to Billy (Abraham).” (Added 12-7-2021)

Pastor Who Appeared in Drag on HBO’s ‘We’re Here’ Forced to Leave His Church” by Emily McFarlan Miller via Religion News Service. Craig Duke relieved of duties after surprising his congregation with an appearance on HBO in drag. (Added 12-7-2021)

Making PEACC” by Chris Ritter via PeopleNeedJesus.net. Questions and answers about the idea of declaring the formation of a Provisional Emergency American Central Conference. (Added 12-7-2021)

Bishop Plans to Allow Defiance of United Methodist Church Standards” by Walter Fenton via WCA. Coverage of pronouncements made by Bishop Laurie Haller and the cabinet of the Iowa Conference. (Added 12-7-2021)

Pondering Drag Queen Theology” by Stephen Rankin via Juicy Ecumenism. Exploring the underpinnings of drag queen theology. (Added 12-7-2021)

“Mythbusters: WCA Florida Edition. Part One and Part Two” by Jay Therrell. Exploring myths that are circulated about the Protocol, WCA, and the Global Methodist Church. (Added 12-6-2021)

Tweet by Chris Ritter. “Even if we can find a way to ‘Protocol w/out the Protocol,’ if GC is delayed, it is not a good idea to start a Global Methodist Church with only US folk. A PEACC would allow relief where we most hurt while we await the next GC.” (Added 12-5-2021)

Tweet by Chris Ritter. “A Provisional Emergency American Central Conference (PEACC) would allow the #UMC in the U.S. to sort itself out in ways very similar to the Connectional Conference Plan while we await the next General Conference.” (Added 12-4-2021)

“The Growth and Decline of the Anglican Church in North America” by David Goodhew via LivingChurch.org. Statistical trends in the ACNA discussed. (Added 12-4-2021)

Statement from Bill Easum” via Facebook. Noted church consultant says the Methodist split is overdue because evangelism has been replaced by social justice in the UMC. Plans to join the GMC. (Added 12-4-2021)

Church Exits, COVID Lead to Steep Budget Cuts” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. GCFA recommends slashing the general church budget by a third. (Added 12-3-2021)

A Time to Prepare” by Thomas Lambrecht via Good News. “Preparation for the new Global Methodist Church begins with prayerful self-examination and humbling ourselves before God.” (Added 12-3-2021)

A Provisional Emergency American Central Conference (PEACC)” by Chris Ritter. Ritter ends a long hiatus from offering structural plans for the UMC by authoring this latest “irregular” proposal. (Added 12-3-2021)

A Faithful Response to ‘Leading Now and Into the Future – Our Vision’” by Iowa WCA. Traditionalists in Iowa call the bishop to honor the Book of Discipline and rescind the cabinet statement blessing selective disobedience. (Added 12-3-2021)

2021 Inclusiveness Webinar” via UM Association of Retired Clergy and Friends. Videos of the November 20 webinar featuring Bishops Harold Ruckert, Karen Oliveto, and Cynthia Moore-Koikoi. (Added 12-2-2021)

The Cloister and the Bawdy House” by Robert Hunt via UM Insight. Critique of UM traditionalists invoking Billy Abraham: The Christian tradition is a tradition of change. (Added 12-2-2021)

Will the Coronavirus Omicron Variant Delay United Methodists’ Split for a Third Time?” by Cynthia Astle via Baptist News Global. The editor of UM Insight writes on the prospect of another delay in General Conference. (Added 12-2-2021)

The United Methodist Church and Declining Democracy” by David Scott via UM & Global. Methodism’s relationship with global declining democracy is explored. (Added 12-1-2021)

What Happens In General Conference Does Not Meet in 2022 — Or Ever Again” by Darryl Stephens. Advocating for the dissolution of General Conference. (Added 12-1-2021)

Covenant-Breaking in Iowa” by Chris Ritter via PeopleNeedJesus.net. Recent moves by the Iowa Cabinet represent disobedience to the order and discipline of The United Methodist Church. (Added 12-1-2021)

Iowa FAQ’s” via Iowa Conference Cabinet (PDF). Response to questions about a plan developed by the Iowa Conference Appointive Cabinet to allow clergy and churches to violate the Book of Discipline. (Added 11-29-2021)

Tweet from Bishop Scott Jones. “But one thing is for sure about the #UMC I am more uncertain than ever about what is going to happen. That causes me to trust God even more!” (Added 11-28-2021)

Southern Nigeria Conference Takes Action to Secure Operations” by Samuel Ahmed via UM Insight. Business conducted at an breakaway session of the Southern Nigeria Conference by Ande Emmanuel’s group. See also a statement from Bishop Yohanna’s administrative assistant. (Added 11-27-2021)

“U.S. Imposes Travel Ban from Eight African Countries Over Omicron Variant” via Reuters. South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Malawi are among African nations under a new travel ban due to the Omicron Variant. Speculation abounds as to how this might affect plans for General Conference 2022. (Added 11-27-2021)

United Methodists Approach Advent Living in ‘Now’ While Longing for ‘Not Yet’” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. “Blasted by earth-shattering change, the false veneer of institutional “connection” broke into shards. The polity that held the UMC together for more than half a century proved indefensible against mounting pressure to create a religious system suited to a 21st century environment. While few in number – only 62 churches since 2019 according to the General Council on Finance and Administration – “disaffiliating” congregations’ specter looms over a fractious future.” (Added 11-26-2021)

Tweet by Chris Ritter. “The Iowa Conference operationalizes the NCJ “BeLoved” Covenant to ignore BOD standards and show the di$affiliation door to those who object. In a just world it would be free to leave the #UMC in places where the BOD is not honored. https://peopleneedjesus.files.wordpress.com/2021/11/leading-now-and-future.pdf (Added 11-24-2021)

Leading Now and Into the Future” by Bishop Laurie Haller via Iowa Conference. The Iowa Conference to implement the direction of the North Central Jurisdiction to ignore prohibitions in the Book of Discipline and show the disaffiliation door to those who can’t live with this. (Added 11-24-2021)

UMC Unity Leader and Family Threatened at Church” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. Ande Emmanuel reports persecution in his role of representing the Centrist cause in Africa. (Added 11-24-2021)

“The United Methodist Church for Today at the Future” by Julius Trimble via Indiana Conference. “At some point in the future, local churches will decide their desired allegiance. I pray all will be led by prayer and honest discernment, not charts and narratives about a new church that grants more independence and less connectional mission.” (Added 11-24-2021)

Five Theses for The United Methodist Church” UMNS Commentary by Steve Mannion. Indictment against the UMC: “…progressives and traditionalists alike, have wandered so far from our biblical Wesleyan roots that they are barely recognizable. (Added 11-24-2021)

Gratitude for God’s Hidden Acts” by Keith Boyette via WCA. “God is at work in each of our lives and in the Methodist movement.” (Added 11-24-2021)

Schism in American Methodism: Polity, Power, and Property” by J. Gordon Melton via Methodist Review. The history of American schisms shows that issues eventually come down to property. (Added 11-23-2021)

Judicial Council to Review Church Exit Rules” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Reporting on the November 23 docket of the Judicial Council. (Added 11-22-2021)

Lynette Moran: A Theology of Mourning and Hope: Part III: Practical Steps for Grieving the Church” via UM and Global. Seven ways to grieve the UMC. See also Part Two and Part One. (Added 11-22-2021)

How to Respond to United Methodist Drag Queens” by Beth Ann Cook via Juicy Ecumenism (UM Voices). Chris Ritter quoted in this letter to the Indiana Confessing Movement group. (Added 11-22-2021)

Why the Protocol? Reality Check” by Bob Phillips via PeopleNeedJesus.net. Warning against a return to competition against the spirit of the Protocol. (Added 11-22-2021)

Tweet by Chris Ritter. “Could traditional United Methodists and progressive Southern Baptists become partners in a new movement?” (Added 11-21-2021)

Baptist Seminary Honors Abraham with Endowed Chair” by Mark Wingfield via UM Insight. Truett Seminary creates an endowed chair in honor of Billy Abraham, and hired Kevin Watson. Ryan Barnett quoted: “[Truett is] well placed to become one of the most significant training centers for future Methodist ministers. (Added 11-21-2021)

“Midwest United Methodist Leaders Embrace ‘Progressive Incompatibilism’” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. The NCJ “Covenant to Build Beloved Community” represents progressive incompatibilism. (Added 11-19-2021)

Commission on General Conference Press Release” via COGC. The official press release from The Commission on General Conference concerning their November 18, 2022 meeting. (Added 11-19-2021)

Setting Criteria for a 2022 General Conference” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Reporting on the November 18 meeting of The Commission on General Conference in which criteria for holding GC2022 was set. (Added 11-19-2021)

Boundaries of the Faith” by Thomas Lambrecht via Good News. Our faith has doctrinal, behavioral, and polity boundaries. The idea of “centered sets” as an alternative to boundaries is critiqued. (Added 11-19-2021)

The LGBT ‘I Don’t Care’ Song” by Lutheran Satire (Youtube). This Lutheran Satire video is making its way through United Methodist circles. (Added 11-19-2021)

Timely Topics: UMC Split” via New Tazewell UMC (Youtube). A video by John Lomperis featured in this local presentation on UM separation. (Added 11-18-2021)

Connectional Table Aims to Restructure” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. The CT envisions a structure in line with the Christmas Covenant. Bishop Alsted, referencing separation, says it is time to bless one another. (Added 11-18-2021)

Inclusiveness Conference to Consider Racism, LGBTQ Prejudice” by Don Messer via UM Insight. The author of Queering Wesley, Queering the Church to speak at November 20 event. (Added 11-18-2021)

Southern Nigeria Votes to Stay in the UMC, Reject Protocol” via Press Release via UM Insight. Report from an unusual November 10-14 session of Southern Nigeria Conference which met apart from the location set by the bishop. Certain details of this report are disputed. For background on the divisions in Nigeria, see here. See also “Nigeria UMC Conflict Boils Over Again.” (Added 11-18-2021)

The Seven Deadly Sins Must Have an Amazing Agent: Church Hosts ‘Pride’ Drag Show” by Alex Parker via Red State. Glenn Memorial UMC on the Emory Campus hosts a drag show. (Added 11-18-2021)

Rejoinder on Press Statement” by Rev. Bazel Yoila Yayuba. The Conference Administrative Assistant to Bishop Yohanna in Nigeria responds to statements and actions by Rev. Ande Emmanuel. (Added 11-18-2021)

Overheard: The Commission on General Conference is convening in a specially-called meeting today. (Added 11-18-2021)

What Happens When a Non-LGBTQ+ Affirming Church-Meets-Coffeeshop Comes to a Particularly Queer Part of Durham?” by Sarah Edwards via Indyweek. A UMC church plant is featured. (Added 11-17-2021)

“Chattanooga Area Methodists Use Time to Reflect Amid Delayed Schism Over Approach to LGBTQ Community” by Wyatt Massey via Chattanooga Times Free Press via Yahoo News. Local impact of pending schism explored. (Added 11-17-2021)

The Long Backstory of UMC Conflict in Nigeria” by David Scott via UM & Global. It is too simplistic to assign Nigerian conflicts to the U.S. traditionalist/progressive divide: “Ethnic factions in the church that seek to draw powers from the international church and civil government into internal Nigerian church conflict, along with actors from outside Nigeria that wittingly or unwittingly allow themselves to be drawn in.” (Added 11-17-2021)

Mr. Simon Mafunda Joins WCA’s Leadership Team” by Walter Fenton via WCA. A long-time Zimbabwe lay leader joins the staff of WCA as Africa Coordinator. “Africans are tired of voting to uphold the widely and long held teachings of the UM Church, only to have progressive and prosperous elites in the U.S. defy the will of our church.” (Added 11-16-2021)

“Paul DeMarco: Requiem for the United Methodist Church” by Paul DeMarco via SCNow. A South Carolina physician mourns the UMC as a failed attempt at racial reconciliation. (Added 11-15-2021)

What’s Missing from the NCJ Delegation Statement: ‘Covenant to Build BeLoved Community’” by Bob Phillips via PeopleNeedJesus.net. A re-post of a substantive critique first offered on Facebook of a statement approved at a specially-called session of the North Central Jurisdiction… the first gathering comprised overwhelmingly of progressive delegates elected using block-voting strategies in the aftermath of GC2019. (Added 11-15-2021)

Five Good Reasons to Consider Aligning with the Global Methodist Church” by Bob Phillips via PeopleNeedJesus.net. The President of the Illinois Great Rivers WCA shares legitimate reasons to consider the GMC. See also “Five Lousy Reason to Align with the Global Methodist Church.” (Added 11-15-2021)

Judge Rules Mt Bethel Can Employ Conservative Methodist Leader as Lawyer” by Hunter Riggall via Marietta Daily Journal. The Trustees of the North Georgia Conference lose their bid to exclude WCA President Keith Boyette from the legal team supporting Mt. Bethel. (Added 11-14-2021)

What’s Missing from the NCJ Delegation Statement: ‘Covenant to Build BeLoved Community’” by Bob Phillips via IGRC WCA Facebook Page. The statement lacks reference to Jesus, evangelism, GC2019, the Protocol, personal sin, sexual holiness, trust deficits, or obedient to current covenants. (Added 11-12-2021)

How Drag Queen Clergy Help the Church” by Chris Ritter via PeopleNeedJesus.net. The drag queen clergy phenomenon can help us navigate this pruning season in the church. (Added 11-12-2021)

Drag Queen Church: Major Network Glorifies Drag Queen Pastor in Pulpit” by Emily McFarlan Miller via Charisma. More coverage of Pastor Craig Duke of Newburgh UMC in Indiana appearing on HBO’s reality show. (Added 11-12-2021)

NCJ Delegates Talk Anti-racism and Future, Vote to Reduce Bishops by One” by Christa Meland (Minnesota Comm. Dir.) via Illinois Great Rivers. A wrap-up of the special session of the North Central Jurisdiction. (Added 11-12-2021)

The God Who Delights in Small Beginnings” by Keith Boyette via WCA. President of WCA: “Anyone who tells you they know what will happen with General Conference in August-September 2022 is likely engaged in wishful thinking.” (Added 11-12-2021)

Tweet by Chris Ritter. “The NCJ sets its direction for the future (independent of the discernment of GC2019 and the BOD). It shows the (expensive) disaffiliation door to those not on board and assumes General Conference will not meet again until 2024.” (Added 11-12-21)

NCJ Delegates Name Commitment to Anti-Racism, LGBTQIA+ Inclusion” by Christa Meland via East Ohio Conference News. Reporting on the document approved by the North Central Jurisdiction November 10-11 Special Session. (Added 11-12-2021)

Covenant to Build Beloved Community – Final Amended Document” via North Central Jurisdiction. Final amended document approved on November 11 in the special session of the North Central Jurisdiction. (Added 11-11-2021)

Covenant to Build Beloved Community” via North Central Jurisdiction. A statement presented to the progressive-dominated November 10-11 North Central Jurisdictional Conference for approval. Final document coming soon. Calls upon conferences to selectively keep covenant with General Conference. An amendment to delete lines 87-90 was defeated 27-73%. In other action, “A Call to Grace” was endorsed by a vote of 81%. (Added 11-11-2021).

The Current State of the United Methodist Church and a Prediction of What Is to Come in 2022” by Dan Dalton via Youtube. The leading law firm representing exiting UM congregations gives a video update. (Added 11-11-2021)

The WCA Task Force on Sexual Holiness, Wholeness, and Brokenness” via WCA (podcast). An interview with Debra Baty, task force chair, on their work planning for ministry in a new denomination. (Added 11-11-2021)

Bishops Take on Climate, Finances, Vaccines” by Health Hahn via UMNS. A wrap-up of the November 2021 Council of Bishops Meeting. (Added 11-10-2021)

A Primer on General Conference, Travel, and Vaccines” by David Scott via UM & Global. “The biggest consideration to watch, then, is the Democratic Republic of Congo. With nearly a quarter of the denomination’s membership and over a sixth of General Conference delegates, the DRC is the largest group of United Methodists outside of the United States.” (Added 11-10-2021)

Here We Stand. We Can Do No Other” via Wesleyan Covenant Association of Eastern Europe. “For these reasons and encouraged by such courageous examples from church history, Methodist pastors, theologians and laymen from Southern and Eastern Europe decided after long and prayerful consideration to align themselves with an association in defense of our faith, tradition and with a vision for the future creation of a organized and secure Methodist church.” (Added 11-10-2021)

Greetings to the Methodist Church in Croatia” via WCA of Eastern Europe. “Our Regional Chapter accepts the Methodist church in Croatia as a partner in preparing the new conservative (traditional) Methodist denomination. The first sign of our cooperation is the presence of your pastor in our chapter’s council. We want to work together to establish a new denomination that will keep the values of the Gospel unchanged…” (Added 11-10-2021)

Mt. Bethel: Short Answers to Tough Questions, October 2021” via Mt. Bethel [link also shared on the North Georgia United Methodist Men Facebook Page]. “The bishop seeks to run out the clock on disaffiliation.” (Added 11-10-2021)

“Meet the United Methodist Pastor Featured on HBO’s Drag Reality Show ‘We Are Here‘” by Emily McFarlan Miller via Religion News Service. Rev. Craig Duke, and elder from the Indiana Conference, is featured. (Added 11-10-2021)

Comment by Bryan Bucher via Facebook. West Ohio clergy and one-time leader in the Centrist Movement state he would vote to approve no Asbury Seminary graduates for ordination in the Big Tent UMC following separation. (Added 11-10-2021)

Conferences Endorse United Methodist Separation Protocol” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. A round-up of the diverse annual conferences who have endorsed the Separation Protocol. (Added 11-9-2021)

Schweitzer Church Announcement” via Youtube. A large church in Springfield, Missouri (+/-1000 worship attendance) votes to disaffiliate from the UMC. I understand the vote margin was 91.8%. (Added 11-9-2021)

Bishops Offer Framework for an Inclusive Church” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. The Council of Bishops approved a vision statement for the a regionalized UMC following separation. (Added 11-8-2021)

Lynette Moran: A Theology of Mourning and Hope. Part One: Church Grief” via UM & Global. “The UMC is a kaleidoscope of grief right now with multiple dynamics happening. I can note a few ways grief is manifested—most of which apply to both local church closures and potential denominational schism.” (Added 11-8-2021)

“United Methodists on Both Sides Need to Rally the Troops for Schism” by Jacob Lupfer via Religion News Service. Opinion: “If the two factions want their constituents to understand what is really at stake, they need to talk less like family therapists arranging a conscious uncoupling and more like generals conscripting reluctant combatants into war.” (Added 11-6-2021)

Large Church Gathering at Church of the Resurrection” by Tom Berlin. “Most agree that our denomination needs a major overhaul in missional focus, global partnerships, sustainable financial health, and streamlined leadership and administrative structures.” (Added 11-5-2021)

The UMC and Institutional Decline: What About Membership Decline?” by David Scott via UM & Global. Responding to Dr. Jack Jackson’s comments on membership decline and the collapse of effective evangelism. (Added 11-5-2021)

People Look East… to the Baltimore-Washington Annual Conference” by Scott Field via Northern Illinois WCA. “Healthy organizations ensure and encourage the free flow of information. Fearful organizations attempt to restrict the flow of information or dismiss the need for information entirely.” (Added 11-5-2021)

Finding (Another) Way Forward” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News. A round-up of approaches sometimes offered as alternatives to the Protocol. (Added 11-5-2021)

Bishops Tackle Racism as a Long-term Project” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. An Anti-Racism Team Named: Bishops Easterling, Oliveto, Bard, Farr, Moore-Koikoi, Rückert, Jung, Fairley, and Graves. See a Facebook Recording of the November 2 meeting. (Added 11-5-2021)

Bishop Bickerton Elected as Next President of Council of Bishops” via COB Press Release. Tracy Smith Malone named as heir apparent. (Added 11-5-2021)

Bishops Urged to Embrace ‘More Loving Way’” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Coverage of Bishop Harvey’s opening address to the November Council of Bishops’ meeting. “Our big tent is having a little trouble holding up to the winds of change…” (Added 11-5-2021)

Africa United Methodists Need General Conference to Act” by Simon Mafunda via WCA. The lay leader of Zimbabwe East shared stories of clergy threatened and harassed for talking about the Protocol. More than half of General Conference delegates are already vaccinated. (Added 11-5-2021)

WCA Response to ‘A Call to Grace’” by Keith Boyette. WCA was not consulted in the Call to Grace statement and has not changed its position that the Protocol is the best framework for solving the irreconcilable issues within the UMC. (Added 11-4-2021)

Tweet by Chris Ritter. “Reminder: The full #UMC traditional plan was never passed in 2019. It included annual conference and local church exits similar to the Protocol. It enabled new denominations to form with concordat relationships linking them (if desired) with the (traditional) post-separation UMC.” (Added 11-4-2021)

A New Call to Grace” by David Livingston. Support for the new “Call to Grace” statement as a Protocol “Plan B.” (Added 11-4-2021)

Nigeria Bishop’s Assistant Responds to Recent Allegations” by Baziel Yoila Yayuba via UM Insight. Claims that Ande Emmanuel and Cynthia Astle are stirring trouble in Nigeria. (Added 11-3-2021)

Darryl Stephens: The UMC and Institutional Decline: Commissions and Omissions” via UM & Global. Stephens responds to David Scott’s series on institutional decline in the UMC by outlining the history of failed commissions approved at General Conference. Maybe the whole structure needs to be left behind in order for renewal to happen? (Added 10-3-2021)

Group Seeks Bishops’ Grace in Church Exits” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Coverage of “A Call to Grace.” (Added 11-2-2021)

Angela Pleasants Event” via The Tennessee/Western Kentucky WCA. Discussion of how female and ethnic minority pastors will fare in the Global Methodist Church. (Added 11-2-2021)

Tweet by Chris Ritter. “Is ‘moving beyond legislative solutions’ the same thing as an executive branch, conference-level takeover of the #UMC? If the BOD (2019) is not the covenant on which our life together is based, what is?”

“A Call to Grace” Website. A call to “move beyond legislative solutions” and start living into the post-separation UMC future now. (Added 11-2-2021)

Grace for the Future” by Bishop Leonard Fairly. A podcast series by the bishop of the Kentucky Conference “where we use the means of grace to help us love, learn, and lean into conversations in this liminal season of uncertainty and anxiety.” (Added 11-2-2021)

Actually, God is Doing an Old Thing” by John Koessler via Christianity Today. “Orthodoxy is not a straitjacket but a gift. The faith that was handed down to the church is an inheritance, not baggage.” (Added 11-2-2021)

Five Challenges Ahead for Evangelicalism” by David Watson via Firebrand Magazine. Integrity, Race, Sexuality/Gender, Theology, and living as outsiders listed among the challenges facing Evangelicals. (Added 11-2-2021)

The Cost of Renewal” by Jeff Patterson via Firebrand Magazine. The senior pastor of Wesley Memorial UMC in High Point, NC shares features of divisions flowing from Luther and Wesley. Sometimes God renews through division. “I hope that this Protocol will be passed by the United Methodist General Conference. In passing the Protocol, United Methodists will make church history by creating an amicable separation. We need to minimize the mistreatment of each other as we journey through the division.” (Added 11-02-2021)

A Future with Hope” by Bishop Tracey Smith Malone. The bishop of the East Ohio Conference responds to those advocating exit from the UMC. Talk of exit is premature. (Added 11-2-2021)

Adam Hamilton on Methodist Future” via Juicy Ecumenism. Mark Tooley interviews Adam Hamilton. (Added 11-2-2021)

Hello Again, and a Eulogy” by David Watson. The Dean of United Theological Seminary shares his eulogy for Billy Abraham. (Added 11-2-2021)

Inside the LGBT Debate Raging within the UMC” via The Christian Post Podcast. An interview with Michael Gryboski on the state of things in the UMC. (Added 10-31-2021)

In Response to The Tennessean” by Bishop Bill McAlilly. The bishop serving the Nashville Episcopal Area takes issue with an article in The Tennessean that indicated that UMC separation was already approved. (Added 10-31-2021)

While I’ll Still #BeUMC: Part Six, The Quadrilateral” by David Livingston. The UMC, a thinking person’s faith, is pitted against the GMC that, Livingston says, will “frown on, if not outright ban” reason, tradition, and experience. (Added 10-30-2021)

Nigerian Pastors Allege Bishop Used Police to Bar Them from Clergy Event” by Musa Lana via UM Insight. Forty clergy sign a statement against Bishop Yohanna, claiming he is a member of WCA and planning to take Nigeria into the new denomination. (Added 10-30-2021)

What Is Denominational Divorce?” by Scott Field via Northern Illinois WCA. Quoting Dr, Jack Johnson of Claremont: “The protocol will result in a thoroughly progressive PSUMC. The church will not be a big tent and there will be no room for traditionalists, and little room for centrists by 2028.” (Added 10-30-2021)

Parsing Protocol Questions” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News. Response to Adam Hamilton’s comments on The Separation Protocol and answering common questions. (Added 10-30-2021)

“An Expanded Family: The Wesley Brothers, Anglicanism, and Wesleyans Today” by Ryan Danker via WCA. The President of the Charles Wesley Society discusses Anglicanism’s imprint upon Methodism. (Added 10-29-2021)

UPDATED: “Members Bolster Creation Care and Endorse Protocol” via Baltimore-Washington Conference. The members of the Baltimore Washington Conference voted to endorse the Protocol by a vote of 323-247 (79%). A move to amend to include an endorsement of global regionalization failed. (Corrected 10-28-2021)

The UMC and Institutional Decline: A Call for Denominational Renovation” by David Scott via UM & Global. “The biggest failure of institutional leaders in the UMC has perhaps been too great a fidelity to the institutions of the church as they currently exist.” (Added 10-27-2021)

United Methodist Bishops Meet to Discuss Church Future, Elect Officers” via COB Press Release. Preview of the November 2-5 meeting of the Council of Bishops. Among other items, they will “discuss the future of the continuing United Methodist Church.” (Added 10-27-2021)

Here to There: A Renewed Expression of Methodism” via Iowa WCA (PDF). A booklet developed in Iowa to accompany informational events on the Global Methodist Church. (Added 10-27-2021)

Overheard: The Baltimore-Washington Conference today approved a resolution to endorse the Separation Protocol. An amendment to include support for global regionalization was defeated 323-247. BWC joins Cal-Pac, Mountain Sky, North Georgia, NW Texas, Texas, and the Dakotas in Protocol support. The resolution was co-sponsored by the Baltimore-Washington WCA and Baltimore Washington Area Reconciling Methodists (BWARM). (Added 10-26-2021)

Sexual Ethics and Same-Sex Marriage” via Church of the Resurrection. Results of a survey among participants at the Church of the Resurrection Leadership Institute. (Added 10-26-2021)

A Tale of Two Denominations: Evangelical Diversity & Growth vs. Mainline Division & Decline” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. The second in a series of posts comparing the UMC with the Assemblies of God. (Added 10-25-2021)

Resolution in Support of the Protocol of Reconciliation and Grace through Separation” via Mountain Sky Conference. This petition in support of The Protocol was approved by the 2021 session of the Mountain Sky Conference by 86.7% at their October 21-23 online meeting, chaired by Bishop Oliveto. (Added 10-25-2021)

Update from Rob and Tom” via Good News (Youtube). Rob Renfroe and Tom Lambrecht offer an October 18 update to supporters. Important updates from Africa included. (Added 10-25-2021)

Options for Clergy Under the Protocol” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News. A listing of options available to clergy following passage of The Protocol. (Added 10-22-2021)

The Church Among the Deathworks” by Carl R. Trueman via First Things. Clergy complicit in subverting Christian symbols. (Added 10-22-2021)

Recommended viewing: Tuesdays at the Table” by David Scott via UM & Global. Highlights a Connectional Table series aimed at keeping folks in the UMC. (Added 10-22-2021)

UMC Bishop’s Spouse ‘Comes Out’ as Transgender United Methodist Minister” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. Coverage of Bishop Peggy Johnson’s spouse transition to female gender identity. (Added 10-22-2021)

Tweet by John Lomperis. “If we’re not very careful and intentional, the #GlobalMethodistChurch will, in a few decades, find ourselves in a similar place to the #UnitedMethodistChurch today” (Added 10-22-2021)

Don’t Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out” by Scott Field via Northern Illinois WCA. The head of NIC WCA characterizes statements made by interim bishop John Hopkins. (Added 10-22-2021)

Why I’ll Still #BeUMC, Part Five: Scripture” by David Livingston. WCA accused of stealth fundamentalism. “I’m grateful to be in a denomination that has a nuanced, faithful, and historically Methodist view of Scripture.” (Added 10-21-2021

Happenings Around the Church: Remembering Billy Abraham” by Riley Case via Confessing Movement. A tribute to Billy Abraham from a staff member of The Confessing Movement. (Added 10-21-2021)

To Fight or Not to Fight, That is the Question” by Pete Fleming via UM Insight. “We should be pro-active in advocating for the UMC that we love and cherish, in describing the actual history of the various conflicts over the past 40 years, and in exposing some of the less-than-above-board actions of the WCA and others… We should not avoid conflict. We are on the right side of these issues. (Added 10-21-2021)

The UMC and Institutional Decline: Institutional Maintenance and Expansion” by David Scott via UM & Global. ” by David Scott via UM & Global. “The United Methodist Church is at a point where it requires institutional renovation, not merely maintenance or expansion of its existing institutions.” (Added 10-20-2021)

Methodism’s Embrace of a Worldview Shaped by the Word” by Bill Arnold. An excerpt from The Next Methodism, a book by various Methodist scholars forthcoming soon from Seedbed. (Added 10-20-2021)

“Tale of Two Denominations: Growth, Shrinkage” by John Lomperis via The Acorn. The United Methodist Church in California contrasted with the Assemblies of God with regards to growth and diversity. (Added 10-20-2021)

Tweet from Mark Tooley. “If physical 9-day $12 million United Methodist General Conference meets next Aug/Sep there’ll be usual fights on sex/abortion/much else; traditionalists will win. But why do if church is splitting? Adopt Protocol for split by online mtg & let all move forward in peace.” (Added 10-20-2021)

Tweet from Global Methodist Church. “We anticipate launching in Sept 2022. We joyfully share our mission & vision with you. While we eagerly anticipate the beginning of our operations, we invite you to learn more, & begin making plans to join brothers & sisters around the world for a bright & bold new future!” (Added 10-20-2021)

“‘Do Whatever He Tells You’: What’s Next for British Evangelical Methodists” by David Hull via Firebrand Magazine. “When the Church affirms what the Bible prohibits, we can no longer follow Stott’s lead, encouraging evangelicals to stay within the denomination. Rather, we have encouraged each to seek the Lord’s direction and ‘do whatever he tells you.'” Added 10-19-2021)

New Methodist Movement Update” by Paul Lawler. “Despite some centrists and progressives saying negative things about the Protocol, support for the passage of the Protocol remains strong among all constituencies.” (Added 10-19-2021)

The Reformed Church in America Moves Towards Restructuring, Prepares for Departures” by Kathryn Post via Religion News Service. The nation’s oldest denomination is splintering over similar issues facing the UMC. The same story appears also in Christianity Today. (Added 10-18-2021)

Study: Attendance Hemorrhaging in Small and Mid-Size U.S. Congregations” by Yonat Shimron via Religion News Service. Mainline Protestants suffering the biggest declines. (Added 10-18-2021)

Full Obituary: “William Abraham” via Aria Funeral Home. See also “Perkins Mourns the Death of Dr. William J. “Billy” Abraham” via SMU. An October 30 memorial service is planned at Highland Park UMC. (Added 10-18-2021)

Farewell to a Friend: Remembering William J. Abraham” via Good News. “The quadrilateral is much like a kaleidoscope. Each time you shake Scripture, tradition, reason, and experience, a different configuration emerges… The result is doctrinal chaos and incoherence.” (Added 10-16-2021)

William J. ‘Billy’ Abraham: 1947-2021” by Jeffrey Walton via Juicy Ecumenism. Quoted on a New Methodism: “We can, if we really desire, make the transition as economical and efficient as possible. The mountain is there to be climbed; and the future view from the top will be terrific when we get there.” (Added 10-16-2021)

How to Have the Methodist Conversation” via actonmethodist.com. Videos from an October 7 event in Granbury, Texas featuring Wade Killough, Bryan Rife, Lance Marshall, David Alexander, and Lynn Pool. (Added 10-15-2021, description edited for accuracy)

Mt. Bethel UMC Files Countersuit” by Walter Fenton via WCA. Coverage of the latest developments in the dispute over Mt. Bethel’s property. (Added 10-15-2021)

Happenings Around the Church: Essential Methodist Teachings: The Cross (Part One)” by Riley Case via Confessing Movement. A new series of posts will seek to focus on essential Christian doctrines in the lead-up to GC 2022. (Added 10-14-2021)

Why I’ll Still #BeUMC, Part Four: The Big Tent Still Matters” by David Livingston. Great Plains clergy continues his series of posts on why we plans to remain in the post-separation UMC. (Added 10-14-2021)

Live from New Room Conference: Updates with WCA VP Walter Fenton” via Holy Conversations Podcast (WCA). Status update with Walter Fenton. (Added 10-14-2021)

America’s Oldest Denomination Faces Split over LGBT Issues” by Kaythryn Post via Christianity Today. The Reformed Church in America faces similar divide as the UMC. (Added 10-14-2021)

Georgia Megachurch Asks Court to Allow Vote on Leaving UMC after Pastor was Reassigned” by Michael Gryboski via Christian Post. Coverage of the counterclaim filed by Mt. Bethel seeking a disaffiliation vote that would move the conflict toward resolution. (Added 10-14-2021)

In Support of Rev. Mary Johnson and Bishop Peggy Johnson” via Reconciling Ministries Network. A RNM statement of support for the spouse of Bishop Peggy Johnson who announced a transition from male to female. (Added 10-13-2021)

The UMC and Institutional Decline: The Impact of COVID and Denominational Crisis” by David Scott via UM & Global. “The result of these overlapping crises is that the institutions of the church emerge weakened. People have fewer expectations that denominational institutions will try to influence their religious behaviors, and people are less willing to go along with those institutions when they do. And this process compounds upon itself: failure begets weakness, which makes future failure more likely, thereby accelerating decline.” (Added 10-21-2021)

Billy Abraham, Traditionalist Scholar, Dies” by Sam Hodges via UMNS. Coverage of Billy Abraham’s influence in the UMC and the formation of the next denomination. (Added 10-13-2021)

A Tribute to Dr. William ‘Billy’ Abraham” by Keith Boyette via WCA. “Billy has left us with a rich and expansive reservoir of resources upon which the church will draw for years.” (Added 10-12-2021)

A Giant Has Fallen: On the Passing of William J. Abraham” by David Watson via Firebrand. A tribute to Billy Abraham by the dean of United Theological Seminary. See also these tributes by various colleagues. (Added 10-12-2021)

Q & A with Bishop Peggy Johnson” via Baltimore-Washington Conference. Bishop Peggy Johnson is interviewed about her spouse identifying as a transgender woman. (Added 10-11-2021)

Q & A with Rev. Mary Johnson” via Baltimore-Washington Conference. The spouse of Bishop Peggy Johnson now identifies as a woman. This is an interview with Rev. Johnson. (Added 10-11-2021)

Mt. Bethel Countersues Conference Leaders” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Denominational coverage of the latest in the Mt. Bethel saga. (Added 10-11-2021)

Johnson Shares Her Story of Transitioning to a Trans Woman” by Melissa Lauber via Baltimore-Washington Conference. The spouse of Bishop Peggy Johnson (A Baltimore-Washington UM clergy) now identifies as a woman. Bishops Easterling and Johnson quoted. (Added 10-11-2021)

Mt. Bethel UMC Asks for Disaffiliation Vote in Counterclaim” by Wendy Parker via East Cobb News. Local coverage of the counterclaim filed by Mt. Bethel. (Added 10-11-2021)

The Guardians of Wise Change: Reflections on Self-Criticism” by Bob Phillips via PeopleNeedJesus.net. Important questions for the GMC and ps-UMC to consider. (Added 10-11-2021)

Contending for the Faith” via Mt. Bethel. Updates from Mt. Bethel on their struggle to disaffiliate from the North Georgia Conference of the UMC. (Added 10-9-2021)

Mt. Bethel Leaders File Counterclaim Urging North Georgia Annual Conference to ‘Let the Church Vote’” via Press Release (PDF). The latest filing by Mt. Bethel in which they seek the North Georgia Conference to let them hold a congregational vote on disaffiliation. Document: “It is sadly ironic that the Regional UMC Administrators accuse Mt. Bethel of violating unwritten ‘conditions of disaffiliation’ while themselves violating the express text of the Book of Discipline’s disaffiliation procedure the General Conference adopted.” (Added 10-8-2021, Updated 10-9-2021))

Tweet by Mark Tooley. “Grieved by sudden death of Methodist theologian Billy Abraham but his strong legacy endures. He served decades @PerkinsSMU & was starting new Methodist studies program @TruettSeminary” (Added 10-8-2021)

Sharing Information: Freely, Fairly, Fully” by Keith Boyette via WCA. A recent trip to Nairobi occasions this post on the importance of healthy information-sharing. (Added 10-8-2021)

Why I’ll Still #BeUMC, Part Three: Spirit vs. Letter” by David Livingston. Great Plains clergy: “…the Protocol alone does very little for centrists like me and for progressives. It suggests an abeyance on charges (which is significant but which some bishops are choosing to ignore). Long term, what really matters to us is regionalization like the Christmas Covenant.” (Added 10-8-2021)

Young Elder Numbers Hit Record Low” commentary by Lovett Weems via UMNS. The percentage of young elders is lower than that of young deacons and young licensed local pastors. (Added 10-8-2021)

The UMC and Institutional Decline: The Time Squeeze” by David Scott via UM & Global. The third in a series on the forces involved in the institutional decline of the UMC. This one explores larger societal forces affecting volunteerism. (Added 10-6-2021)

Overheard: Unfunded pension liabilities calculated by Wespath have dropped almost in half recently due to strong market performance. The North Georgia Conference has provided each local church with its unfunded liability number associated with disaffiliation. Such numbers are running 3-4 times a church’s annual apportionments. A few months ago that number was 6-7 times a congregation’s annual apportionments. (Wespath calculates the conference liability and each conference decides how to assess that to their local congregations.) (Added 10-6-2021)

Publishing House Moves Pension Plan, Sells Campus” by Sam Hodges via UMNS. “Milford said the Publishing House currently has 142 employees, down from nearly 300 before the pandemic.” (Added 10-6-2021)

21st Century Circuit Rider Revival” by Carter Estes via Firebrand Magazine. A graduate student at Harvard’s public policy school “The people of New England deserve to be evangelized by the Global Methodist Church, and there are other areas like it. In America’s urban cores there is a distinct lack of traditionalist churches that provide a ministry in the Wesleyan tradition.” (Added 10-5-2021)

“Conversations Address Going Separate Ways” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. A roundup of competing activities preparing United Methodists for the coming separation. (Added 10-4-2021)

Tweet by Mark Tooley. “And African delegates especially in DRC sometimes must drive many hours even days on dirt roads to airport then fly hours to U.S. Embassy just for visa only to get rejected & disenfranchised. Online United Methodist General Conference would help alleviate.” (Added 10-2-2021)

Tweet by Mark Tooley. “If online United Methodist General Conference affirms Protocol for Separation early in 2022, scheduled physical GC in Aug/Sep, with conservatives gone, could then delete church sex teaching. All move forward into new structures, ending 50 yrs of strife. Why delay?” (Added 10-2-2021)

Tweet by Mark Tooley. “1st world problem: I can’t work mute button! 3rd world prob: I must fly 6 hours twice to USA embassy to get visa but am rejected so I can’t go to United Methodist General Conference.” (Added 10-2-2021)

Clergy Won’t Be Forced to Perform Gay Weddings if UMC Changes Its Stance, Pastors Panel Says” by Michael Gryboski via Christian Post. Coverage of a Panel forum held during Church of the Resurrection Leadership Institute. (Added 10-2-2021)

LDS Church to Pay into Boy Scouts Victim Fund” by Sam Hodges via UMNS. The UMC is negotiating a payment for liability protection related to the BSA bankruptcy. The LDS paid $250 Million for the same. Some are discussing how, along with pensions, this may create yet another liability category in the separation discussion. (Added 10-1-2021)

Is the Protocol Constitutional?” by Thomas Lambrecht via Good News. “The bottom line is that all the major objections to the Protocol’s constitutionality are either without a basis in the Constitution or have already been addressed by Judicial Council.” (Added 10-1-2021)

Constructively Working Through Conflict” by Angela Pleasants via WCA. Let’s not destroy one another. “The Protocol… is a way congregations and clergy can continue to serve, worship, preach, and fully live into their gifts and graces.” (Added 10-1-2021)

Tweet via Brian Williams. “Niche tweet: I’m thankful for the #ShareChurchLI conversation about the #UMC debacle, but it’s frustrating that he started the lecture using the term “LGBTQ” but once he started talking about changing the church we’re really only talking about those who are “gay and lesbian.”” (Added 9-30-2021)

Tweet by Jeremy Smith. “I’m annoyed at #ShareChurchLI [Church of the Resurrection Leadership Institute] that we continue to use the “compatibilist” language that has been framed that way by the anti-gay wing of the #UMC. Let it go, Elsa. Use more accurate categories, like (via@DrBenz3): Pro-discrimination, ok with discrimination, anti-discrimination.” (Added 9-30-2021)

Tweet by Dave Nuckols. “Every tweet trying to ram the Protocol down #UMC throats by heavy handed tactics causes the Protocol to lose more support. The agreed process included full in-person conferencing and amendments as needed. Many early Protocol supporters would vote against it at virtual GC.” (Added 9-30-2021)

Three Strategies Used by Bishops to Close Local Methodist Churches” by Dalton & Tomich via Youtube. The leading law firm representing disaffiliating churches issues this video. See also “Top Five Tactics Bishops Use to Delay a Local Methodist Church from Voting on Disaffiliation.” (Added 9-30-2021)

Tweet by Chad Bowen. “Lots of conservatives are pushing for the #UMC to hold an online General Conference to approve schism. That’s a horrible idea for a host of reasons.” Thread (Added 9-30-2021)

Tweet by Mark Tooley. “No scenario is flawless but physical mtg disenfranchises typically 10%+ of African delegates per visas. Online will enable fuller franchise, save $12 million & allow for fuller conversation if focused on Protocol w/o 1000s of other petitions. Everybody gains & can move forward!” (Added 9-30-2021)

Who Speaks for United Methodists? IRD Sets the Record Straight in DC” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. The IRD works to counteract the lobbying activities of the General Board of Church & Society. (Added 9-29-2021)

The UMC and Institutional Decline: Opposition from Vested Interests” by David Scott via UM & Global. The third in a series of posts related to the UMC’s institutional decline. This installment explores the role of vested interests. (Added 9-29-2021)

Overheard: Following extensive participation by DS’s, local pastors and laity, the four annual conferences of the Southern Congo Episcopal Area (served by Bishop Kasap Owan) have decided to follow the traditional church in the event of a division of the present UMC.

Bishops, Please Call Special Online General Conference to Pass the Protocol” via UM Action. A petition calling upon the Council of Bishops to call a special online General Conference for the purpose of considering the Protocol. “An online General Conference, devoted exclusively to The Protocol, will save millions of dollars and allow wider participation especially for overseas delegates.” (Added 9-29-2021)

A Requiem for My Church” by Tammie Grimm via Firebrand Magazine. A reflection upon the closing of Dunellen United Methodist Church. The author mentions the denomination being torn apart from within. (Added 9-28-2021)

Perceptions of Miscommunication on Potential UMC Schism Spur Counter-efforts” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. Fine-toothed critique of Tom Lambrecht’s chart comparing the UMC and GMC. Particular issue is taken with Lambrecht’s characterization of UMC’s understanding of baptism. Reconciling Ministries has hired a firm to “counteract WCA communications.” (Added 9-28-2021)

Why the Church Needs Bishops” by Stephen Rankin via Firebrand Magazine. An argument that Methodists needs bishops moving forward. (Added 9-28-2021)

Adam Hamilton: Thoughts on the Protocol and Separation” via Youtube. Adam Hamilton offers his most recent thoughts on the Protocol. (Added 9-27-2021)

The Global Methodist Church Website. globalmethodist.org is being upgraded. (Added 9-27-2021)

Wesley House of Studies” via baylor.edu. Updated information on the new Wesley House of Studies at Baylor, led by William Abraham and Kevin Watson. (Added 9-24-2021)

Sexual Holiness, Wholeness, and Brokenness” by Debra Baty via WCA. A lay leader at Asbury Church in Madison, AL shares the work of a task force on human sexuality. (Added 9-24-2021)

Texas Supreme Court Rejects Episcopal Church’s Motion to Keep Breakaway Diocese Property” by Michale Gryboski via Christian Post. News update from a sister denomination. (Added 9-23-2021)

The United Church of Christ to Sell Cleveland Headquarters” by Jeffrey Walton via Juicy Ecumenism. The UCC sells its headquarters after 2/3 of the staff were laid off over the past few years due to decline. (Added 9-23-2021)

The UMC and Institutional Decline: Declining Institutional Relevance” by David Scott via UM & Global. The Director of Mission Theology at GBGM writes about the declining relevance of the UMC institution. The second in a series of posts about decline. (Added 9-22-2021)

United Methodists Chafe at Their Wilderness Wandering” by Cynthia Astle via Baptist News Global. The editor of UM Insight summarizes our current situation in the UMC for a progressive Baptist news outlet. (Added 9-22-2021)

We Belong to Each Other: What Trees and United Methodists Know” by Britney Winn Lee via UM Insight. “While sometimes it results in our frustration over polity and institutionalism, our connection is also our legacy and our joy.” (Added 9-21-2021)

They’re Not Coming Back” by Rob Dyer via Baptist News Global. “No magic answer exists for the receding engagement across multiple age groups that we are seeing post-pandemic.” (Added 9-21-2021)

Inclusion and Boundaries, Law and Grace: Where Hospitality Meets Identity” by Allan Bevere. “Both inclusion and boundaries are required for the church to be God’s people in fellowship and in mission to the world. I am the first to confess that it is not always clear where to draw the boundaries and where to erase them, but I do know this: without identity, hospitality has no meaningful purpose; without hospitality identity becomes cultic.” (Added 9-21-2021)

Leader: Most of Mt. Bethel UMC Congregation Would Vote to Disaffiliate” by Shelia Poole via Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Jody Ray says 75% of Mt. Bethel would vote to disaffiliate. Bishops says disaffiliation is managed by the conference trustees. Conference trustees says Mt. Bethel is not in good standing and not eligible for disaffiliation. (Added 9-21-2021)

A Gracious and Dignified Resolution: War and Peace in the UMC” by David Watson via Firebrand Magazine. Dean at United Theological Seminary: “The situation at Mt. Bethel is ominous, but there is a better way.” (Added 9-21-2021)

Africa and the Future of Future of Methodism” by Israel Kamudzandu via Firebrand Magazine. Associate Professor of New Testament at St. Paul’s School of theology says that the West needs to be ready to be re-evangelized by Africa. (Added 9-21-2021)

The UMC’s Future is About Personhood and Nothing Less” by Glenn Knepp via UM Insight. A rebuttal to Timothy Tennent’s Asbury Chapel Speech: “If the United Methodist Church is to have a future beyond its institutional morass, it will not be because different people come to read Scripture in the same way or because different kinds of people accept to live in the same culturally conditioned molds, but rather only because different people come together to affirm the personhood of all.” (Added 9-21-2021)

Demand Justice for Korean Church of Atlanta UMC” by Lay Leaders of Korean Church of Atlanta via Change.org. This petition, a few months old, just came to my attention. It alleges appointment insensitivities against Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson. (Added 9-18-2021)

While I’ll Still #BeUMC, Part Two, Connection” by David Livingston. The second in a series on why a Great Plains Conference clergy plans to stay in the post-separation UMC. (Added 9-18-2021)

United Methodist Divides as a Site for Interreligious Dialog” by Robert Hunt via UM & Global. Interreligious dialog as a model for dialog within the UMC. (Added 9-17-2021)

How to Have a Virtual General Conference” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News. A “Distributed” General Conference is possible. Objections answered. (Added 9-17-2021)

We are FOR Mt. Bethel UMC” via Progressive Methodists Facebook. A letter purporting to be from a member of Mt. Bethel UMC representing a group that disagrees with the lay leadership there: “In an effort to uncover all of the facts about the crisis in which our beloved church finds itself, and to inform our fellow church members, we’ll talk to anyone we can, both inside and outside the church.” (Added 9-17-2021)

United Methodists Losing Their Social Action Tradition” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. “…the real root of the UMC’s internal fracture, much like U.S. national politics as historian Heather Cox Richardson describes it, is power – the dispute over which theological stance should control the denomination’s ecclesial identity and operations.” (Added 9-17-2021)

UMC Pastors Allege ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ Scenario in Texas” by James Diddams via Juicy Ecumenism. Clergy from First UMC in Birmingham take to Tiktok to protest Texas abortion laws. (Added 9-17-2021)

What’s Happening with General Conference 2022?” by Joe DiPaolo via WCA. A member of WCA and the General Commission on General Conference discusses the need and odds of GC2022 convening as planned. Notes that AC’s can take their own Protocol approach now. (Added 9-17-2021)

A Call to Examine United Methodist Real Estate” by Rick Reinhard via UMNS. “My estimates are that the next several years will see the closing of as many as 100,000 houses of worship throughout the United States, up from an estimated 3,750 to 8,000 per year now…. The possible split in The United Methodist Church makes real-estate strategy more, not less, critical.” (Added 9-16-2021)

Voices of the Global South” by Max Wilkins via Good News. President of TMS Global encourages elevation of global voices in the UMC regarding the future. The GMC will be majority international and “a number of independent Methodist movements in Latin America and Africa who have begun conversation about aligning with the GMC.”(Added 9-15-2021)

State of the UMC in 1,000 Words, Part One” by Jeremy Smith via Hacking Christianity. “Power and Polity vs. People and Places” is the first essay in this three-part series. (Added 9-15-2021)

“‘A New Thing is Happening’ Hails Transgender Lutheran Bishop” by Jeffrey Walton via Juicy Ecumenism. America’s first transgender bishop of a major denomination is installed in San Francisco. (Added 9-15-2021)

“The UMC: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow” by the Alabama-West Florida Reconciling Ministries Friends. This four-session study is aimed at keeping folks in the UMC. The following video sessions accompany the study. “Session 1: An Impulse to Include,” “Session2: The UMC Today,” “Session 3: What Do We Know About the GMC?” and “Session 4: The UMC, Our Future.” (Added 9-15-2021)

Releasing Our #UMC Clinched Fist” by Chris Ritter via PeopleNeedJesus.net. A case against coercive connectionalism as evidenced in North Georgia and elsewhere. (Added 9-15-2021)

“The UMC and Institutional Decline: What are Institutions and What Is Institutional Decline?” By David Scott via UM & Global. The first is a series of posts: “UMC institutions are struggling to generate regular behaviors among the US United Methodists that remain in the same ways that they have in the past.” (Added 9-15-2021)

Mt. Bethel Pastor Likens Church Saga to Civil Rights Movement” by Wendy Parker via East Cobb News. Coverage of a letter sent by Jody Ray to Mt. Bethel membership. (Added 9-15-2021)

Once Again Into the Breach: Returning to the Mandate for Unity” by J. Warren Smith via Firebrand Magazine. Professor of Historical Theology at Duke argues for United Methodist unity at all cost. (Added 9-14-2021)

Tradition and Innovation: A Wesleyan Model for the 21st Century” by Winfield Blevins via Firebrand Magazine. “Wesley wanted to recover the old religion and connect his generation with the early church and its teachings, but Methodism was also something new, contextualized for his time and place, and Wesley was able to give old truth fresh expression.” (Added 9-14-2021)

Bishop John Shelby Spong: (1931-2021)” by Jeffrey Walton via Juicy Ecumenism. The legacy of a controversial Episcopalian bishop. (Added 9-14-2021)

Hey, Compendium Fans. I am looking for someone deeper into the Progressive and Centrist camps of the UMC to keep me supplied with links relevant to UMC separation and the shape of thing to come. Links relevant to separation from Africa, Philippines, Europe, and annual conferences are also welcome. Those who reliably send me useful links (that is, relevant links I don’t get from other sources) are often rewarded with complementary memberships to the site. Let me know if you are interested in being a “PNJ News Hound.” Shoot me a message at c.ritter@peopleneedjesus.org. (Added 9-13-2021)

Asbury Sermon on ‘Therapeutic Self’ Prompts LGBTQ Twitter Rage” by James Diddams via Juicy Ecumenism. Backlash against Timothy Tennent’s sermon opening the semester of chapel at Asbury. (Added 9-13-2021)

The Decline and Renewal of the Church: Part One, The Decline of the Mainline” by Timothy Keller via Life in Gospel. “In light of the rightful critiques of Kelley, Machen, and Marsden, I believe that progressive mainline Protestantism cannot be the way forward for the American church.” (Added 9-11-2021)

“Judicial Council Fall 2021 Docket” via Resource UMC. Six issues related to disaffiliation included in the 22-item fall docket of the Judicial Council. (Added 9-11-2021)

Seminaries and the Post-Separation Churches” by Riley Case via Confessing Movement Facebook Page. The future of seminary education following the coming UMC separation. (Added 9-10-2021)

Distinctions, Differences, and the Future of Methodism” by Thomas Lambrecht via Good News. Sharing an informational chart summarizing the differences between the UMC, GMC in Transition, and GMC as conceived by WCA. (Added 9-10-2021)

Unbelievable Heartbreak: Confronting the Mess My Bishop Created at Mt. Bethel Church” by Casey Alarcon via WCA. “Our beloved church is now simply asking for its voice to be heard; let us vote on disaffiliation. Give our members a chance to speak to the heart of our faith and stake a claim for the future of Mt. Bethel Church.” (Added 9-10-2021)

Q&A with WCA’s New Vice President of Clergy and Church Relations, Angela Pleasants” via WCA’s Holy Conversations Podcast. An interview with the leader filling WCA’s newest staff position. Includes specific information on how clergy will transfer to the new Global Methodist Church. (Added 9-10-2021)

Why I’ll Still #BeUMC, Part One” by David Livingston. A GC Delegate from Great Plains blogs that he will remain in the post separation UMC to participate in collective responses to disasters. (Added 9-9-2021)

Taraba Church Crisis: Group Warn Police to Refrain from Taking Sides” by Great Ozozoyin via Daily Post. “Agrieved” clergy and laity in Nigeria call upon police to stop taking sides with Bishop John Wesley Yohanna. (Added 9-9-2021)

Conference Sues for Control of Megachurch” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Denominational coverage of North Georgia’s suit to take over Mt. Bethel. (Added 9-9-2021)

Mt. Bethel Sued by North Georgia UMC after Mediation Fails” by Wendy Parker via East Cobb News. Local coverage of the largest church in North Georgia being sued by its own annual conference. (Added 9-9-2021)

“Research Documents How Fundamentalists View LGBTQ Inclusion as a Zero Sum Game They are Losing” by Mark Wingfield via UM Insight. One of five studies reported uses the UMC as a specific case study. (Added 9-9-2021)

Alabama Pastors Wear ‘Handmaids Tale’ Costumes to Protest Texas Abortion Law” by Hayley Fowler via AL.com. Clergy from First UMC in Birmingham post a Tiktok video in protest of new Texas abortion law. (Added 9-9-2021)

The Restoration of Personhood” by Timothy Tennent. Asbury Seminary President offers the text of his address at the chapel service opening the new semester. “Personhood” is the great challenge of our age. This includes a discussion of identity around sexuality. An incoming LGBTQ-identifying student protests. (Added 9-9-2021)

North Georgia Court Filing. The Cobb County filing by the North Georgia Conference against Mt. Bethel UMC. (Added 9-9-2021)

Update from the Conference Board of Trustees” via North Georgia Conference. Conference trustees have filed paperwork with the Cobb County Superior Court to seize properties of Mt. Bethel UMC. (Added 9-8-2021)

Texas Abortion Law Threatens Ministry” by William Lawrence. Former head of the Judicial Council is concerned that the Texas abortion law could threaten clergy to who refer women for abortions. (Added 9-8-2021)

If They Do These Things Now” by Rob Renfroe via Good News. It is naive to think that traditionalists will be respected in the post-separation UMC. (Added 9-8-2021)

Comparing The United Methodist Church with the Global Methodist Church (in Formation)” by Thomas Lambrecht via WCA. There is a new chart in town. Lambrecht provides a Comprehensive Comparison Chart summarizing features of the UMC, future GMC under its Transitional Book of Doctrines and Discipline, and GMC as proposed by WCA’s Draft Book of Doctrines and Discipline (to be considered at a convening General Conference. (Added 9-8-2021)

When God Does Something New” by Suzanne Nicholson via Firebrand Magazine. A Professor of New Testament at Asbury considers the Jerusalem Council, women in ministry, UM church unity, and LGBTQ practice in the church. (Added 9-7-2021)

GC2022: Hard Truth” by David Livingston. Progressive GC Delegate: GC2022 cannot meet either in person or online. It is up to traditionalists to end the impasse by leaving now. (Added 9-7-2021)

Tuesdays at the Table: Should I Stay? Or Should I Go?” via Connectional Table Press Release. A series of weekly segments aims to keep people in the UMC. (Added 9-6-2021)

Complaints Against Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson Formally Dismissed” by Delores Carhee via North Georgia Conference. The SEJ College of Bishops and Committee on Episcopacy dismisses complaints against Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson filed by Mt. Bethel leadership team. (Added 9-3-2021)

Mixed Messages in the Salvation Army on Human Sexuality” by Andy Miller of Wesley Biblical Seminary via Youtube. The UMC is mentioned in this discussion of the Salvation Army’s internal struggle over human sexuality. (Added 9-3-2021)

Mt. Bethel UM Church and North Georgia Conference Remain at an Impasse” via Good News. Statements from Mt. Bethel and NG Conference are shared by Good News Magazine. (Added 9-1-2021)

Time for Your Church to Leave the Denomination?” by Thomas Lambrecht via Good News. Why patience is a virtue is awaiting the formation of the Global Methodist Church. (Added 9-1-2021)

The North Central Jurisdictional Conference Goes Virtual” via IGRC Facebook. The NCJ College of Bishops announces that the November 10-12 session of the jurisdictional conference will be reframed as an online meeting. (Added 9-1-2021)

Methodist Split Needn’t Wait” by Mark Tooley via Juicy Ecumenism. “The United Methodist Council of Bishops could and should call this online General Conference to vote specifically on the Protocol.” (Added 8-31-2021)

CORRECTION: In a previous link I commented that Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson was elected by her peers as the president of the SEJ College of Bishops. This is a rotating responsibility and not a matter of election. I apologize for the erroneous analysis. (Added 8-31-2021)

Episcopal Legal Expenses Estimated at $52 Million as Anglicans Receive Payout” by Jeffrey Walton via Juicy Ecumenism. News from a sister denomination: The Episcopal Church makes a $4.5 million court-ordered reimbursement to break-away Anglicans diocese in Texas for legal fees incurred during protracted property battles. (Added 8-31-2021)

“Dangerous Doctrine: Orthodoxy, Heresy, and the Role of Private Judgment in Methodism” by David Watson via Firebrand Magazine. Excerpts from Watson’s upcoming book on Methodism and the Bible: “Unless we clarify the relationship between private judgment and historic, conciliar teaching, many more divisions will occur in our future.” (Added 8-31-2021)

Despite Ebola Lessons, COVID-19 Challenges Africans” by Phileas Jusu via UMNS. The status of vaccinations in Africa and the work being done by United Methodists there. (Added 8-30-2021)

The Struggle to Launch the Global Methodist Church” by David Scott via UM & Global. A summary piece on the process of forming the Global Methodist Church. (Added 8-30-2021)

Ten Steps to Leading a Church with a Progressive Pastor or Split Congregation to the Global Methodist Church” by Jay Therrell. A Florida-based communication guide for local church leaders seeking to guide their congregation toward the GMC. (Added 8-30-2021)

“Update on Mediation between Mt. Bethel and the North Georgia Annual Conference” via Mt. Bethel. Mt. Bethel leaders announce that the mediation session did not result in an agreement. They continue to look for a solution outside the legal system. (Added 8-29-2021)

Board of Trustees Offers Update on Mediation” via North Georgia Conference. This press release from the NGAC Trustees reports that the mediation with Mt. Bethel did not result in an agreement. (Added 8-29-2021)

Conference Signals Its Plans Post-Separation” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. The Northwest Texas Conference becomes the first to declare its intention to join the traditionalist Methodist denomination (GMC). (Added 8-27-2021)

Reframing the UMC Separation Question in the Local Church” by Chris Ritter via PeopleNeedJesus.net. Ten lenses for congregational discernment and how these might be framed more helpfully. (Added 8-27-2021)

Dissecting Inclusiveness Theology” by Thomas Lambrecht via Good News. Bishop Elaine Stanovsky’s use of scripture examined. (Added 8-27-2021)

Evangelicals in the British Methodist Church with David Hull” via WCA’s Holy Conversations Podcast. The Presidents of MET (Methodist Evangelicals Together) is interviewed. (Added 8-26-2021)

Imagining New Methodism: A Denomination that Prioritizes Small Churches” by Allen Stanton via Ministry Matters. “…we should stop asking churches to adjust to the denomination. Instead, we should encourage the denomination to find ways to serve churches as they are, recognizing and building upon their existing strengths.” (Added 8-26-2021)

Funding for Bishops Improves But Still Shaky” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Moderate improvements in Episcopal Fund levels. (Added 8-26-2021)

Declining Liberal Methodists Turn to Property as Pews Empty” by James Didams via Juicy Ecumenism. Church properties sold to support declining denominations. See also this tweet. (Added 8-26-2021)

United Methodist Chaplain Hit with Sex Assault Allegations” by Jeffrey Walton via Juicy Ecumenism. Allegations against Mark Schaefer of the Baltimore-Washington Conference. See also Religion News coverage. (Added 8-26-2021)

Tomato-Throwing Methodists and Enabling Bishops” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. Bishop Carter partially to blame for hostile environment against Florida WCA leaders. (Added 8-26-2021)

United Methodist Prelude: Small Denomination Faces Its Own Split Over Bible and Sex” by Richard Ostling via Get Religion. The October RCA Convention may provide a preview of a larger, pending UMC Split. (Added 8-26-2021)

Virus Bedevils General Conference Planning” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Planning continues for an August 2022 General Conference amid Delta Variant COVID concerns. (Added 8-26-2021)

COVID Culture Wars and GC2022” by David Scott via UM & Global. “what the pandemic has done is provide a series of new cultural flashpoints to fuel conflict at General Conference. ” (Add 8-26-2021)

The Gift of Working for a Future Global Church” by Angela Pleasants via WCA. The VP for Clergy and Church Relations reflects upon her work. (Added 8-20-2021)

Update Regarding the Delayed General Conference 2020” via the Iowa Conference. Comments from Heather Hahn as the one-year mark approaches before GC2022. (Added 8-19-2021)

Understanding the Choices Before Your Church” by Tom Anderson via Michigan WCA. The difference between disaffiliation and separation explained. (Added 8-18-2021)

Analysts: Scrutinize Rule Book Before Decided to Join New Denomination” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. Reconciling Ministries of Western PA offers an analysis of the Transitional Book of Doctrines and Disciplines for the GMC and concludes the GMC focuses on control. (Added 8-17-2021)

Some Notes and Reflections on the Transitional Book of Doctrines and Discipline of the Global Methodist Church Comparing and Contrasting with the Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church (2016)” by Dave Morse, William Gilligan and Tracy Merrick via Reconciling Ministries of Western PA. Points of difference between the UMC BOD and the transitional Disciplines of the GMC. (Added 8-17-2021)

Overheard: The Northwest Texas’ endorsement of the Protocol includes this: “The Northwest Texas AC declares its intention, should the Protocol be adopted at the 2022 session of General Conference, to align with a new traditionalist Methodist denomination formed under the Protocol at the earliest possible date, as established by the Protocol adopted at General Conference.” This was passed by 82.5%. (Added 8-14-2021)

Overheard: The Northwest Texas Conference today endorsed the Separation Protocol in a vote 184-39 (82.5%). (Added 8-14-2021)

Why We Need a Denomination” by Thomas Lambrecht via Good News. The benefits of being part of a denomination like the future Global Methodist Church. (Added 8-13-2021)

The Large Church and the Future of the UMC” via Share Church (a ministry of Church of the Resurrection). An October 24 gathering for large churches that plan to stay in the UMC following separation, or who are open to doing so. Includes topics on how to organize campaigns to stay in the UMC. (Added 8-13-2021)

What Should Our Church Be Doing Right Now?” by Keith Boyette via WCA. Worship passionately, love extravagantly, and witness boldly as we await separation. (Added 8-13-2021)

Crisis Watch: August 12, 2021” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. Astle’s weekly roundup includes reactions to Terry Mattingly’s comments on the UMC. See also includes a list of UM media mentions at the end. (Added 8-12-2021)

On Hope for Methodism (Part 5): Curriculum” by Riley Case via Confessing Movement Facebook Page. Some history on the developments of denominational resources as they relate to our doctrinal standards. (Added 8-12-2021)

Mt. Bethel Mediation Update” via Friends of Mt. Bethel. The date, participants, and format of the mediation process between Mt. Bethel and the North Georgia Conference is detailed. (Added 8-12-2021)

Tweet by Mark Tooley. “This Delaware liberal church’s quitting United Methodism before formal split maybe indicates Peninsula-Delaware area will side w/traditionalist Global Methodism.” (Added 8-12-2021)

Delaware’s Groome Church Disaffiliates from the UMC” via Business Wire. “How can we reconcile the posture of the denomination with our conscience, the calling of our congregation, our ministry, and the commandment of love we believe to be the heart of the Gospel? We can’t.” See also Groome Church’s membership data. (Added 8-12-2021)

Contending for the Faith with Mt. Bethel UMC” by Fred Godbee via GoFundMe. A Go Fund Me page for Mt. Bethel. Someone identifying themselves as a former member of Mt. Bethel organizes a fundraiser for the church. Note: Go Fund Me takes 8% and donations can be alternatively be made directly to Mt. Bethel. This is not an endorsement of the GoFundMe effort. (Added 8-11-2021)

“The Right Side of ‘The Wrong Side of History’” by Bob Phillips via PeopleNeedJesus.net. “The better way is to align the teachings of scripture, the ‘historical’ witness of the church in her living tradition, and Spirit-led common sense (and in that order) into the hard conversations.” (Added 8-11-2021)

Mainline Church Decline and Evangelical Exile” by John Stonestreet and Shane Morris via Breakpoint. Analysis of a recent PRI Study on religious trends in America. (Added 8-10-2021)

Are United Methodist Liberals Still Afraid to Act?” by Terry Mattingly via Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette. “Truth is, many clergy are still afraid to be honest, said the Rev. Austin Adkinson of the Pacific Northwest Conference, a leader in the United Methodist’s Queer Clergy Caucus. In a ‘Multiamory’ podcast from 2018 that is still being quoted, Adkinson stated: ‘I’m trying to find ways of being able to say, without pulling the carpet out from under some folks, that really it doesn’t matter who you’re sleeping with, but how you take care of those people.’ (Added 8-9-2021)

Ticking United Methodist Clock: Will the Church’s Establishment Zoom to the Left?” by Terry Mattingly via Get Religion. Doug Damron sermon is featured in the shift from centrism and unity to “embracing and ordaining trans folks, bi folks, kink folks, poly folk, gender-fluid folk and others.” (Added 8-9-2021)

The Delay in General Conference: A Blessing in Disguise for Africa” by Tendai Maxwell Nyagano via UM Insight. A Zimbabwe clergy member says the delay in General Conference gives grassroots Africans time to be informed. (Added 8-9-2021)

Lifestyle Evangelism” by Thomas Lambrecht via Good News. The early church and early Methodism as models of the counter-cultural church the GMC is called to be. (Added 8-6-2021)

A Church without a Trust Clause” by Walter Fenton via WCA. The ramifications of GMC plans to be a Methodist denomination without a trust clause restraining local church property. (Added 8-6-2021)

Wait and Pray in One Accord” via WCA’s International Intercessory Prayer Network. Emerging themes and prayer points from the intercessory prayer network associated with WCA and the GMC. (Added 8-5-2021)

What’s Really Going on in U.S. Mainline Protestantism? What Should the Media Watch?” by Richard Ostling via Religion Unplugged. The UMC is featured in this post on the state of Mainline US Christianity. (Added 8-5-2021)

Can the UMC Learn from the Big 12?” by Andrew Donner. An argument that the UMC should dissolve rather than be a church of leftovers. (Added 8-4-2021)

Bishop Urged to Resolve Auditing Issues” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. The decade-long denominational financial embargo against the East Africa Episcopal Area continues amidst the Bishop Wandabula’s appeal for relief. (Added 8-4-2021)

Being Church in a War Zone” by Bob Kaylor via Good News. A chapel in Normandy serves as a metaphor for an embattled church. (Added 8-4-2021)

We Must Have a 2022 General Conference” by Rob Renfroe via Good News. We can and must have General Conference. (Added 8-04-2021)

“Conservatives Move Preemptively Before UMC Split Becomes Official” by Jody Brown and Steve Jordahl via One News Now. The headline is a bit misleading. Coverage of Mt. Bethel amidst pree-GC2022 tensions. (Added 8-2-2021)

Deep Roots, Wide Reach: A Theological Vision for Renewal” by Ken Loyer via PeopleNeedJesus.net. As the UMC big tent collapses, we need renewal of theological practice. (Added 8-2-2021)

David Hull on British Methodist Church Marriage, Cohabitation Shifts” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. The Chair of Methodist Evangelicals Together (MET) is interviewed. (Added 8-2-2021)

Leading in Perpetual Crisis (Ten Keys)” by Shane Bishop. The pastor of Christ Church in Fairview Heights writes about leading the church in multiple crises, including denominational dysfunction. (Added 7-31-2021)

Navigating the Wilderness” by Thomas Lambrecht via Good News’ Perspective. How United Methodists can navigate the current wilderness. (Added 7-30-2021)

Mt. Bethel July 28 Update: Mediation” via North Georgia Conference. “Mt. Bethel UMC and the North Georgia Conference of The United Methodist Church have jointly agreed to use their best efforts to resolve an ongoing dispute through a mediation process and will refrain from public comment on this matter until the mediation process has concluded. Mt. Bethel Christian Academy will also be included in the mediation process.” (Added 7-28-2021)

Future Scenarios Emerge as the Media Debate the Health of U.S. Mainline Protestantism” by Richard Ostling via Get Religion. UMC and Mt. Bethel mentioned in this report. Why few believe the reports that Mainline Christianity is expanding. (Added 7-28-2021)

Wesley, Women and the WCA: How John Wesley Decided Who Should Preach” by Mark McElroy. Mark and his husband, Clyde, left First UMC in New Albany, MS and take issue with the pastor’s sermon here. Note: WCA affirms women at all levels of ministry. See also “Spiritual Bullies” (Added 7-28-2021)

Disputes Between Bishops and Dissidents Roil United Methodists” by Cynthia Astle via Baptist News Global. The editor of UM Insights writes for progressive Baptist outlet about tensions between United Methodists and their bishops. (Added 7-28-2021)

The Crisis at Mt. Bethel UMC” by Timothy Tennent. Asbury Seminary President: “Now is the time for Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson to exercise her ecclesial authority to “build up” Mt. Bethel, not to tear this ministry down and close its doors.” (Added 7-28-2021)

Would Election by Lottery Help or Hurt UMC General Conference?” by Jeremy Smith via UM Insight. Should GC delegates be selected at random? (Added 7-27-2021)

Interview: I’ll Quit Methodist Church If It Accepts Same-Sex Marriage — Nigerian Bishop” by Chuwang Dungs via Premium Times NG. Tensions between Bishop Johanna and his former aide, Emmanuel Ande. (Added 7-27-2021)

Reformation Not Separation: An Argument for Keeping the UMC Together” by Paul Stallsworth via Firebrand Magazine. A counterpoint to the Greenway article: It is time to take the UMC back toward the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church. (Added 7-27-2021)

“Time to Go: Why We Must Pass the Protocol” by Jeff Greenway via Firebrand Magazine. Part of a counter-point series on exit: “…the time has come for us to reclaim our theological roots, rediscover the practices that fueled the Methodist revival, and stop fighting so we can beat our swords into plowshares and start planting the seeds for a new expression.” (Added 7-27-2021)

Two Future Methodist Denominations Compared” by Filipino United Methodist Traditionalists. A chart authored by Chris Ritter comparing the post-separation UMC and the GMC is adapted for use in the Philippines. (Added 7-24-2021)

Continuing the Wesleyan Vision: A Call to Unity in Holiness and Truth” by Filipino United Methodist Traditionalists via holinessandtruth.org. Contains a summary statement by traditionalist UM’s in the Philippines. (Added 7-24-2021)

Never Methodist” by Warren Lathem via Facebook. A retired North Georgia clergy reflects on his experiences in ministry in light of the Mt. Bethel situation to argue for cessation of hostilities and separation. (Added 7-24-2021)

Florida WCA President Surrenders Credentials Over Severe Requirements” by Thomas Lambrecht via Good News. Documents Florida Conference attempts to track and restrict Jay Therrell, a former DS. (Added 7-23-2021)

New Day Conference” via UpperMidwestGMC.org. An August 20-21 event in Sioux Falls, South Dakota lays the groundwork for an upper Midwest Regional Conference for the Global Methodist Church. Speakers include Rob Renfroe, Joy Moore, Kevin Ryoo, and Chris Ritter. (Added 7-23-2021)

UMC Edges Toward Historic Split Over LGBTQ Inclusion. This Church Showed the Way” by Emily McFarland Miller. Report on the closure of a pioneer LGBTQ Affirming congregation in Tulsa. See also Tweet by Mark Tooley. “This United Methodist turned UCC congregation was leftist lollapalooza of LGBTQ, Sandinista liberation theology & Jesus Seminar revisionism & despite all the extravagant welcoming inclusion still mysteriously in the end shut down.” (Added 7-23-2021)

Hearts of Peace Can Still Prevail” by Keith Boyette via WCA. “With all due respect, I call on Bishop Haupert-Johnson to find a way to quickly make peace with Mt. Bethel, a church clearly heading in a different direction than she is.” (Added 7-23-2021)

Georgia Church Loses Its Pastor, Then Its Assets, to Regional UMC Leaders” by Jeremy Steele via Christianity Today. CT coverage of the Mt. Bethel seizure. (Added 7-22-2021)

2021 Mississippi Annual Conference” via UMNS. 23 churches disaffiliate from the UMC and the conference, paying $981,000 in apportionments. See this video. Bishop Swanson rules a human sexuality petition out of order. (Added 7-22-2021)

United Methodist Drag Queen Gets Star Treatment from UMNS” by Jeffrey Walton via Juicy Ecumenism. United Methodist News Service features a glowing report on Isaac Simmons (aka Penny Cost). (Added 7-22-2021)

Two Jurisdictions Plan for Church Future” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. The SEJ and WJ meet for merging and downsizing issues amidst denominational uncertainty. (Added 7-22-2021)

Agencies Sell Jointly Owned Building” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Budgetary downsizing leads to the sale. ofthe Kern Building to Vanderbilt University. (Added 7-21-2022)

New Non-Binary Category Almost a Non-Event for United Methodists” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. Walter Fenton quotes as saying traditionalists are not complaining much about the change because they see themselves no longer connected with GCFA in the future. (Added 7-21-21)

“A Deeper Look at the Mt. Bethel UMC Conflict” by Pete Fleming via UM Insight. A repost from the Progressive Methodists Facebook group in which a lay person from Duluth, Georgia argues that Mt. Bethel had been rogue for a long time. (Added 7-21-2021)

Response to Steve West’s Open Letter” by Chris Ritter via PeopleNeedJesus.net. Chris Ritter responds to an open letter by North Alabama clergy Steve West related to the Two Methodisms Comparison Chart. (Added 7-20-2021)

Mainliners and Evangelicals: What’s in a Name?” by David Watson via Firebrand Magazine. Analysis of the PPRI statistical data on U.S. religion. Is Mainline Christianity really growing? Extra points are awarded to Watson for mentioning “People Need Jesus.” (7-20-2021)

An Open Letter to Chris Ritter” by Steve West. An Alabama pastor takes issue with a chart comparing the post-separation UMC and the future GMC. (Added 7-19-2021)

Ministry Candidate Preaches in Drag to ‘Speak in a New Way”” via UMNS. coverage of Isaac Simmons (aka Penny Cost) is featured in this UMNS video. (Added 7-19-2021)

Post-Separation United Methodist Sexual Morality Beyond Gay Weddings” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. Evidence that plural marriage and sex outside of marriage may be next in the post-separation UMC. (Added 7-19-2021)

“A Tale of Two Churches: Dialing Back, Moving Forward” by Bob Phillips via People Need Jesus.net. The treatment of Mt. Bethel compared to Glide Memorial in San Francisco where a negotiated settlement was reached. (Added 7-17-2021)

Divide Deepens Among Nigerian Church Leaders” by Sam Hodges via UMNS. Adam Hamilton contributed to the legal defense fund of Nigerian clergy arrested during their Christmas Covenant advocacy. (Added 7-16-2021)

United Methodist Church Conference Seizes Church Assets in Dispute” by Associated Press via Ministry Watch. Mark Tooley quoted: ” “It’s tragic the liberal Bishop could not negotiate with the congregation as the denomination prepares to divide. Instead she’s chosen a course that’ll likely cost North Georgia United Methodism hundreds of thousands of dollars if not more in needless litigation.  There will be no winners under her scenario.” (Added 7-16-2021)

An Episcopal Fiasco in North Georgia” by Walter Fenton via WCA. “Haupert-Johnson still hasn’t offered a compelling reason, but she has created an expensive, legal and public relations fiasco that threatens to tar the entire North Georgia Annual Conference.” (Added 7-16-2021)

“North Georgia Conference Seizes Assets of Mt. Bethel UMC in East Cobb” by Sheila Poole via The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “In an extremely rare move…” Local coverage of the seizure of Mt. Bethel’s assets. (Added 7-16-2021)

Simpson Becomes Nation’s Third College to Align with Reconciling Ministries Network” via Iowa Conference. The trustees of Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa vote to align with RMN. (Added 7-15-2021)

Letter from the Transitional Leadership Council” by Keith Boyette via WCA. The Transitional Leadership Council of the future Global Methodist Church advises prayer and continued patience. They “regularly revisit” when to commence the GMC. (Added 7-15-2021)

The Ill-Conceived Plan to Seize Mt. Bethel’s Assets” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News. Coverage of the Mt. Bethel situation by Good News. a call for a “heart of peace” and for Bishop Haupert-Johnson to live up to her own words. (Added 7-15-2021)

“Why Congregations Aren’t Waiting to Leave the United Methodist Church” by Megan Fowler via Christianity Today. Why some congregations are willing to pay the high price to exit now. (Added 7-15-2021)

“The Runaway Train: A Message to Methodists” by David Hull via Methodist Evangelicals Together. A refutation of the “God’s Love Unites Us’ report that was approved by British Methodism, allowing same-sex weddings in the church. (Added 7-15-2021)

The Methodist Muddle Over Marriage” via Christian Concern Roundtable (Youtube). An interview with David Hull of Methodist Evangelicals Together on British Methodism’s changing its definition of marriage. (Added 7-15-2021)

A Sear to the Heart” by Andrea Williams. A call for the General Synod of the Anglican Church to reconsider its covenant with British Methodism in light of their now contradictory views on marriage. (Added 7-15-2021)

Essentials for Success” by Chuck Griffin via Methodist Life. “This impending division, and all the strife surrounding it, will prove useless if we do not become a different kind of church than the UMC currently represents.” (Added 7-15-2021)

Why Its Unlikely US Mainline Protestants Outnumber Evangelicals” by Ryan Burge via Religion Unplugged. A new Pew study seems to show a surge in Mainline Christianity. But this is due to categorization changes, not any shift in Mainline allegiance. (Added 7-15-2021)

Savannah Churches Merge After Break with United Methodist Church Over LGBTQ Rights” via WTOC. A report short on details as to how the merger of two already disaffiliated South Georgia churches relates to LGBTQ rights. (Added 7-15-2021)

“Mt. Bethel Update” via Mt. Bethel. Q&A email sent to members and friends of the church. (Added 7-15-2021)

“Mt. Bethel a Pearl Harbor Moment” by Lonnie Brooks via Facebook. “If what happened yesterday in the United Methodist North Georgia Annual Conference is an example of Progressive theology in action–what I would call applied ecclesiology–then, like my Uncle Bill would say, I don’t want nothin’ to do with it.” (Added 6-14-2021)

United Methodist Church Leadership Elects First Latino to Head a Denominationwide Agency” by Michael Gryboski via Christian Post. Rev. Giovanni Arroyo selected to head the Commission Religion and Race and anti-racism efforts. (Added 7-14-2021)

Any Kind of Turnaround for Mainline Protestantism Would be Big News, But is it True?” by Richard Ostling via Get Religion. “This PRRI survey at hand identified Mainliners by what they are not instead of what they are.” (Added 7-15-2021)

Methodist Bully Bishop Escalates North Georgia Crisis ‘for Love.’” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. Reporting on the Mt. Bethel situation highlighting the extreme and punitive move by Bishop Haupert-Johnson. (Added 7-14-2021)

Glide and Mt. Bethel Compared” by Bob Phillips via IGRC WCA. Interesting comparison between the handling of Glide Church in San Francisco and Mt. Bethel in Marietta. (Added 7-14-2021)

“Conference Assumes Management of Megachurch” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Coverage of the Mt. Bethel attempted take-over by bishop and conference trustees. (7-14-2021)

LINK REPAIRED “Mt. Bethel Responds to Bishops Move to Close Its Doors and Seize Its Assets” via WCA. “The people of Mt. Bethel Church will do all in their power to resist the aggressive actions against their church, and they will do all they can to restore the reputational damage Haupert-Johnson is inflicting on many local United Methodist churches that simply want to do ministry without the drama of her intrusive and threatening actions.” (Added 7-13-2021)

Appraisal of Mt. Bethel’s Property via Cobb County. Mt. Bethel and its school have millions of dollars in property that the North Georgia Conference is attempted in seize. (Added 7-13-2021)

Her Trial for Officiating a Same-Sex Wedding Triggered a Decade of Activism to Change the United Methodist Church. I Didn’t Work” by Madeline Heim via Appleton Post-Crescent. Coverage of Amy DeLong’s exit from the UMC. (Added 7-13-2021)

Love that Transforms: How Recovering the Story of Scripture Informs the Human Sexuality Debate” by Suzanne Nicholson via Firebrand Magazine. Professor of NT at Asbury: “The platitude “love is love” provides false comfort because it affirms a self-focused definition of love that fails to recognize our tendency to self-deception.” (Added 7-13-2021)

The Untying of The United Methodist Church, Part Three” by Ted Campbell via Firebrand Magazine. This final installment of a denominational post mortem examines the role of caucus groups and human sexuality. (Added 7-13-2021)

NGUMC: Mt. Bethel Actions Lead North Georgia Conference to Respond to Exigent Circumstances” Press Release via North Georgia Conference. In an escalation of conflict, The trustees of the North Georgia conference move to seize the assets of Mt. Bethel. (Added 7-12-2021)

“Irish Methodist Church Will No Permit Same-Sex Marriage” via BBC. Irish Methodist response to vote by UK Methodists to allow same-sex marriage. (Added 7-12-2021)

2021 Susquehannah Annual Conference” by Press Release via UMNS. Passed a resolution five five calls to action related to staying in the UMC and making room for differing convictions. (Added 7-12-2021)

Meet Season One’s Featured Liberationists” by The Liberation Project via Youtube. The voices of LGBTQ Liberationist clergy planning to stay in the UMC and work for change. (Added 7-12-2021)

Bishop Issues Ruling of Law on Questions from the 2021 Annual Conference” by Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson via N. Georgia Conference. Bishop of North Georgia rules on disaffiliation process. (Added 7-9-2021)

Bishop’s Ruling of Law on Resolution 1.2” by Bishop Laurie Haller. Interim bishop of the Dakotas conference rules parts of a resolution on human sexuality in violation of BOD. (Added 7-9-2021)

Denominational ABC’s: Advantages, Burdens, and Controls (Part Three)” by Chris Ritter via PeopleNeedJesus.net. The third and final installment of a series examining the relationship of the UMC to the local congregation. (Added 7-9-2021)

“Is Now the Time for Local Congregations to Leave the UMC?” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News. The pluses and minuses of a pre-Protocol departure from the UMC. (Added 7-9-2021)

“Panel Discusses New Sexual Ethics for United Methodists” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. Coverage of the Liberation Project’s recent panel discussion on new sexual ethics for United Methodists. (Added 7-9-2021)

Rev. Angela Pleasants Joins WCA’s Leadership Team” by Walter Fenton via WCA. A new full-time position, Vice President of Church and Clergy Relations, is filled by Rev. Angela Pleasants, a former district superintendent from the Western North Carolina AC. (Added 7-9-2021)

Methodists Disown UK Church’s Decision on Same Sex Marriage” by Mercy Chelangat via National News. Planted by British Methodism, the Methodist Church of Kenya disassociates itself from a decision in the UK to permit cohabitation and same-sex marriage. This is in a statement by Bishop Ntombura , the presiding bishop and chair of the African Methodist Council. (Added 7-9-2021)

“AME General Conference Debate on Same-Sex Marriage Continues After Bill is Voted Down” by Kathryn Post via Religion News Service. Efforts to repeal a ban on same sex marriage fails at AME General Conference. (Added 7-8-2021)

Do We Need the Institution to Do Church?” by Shandon Klein via Rethink Church. “Without making disciples that follow the way of Jesus Christ, we are just another institution, stuck in its own ideological bunker, living for itself, instead of its creator.” (Added 7-8-2021)

Pro-LGBTQ Caucus Declares Its Break from the UMC” by Michael Haverluck via One News Now. Coverage of Love Prevail’s announced exit from the UMC. (Added 7-8-2021)

“These Stark Numbers are Headline Worthy: Death of the Episcopal Church is Approaching” by Ryan Burge via Get Religion. “According to the trend lines there will be no weddings in the Episcopal church in 2025.” (Added 7-8-2021)

Announcement: Jay Therrell Surrenders Clergy Credentials” via Youtube FL-WCA. The president of the Florida WCA (a former DS) surrenders his credentials in light of reported harassment by the bishop and cabinet keeping tabs on his activities. See related blog post. (Added 7-8-2021)

BUMC Discernment Team Proposal and FAQ” via Brentwood UMC (TN). A large congregation (8500 membership) shares the work of their team recommending staying in the UMC during the coming denominational division. (Added 7-8-2021)

Envisioning a New Spring of Methodism” by Bishop Mike Lowry via Firebrand Magazine. “Our internal church struggle, which I take to be doctrinally important and serious, is damaging the witness of us all. We need to set each other free.” (Added 7-6-2021)

The Untying of the United Methodist Church (Part Two)” by Ted Campbell via Firebrand Magazine. “…with budgets as well as collaborative structures, that trend towards local funding offered little encouragement to hold a denomination together as issues about homosexual practice emerged as the presenting, focal issues for the church. Not much was left to win at the general-church level.” (Added 7-6-2021)

The Advent Has Changed: Andrew Pearson on Why He Left Advent Cathedral, dealing with the diocese, starting an Anglican Church in Birmingham” by Greg Garrison via AL.com. The struggles of traditionalist congregation who remained in The Episcopal Church. “I think that any church that wants to double down on its denominational identity whether it’s conservative or liberal, is making a mistake. I don’t think that’s wise missionally. People aren’t joining institutions.” See also here. (Added 7-5-2021)

Pastoral Letter from Bishop Sue: Update on Appointment at Mt. Bethel UMC” by Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson via North Georgia Conference. A statement of concern about decisions by Mt. Bethel’s lay leadership. (Added 7-3-2021)

Why We Arrested, Arraigned Three United Methodist Church Clergymen – Taraba Police” by Chuwang Dungs via The Eyewitness. Refutes claim that Bishop Yohanna hired police to harrass clergy sent to promote The Christmas Covenant legislation. (Added 7-3-2021)

Tweet by Chappell Temple. “The AME Church will meet this week, as “One General Conference in 2 Locations—Capetown, South Africa and Orlando, Florida.” Just saying, UMC” (Added 7-3-2021)

Moving Forward Event” via St. James Church (Montgomery, AL) A September 9 event looking at the UMC, the Global Methodist Church, and the future of St. James Church. (Added 7-2-2021)

“Worse than You Thought: Details of British Methodist Church Shift on Marriage, Cohabitation” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. Slim room for conscientious dissent from British Methodism’s affirmation of cohabitation and SSM. (Added 7-2-2021)

U.S. Bishops Take On Expanded Assignments” via UMNS. Bishops reshuffled assignment to account for gap between retirements and new elections. (Added 7-2-2021)

True Rainbow Culture” by Mark Tooley via Juicy Ecumenism. Pride Month as an ungrateful descendant of the Christian West. The human rainbow contrasts with the divine rainbow. (Added 7-2-2021)

British Methodism Adopts Progressive Sexuality Standards” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News. “There has even been some preliminary interest in traditionalist British Methodists possibly becoming part of the Global Methodist Church when it forms after adoption of the Protocol.” (Added 7-2-2021)

On Hope for Methodism – A Testimony (Part Three) by Riley Case via Confessing Movement Facebook. Hope for an evangelical and charismatic convergence was replaced with a liberal theological vision. (Added 7-2-2021)

“Three Steps Forward, One Step Back” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. Developments toward “a more sexually just society” include GCFA’s decision to add a non-binary category to denominational reports. (Added 7-2-2021)

Structured to Serve” by Keith Boyette via WCA. The chair of the Transitional Leadership Council discusses the structure of the Global Methodist Church. (Added 7-2-2021)

2021 Dakotas Annual Conference Summary” via UMNS. Includes a summary of how the conference is preparing for shared services following separation. (Added 7-1-2021)

Letter to Mt. Bethel Family” by Steven Usry. The newly appointed pastor to Mt. Bethel writes a letter to the congregation. See response below by Mt. Bethel lay leaders. (Added 7-1-2021)

Update for our Mt. Bethel Family” by Mt. Bethel leadership. Letter refuting claims in a letter by the newly appointed pastor, Steven Usry. (Added 7-1-2021)

Future Uncertain for Mt. Bethel Amid Split from United Methodist Church” by Hunter Riggall via Marietta Daily Journal (Yahoo News). Steve Usry to be received in a very limited capacity. (Added 7-1-2021)

Denominational ABC’s: Advantages, Burdens, and Controls (Part Two)” by Chris Ritter via PeopleNeedJesus.net. The second in a series of three posts analyzing the relationship between United Methodist congregations and their denomination. (Added 7-1-2021)

Prominent LGBTQ-Affirming Activists: Time to ‘Depart’ from UMC” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. Coverage of “Love Prevails,” a radical sexual liberation group, and their announced exit from the UMC. (Added 6-30-2021)

Methodist Church Allows Same Sex Marriage in ‘Momentous’ Vote” by Harry Farley via BBC. The British Methodist Church, as expected, approved same-sex marriage at this week’s conference. (Added 6-30-2021)

Summary of Jay Therrell Conference Call” by Bob Phillips via IGRC WCA Facebook. Summary of a June 29 conference call about the GMC that maxed out at 250 participants. (Added 6-30-2021)

British Methodism Consents to Same-Sex Marriage via Twitter, “The Conference has consented in principle to the marriage of same-sex couples on Methodist premises and by Methodist ministers and other authorised officers. The full resolution is here: https://methodist.org.uk/media/21969/conf-2021-59-marriage-and-relationships-provisional-resolutions-updated.pdf#page=26… #methodistconf” (Added 6-30-2021)

The Crossroads Survey” via Dalton & Tomich. The leading law firm representing UMC congregations seeking to leave the denomination now offers the Crossroads Survey to help in local church discernment. (Added 6-29-2021)

New Day Conference” via uppermidwestgmc.org. An August 20-21 event for those considering the Global Methodist Church. Presenters include Roger Spahr, Chris Ritter, Joy Moore, Kevin Ryoo, and Rob Renfroe. (Added 6-29-2021)

Bigger than Sex: Trust Deficits in The United Methodist Church” by Bob Phillips via Firebrand Magazine. Loss of trust in the UMC and some suggested “trust enhancers.” (Added 6-29-2021)

The Un-tying of the United Methodist Church (Part One)” by Ted Campbell via Firebrand Magazine. The first in a three-part series on the demise of the UMC amidst a growing lack of consensus. (Added 6-29-2021)

Non-binary Methodism” by Mark Tooley via Juicy Ecumenism. Coverage of GCFA adding “non-binary” to its gender categories on denominational reports. (Added 6-29-2021)

Love Prevails Departs the UMC” by Press Release via UMNS. See also the accompanying Open Letter. “It is time to shake the dust from our sandals and find new ways to partner with God’s good news… Love Prevails releases itself from the UMC denomination which, for its entire existence, has proved to be an adversary of grace and justice for God’s Queer people.” (Added 6-28-2021)

Church to Start Counting Non-Binary Members” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. GCFA adds a “non-binary” category to UMC statistical reports. (Added 6-28-2021)

The Ex-vangelical Files” via Plain Truth Podcast. Relates the exvangelical phenomenon to similar phenomenon in Mainline faith. Robust discussion of what the GMC must do better. (Added 6-27-2021)

Dr. David Watson” Western North Carolina WCA Podcast. The Dean of United Theological Seminary is featured in this discussion of education, formation, and theology in the next Methodism. (Added 6-27-2021)

Tweet by Bishop Scott Jones. “I deeply desire to do everything I can to make sure the alternatives are clear and as widely understood as possible so that the Conference determines its future with fairness and integrity.” (Added 6-27-2021)

Who Opposes Separation?” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News. Two types of non-organized opposition to the Feinberg Protocol. (Added 6-26-2021)

The Marriage Madness in Methodism” by David Robertson via Christian Today. British Methodism set to approve co-habitation and same-sex marriage. (Added 6-26-2021)

Denominational ABC’s: Advantages, Burdens, and Controls (Part One)” by Chris Ritter via PeopleNeedJesus.net. The first in a series of posts aimed as assisting congregations to navigate the Separation Protocol. (Added 6-25-2021)

WCA Wraps Up Legislation with a Virtual Online Global Assembly” by Walter Fenton via WCA. Remaining legislative items are handled in a virtual format, including recommendations from a Global Mission Partnerships Task Force and Ministries with Marginalized People Task Force. (Added 6-25-2021)

Spies: Taraba Court Grants Bail to 3 United Methodist Pastors” by Salisu Waziri via TG News. Promoters of the Christmas Covenant are out on bail in Nigeria. Bishop Yohanna calls for calm. (Added 6-25-2021)

Tweet by Mark Tooley: “United Methodist bishops could save millions of dollars & allow everyone to advance by calling online General Conference to ok Protocol for church split. Why not?” (Added 6-25-2021)

People of God Campaign Invites Members to #BeUMC” via Resource UMC. UM Communications issues a new hashtag inviting “church members to embody the church’s values, embrace its aspirations, and remain with The United Methodist Church even in difficult times.” (Added 6-25-2021)

God’s Apology” by Jim Burklo via UM Insight. Progressive clergy speaks for God: “I really wasn’t very good at being a supernatural divinity because I was so preoccupied with my own jealous rage.  I’m sincerely sorry about all that, dear humans.” (Added 6-24-2021)

United Methodists, LGBTQ Exclusion and Diversity Progressives” by Eboo Patel via Inside Higher Ed. This 2019 article is making the rounds again. “It would be so much easier if the principal opponents to LGBTQ inclusion in the Methodist Church were all rich, white male, arrogant vulgarians.” (Added 6-24-2021)

Nigerian United Methodists Accused of Spying for Email Photos from Police Station” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. “African Voices for Unity” (Christmas Covenant supporters) face legal trouble for sending photos to the U.S. (Added 6-24-2021)

Indiana Conference Affirms Moratorium on Charges Against Pastors Performing Same-Sex Marriages” by Daniel Gangler via Indiana Reconciling Ministries Facebook. An Indiana resolution occasions an opportunity to scold lay delegate John Lomperis for his part in complaint processes against clergy violating the Book of Discipline. (Added 6-24-2021)

Lessons Learned from the Conflict between Jody Ray/Mt. Bethel and Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson” by Brian Felker Jones via Twitter thread. Lack of accountability for general superintendents is highlighted. (Added 6-23-2021)

“Taraba Court Remands Three United Methodist Pastors for Spying on Police Property” by Chuwang Dungs via The Eyewitness. Promoters of the Christmas Covenant are charged in Nigeria for taking pictures of themselves in custody for disturbing the peace. See UM Insight coverage here.(Added 6-23-2021)

What Are the Big Concerns?” via StayUMC.org. A North Alabama effort to keep the conference in the UMC discuss “what those forming a new denomination aren’t telling you.” (Added 6-22-2021)

Leader of Congo Africa Initiative Responds to Episcopal Visit” by Nicolas S. Munongo, translated. The head of the Africa Initiative in Congo responds to recent public comments by Bishop Lunge who has been aligned with U.S. Centrists. (Added 6-22-2021)

Cal-Pac Supports the Protocol via AC 2021 Minutes. The Cal-Pac conference voted 64% in favor of supporting the Separation Protocol. See Page 6. (Added 6-19-2021)

Overheard: The Zambia Annual Conference declared itself to be traditional and called for adherence to the resolutions made at the 2019 Special General Conference on homosexuality. The vote was by unanimous acclamation. (Added 6-19-2021)

Texas AC Prepares for Separation via UMNS. The Texas AC creates a task force to help churches understand future possible alignment decisions. Passed 942/235. (Added 6-19-2021)

North Georgia Supports the Protocol via UMNS. The North Georgia Annual Conference passed a resolution in support of the Separation Protocol. (Added 6-19-2021)

Michigan Legislative Actions via UMNS. An inclusiveness resolution passed by 68% and has been referred for a ruling of law. Bishop Bard ruled out of an order a resolution requesting a “vote on which post-separation church to join.” (Added 6-19-2021)

Overheard: The Susquehanna Conference voted today by a 53% majority that they “aspire to become an AC that protects diversity of conviction and practice among our local churches and clergy… [including, if the BOD allows] becoming an AC that permits but does not require performing same-sex marriage.” (Resolution 5, see Page 42) (Added 6-19-2021)

The Necessity of Theological Argument by John G. Stackhouse, Jr. via Facebook. Crandall U. Professor on progressive denominations: “Once a group decides to dispense with theological argument… and to opt instead for storytelling, testimony, and intuition, it is unclear… what keeps anyone and everyone from arriving happily and triumphantly at foregone conclusions. (Added 6-18-2021)

Bishops in the Global Methodist Church” by Keith Boyette via WCA. How the episcopacy may work in the GMC. (Added 6-18-2021)

Joining a New Denomination: Answering Jack Harnish’s Questions 2.0” by Kerry Wood. Response to post Jack Harnish asking questions about the Global Methodist Church. (Added 6-17-2021)

Bishops’ Video Raises New Questions” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News. Analysis of Bishop Haupert-Johnson’s statements on the Mt. Bethel leadership changes. (Added 6-17-2021)

We Need to Talk” by Jay Therrell. The president of the Florida WCA says the most recent annual conference session indicates the progressive takeover of the conference is complete. A call to prepare to join the Global Methodist Church. (Added 6-17-2021)

“Upper New York Clergy and Laity Petition Bishop to Re-instate LGBTQ-Friendly Clergywoman” by JJ Warren via UM Insight. A petition invoking Charles Wesley seeks to return Rev. Richelle Goff to the Board of Ordained Ministry after her nomination was withdrawn by the bishop for defying the Discipline. (Added 6-17-2021)

Why I Will Not Save the United Methodist Church” by David Scott via UM & Global. A GBGM staffer shares why he is not the one to save the UMC. (Added 6-16-2021)

“Nigerian UMC Feud Escalates to Police Complaint” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. Promoters of the Christmas Covenant have been charged with destabilizing the peace in Nigeria. (Added 6-16-2021)

Resolution on Preparing for Denominational Separation” via Dakotas Conference (see page six). A resolution approved (294-40) empowers conference boards and agencies to prepare for division. (Added 6-16-2021)

Methodist Mitosis: Taming the ‘Wicked Problem’ of the United Methodist Church” by Bob Phillips via Quarterly Review. “Wicked Problem Theory” applied to divisions in the UMC. (Added 6-16-2021)

Introduction to the Wesleyan Covenant Association – Baltimore-Washington Chapter” via BW WCA. This 28-minute video provides some in-depth analysis of the rationale for the Global Methodist Church. (Added 6-16-2021)

What about the PSUMC?” by Jack Harnish. Hopes expressed for the post-separation United Methodist Church. (Added 6-14-2021)

Amending the UMC Protocol?” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. A nod to the Zambia Amendments, while warning: “Let’s not mess this up.” (Added 6-14-2021)

Don Saliers on Division” by Sky McCracken via Facebook. Thoughts on how the UMC division connects with sectarianism in other churches and our culture at large. (Added 6-12-2021)

Reflections on the First Day of the Florida Annual Conference” by Mike Hudson via FL-WCA. The Florida AC votes to include a “non-binary” category to its statistics tables on gender. “Where do you expect the church to go when a large number of traditionalist pastors leave the post separation UMC to join the Global Methodist Church?” (Added 6-12-2021)

Liberation Theology Professor: Historic American Christianity Embodies White Supremacy” by Corey Gunter via Juicy Ecumenism. UMC affiliated Illiff School of Theology professor: “[Christianity is] the faith of the oppressed, and that faith may very well be Christian and it may not be Christian, it really doesn’t matter to me.”  (Added 6-12-2021)

Korean UM Laity Issue Ultimatum” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News’ Perspective. Links to letter to the Council of Bishops and WJ College of Bishops. (Added 6-11-2021)

In Essentials, Unity” by Walter Fenton via WCA. “Theological conservatives are not naïve regarding the challenges ahead of us. As frail and fallible human beings, we anticipate passionate disagreements and robust debates.” (Added 6-11-2021)

Church Must Tackle Its Real Estate Crisis” by Rick Reinhard via UMNS (commentary). Claim that the UMC had $50 billion in properties that call for a comprehensive strategy. (Added 6-10-2021)

Emerging United Methodism by Connectional Table. An online forum to discuss the Connectional Table’s vision for the future of the UMC. (Added 6-10-2021)

Sowing Seeds of Hope for the UMC” by Jerome Divine via UM Insight. The superintendent of the Mid-Michigan District of the Michigan AC promotes the Emerging Project and “Out of Chaos… Creation.” (Added 6-10-2021)

Men’s Ministry Leaders Hear Words of Possibilities and Call to Action” via United Methodist Men Magazine. On page 38, Bishop Mueller of Arkansas is quoted as saying he is not certain General Conference will be able to be held in 2022. (Added 6-9-2021)

Recommended Reading: On the UM Trust Clause in Africa” by David Scott via UM & Global. A link to a post by “African Voices for Unity” called “How the UMC Trust Clause and Impending Tussle Over Assets Could Collapse the Protocol.” (Added 6-9-2021)

Decolonizing the Church – A Christmas Covenant Webinar” by Western Justice Movement. A recording of a Zoom event in support of the Christmas Covenant regionalization plan. (Added 6-8-2021)

Centrist No More by Douglas Damron via Youtube (35:20). A founding member of the UM Centrist Movement preaching to Broad Street UMC in Columbus… confesses the shallow theological foundations of that movement. A call away from compromise and for full inclusion. (Added 6-7-2021)

Joining a New Denomination… 2.0” by Jack Harnish. Another set of questions from Harnish for those forming the Global Methodist Church. (Added 6-7-2021)

Let’s Talk About Our Future” via Mississippi Methodism. A June 7 conversation with Carolyn Moore, the chair of the WCA Global Council, aimed at Mississippi laity in response to their questions. (Added 6-7-2021)

Future of Duke’s Endowment’s United Methodist Grant-Giving Unknown Amid Denomination Split” by Shannon Cuthrell via Ministry Watch. The future of a $4 billion endowment is in question due to UMC split. (Added 6-7-2021)

Association of Annual Conference Lay Leaders Issues Message” by AACLL Executive Team. “We encourage legislation for the postponed General Conference that resolves our denominational conflict, while blessing each other’s ministry. We call for a non-punitive, gracious avenue to multiply the Methodist witness in ways that are true to the conscientious, sincere convictions of our members, and respectful of our church’s global reach. We recognize that this may involve structural separations and difficult changes in church connections that require time and grace.” (Added 6-7-2021)

Streams of Justice: Virtual Worship Service with RMN” via Facebook. “Love Embodied: a Virtual Pride Service” on June 6 sponsored by Reconciling Ministries, featuring Richelle Goff who was not re-nominated for the Board of Ordained Ministry in Upper New York for her defiance to the Discipline. (Added 6-7-2021)

The Holy Trinity: A Wedding Story” by Jeff Hood via Patheos. On The New Methodists Facebook Group: “In just a few short hours, I will preside over a marriage ceremony that unites Alex, Emily and Frankie. For some, such a ceremony is out of bounds…a step too far…a slippery slope. I guess they don’t understand the beauty of the TRINITY.” (Added 6-7-2021)

Disaffiliating Churches 2021” via Western North Carolina Conference. A listing of sixteen congregations disaffiliating under Par. 2553. Readers can click each one to view the agreement reached. (Added 6-4-2021)

Overheard: The 2021 Session of the Texas Annual Conference voted 942 to 235 to hold a special session within 3-6 months of Protocol’s passage to vote on alignment. A resolution asking Bishop Jones to practice a moratorium on processes against was defeated 479 to 722. (Added 6-4-2021)

Overheard: The 2021 Session of the North Georgia Annual Conference voted 759-414 today to support the Separation Protocol. (Added 6-4-2021)

Associates in Advocacy Website” A resource for UM clergy facing negative consequences with conference officials. Includes a First Step Guide for those called in by their bishop or district superintendent. (Added 6-4-2021)

Congregations Leaving Denominations: How Hard Can it Be?” by Ready to Harvest via YouTube. An overview of factors leading to denominational divisions and associated complications. (Added 6-4-2021)

An Entire Congregation Walked Away from the United Methodist Church. Here’s How and Why.” by Keith Martin via Youtube. The pastor of The Chapel at Tidioute Creek (PA) tells the story of that congregation leaving the UMC. Concern that small churches will fall through the cracks. See also here. (Added 6-4-2021)

Clergy Deployment in the Global Methodist Church Prior to its Convening Conference” by Keith Boyette via WCA. What happens to congregations that need pastors before the convening conference of the GMC? (Added 6-4-2021)

Western Methodists Host Discussing on Decolonizing Church Structures” via UM Insight. The Western Methodist Justice Movement sponsors a June 5 webinar promoting the Christmas Covenant. (Added 6-4-2021)

Separation and the Unity of the Church” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News. “While we may be divided into different denominations or fellowships, we can be united in love for Jesus Christ, pray for and with one another, worship together, and serve our communities together.” (Added 6-4-2021)

On Hope for Methodism — A Testimony (Part Two)” by Riley Case. Reflections from a long-time traditional United Methodist on the change in focus he has witnessed during his lifetime. (Added 6-3-2021)

A Response to: Letter of Indignation and Position of the Executive Committee of the North Katanga Annual Conference Dated May 20, 2021” by Rev. Ben Ilunga Banza. A translated response to a letter rebuking those critical of the bishop. See also the original “Letter of Indignation” in French. (Added 6-3-2021)

Confrontations Mounting Over Possible UMC Split” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. A round up of local tensions as separation hits home in the Philippines, Africa, and the U.S. (Added 6-3-2021)

Ten Reasons Why I’ll Join the Global Methodist Church” by Jay Therrell. The head of Florida’s WCA Chapter shares his list of reasons he’s planning to join the GMC. (Added 6-3-2021)

God’s Pronouns are They/Them” by United Church of Christ. The official Twitter account of the United Church of Christ celebrates Pride Month by declaring God’s pronouns are They/Them. (Added 6-2-2021)

Statement on New Appointments” by Bishop Grant Hagiya and the Cal-Pac Cabinet. Response to charges of racism in the reappointment of three Korean clergy. (Added 6-2-2021)

The Danger of One Pentecost Story” by Derrick Luruth Scott. A UMC campus minister from Jacksonville, FL criticizes WCA for silencing divergence on human sexuality. (Added 6-1-2021)

“A Thinking Christian’s Response to ‘Adam Hamilton Comes to Birmingham'” Part One and Part Two by Paul Lawler via New Methodist Movement. Response to a recent speech by Adam Hamilton. (Added 6-1-2021)

Not Losing Hope on the Road of Emmaus” by Rob Renfroe via Good News. Keeping sanity during our waiting time. (June 1, 2021)

When Movements Lose Direction” by Winfield Bevins via Good News. The Director of Church Planting as Asbury talks about where Methodism moved off course. (Added 6-1-2021)

Firebrand: One Year Later” by David Watson via Firebrand Magazine. The first anniversary of Firebrand occasions notes about the magazine’s relationship with WCA. (Added 6-1-2021)

1776 and the Origin Story of the Post-Christian West” by Andrew Wilson via The Gospel Coalition. Seven movements in 1776 (acronym W.I.E.R.D.E.R.) led to the secular West we see today. A nod to Wesley and Methodism as a response to secularity. (Added 6-1-2021)

The Extirpation of Non-biblical Thinking in the People Called Methodists” by Rachel Coleman via Firebrand Magazine. A new Methodist movement needs to reclaim biblical thinking. (Added 6-1-2021)

Principles of This New Movement” by Bill Easum via Facebook. Seven vision points for a new movement in a post-denominational landscape. (Added 6-1-2021)

A Conversation with Bishop Sue” via North Georgia Conference. An interview with Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson in which she lays blame at the feet of Mt. Bethel leadership. See also “United Methodist Laity for Openness and Transparency” Facebook Page. (Added 5-30-2021)

Three Things to Know About the WCA” by Mark McElroy via Youtube. A Mississippi LGBTQ laity produces an 9-minute video warning against WCA as a splinter group that doesn’t plan to include everyone. Context: New Albany UMC where Mark attends and has been welcomed is affiliated with WCA. (Updated 5-29-2021)

The Road to a Decision to Launch The Story as an Independent Congregation” by Tom Pace via St. Luke’s UMC, Houston. The pastor of St. Luke’s in Houston shares the reasons why The Story is being organized as a separate congregation. See also the Town Hall meeting video here in which he gives an account of the events that led to The Story being asked to move from the St. Luke-owned facility. Here is the speech that precipitated the conversation. See also Tom Pace’s white paper on homosexuality and the church. (Added 5-29-2021)

Bishop Jones Announces The Story Chartering as Separate Congregation” via Texas Conference. Bishop Scott Jones informs Texas Conference clergy that The Story (under the leadership of Eric Huffman) will be chartering separately from St. Luke’s and changing location. See below. (Added 5-28-2021)

The Story in Houston Establishing Separately” by Eric Huffman via Twitter. Huffman: The senior pastor St. Luke’s in Houston informed Eric Huffman he was no longer welcome to serve as part of their larger ministry three days after Eric gave this speech at the WCA Global Gathering. The Story is relocating and working with the bishop to become a separate congregation. (Added 5-28-2021)

Just Give Me the Facts” by Baltimore-Washington WCA (Facebook). Response to claims made about WCA, the UMC, and the Protocol. (Added 5-28-2021)

Update: Three Bishops Stir Controversy” by Walter Fenton via WCA. Updates on provocative actions taken by bishops against traditionalist clergy and congregations. (Added 5-28-2021)

May’s Bouquet” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. The editor of UM Insight offers a round-up of UMC news items from the last week of May 2021. (Added 5-28-2021)

Getting United Methodism Unstuck” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News. A call to pass the Protocol at a virtual General Conference so we all can move on. (Added 5-27-2021)

United Methodism’s Crisis of Authority” commentary by Jason Stubblefield via UMNS. The debate over homosexuality is a sign of a deeper crisis of authority in the UMC. See the original version here. (Added 5-27-2021)

Methodists Protest UMC Bishop for Terminating 3 Theologically Conservative Korean Pastors” by Michael Gryboski via Christian Post. Coverage of protests against abuse of power by Bishop Hagiya. (Added 5-27-2021)

Church of Scotland Moves Toward Redefinition of Marriage” by Jeffrey Walton via Juicy Ecumenism. The mother church of Presbyterianism considered allowing same sex marriage. (Added 5-26-2021)

Stuck” by Jane Ellen Nickell via UM Insight. At a time when the world needs help and hope, the UMC is “undone by connectional polity that prevents the resolution of its own internal strife.” (Added 5-26-2021)

Two Methodisms Comparison Chart v. 1.5” by Chris Ritter via PeopleNeedJesus.net. Version 1.5 includes new language on the GMC proposed ordination standards that clarifies that local pastors who have completed course of study are eligible for the order of elder. (Added 5-24-2021)

Congregants Rally, Allege ‘Racial Bullying’ of Korean American Pastors” by David Cross via Pasadena Now. Local coverage of the blow-back from Bishop Hagiya’s move against Korean clergy. (Added 5-24-2021)

A Denominational Game of Chicken” by Chris Ritter via PeopleNeedJesus.net’s Team Caffeine. A public version of a subscriber exclusive describing efforts seemingly aimed to goad traditionalists into leaving before passage of The Protocol. (Added 5-24-2021)

Tooley: Trans-friendly Denomination Sad but Not Surpising” by Steve Jordahl via One News Now. Reporting Mark Tooley’s response to Scandinavian Lutheran Church declaring itself transgender. (Added 5-24-2021)

A Sense of History” by Lonnie Brooks via Facebook. Long-time Alaska lay leader and GC delegate provides a historical reflection on the current kerfuffle over UMC episcopal abuse of power. (Added 5-24-2021)

Preparing Yourself and Your Congregation for Denominational Division: A Zoom Event” Sunday, May 23 at 7 pm Central Time. A conversation with Ross and Valerie Reinhiller about “The Dakotas Strategy.” Ross and Valeria lead in North Dakota where Valerie is the chair of the Dakotas Conference Board of Ordained Ministry. (Added 5-23-2021)

Two Methodisms: A Comparison Chart (version 1.4)” (PDF) by Chris Ritter via PeopleNeedJesus.net. A downloadable and printable version of the chart comparing the psUMC and the GMC. (Added 5-22-2021)

Protests Mount Against Cal-Pac Bishop” by Sam Hodges via UMNS. Coverage of mounting protests against Bishop Hagiya’s disruption of three Korean congregations. (Added 5-21-2021)

Cal-Pac Koreans Protest Treatment by Bishop Hagiya” via Cal-Pac WCA Facebook. Koreans in the California-Pacific Conference protest at conference headquarters over sudden reappointment of three traditionalist Korean pastors. (Added 5-21-2021)

New Jersey Korean Pastor Responds” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News. James Lee answers accusations made by Bishop Schol in Greater New Jersey. (Added 5-21-2021)

Two Methodisms: A Comparison Chart” by Chris Ritter via PeopleNeedJesus.net. A comparison of the two main options for conferences and congregations anticipated by the Separation Protocol legislation. (Added 5-21-2021)

Working for the Community of God’s Design” by Angela Pleasants and Keith Boyette. Information about WCA’s Task Force on Racial and Justice Equity. (Added 5-21-2021)

Oliveto, Tisby, and Butler Named Progressive Faith Leaders to Watch” by Jeffrey Walton via Juicy Ecumenism. The Center for American Progress recognizes Karen Oliveto, United Methodism’s first openly gay bishop. (Added 5-21-2021)

Annual Conferences Plan Online, Hybrid Events” by Jim Patterson via UMNS. A roundup of approaches annual conferences are taking toward meeting during the tail end of a pandemic. (Added 5-21-2021)

WCA Global Legislative Assembly Supports Protocol, No Premature Quitting” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. Reporting on WCA’s commitment to await the Protocol. (Added 5-21-2021)

Four Protocol Leadership Approaches” by Chris Ritter via PeopleNeedJesus.net. A grid to understand four basic leadership approaches by bishops relative to the Protocol. (Added 5-19-2021)

Letter to Laity and Clergy of Greater New Jersey” by Bishop John Schol. Bishop Schol takes aim at Good News and WCA for criticizing the reappointment of the pastor of the largest church in the conference. (Added 5-19-2021)

What They Wrote in Chalk” by Tim Tennent. The President of Asbury Seminary offers analysis of controversies in the Free Methodist Church over LGBTQ issues at Seattle Pacific University. (Added 5-19-2021)

Transgender Lutheran Bishop and Nicaea” by Mark Tooley via Juicy Ecumenism. Newly elected transgender ELCA bishop critiques the Council of Nicaea. (Added 5-18-2021)

North Georgia UMC Laity Challenge Liberal Bishop” via Juicy Ecumenism. Coverage of the blow-back in North Georgia from unexpected pastoral appointments. (Added 5-18-2021)

Fairview Heights Christ Leaves United Methodist Church” via IGRC.org. The largest congregation in Illinois Methodism completes their departure from the UMC. (Added 5-18-2021)

Sentimentalism and Scripture” by David Livingston. A Kansas pastor responds to Eric Huffman’s speech at the May 1 WCA Global Gathering. (Added 5-17-2021)

Slick Heresy” by Carolyn Moore via Art of Holiness. Using love to interpret Scripture or Scripture to interpret love? See also “Carolyn Moore on Misunderstanding What Love Is” via Juicy Ecumenism. (Added 5-17-2021)

Human-Written Document Probably Inspired by an Encounter with the Divine” by JJ Warren via Twitter. General Conference delegate objects to Scripture being called the Word of God during worship. (Added 5-17-2021)

Objection in Upper New York” by JJ Warren via Facebook. Objection to Bishop Mark Webb removing Rev. Richelle Goff from the Board of Ordained Ministry after her congregation voted to host same-sex weddings in violation of the Book of Discipline. (Added 5-17-2021)

Finance Board Gets Update on Giving, Reserves” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. GCFA learns that 1Q 2021 giving was down $857K from 2020 amid volatility and budget uncertainty. (Added 5-17-2021)

May 16 Protest Against Korean Persecution” a PNJ Exclusive (PDF). Members of the Korean Caucus in Hawaii protest the persecution of Korean congregations and clergy by Bishop Grant Hagiya. The bishop was in town to participate in an ordination service. (Added 5-17-2021)

Korean UM’s Protest Persecution” by Theodore Smith via Facebook. A picture of Korean United Methodists protesting persecution by Bishop Hagiya. (Added 5-16-2021)

There Now Appear to Be Three Paths for Once United Methodists” by Cynthia Astle via Baptist News Global. UM Insight’s Astle writes for a progressive Baptist forum on the divisions in the UMC. (Added 5-16-2021)

Working Document on the Vision for the ‘future’ United Methodist Church” by Cynthia Fiero Harvey via Facebook. The President of the Council of Bishops shares a vision statement for the future of the UMC developed by Bishop Ken Carter and affirmed by Bishops Christian Alsted, Cynthia Moore-Koikoi, Gregory Palmer, Robert Schnase, Sue Haupert-Johnson. (Added 5-15-2021)

State of the UMC Update (March 2021)” by Jimmy Towson. The pastor of Park Avenue UMC in Valdosta, GA updates his congregation on the state of the UMC. (Added 5-15-2021)

UMC Chinese Caucus Urges ‘Peace and Goodwill’ While Awaiting Protocol” by Press Release via Juicy Ecumenism. The National Chinese Caucus expresses concern that traditionalist UM clergy are being targeted in the appointive process. (Added 5-14-2021)

Three Bishops Stir Controversy” by Walter Fenton via WCA. Three bishops seem to target Koreans and other traditionalists using their appointive power. (Added 5-14-2021)

European Leaders Provide Stellar Leadership Example” by Tom Lambrecht. European bishops are praised for facing separation with planning and non-punitive approach. (5-14-2021)

Transition and a New Season” by Kevin Watson. Author and Associate Professor of Wesleyan Studies at Candler School of Theology takes an appointed to WCA-affiliated First Methodist Church of Waco, TX. (Added 5-14-2021)

For Some Pastors, This Past Year was a Sign from God It is Time to Quit” by Bob Smietana via Religion News Service. The past year has worn hard on clergy and some are leaving. Denominationally-aligned pastors faring a bit better. (Added 5-14-2021)

Dr. Kevin Watson Appointed Associate Pastor of Discipleship at Waco First Methodist Church” by Ryan Barnett via First Waco. Candler’s Associate Professor of Wesleyan Studies takes an appointment to WCA-aligned First Methodist Waco, TX as he decides to return to the local church. (Added 5-13-2021)

Is Church Separation a Good or Bad Idea?” by Jean Claude Masuka Maleka via UMNS. A South Congo clergy educated in the U.S. argues against UMC separation. (Added 5-13-2021)

Update from Jody, 5-11-21” by Jody Ray. Staff changes announced at Mt. Bethel UMC in response to financial difficulties caused by the current appointment standoff with the bishop. (Added 5-13-2021)

An Impulse to Include” by Alabama-West Florida Reconciling Friends via YouTube. Sam Parkes hosts this 28-minute video arguing for a historical trajectory of greater inclusion in Methodism. (Added 5-13-2021)

Decolonizing the Church: True Regionalization for the UMC” by Western Methodist Justice Movement via Facebook. Promoting a June 5 webinar to promote the Christmas Covenant regionalization plan to create a U.S. region with the ability to adapt the BOD. (Added 5-13-2021)

Standing in Solidarity with the AAPI Community” by Susan Henry-Crowe via UM Insight. The General Secretary of the General Board of Church and Society recognizes Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. No mention of the abuse of Korean clergy and congregations currently happening in the UMC. (Added 5-13-2021)

What Does History Teach Us About Church Controversies?” by Jason Koon via UM Insight. A Baptist minister writes comparing LGBTQ inclusion to women’s ordination: “Culture already has gone there. From what I can see, the Spirit of God already has put a divine stamp of approval on it, and your denominations all will go there eventually.” (Added 5-13-2021)

Bishops’ Election Plans Draw Mixed Reaction” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. A round-up of responses to the Council of Bishops vacillating on when and whether new bishops should be elected. (Added 5-12-2021)

Demand Justice for the Korean Churches of the California-Pacific Conference of the UMC” via Change.org. A petition in support of traditionalist Korean Churches against the abuse of appointive power by Bishop Hagiya. (Added 5-12-2021)

I Don’t Hate You” by Jay Therrell. The “most hated man in Florida Methodism” shares why he cannot reciprocate. (Added 5-12-2021)

Why I am Not Concerned about the New Appointive System of The Global Methodist Church” by Nako Kellum via All God’s Love. A female clergy person of color shares her thoughts on the more collaborative appointment system envisioned for the GMC. (Added 5-12-2021)

Dispelling Misunderstandings About Drag and Church” by Jennie Edwards Bertrand via UM Insight. An Illinois Great Rivers clergy defends United Methodism’s first drag queen clergy candidate. (Added 5-11-2021)

It’s Time to Tell the Good News, Says Bishop Swanson” by Rich Peck via UM Insight. Reporting words of Bishop James Swanson of Mississippi who wants the UMC to move beyond its status as a “bad news church.” (Added 5-11-2021)

Chinese-American UM Leaders Respond to Controversial Appointment Maneuvers” by Press Release via Good News (Facebook). The Executive Committee of the National Chinese Caucus expresses concern over the manipulation of appointments for clergy showing interest in the Global Methodist Church. (Added 5-11-2021)

Europeans Make Plans for Separation” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. The European Central Conferences make plans for enactment of The Protocol. This includes a timeline and a Task Force to plan for a down-sized European UMC. (Added 5-11-2021)

Go Global!: Eric Huffman” by Eric Huffman via WCA (Youtube). The pastor of The Story in Houston shares his journey from theological progressivism to orthodoxy at the 5th WCA Global Gathering. He addresses LGBTQ inclusion through the lens of Acts 15. (Added 5-11-2021)

Go Global! Speakers’ Presentations” via WCA. Videos of the talks at the May 1 WCA Global Gathering are released. (Added 5-11-2021)

Publishing House Rebounds” by Sam Hodges via UMNS. The UM Publishing House is doing better financially now that it has eliminated overhead. (Added 5-11-2021)

Georgia Laity Question Bishop in Full-Page Ad” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Coverage of the ad in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution questioning the actions of Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson. (Added 5-11-2021)

Bishops Johnson, Schol Respond to WCA Accusations” by Eastern Penn. Conference via UM Insight. Reporting on abuse of power accusation against a Korean pastor in Greater New Jersey as Bishop Schol plans to supervise the EPC. (Added 5-10-2021)

Episcopal Abuse of Power in North Katanga” by Rev. Louis Bishimba Kosongo and Kasongo Kabah (translated from French). An account of systematic abuse of power by the bishop of United Methodism’s largest conference. (Added 5-10-2021)

An Open Letter to Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson” by UM Laity for Openness and Transparency via Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Paid Advertisement, JPG). A group of concerned laity openly questions the motivations of methods of the bishop of the North Georgia Conference. (Added 5-8-2021)

Support for UMC Protocol Continues Across Geographic, Theological Divides” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. Support for the Separation Protocol seems to be holding amid further GC delays. (Added 5-7-2021)

Wesleyan Covenant Association Delegates Condemn Bishops’ Appointment Decisions” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News. Coverage of the WCA 2021 Legislative Assembly on May 1 in which a resolution was passed condemning punitive decisions by Bishops Haupert-Johnson, Hagiya, and Schol. (Added 5-7-2021)

Reflections from the WCA Global Gathering” by Chris Ritter via “Quote Me on This.” Thoughts from the 2021 Global Gathering of WCA and the emerging Global Methodist Church written for subscribers to PeopleNeedJesus.net. (Added 5-7-2021)

WCA President Casts Vision for a Global Methodist Church” by Katy Patterson via WCA. Keith Boyette’s Speech to the May 1 Global Gathering is available on Youtube. (Added 5-7-2021)

The Alabama-West Florida Chapter of WCA offers Two Informational PDF Documents: The Protocol Overview and The Global Methodist Church Overview. (Added 5-6-2021)

Claremont School of Theology Undeterred by California Supreme Court Refusal to Hear Case” by Press Release via UM Insight. Selling its property will not provide the financial help one UMC seminary needs to stay afloat. See also “Claremont Facing Financial Difficulties” (2017) from UMNS. (Added 5-6-2021)

The 2021 WCA Global Gathering: Dr. Tim Tennent” via Holy Conversations Podcast. A speech by Asbury’s president is the first audio released from the May 1 Global Gathering. (Added 5-6-2021)

Global Missions in the Next Methodism” by Warren Lathem via Juicy Ecumenism. President of Venezuela Now discusses the shape of missions in the Global Methodist Church. (Added 5-6-2021)

Judicial Council Releases More Decisions” by Linda Bloom via UMNS. Reporting on JC decisions related to Bishop Schol’s “Way Forward Team” decisions in Greater New Jersey. (Added 5-5-2021)

United Methodist Progressives Have a Real Dilemma” Lonnie Brooks via Facebook. Long-time lay delegate from Alaska describes the tension between full inclusion and continued connectionalism. (Added 5-4-2021)

Korean Pastors Penalized in California” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News. Reporting on three California-Pacific Conference pastors reappointed with consultation. (Added 5-4-2021)

Christ Church’s Amicable Episcopal Separation” by Jeffrey Walton via Juicy Ecumenism. A rare non-litigious settlement of a property dispute with the Episcopal Church. (Added 5-4-2021)

WCA Plans New Denomination” by Sam Hodges via UMNS. Coverage of the April 30-May 1 WCA Legislative Assembly and Global Gathering. (Added 5-3-2021)

Models of Methodism and the Unity of the Church: A European Reflection on the Conflict in The United Methodist Church over LGBTQ+ inclusion and affirmation” by David N. Field (PDF). A member of the European Methodist e-Academy outlines six views of church discernible in United Methodism (a US American denomination, as a European free church, as a connection of holiness societies, as a confessional church, as a generously orthodox church, and as a movement of liberation) and how they relate to the issue of LGBTQ inclusion. (Added 5-3-2021)

Al Mohler: The Current UMC is Experiencing ‘Open Apostasy’ — Its Leadership is Embracing Annihilation” by Stephanie Martin via Church Leaders. Reporting on Al Mohler’s briefing that describes United Methodism as two separate religions in the same institution. (Added 5-3-2021)

Seasons of Change: Navigating New Beginnings and Endings within the UMC” by Wade Killough. A D. Min. project focused on the repercussions of the Separation Protocol on United Methodists. (Added 5-2-2021)

One Has to Wonder” by Rob Renfroe via Good News Magazine. Are we seeing a coordinated effort on behalf of bishops to disrupt traditionalist congregations? (Added 5-2-2021)

WCA Global Legislative Assembly Endorses Protocol and the Global Methodist Church” via Press Release. Reporting on the morning session of the 2021 WCA Legislative Assembly. (Added 5-2-2021)

Four Episcopal Candidates Agree to Suspend Campaign Activities Until January 2022” by JuJu Swen via Twitter. A UMNS writer in Africa reports from the Sierra Leone AC. (Added 5-2-2021)

A United Methodist Lament” by Timothy Tennent. Asbury President: “We were already prepared to walk away from our denomination; now we must be prepared to walk away from our buildings and land as well.” (Added 5-2-2021)

Bishops: No Episcopal Elections Until 2022” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. UM Council of Bishops repeats their call for episcopal elections to be halted until after GC2022. (Added 5-2-2021)

Why Don’t They Leave?” by Warren Lathem via Facebook. A former North Georgia Conference DS answers a common question about why those who disagree with church teachings are not the ones leaving the UMC. (Added 5-2-2021)

Recap of the 2021 Legislative Assembly” by Bob Kaylor and Stephanie Greenwald via WCA Holy Conversations Podcast. A summary of the April 30 Legislative Assembly of WCA. (Added 5-2-2021)

United Methodist Church Leaders Pushing to Separate” by Ashley Bowerman via WSFA. Montgomery media coverage of the Fifth Global Gathering of the Wesleyan Covenant Association. (Added 5-2-2021)

All UMC Politics is National” by David Scott via UM & Global. The effects on national politics on UMC issues. (Added 5-2-2021)

William Lawrence on Questions in United Methodism by William Lawrence. Former President of the Judicial Council weighs in on five current topics: (1) “Can an Annual Conference Leave the UMC?” (2) Does the Judicial Council have a 2021 Quorum?” (3) Must an Annual Conference Elect Delegates at Their 2021 Session? (4) Can a Jurisdictional Conference Session Convene before a General Conference Meets?” and (5) Can a Jurisdictional Conference Convene in Special Session to Elect Bishops? (Added 5-02-2021)

UMC Bishops End Five-Day Online Meeting; Clarify Key Decisions” by COB Press Release. Five decisions made the COB at their April meeting. Some related to the timing of Jurisdictional Conference. (Added 4-30-2021)

KUMC Laity Network Letter. An Open Letter to stop to persecution of Korean Congregations. (Added 4-30-2021)

A Call to Holiness and Truth” via Youtube. A video resource for and by the Filipino Church from a traditionalist perspective. (Added 4-30-2021)

WCA Legislative Assembly Livestream (Added 4-30-2021)

About the UMC Protocol’s $25 Million” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. Context on the Separation Protocol’s most disputed provision. (Added 4-30-2021)

The Future of the Global Methodist Church is in the Past” by Jeremy Smith via Hacking Christianity. A Progressives warns against forming two denominations that are anti-LGBTQ. (Added 4-30-2021)

Illinois Church with Drag Queen Leader has Reached ‘Doctrinal Anihilation’: Al Mohler” by Michael Gryboski via Christian Post. Reporting on Al Mohler’s April 28 briefing on the state of the UMC. (Added 4-29-2021)

Four Pathways Out of the United Methodist Church” by Lonnie Brooks via Facebook. A long-time Lay Leader from Alaska outlines options for leaving the UMC. (Added 4-29-2021)

Less Than Zero” by David Livington. Responding to a post by Chris Ritter, arguing that the current conflict is a net loss for us all. Note: Zero-sum “is a situation in game theory in which one person’s gain is equivalent to another’s loss, so the net change in wealth or benefit is zero.” (Added 4-29-2021)

Two Days of Business and One Day of Challenge” via WCA. A preview of WCA’s Global Council Meeting, Legislative Assembly, and Global Gathering on April 29-May 1. (Added 4-29-2021)

Megachurch Votes to Disaffiliate from the UMC After Lead Pastor Reassigned” by Michael Gryboski via Christian Post. Outside Coverage of Mt. Bethel seeking exit from the UMC. (Added 4-29-2021)

‘We Have Been Disappointed’: Liberal Congregations Leaving the UMC Over Homosexuality Debate” by Michael Gryboski via Christian Post. Coverage of progressive congregations leaving the UMC. (Added 4-28-2021)

The Briefing: April 28, 2021” by Albert Mohler. The President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary offers a briefing on the status of the UMC for his listeners. (Added 4-28-2021)

Lonnie Brooks on Itineracy” via Facebook. “If this action in North Georgia doesn’t destroy any hope we have of forging an amicable way forward toward separation, which I fear it will, it will at least precipitate a change in how we structure our itinerant system, and maybe that’s a good thing.” (Added 4-28-2021)

Wait” by Warren Lathem via Facebook. “I am through waiting. I am through patiently watching this church I love rush into heresy and irrelevance. I am ready to move on as are most Traditionalists.” (Added 4-28-2021)

The Trust Clause in The United Methodist Church” by Timothy Tennent. The President of Asbury Seminary. It would be a great witness to the Gospel if bishops released congregations wishing to leave the UMC from enforcement of the trust clause. (Added 4-27-2021)

Mt. Bethel Complaint: Mt. Bethel UMC Files Complaint Against North Georgia Conference” by Wendy Parker via East Cobb News. Clarification: Four lay leaders at Mt. Bethel filed the complaint against Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson. (Added 4-27-2021)

Prominent Georgia Church Leaves United Methodist Church Over Pastors Reassignment” by Emily McFarlan Miller via Washington Post. Coverage of the Mt. Bethel disaffiliation process. (Added 4-27-2021)

A Provisional Emergency American Central Conference (PEACC)” exclusive to PeopleNeedJesus.net. A proposal to form an emergency provisional American Central Conference to get traditionalists through to the next UMC General Conference in August 2022. (Added 4-27-2021)

A Spirit of Tyranny”: The Abuse of Episcopal Authority in the UMC” by Scott Kisker via Firebrand Magazine. The Professor of History and Christianity at United Theological Seminary applies a Francis Asbury quote to recent events in the UMC: “if ever [the episcopacy] evidently betrays a spirit of tyranny or partiality, and this can be proved before the general conference, the whole will be taken from it: and we pray God, that in such case the power may be invested in other hands!” (Added 4-27-2021)

Dissident Episcopalians Awarded $100 Million Worth of Property as U.S. Supreme Court Declines to Take Up Fort Worth Case” by Mark Wingfield via Baptist News Global. Coverage of the evictors becoming the evicted as properties are returned to the Anglican Church of North America congregations. (Added 4-26-2021)

The Lord Bless Your Going Out and Your Coming In” by AW Collins. “If you want to be happy in the United Methodist ministry, you have to be able to leave it.” (Added 4-26-2021)

East Cobb’s Mount Bethel to Leave UMC Denomination” by Sheilia Poole via Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Atlanta media coverage of Mt. Bethel’s planned departure from the UMC. (Added 4-26-2021)

‘Unchecked Defiance’: Third-Largest Christian Denomination in the U.S. Faces Potential Schism Over Homosexuality” by Jon Brown via Daily Wire. Coverage of the emerging Global Methodist Church. (Added 4-26-2021)

Important News from Mt. Bethel UMC” via Mt. Bethel. Documents associated with the April 26 press conference in which Mt. Bethel leadership announced its intended disaffiliation from the UMC. (Added 4-26-2021)

Response to Berlin Conference Article” by By Rev. Ben Ilunga Banza, Rev. Louis Bishimba Kasongo, and Monsieur Kabah Mwenze Kasongo. A response to an article by Albert Otshudi Longe clarifying the colonial influences in the current UMC debate as related to Africa. (Added 4-26-2021)

Megachurch Seeks Exit Over Appointment Strife” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Coverage of the April 26 announcement of Mt. Bethel’s decision to seek disaffiliation. (Added 4-26-2021)

Bishop, Delegates Called to Mission Focus” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Coverage of the April Council of Bishops meeting. (Added 4-26-2021)

Prominent Atlanta-Area Church Leaves UMC Over Pastor’s Reassignment” by Emily McFarlan-Miller. Outside coverage of Mt. Bethel and Dr. Jody Ray leaving the UMC. (Added 4-26-2021)

Pastoral Letter from Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson” via North Georgia Conference. The bishop of North Georgia offers context and information about the attempted re-appointment of Dr. Jody Ray of Mt. Bethel UMC. (Added 4-26-2021)

Jody Ray and Mt. Bethel Press Conference. (video) The Rev. Dr. Jody Ray and lay leaders of Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church announced the Ray is surrendering his UM credentials, the church is hiring him as their CEO and Lead Preacher, and Mt. Bethel is beginning a process of disaffiliation from the UMC. (Added 4-26-2021)

Wrist Holds and Grace” by Chuck Griffin. Stop keeping people in the UMC against their will by holding church properties hostage. (Added 4-26-2021)

Council of Bishops Meeting Livestream” via Facebook Live. The Council of Bishops’ April 2021 Meeting. (Added 4-26-2021)

Second Statement by Bishop Kasap Owan on the Worrying Situation in the United Methodist Church: Africa in the Void of Theological Originality” by Bishop Kasap Owan via The South Congo-Zambia Episcopal Area. Where is the theological integrity behind reconciliation by separation or regionalization? (Added 4-26-2021)

Bishops: The UMC Needs the Magic of the Gathering” by Jeremy Smith via Hacking Christianity. Progressives are really eager to meet and use the majorities they gained in U.S. elections to elect leaders, etc. (Added 4-26-2021)

Two Good Things, One Not” by Beth Caulfield via Greater New Jersey WCA (YouTube). An update from the president of GNWCA on the Global Gathering and the troubling matter of the reappointment of the Pastor James Lee serving Bethany, the largest church in the conference, a Korean congregation. (Added 4-25-2021)

‘True to Its Doctrine’: Conservatives Plan for a New Church after United Methodism Splits Over Homosexuality Debate” by Michael Gryboski via Christian Post. Outside coverage of the emerging separation happening in United Methodism. (Added 4-24-2021)

Additional Progressive Congregations Leaving the UMC” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. Coverage of progressive congregations opting to seek exit from the UMC. (Added 4-24-2021)

Lack of Ruling Adds to Protocol Concerns” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. The refusal of the Judicial Council to honor the Council of Bishop’s request for a ruling adds to the uncertainty in our denomination. (Added 4-23-2021)

An Urgent Call for Leadership” by Christian Conferencing Delegate Statement Group via UMNS. A group of Progressive delegates is eager to use their U.S. jurisdictional majorities to elect new officers and bishops. (Added 4-23-2021)

Turmoil in New Jersey” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News. The pastor of the largest church in the Greater New Jersey Conference is targeted by the bishop. Other Korean pastors are being met by the same fate elsewhere. (Added 4-23-2021)

Support for Isaac Simmons (aka Ms. Penny Cost)” by Randy Robinson via IGRC for Unity. The group that ran a successful campaign to elect progressive delegates to General Conference answers questions and offers support for the UMC’s first official drag queen certified clergy candidate. (Added 4-23-2021)

There Is a Simple Solution” by Carolyn Moore via WCA. The Chair of the WCA Global Council: “Just let those of us who, in good conscience and faith disagree with the direction of the UM Church, graciously set forth in a new direction.” (Added 4-23-2021)

A Preview of the 2021 WCA Global Gathering with Carolyn Moore” via Holy Conversations Podcast. The chair of the WCA Global Council provides a look ahead to the May 1 WCA Global Gathering. (Added 4-22-2021)

Team Caffeine: Mt. Bethel and Comity Agreements” by Chris Ritter via PeopleNeedJesus.net. An updated public version of an email sent to Team Caffeine members addressing the Mt. Bethel situation and Comity Agreements as a solution to our current denominational quagmire. (Added 4-22-2021)

Council of Bishops to Gather in Virtual Meeting April 26 to April 30” via Council of Bishops. A virtual COB meeting is planned to talk about anti-racism, disaster relief, and the changing role of the episcopacy. (Added 4-22-2021)

Statement by Bishop Ken Carter” via Facebook. The bishop of the Florida conference comes to the defense of Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson and accuses her detractors of bearing false witness. Bishop Carter offers some points in promotion of the big-tent, post-separation UMC. (Added 4-22-2021)

Bishop Eduard Khegay of Eurasia will Join the new Global Methodist Church” via Michigan WCA. “I am forever grateful to God and our UMC sisters and brothers around the world and hope to continue our friendships. But now I want to spend my time on expanding our mission and making disciples rather than figuring out how our denomination can please everyone.” (Added 4-22-2021)

Mt. Bethel UMC Opposing Reassignment of Senior Pastor” by Wendy Parker via East Cobb News. Local coverage of the opposition to Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson’s unexpected appointments. (Added 4-22-2021)

Beware the ‘Berlin Conference’ Model of the Protocol for Separation” by Albert Otshudi Longe via UM Insight. A Great Plains Conference chaplain originally from West Congo writes about the division of Africa triggered by Separation Protocol. (Added 4-22-2021)

Jeff Greenway on WCA and the Global Methodist Church” via Plain Truth: A Holy Spirited Podcast. An interview with Jeff Greenway, founding chair and present vice chair of the WCA Global Council. (Added 4-21-2021)

U.S. Membership Decline the Rhetoric of the Global Church” by David Scott via UM & Global. A GBGM staffer examined membership decline as an argument for a more traditional denomination. (Added 4-21-2021)

This Has to Stop” by Jay Therrell. The leader of the Florida WCA, a former DS, suggests a comity agreement between the UMC and GMC that allows churches to transfer now. (Added 4-21-2021)

Disruption at Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church, Largest Congregation in the North Georgia Annual Conference” by Walter Fenton via WCA. Reporting on Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson’s surprise decision to move Dr. Jody Ray from Mt. Bethel UMC. (Added 4-20-2021)

Open Letter to Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson” by North Georgia Laity. A petition calling upon the bishop of the North Georgia Conference to refrain from making disruptive appointments in the wake of COVID and as the denomination is preparing to separate. (Added 4-20-2021)

Churches Across the Theological Spectrum Exiting” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. A round up of congregations currently in the process of exiting the UMC. (Added 4-19-2021)

Bering Church in Texas Votes to Disaffiliate from the UMC” via Facebook. A 700+ member Progressive UMC votes to leave the UMC and join the UCC. (Added 4-19-2021)

African Unity Amid UMC Separation” by Chris Ritter via PeopleNeedJesus.net. Dual citizenship in the GMC and UMC, paired with a strategy of annual conference restructure, would allow African conferences to assume a super-majority status in the UMC General Conference. (Added 4-19-2021)

WCA Affiliated Church Defies Bishop’s Authority to Reappoint their Pastor” by Jeremy Smith via Hacking Christianity. A progressive blogger weighs in on conflict between the largest church in the North Georgia conference and their progressive bishop. (Added 4-19-2021)

One Preacher’s Word to the Laity of NGA UMC” by Warren Lathem via Facebook. A retired North Georgia DS speaks to laity in advance of Bishop Haupert-Johnson’s online address to the conference. (Added 4-19-2021)

Lonnie Brooks Comments on the Judicial Council – via Facebook. Long-time lay delegate from the Alaska Conference refutes the idea that the Judicial Council is ineligible to issue rulings because some of their terms are expired. Earlier, Brooks expressed disappointment that the Council did not rule on the constitutionality of The Protocol. (Added 4-18-2021)

UPDATED: “Mt. Bethel SPRC Update” via Vidyard or the longer “Mt. Bethel Traditional Worship April 18, 2021” via Facebook. Starting at 47:00, Pastor Jody Ray shares that Bishop Haupert-Johnson indicated on April 5 that he would be appointed to a conference staff position. He declined. Mt. Bethel is the largest church is the largest U.S. Conference. The SPRC Chair shares that the Church Council and SPRC informed Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson that they are “not in a position to receive a new senior pastor at this time” and circulated a petition to that effect. On Sunday, April 18 I am told Bishop Haupert-Johnson made the change effective immediately. (Added 4-18-2021)

The following additional information was sent from a friend: “…the person sent to replace Jody, Steven Usry, is one of the most conservative pastors in our Annual Conference. So, it’s much more complicated.  But for all of us, it’s very unclear why the Bishop has tried to move Jody to a conference staff position focused on race relations when he was happy, the church was happy, etc. They (pastors and churches) all only found out about these appointments the Monday after Easter from what I’ve heard.  It almost seems like a game of chicken with this local church or him personally. Everyone knows Mt Bethel would go GMC, and Steven would likely lead them to the same place.  So why this move by the cabinet now? We’re all trying to figure it out… but thought you might be interested!

Turning Point: What’s at Stake?” via Oklahoma WCA (Youtube). Keith Boyette, DA Bennett, and Cara Nicklas sit for a panel discussion on the current state of things in the UMC. (Added 4-17-2021)

North Texas Episcopal Parishes Evicted by Breakaway Group Move Out of Church Buildings” by Egan Millard via Episcopal News Service. The evictors become the evicted after a Texas court ruling granting original parishes ownership of property seized by the denomination. Many in the UMC was the TEC property battles as an example of how NOT to carry out a denominational separation. (Added 4-17-2021)

Conservatives and Traditionalists” by Ben Ilunga Banza. A pastor in the North Katanga Conference seeks to correct misinformation by their bishop that UM “traditionalists” support the practice of traditional African pagan religions. (Added 4-21-2021)

Experience vs. Scripture” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News. Lambrecht discusses how the church embracing homosexual practice privileges experience over scripture as he interacts with the writings of NT professor Luke Timothy Johnson. (Added 4-17-2021)

Court Won’t Rule in Advance on Protocol Legislation” by Linda Bloom via UMNS. The Judicial Council declines to rule in advance on the Separation Protocol legislation. Other JC rulings are summarized. (Added 4-16-2021)

Much of Africa will Join the Global Methodist Church” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. A round-up of recent statements by African UM bishops related to the future. (Added 4-16-2021)

Departing the United Methodist Church” by Keith Boyette via WCA. The president of WCA answers questions people are asking about leaving the UMC. (Added 4-16-2021)

First Drag Queen Certified as a Candidate for United Methodist Ministry ‘Speaking in a New Way to New People’” by Emily McFarlan Miller via Religion News Service. Reporting on Isaac Simmons (aka Penny Cost) who was recently certified as a candidate for ministry in the Vermillion River District of the Illinois Great Rivers AC of the UMC. (Added 4-15-2021)

The Latest Developments in the Global UMC and Their Impact on the Church in Africa” by Forbes Matonga via PeopleNeedJesus.net. A General Conference clergy delegate from the Zimbabwe West Annual Conference reports on the status of the UMC separation as it related to Africa. (Added 4-15-2021)

Answers to Your Questions about the GMC’s Transitional Book of Doctrines and Discipline” via Mississippi Methodism. A presentation on the proposed Discipline for the new, traditional Global Methodist Church, with Jay Therrell. (Added 4-15-2021)

Accountable Discipleship: Putting the Method Back in Methodism” via Holy Conversations Podcast (WCA). Bob Kaylor from the Mountain Sky Conference talks about the once and future model for Methodist discipleship. (Added 4-15-2021)

African Bishops Not United on Church Future” by Sam Hodges via UMNS. Reporting on the three African bishops who have expressed their intention to leave the UMC with the Protocol Split. (Added 4-14-2021)

Four Maine Congregations Disaffiliate from the UMC” via UM Insight. Reporting on Maine progressive congregations exiting the UMC over issues of LGBTQ marriage and ordination. (Added 4-14-2021)

Love is Making Room: Reclaiming the Welcoming Table” (LINK REPAIRED) via North Georgia Cabinet. The bishop and cabinet of America’s largest conference call for an end to disagreement over LGBTQ issues in favor of full inclusion. (Added 4-13-2021)

Maine Congregations Break Away from United Methodist Church over LGBTQ Policies” by Gillian Graham via Press Herald. HopeGateWay, New Brackett, Chebeague Island, and Tuttle Road UMC’s leave the UMC because of restrictive LGBTQ policies. (Added 4-12-2021)

Retired Episcopal Bishop Herzog Joins Bishop Love in Anglican Church” by Jeffrey Walton via Juicy Ecumenism. Another traditionalists Episcopal bishop leaves for the ACNA. The direction of the TEC is often cited as a harbinger for the UMC following a traditionalists exit. (Added 4-12-2021)

Agree to Differ?” by Jack Harnish. A motto of E. Stanley Jones is applied to the UMC’s current impasse. See also here. (Added 4-12-2021)

Getting the UM Church Un-Stuck” by Thomas Lambrecht via Good News. A helpful summary of where things stand in the UMC in April 2021. (Added 4-9-2021)

On Bishop-Picking and Military Selection Boards” by Bob Phillips via PeopleNeedJesus.net. Lessons from the U.S. Navy in selecting top leaders. (Added 4-9-2021)

The Seven Churches of the UMC Today” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. A 2021 reboot of a 1985 article outlining the perceivable sub-denominations that make up United Methodism and how they might relate to separation. (Added 4-8-2021)

Clergy Under Complaint: A Broken Process [Guest Article]” by Drew Ensz via Hacking Christianity. An elder in the Virginia Conference shares the experience of being under complaint for conducting a same-sex wedding. Note the trend of having a friend file the complaint so a friendly resolution can be reached to avoid a trial. (Added 4-7-2021)

Restructuring Legislation Gets a Hearing” by Gladys Mangiduyos via UMNS. The Christmas Covenant is promoted at an event in the Philippines. (Added 4-6-2021)

A Brief Defense of Authentic Bishops” by Keith Sweat. In spite of the corruption of the UMC’s episcopacy, the reformation of the church requires restoration and preservation of the office of bishop. (Added 3-6-2021)

New Denominations in 2020: The Liberation Methodist Connexion and Vanguard Presbytery” via Ready to Harvest (Youtube). A report on the Liberation Methodist Connexion for a wider audience interested in denominations. (Added 4-5-2021)

A Statement from Archbishop Beach on the Reception of Bishop Love” via Anglican Church in North America. An Episcopal Bishop Ousted for now allowing same-sex marriage in his diocese is welcomed as a retired bishop in the ACNA. United Methodists have watched the trial of Bishop Love as an indication of how traditionalists might be treated in a post-separation UMC. (Added 4-3-2021)

We Refute False Claims Made by IRD” by Rev. Ande Emmanuel via UM Insight. A response to a report on Juicy Ecumenism regarding a statement by Nigerian leaders stating “African Voices for Unity” does not speak for them. (Added 4-2-2021)

Perfect Love: Entire Sanctification and the Future of Methodism with Kevin Watson” via WCA’s Holy Conversations Podcast. Candler’s Dr. Kevin Watson discuss his upcoming book and the theological distinctives of a renewed Methodism. (Added 4-1-2021)

The Hollowing Out of the United Methodist Church” by David Scott via UM & Global. The consequences of GC2022 not being able to approve major legislation like The Protocol. (Added 3-31-2021)

Letter to the Church in North Katanga” by Mr. Kabah Kasongo, Rev. Ben Banza and Rev. Louis Kasongo. African leaders from the largest conference in United Methodism warn their conference about those supporting the Christmas Covenant denominational regionalization plan. (Added 3-31-2021)

Confessing Movement Responds to May 8 GC Cancellation” via Confessing Movement Facebook Page. Restates support for the Protocol, calls for action on the Protocol at earliest possible date, and calls the church to patience. (Added 3-31-2021)

Conservative Episcopal Bishop: Out!” by Jeffrey Walton via Juicy Ecumenism. Bishop William Love, found guilty of not allowing same-sex marriage in his diocese, leaves the Episcopal Church and hopes to be received into the ACNA. (Added 3-30-2021)

Northeastern Bishops Announce Retirements, Temporary Assignments” by Press Release via UM Insight. Bishop Perry Johnson and Jeremiah Park take voluntary retirement September 1 and their episcopal areas will be covered by other NEJ bishops. (Added 3-30-2021)

Why the May 8 General Conference Failed” by David Scott via UM & Global. “The failed May 8 General Conference is an instance in which one bloc within The United Methodist Church (the Institutionalist bishops) tried to act to accomplish one of its goals without giving other blocs an opportunity to accomplish any of their goals at the same time and seemingly without significant prior consultation with other blocs.” (Added 3-29-2021)

We Need the Global Methodist Church” by Riley Case. Originally shared on The Confessing Movement Facebook Page, Case offers a historical perspective on what is being lost in United Methodism. (Added 3-29-2021)

Unity in Mission – Africa” via Christmas Covenant Youtube. An English Language Webinar on the Christmas Covenant legislation. (Added 3-29-2021)

Human Sexuality in the Congo Central Conference” by Pastor Ben Ilunga Banza and Mr. Kabah Mwenze Kasongo Kabah. A pastor a seminary student bring forth accusations against Bishops Mande, Lunge, and Yemba regarding manipulation and intimidation of General Conference delegates and clergy in support of U.S. Centrists. (Added 3-26-2021)

[UPDATED LINK] “Statement from Bishop John Wesley Yohanna” via Nigeria Episcopal area. This is the document on which The Guardian article seems to have been based. Clarifies Bishop Yohanna’s plan to be part of the new denomination. He “stands strongly in opposition” to the Christmas Covenant regionalization plan. (Added 3-26-2021)

Council of Bishops Cancels Special General Conference” by Keith Boyette via WCA. Calls upon passage of Protocol at earliest possible date. “The WCA celebrates recent announcements by three leading bishops in Africa who have signaled their intent to align with this new traditional expression of Methodism.” (Added 3-26-2021)

An Open Letter to Adam Hamilton and Other Centrists: Where Lie the Boundaries?” by Stephen Rankin. The chaplain of SMU asks Centrists about their doctrinal boundaries. (Added 3-25-2021)

New Budget Must Wait for General Conference” by Linda Bloom via UMNS. The Judicial Council rules that the current apportionment rate is still in effect until General Conference meets to create a new budget. (Added 3-25-2021)

We’re Stuck” by Sky McCracken via UM Insight. The Senior Pastor of First UMC in Jackson takes to social media to tell people to ignore what they see on social media and focus on ministry in the local church. (Added 3-25-2021)

UMC Bishop Vows to Quit Over Homosexual Ordination” by Charles Akpeji via Guardian. Bishop John Wesley Yohanna of Nigeria: “Christian identity will take precedence above the name UMC.” (Added 3-25-2021)

Bishop Kasap Owan Declaration on the Issue that Preoccupies the UMC” by Bishop Kasap Owan. The resident bishop of the Southern Congo Episcopal Area makes a statement in favor of the Global Methodist Church. (Added 3-24-2021)

Frequently Asked Questions from Churches Seeking to Leave the United Methodist Church” via Dalton & Tomich (Youtube). The leading law firm representing congregations seeking to leave the UMC shares this video taking a dim view on the prospects for the Protocol. (Added 3-24-2021)

Judge Rules for SMU Over Jurisdiction” by Sam Hodges via UMNS. The claims of the South Central Jurisdiction were dismissed in their lawsuit to control Southern Methodist University after the institution removed church appointment of trustees from their bylaws. (Added 3-23-2021)

UM Bishops Choose to Stop, Collaborate, and Listen. Will We?” by Jeremy Smith via Hacking Christianity. Progressive blogger hopes that the listening sessions between now and April will result in wider solutions. (Added 3-23-2021)

Court Clarifies Decision on Clergy Session Voting” by Linda Bloom via UMNS. The Judicial Council issues a ruling affecting one of the twelve legislative items that was to have been handled at the now-cancelled GC on May 8. (Added 3-22-2021)

Breaking News: Bishops Cancel May 8 General Conference” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. The Council of Bishops met on March 22 and rescinded their call for a May 8 virtual General Conference. See also Press Statement. See Letter from Jerry Kulah of Africa Initiative protesting the called session. (Added 3-22-2021)

Why Stop at Censuring Social Media Posts? The Bible Needs Censure Too” by Frank Schaefer. United Methodist clergy defrocked for performing same-sex weddings says, “Ideally, we should ban such problematic passages from the Bible altogether.” (Added 3-20-2021)

Gay Drag Queen Becomes Ministry Candidate at Heart of United Methodist Church Split” by Charlie Schlenker and Catrina Petersen via WGLT (NPR). An audio interview with Isaac Simmons, recently certified as a candidate for ministry in the Vermillion River District of the Illinois Great Rivers Conference of the UMC. (Added 3-20-2021)

Episcopal Address of the Liberia Annual Conference” by Bishop Samuel Quire. “When division happens, the Liberia Annual will look forward to partnering with other United Methodist traditionalists all around the world to create a truly global Methodist church that is rooted in Scripture, and the great teachings of the Christian faith down through the ages.” (Added 3-20-2021)

Rise Up, O Church of God — Have Done with Lesser Things” by Timothy Tennent. President of Asbury Theological Seminary: “We must live in the present as if we have already been set free for renewed mission in the world. After all, our hope is not in the Protocol. We do not stand trembling before the Council of Bishops waiting for them to tell us, yet again, they are still committed to showing us the door. We stand before the risen Christ!” (Added 3-19-2021)

Recommended Reading: Unity and Schism in the Philippines” by David Scott via UM & Global. A round-up of recent statements shedding light on whether the Philippines will be a region in the psUMC or a part of the Global Methodist Church. (Added 3-19-2021)

Delegates: Bishops’ Plan Oversteps Bounds” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. A group of progressive delegates is upset that they are being asked to hold off on electing new bishops. (Added 3-18-2021)

Schism Decision on Hold, United Methodist Bishop Addresses Way Forward” by Emily McFarlan Miller via Religion News Service. Bishop LaTrelle Easterling addresses the Baltimore-Washington Conference in a State of the Church Address. (Added 3-18-2021)

Nigerian Leaders Support UMC Separation, Reject ‘African Voices for Unity’” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. Leaders from four West African conferences issue a statement in support of the Protocol. (Added 3-18-2021)

Holy Conversations: The Transitional Book of Doctrines and Discipline of the Global Methodist Church” via WCA. A podcast episode with Bob Kaylor and Keith Boyette about the Discipline that will guide the church up to a convening conference. (Added 3-18-2021)

Filipino UMC Leaders Stand with Global Methodist Church, Oppose ‘Christmas Covenant’ Regionalization” via Juicy Ecumenism. A Statement by Filipino UM Leaders. (Added 3-16-2021)

Why I Don my Drag Today – Isaac Simmons” via Reconciling Ministries. United Methodism’s first (open) drag queen clergy candidate shares his story. (Added 3-16-2021)

Yes, Virginia, Drag Queens Can Be Called to Ministry, Too” by Jeremy Smith via Hacking Christianity. Jeremy takes another swipe at Chris Ritter as he supports Isaac Simmons’ candidacy for United Methodist ministry. (Added 3-16-2021)

United Methodist Drag Queen Discusses Ordination Candidacy” by Dan Moran via Juicy Ecumenism. Reporting on an online conversation with JJ Warren and Isaac Simmons about converting the church. (Added 3-16-2021)

UMC Fracture Marks Moment of Change” by Jane Ellen Nickell via UM Insight. “While LMX, Out of Chaos, and the Christmas Covenant all consider future possibilities that this disruption in the status quo might permit, traditionalists remain wedded to the past.” (Added 3-15-2021)

JJ Warren Interviews Penny Cost (aka Isaac Simmons) via Instagram. An interview with drag queen certified as a candidate for ministry in the UMC. Plans to evangelize the conservative caucuses of the UMC by subverting Christian symbols. JJ: “When I think of conversion, I don’t think of people outside Christianity, but Christians themselves.” (Added 3-12-2021)

Wesleyans and Sexual Chaos” by Mark Ongley via Firebrand Magazine. The church’s silence on the Christian vision for human sexuality has been meet with a sexual tsunami by our culture. (Added 3-15-2021)

The UMC’s Drag Queen Clergy Candidate” by Dan Moran via Juicy Ecumenism. Reporting on Isaac Simmons who was recently unanimously approved for certification as a candidate for ordained ministry by the Vermillion River District of the Illinois Great Rivers Conference. (Added 3-13-2021)

Fault Lines in the New Traditionalist Denomination” by Arthur Collins. The potential points of division within the newly announced Global Methodist Church. (Added 3-13-2021)

Does Regionalization Replace Separation?” by Thomas Lambrecht via Good News. The impact of regionalization on the UMC. (Added 3-12-2021)

Alaska Delegates Propose Omnibus Legislation to Move UMC Beyond Impasse” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. Coverage of a proposal to link the Separation Protocol with a global Regionalization Plan for the UMC. (Added 3-12-2021)

Prayers with Penny: The Holy Rosary” via Isaac Simmons’ Facebook Page. On March 4 Isaac Simmons, a self-described drag queen, was unanimously certified as a candidate for ordained ministry by the Vermillion River District of the Illinois Great Rivers Conference. Certification is an important step that opens access to denominational funding for ministerial training. Hope Church in Bloomington, an IGRC church plant and Isaac’s home congregation, has recently removed videos of drag-queen-led worship from their Facebook page. Isaac (not dressed as “Penny Cost”) has been featured at events sponsored by “IGRC for Unity,” a group that successfully championed the election of a majority progressive GC delegation in 2019. Update: See a Statement and further statement by Isaac Simmons posted Friday morning. (Added 3-12-2021)

Can a Divided Church Serve a Divided Society?” commentary by Paul Stallsworth via UMNS. Leader in the pro-life caucus of the UMC calls for unity. (Added 3-12-2021)

The Continuing Roles of the Wesleyan Covenant Association in Developing the Global Methodist Church” by Keith Boyette via WCA. The role of WCA in this time leading up to separation. (Added 3-12-2021)

Statement of Unity of the Manila Episcopal Area Cabinet” via MEA Facebook Page. A statement generally supporting regionalization and warning against hasty separation. (Added 3-12-2021)

Segregationism and the Corruption of Methodist Discipline (or how 20th Century Methodists broke Methodism)” by Scott Kisker via Firebrand Magazine. This article published in July 2020 outlines how jurisdictionalism led to the decline of Methodist discipline. (Added 3-11-2021)

Statement by Bishop Laurie Haller via Iowa Conference UMC. The Iowa Conference has an Ezekiel Team that plans for an orderly separation and cooperation between two denominations following separation. (Added 3-11-2021)

Pharisees for the Control of Christ: The Attack on the United Methodist Church by Conservative Evangelical Christians” by David Bryant. A response the the announced formation of the Global Methodist Church. (Added 3-9-2021)

A Time for Clarity” by Rob Renfroe via Good News. A call for the special session of GC on May 8 to act on The Protocol. (Added 3-8-2021)

General Conference Postponed: Virtual Meeting Needs Protocol Action” by Thomas Lambrecht. The Protocol should be placed on the May 8 agenda with all dates adjusted one year forward to account for the COVID delay. (Added 3-8-2021)

The Global Methodist Church is Happening: A Reflection on Division” by Jeremy Vickers via Firebrand Magazine. Hopes that Methodists can do better than burning each other’s banners. (Added 3-8-2021)

Just Announced: The Global Methodist Church” by Ready to Harvest via Youtube. An 8-minute overview of what led up to the announcement of the Global Methodist Church, along with a prediction that it may become larger than the UMC. (Added 3-6-2021)

Thinking About a Disunited Future: Questions, Terms, and Faultlines to Ponder” by Terry Mattingly via Get Religion. Analysis of the pending split aimed at helping reporters covering developments understand the landscape. (Added 3-6-2021)

A Fresh Start” by Thomas Lambrecht via Good News. The formation of the Global Methodist Church creates an opportunity for Methodists to begin again. (Added 3-5-2021)

Going Global” by Chappell Temple. A member of the writing team for the draft Book of Doctrines and Discipline reflects on the announcement of the intended formation of the Global Methodist Church. (Added 3-5-2021)

The Next Methodism Fund” via WCA. A mechanism for congregations and individuals to financially support the launch of the Global Methodist Church. (Added 3-5-2021)

A Look at the Council of Bishops Proposal” by Forbes Matonga. A clergy delegate from Zimbabwe West reflects on the legislative items proposed by the COB for the May 8 Special Session. (Added 3-5-2021)

Disappointment, Expectation, and Hope” via Confessing Movement. Response to the delay in General Conference. (Added 3-4-2021)

The Protocol and Waiting for Godot” by Keith Sweat. The Protocol is good but will never come to a vote. (Added 3-4-2021)

Court Finalizes Agreement Between Glide and California-Nevada Annual Conference” via Glide Church. The church formerly led by Bishop Karen Oliveto has now departed from the UMC. (Added 3-4-2021)

A New Era in United Methodist Politics: New Parties” by David Scott via UM & Global. The new political caucuses vying for control of the UMC. See also Part One. (Added 3-4-2021)

Why IGRC Should Join the Global Methodist Church” by Chris Ritter via PeopleNeedJesus.net. An appeal that United Methodism has been a disaster for Illinois Methodism and a call to join the new Methodist movement. (Added 3-4-2021)

Global Methodism’s New Church” by Mark Tooley via The Gospel Coalition. An article aimed at those outside Methodism to inform them of the plans for a new church. (Added 3-4-2021)

United Methodist Conservatives Detail Breakaway Plans Over Gay Inclusion” by Associate Press via NBC News. Outside coverage. (Added 3-3-2021)

“Conservative United Methodists Plan Breakaway Denomination” by Emily McFarlan Miller via Christianity Today. Outside coverage of the planned Global Methodist Church. (Added 3-3-2021)

“It Is Time to Separate” by Stephen Rankin via UMNS. Commentary from the Chaplain of Southern Methodist University. (Added 3-3-2021)

Another GC2020 Delay Brings Relief, Chagrin” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. A round-up of responses to the second postponement of General Conference. (Added 3-2-2021)

Millions of Methodists will go left — but Millions More will be Right” by Steve Jordahl via One News Now. Mark Tooley predicts as many as 2.5 million Methodists in America will join the Global Methodist Church. (Added 3-2-2021)

UMCNext’s Statement on the Delay of General Conference” via UMCNext.com. Calls upon the Protocol to be handled in 2022 and not before, and calls for a continuation of abeyance of clergy charges. (Added 3-2-2021)

United Methodist Leader who Helped Create United Methodism’s Separation Plan Dies of Cancer” by Michael Gryboski via Christian Post. Article on the passing of Junius Dotson focusing on his role in negotiating the Separation Protocol. (Added 3-2-2021)

Moving Together into Methodism’s Bright Future” via Mississippi Methodism. A March 1 event with Keith Boyette and Carolyn Moore of WCA. (Added 3-2-2021)

Conservative United Methodists Detail Breakaway Plans” by Onize Ohikere via World. Outside coverage of the March 1 announcement of the Global Methodist Church. (Added 3-2-2021)

What the Juicy Ecumenism Article Doesn’t say about the UMC’s LGBTQ Bans” by Daniel Gangler via UM Insight. A response to John Lomperis. (Added 3-2-2021)

United Methodist Conservatives Detail Plans for a Breakaway” by Associated Press via One News Now. Outside coverage of the March 1 announcement of the Global Methodist Church. (Added 3-2-2021)

We Press On” by Keith Boyette via WCA. “Admittedly the leadership of the general church confronts a conundrum. And their solution is to micromanage – even control – the process.” (Added 3-2-2021)

The Ill-Fated Impasse of United Methodist Theology” by Joerg Rieger via UM Insight. A liberationist response to the recent Hamilton/Lambrecht dialog: Neither Jesus nor Wesley were Centrists. (Added 3-1-2021)

A Vision of New United Methodism” by Stan Copeland via UMNS. The pastor of Lover’s Lane UMC shares a vision for a leaner, big-tent United Methodism. (Added 3-1-2021)

God’s Comeback: The Church of England Has Found God Again” by Marcus Walker via The Critic. “If you find a priest crossing his fingers during the creed or wincing at the mention of the Virgin Birth it is likely he was ordained many decades ago and is now floating around the edge of retirement.” (Added 3-1-2021)

What is Most Just in the Midst of Injustice” by Reconciling Ministries Network. Reaffirmation of support for the Separation Protocol and Christmas Covenant by the leading LGBTQ+ lobby in United Methodism. (Added 3-1-2021)

A New Era in United Methodist Politics: New Issues” by David Scott via UM & Global. The denominational system “no longer up the task” amidst decline and conflict. (Added 3-1-2021)

New Global Methodist Church Announces” by Mark Tooley via Juicy Ecumenism. Coverage of the release of the Global Methodist Church name, logo, and website. (Added 3-1-2021)

Planned Denomination Gets Name” by Sam Hodges via UMNS. Coverage of the release of information a new, planned Methodist denomination. (Added 3-1-2021)

The Global Methodist Church” via the Holy Conversations Podcast. Bishop Robert Hayes and Keith Boyette answer questions about the Global Methodist Church. (Added 3-1-2021)

The Global Methodist Church Website. The official website of the Global Methodist Church includes the names of the Transitional Leadership Council, Transitional Book of Doctrine and Discipline, and other key information. (Added 3-1-2021)

The Transitional Book of Doctrines and Discipline of the Global Methodist Church. This is the Discipline that would govern churches joining the Global Methodist Church before the convening General Conference. (Added 3-1-2021)

The Global Methodist Church” by Walter Fenton via WCA. This is the article releasing detailed information on the Transitional Leadership Council, name, logo, and discipline of the new denomination being planned by traditionalists. (Added 3-1-2021)

General Conference Postponed Again” by Thomas Lambrecht via Firebrand Magazine. Coverage on the delay of GC. (Added 3-1-2021)

GC2020… I Mean 2022 (Part Two): What’s Good for the Goose” by David Livingston. A GC delegate from Kansas encourages traditionalists to leave under the Tayor Disaffiliation Provision. See also Part One. (Added 3-1-2021)

Pastoral Letter on GC Postponement” by Bishop David Bard via Minnesota UMC. “Some form of separation is likely to come, but has not yet arrived.” (Added 2-27-2021)

Special Episode: The UMC General Conference Delay” with Keith Boyette via WCA’s Holy Conversations Podcast. The President of WCA offers his initial thoughts to the announcements regarding General Conference. (Added 2-26-2021)

WCA Florida GC News Response” (video) with Jay Therrell. Initial thoughts on the delay in GC from the president of the Florida Chapter of WCA. (Added 2-26-2021)

United Methodists Remain on Clock: Will 2022 See Biggest Church Split Since Civil War? (Updated)” by Richard Ostling via Get Religion. Outside coverage. (Added 2-26-2021)

United Methodists Reschedule Meeting – and Decision on Splitting – Again” by Emily McFarlan Miller via Religion News Service. Outside coverage of the delayed General Conference and special session. (Added 2-26-2021)

Writing Team Describes Vision Map Process” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. Q&A with the “Out of Chaos… Creation” group. (Added 2-26-2021)

Facing Hard Truths and Doing the Right Thing” by Joe DiPaolo via WCA. “I would argue that the UM Church has ceased, in any meaningful sense, truly to be a church.” (Added 2-26-2021)

Understanding the UMC General Conference Delay” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. Analysis of the delay of General Conference and a few “what if” scenarios. (Added 2-25-2021)

Statement by the Metro Santiago District of the Northeast Philippines AC” A district informed their annual conference they declare independence from the UMC and await the formation of a new traditional Methodist Church. See also this video. (Added 2-25-2021)

Making Sense of the Delayed GC and the Special GC News” by Jeremy Smith via Hacking Christianity. Progressive blogger analyzes the news about General Conference. (Added 2-25-2021)

General Conference Postponed Until 2022” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Coverage on where we stand with a delayed General Conference and a very limited special session. (Added 2-25-2021)

Technology Study Team Report This is the report to the Commission on General Conference. (Added 2-25-2021)

Council of Bishops Call Special, Limited Session” via COB website. (Added 2-25-2021)

General Conference Postponed Until 2022” via Resource UMC. (Added 2-25-2021)

A press release is expected at any moment from the Council of Bishops announcing a special called session of General Conference on May 8, 2021.  It will be a virtual meeting using paper balloting on a VERY limited agenda.  No debates.  Yes or no vote will be held on a small package of measures to keep the church functional.  No Protocol.  No human sexuality legislation.  The jurisdictions will meet following General Conference at some point. (2-25-2021: 10:35 CST)

At the Northeast Philippines Annual Conference currently in session, the Metro Santiago District announced a declaration of separation from the UMC. They state they will join the new traditional Methodist denomination when it forms. The conference has taken no plenary action and Bishop Torio is urging the conference to wait on passage of The Protocol. (Added 2-24-2021)

Our Commitment” by Bishops Alsted, Ruckert, and Streiff. Three European bishops long for regionalization and promise to respect those who agree with the current position of the UMC who nonetheless stay in the church once that position is altered. “Some sort of separation appears inevitable.” (Added 2-24-2021)

Church’s Future Again a Hot Topic” by Sam Hodges via UMNS. A round-up of recent developments around the future of the UMC. (Added 2-24-2021)

The Broken Promise of UM Separation Protocol: Methodist Bishops Close and Sell Church Properties” by Dalton & Tomich. A video produced by the leading law firm representing UM congregations against their conferences. (Added 2-23-2021)

Data About the Two New Methodist Denominations” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. Theological differences of the emerging denominations. (Added 2-22-2021)

Approaching Separation: A Rejoinder to Adam Hamilton” by Thomas Lambrecht via Good News. A reply to Hamilton’s critique of Lambrecht’s summary on the reasons for the coming separation. (Added 2-20-2021)

Christmas Covenant Website and Videos Launched” by Press Release via UM Insight. The launch of a website to promote a global regionalization plan for the UMC. (Added 2-19-2021)

Debunking Untruths of Africa Initiative Articles” by Albert Otshudi Longe via UM Insight. A Congolese lay person, a former staffer with General Board of Church and Society, is critical of recent statements from Forbes Matonga and the Africa Initiative. (Added 2-19-2021)

Traditionalists in Panic Mode as they Lobby the #UMC to prioritize The Protocol over Pandemic Relief” by Jeremy Smith via Hacking Christianity. Jeremy Smith politicizes the pandemic all United Methodists are struggling to overcome. (Added 2-18-2021)

Africa and the United Methodist ‘Protocol’” by Forbes Matonga via Juicy Ecumenism. The third part in a series on where the African UMC stands. Three options for the future are explored. The author supports Africa joining a new traditional Methodist denomination. (Added 2-18-2021)

Time for New Complaints, Charges, Against Renegade UMC Clergy?” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. It is time to uphold the decisions made at General Conference. (Added 2-18-2021)

Statement of Nigerian Leaders” by key leaders of the Nigeria Episcopal area. A response to an earlier statement by “African Voices for Unity” that clarifies the earlier statement affirming a regionalized UMC does not speak for them. This group supports The Protocol. (Added 2-18-2021)

Considering the Dissolution of the UMC” by Darryl Stephens via UM Insight. An interesting round-up of ideas for doing away with the General Conference of the UMC. (Added 2-17-2021)

Scrutinizing the Proposed Hold on New Bishops” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Coverage of responses to the proposals to elect no new bishops this quadrennia due to budgetary restraints and uncertainty. (Added 2-17-2021)

A Coalition of Traditional Leaders Continues to Support the Protocol of Reconciliation and Grace through Separation” via Good News. A statement in support of the Protocol by Traditionalist bishops and renewal leaders. (Added 2-16-2021)

An Insider’s Outline of the Views of African United Methodists (Part Two of Three” by Forbes Matonga via Juicy Ecumenism. In the second part of this three-part series, Matonga shares the nature and perspectives of African United Methodism. (Added 2-16-2021)

A Church in Schism: An African Perspective on the Theological Impasse in the UMC (Part One of Three)” by Forbes Matonga via Juicy Ecumenism. A General Conference delegate from Africa shares his perspective to the American UMC. (Added 2-16-2021)

An Open Letter to the U.S. Bishops of the UMC” by JJ Warren. Progressive criticism of a plan to place a moratorium on the election of new bishops in response to budget concerns. (Added 2-15-2021)

Will the #UMC Delegates save Bishops from Themselves?” by Jeremy Smith via Hacking Christianity. Smith worries that a plan to reduce the number of bishops will give traditionalists a majority on the Council of Bishops. (Added 2-12-2021)

The Case for a Virtual General Conference (Part Two)” by Thomas Lambrecht via Good News. In spite of some lingering uncertainties, a virtual or distributed General Conference 2021 should be planned. (Added 2-12-2021)

Grandview Church Formalizes Split from the UMC” via Press Release shared on UM Insight. A Progressive congregation exits the UMC and creates a new, more inclusive network for Methodists. (Added 2-12-2021)

Getting to a Decision” by Keith Boyette via WCA. The President of WCA calls for passage of The Protocol of Grace and Reconciliation sooner rather than later. We need the will to act and move forward. (Added 2-12-2021)

General Agencies Cutting Back (Part One)” by Kathy Gilbert and Jim Patterson via UMNS. The General agencies of the UMC begin an uncertain process of downsizing. See also Part Two of Two. (Added 2-12-2021)

A Virtual General Conference Faces Hurdles” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Analysis of the issues surrounding a virtual or distributed General Conference in advance of a big decision by the Commission on General Conference. (Added 2-12-2021)

Two Questions While Waiting for a New Methodism (Part One)” by Greg Stover via West Ohio WCA. Calls for patience and endurance amidst delays in passage of The Protocol. (Added 2-11-2021)

Another Protocol?” by Chris Ritter via PeopleNeedJesus.net. A brief review of the newly proposed “Protocol for Gracious Unity” and denominational tensions around the existing Protocol. (Added 2-10-2021)

A Church that Imports Pastors is a Mission Field” by David Scott via UM & Global. Unable to produce its own leaders, the UMC in America is a mission field. (Added 2-10-2021)

The Protocol for Graceful Unity“. There is a plan surfacing among some bishops to reject the Protocol in favor of a redesign of the UMC along both regional and ideological lines. A cross between the Christmas Covenant and the Connectional Conference Plan, this creates a progressive and traditional set of annual conferences within each of the four global regions. See the Legislation here. Check out the documents below. I understand this is being circulated among delegates and that a website is forthcoming. See also the following document by Bishop Gary Mueller published Feb. 2020: “The Need for Space and a New Form of Unity” (Added 2-9-2021)

Understanding the United Methodist Church Split: How We Got Here, the Basics of the Protocol, and the Choices Ahead” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. An audio/video discussion of the separation of the UMC. (Added 2-8-2021)

UMC to Split Virtually?” by David Donnan via YouTube. A South Georgia Conference UMC pastors offers a video reaction to “Moving Ahead in the UMC: A Distributed General Conference” by Chris Ritter in Firebrand Magazine. (Added 2-8-2021)

Moving Ahead in the UMC: A Distributed General Conference” by Chris Ritter via Firebrand Magazine. Written for non-insiders to describe the concept of a distributed General Conference. (Added 2-8-2021)

If I Were Thinking of Joining a New Methodist Denomination” by Jack Harnish. Leaving the UMC involves more than some people might be presently considering. (Added 2-8-2021)

The Case for a Virtual General Conference, Part One” by Thomas Lambrecht via Good News. The first installment of a detailed article arguing for a virtual General Conference 2021 that includes the Protocol. (Added 2-6-2021)

Letter to the UM Bishops of Africa from ‘Africa Voices for Unity’” by Ande Immanuel, Lloyd Nyarota et. al. Ten Africans write to bishops arguing for African unity and regionalization of the UMC. (Added 2-6-2021)

Report to Jurisdictional Delegates to General Conference” by Rick King, CFO GCFA. A PPT presentation to GC delegates from the General Council on Finance and Administration recommending a 25% cut. (Added 2-6-2021)

Will the Drivers of the United Methodist Church Take Responsibility?” by Jeremy Smith via UM Insight. Conservatism is somehow to blame to the woes of the UMC. (Added 2-6-2021)

No Church Left Behind” via Florida WCA (Vimeo). An effort to support Haitian and Hispanic congregations by the Florida Chapter of the WCA. (Added 2-6-2021)

WCA Task Force Launches the Nehemiah Journey” by Walter Fenton via WCA. The Church Revitalization Task Force of WCA begins a pilot project aimed at church revitalization. (Added 2-6-2021)

A Response to Thomas Lambrecht” by Adam Hamilton. A Response to Lambrecht’s “Primary Reasons for Separation” article in which Hamilton defends UM Centrists and the idea of a big tent UMC. (Added 2-4-2021)

The Barriers Against a Virtual General Conference” by Jeremy Smith via UM Insight. A very complete article outlining the pitfalls and potential problems of a virtual General Conference. (Added 2-4-2021)

Regionalization Would Have Prevented Some Problems with Delayed General Conference 2020” by David Scott via UM & Global. Promoting the Regionalization of the UMC as a way to respond more quickly to crises like COVID. Note: Alongside the Alaska Ominbus, this is another item representing efforts to link the Protocol and the Christmas Covenant. (Added 2-3-2021)

Is It Time to Leave the Riffraff for Rome?” by Jason Vickers via Firebrand Magazine. An Asbury professor reflects on whether the split in United Methodism will accelerate the exodus of theologians from Mainline Christianity to Roman Catholicism. (Added 2-1-2021)

Pandemic Challenges for General Conference” by Walter Fenton via WCA. A summary of the current situation with General Conference 2021. (Added 1-29-2021)

The Alaska Omnibus Proposal” via the GC Delegation of the Alaska Annual Conference. The delegation of the Alaska AC recommends grouping The Protocol, the Christmas Covenant, and Wespath Proposals into one omnibus motion to come before GC2021. Note that the Christmas Covenant (Regionalization) plan requires amendments/ratification and the Protocol does not. This may be a way to boost support for something traditionalists would otherwise reject. The framers of this plan make some miscellaneous additions that will require careful scrutiny and (I think) clutter their proposal. (Added 1-21-2021)

Vaccines Won’t Save General Conference 2021” by David Scott via UM & Global. Reasons why GC2021 will need to be postponed again or held virtually. (Added 1-27-2021)

Salvaging ‘Catholic Spirit’ in the Context of Contempt” by Donald Haynes via Firebrand Magazine. The Protocol as an expression of the Catholic Spirit. (Added 1-25-2021)

Why the United Methodist Church is REALLY splitting: The Big Picture History” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. A breakdown in doctrine and discipline is at the heart of the separation of the UMC. (Added 1-21-2021)

Save the Date to Go Global” via WCA. The new date for the previously postponed Global Gathering. May 1 at Frazer Church in Montgomery, Alabama. (Added 1-19-2021)

Words Matter” by Robin Scott via New Methodist Movement. A episcopal candidate voices frustration that some would use the pandemic as an excuse to back away from The Protocol. (Added 1-19-2021)

Separation Nitty-Gritty: The Trust Clause and the Lien” by Chris Ritter via PeopleNeedJesus.net. The first is a series of posts exploring relevant details of the coming separation of the UMC. (Added 1-15-2021)

Historical Denman Building Closes with Bittersweet Memories” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. Reporting on the closure of a facility operated by the General Board of Discipleship. (Added 1-15-2021)

Recommended Viewing: Christmas Covenant Videos” by David Scott. The Director of Mission Theology at Global Ministries shares video links in support of The Christmas Covenant Plan supporting the global regionalization of the UMC. (Added 1-15-2021)

Grappling with a Postponed General Conference” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Reporting on the continuing questions about the when and how of the next UMC General Conference. (Added 1-8-2021)

From Strife to the Better Angels of Our Nature” by Keith Boyette via WCA. The President of WCA comments on the violence in the nation’s capitol. (Added 1-8-2021)

“‘Amen and A-woman’: Emmanuel Cleaver’s Prayer Mocks U.S. Civil Religion” by Mark Tooley. A US Congressman and UMC Clergy makes news with his prayer before congress. (Added 1-4-2021)

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