Updated 03-02-2021

Here is the UM Fallout Archives for the Year 2020.

The Very Latest

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Top Ten Developments in the UMC in 2020” by Chris Ritter via PeopleNeedJesus.net. A countdown of most significant developments in the UMC in 2020. (Added 12-29-2020)

Non-American United Methodists Overtaking Americans” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. Reporting on new numbers by GCFA showing that most worshippers on any given weekend in the UMC are overseas. (Added 12-29-2020)

Commission on the General Conference Establishes Timeline for Next Steps” via Press Release. The Technology Study Team has been given a deadline of January 31 to complete their work and issue a final report. New petitions to GC will be handled like other petitions submitted after the deadline. (Added 12-21-2020)

Recovering Missional Effectiveness” by Tommy Gray via NewMethodistMovement. A former district superintendent shares his hopes that a new Methodism will be more effective. (Added 12-19-2020)

The Charismatic Movement in the Next Methodism” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. An important difference in the Methodisms emerging from the UMC is the extent to which they believe in the supernatural. (Added 12-19-2020)

European Conferences Move Toward LGBTQ Acceptance” by Thomas Lambrecht via Good News. Coverage of localized “One Church Plan” approaches in European United Methodism. (Added 12-19-2020)

Publishing House Among Pandemic Victims” by Sam Hodges via UMNS. In previous splits the publishing concerns were the primary denominational assets to be divided. The UM Publishing House will not survive COVID in its current form. (Added 12-18-2020)

When Affirmation Replaced Transformation” by Warren Lathem via Juicy Ecumenism. Part of a UM Voices series in which Lathem reflects on how the Methodist call for transformation has been replaced by a progressive religion based on affirmation. (Added 12-18-2020)

Council of Bishops’ Advent Letter ” via UM Council of Bishops. “We recognize that uncertainty will follow us into 2021.” (Added 12-17-2020)

Recovering Methodism’s Apostolic Heart” by Mike Weaver via Firebrand Magazine. A call to recover apostolic ministries in a renewed Methodism. (Added 12-17-2020)

Black United Methodists Want Changes” by Jim Patterson via UMNS. Rudy Rasmus edits a new book of essays from black UM’s. (Added 12-178-2020)

Living in the In-Between Times” by Keith Boyette via WCA. “We wonder when we will be released to move ahead with the vision God has given us for a renewed, restored, revitalized Methodist church that will be fully global and bearing much fruit.” (Added 12-11-2020)

Ecumenism in the Next Methodism” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. Divergent visions of ecumenism will be allowed freedom from one another following the split. (Added 12-10-2020)

Group Pursues Liberation Within Denomination” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Coverage of “The Liberation Project” representing liberationists committed to staying in the UMC. (Added 12-10-2020)

Neocolonial Manipulations by Good News and WCA are Resurfacing” by Lloyd Nyarota via UM Insight. Nyarota critical of recent statements by WCA and Good News. (Added 12-10-2020)

Why Choose a New Methodist Denomination?” by Cam Price via NewMethodistMovement.org. A clergywoman states reasons for joining a new Methodist denomination. (Added 12-10-2020)

Liberation Methodism Isn’t Leaving the UMC” by Dan Moran via Juicy Ecumenism. The Liberation Project represents liberationists that plan to stay in the UMC and influence its future. (Added 12-7-2020)

What #StayUMC is Not Telling You” by Paul Lawler via New Methodist Movement. Competing campaigns are organized to decide the denominational affiliation of the North Alabama Conference. (Added 12-10-2020)

New Liberationist Denomination?” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News. Reporting and analysis of the Liberation Methodist Connexion. (Added 12-5-2020)

New Progressive Methodist Denomination Formed Before Possible UMC Schism Over LGBT Issues” by Michael Gryboski via Christian Post. Reporting on the formation of the Liberation Christian Connexion. (Added 12-5-2020)

UMC Split May Lead to 20% Drop in Denomination-Wide Giving to Ministries” by Kyle Huckins via Christian Post. Outside reporting on GCFA projections of the financial impact of schism. (Added 12-5-2020)

Four Questions for the Liberation Project” by Jeremy Smith via Hacking Christianity. A group of Liberationist Methodists committed to working within the UMC to transform it (separate from the new Liberation Methodist Connexion). (Added 12-2-2020)

“‘Out of Chaos’ to Create ‘Vision Map’ for the Church: Group Enters Second Round of Envisioning New UMC” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. Reporting from the second webinar hosted by the ad hoc “Out of Chaos… Creation” group. (Added 12-2-2020)

New Progressive Methodist Denomination Starts” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Reporting on the formation of the Liberation Methodist Connexion. (Added 12-2-2020)

New Liberation Methodism” by Mark Tooley via Juicy Ecumenism. Report on the proposed formation of the Liberation Methodist Connexion. (Added 12-2-2020)

Blueprinting a New Local Church Future” by Donald Haynes via Firebrand Magazine. A follow-up to “Where Methodism Went Wrong” in which Haynes calls the local church back to evangelism and mission. (Added 11-30-2020)

With All Our Minds”: Reclaiming the Lost Dimension of Love of God” by Bob Phillips via PeopleNeedJesus.net. Threats and four milestones for a new church that honors the mind as a means of loving God. (Added 11-27-2020)

Ten Reasons Traditional United Methodists Can be Thankful in 2020” by John Lomperis. The head of UM Action lists bright spots for traditionalist Methodists amid the current crisis. (Added 11-27-2020)

Regionalization and Self-Determination” by David Livingston. The critique of Thomas Lambrecht’s recent article supports regionalization as the best path toward global self-determination. (Added 11-27-2020)

United Methodist Accountability Continues” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. Clergy leaving the UMC or having their credentials revoked for violating UMC standards around marriage and sexuality. (Added 11-24-2020)

Rev. Mark Holland: United Methodist Traditionalists are Divisive Trump Evangelicals” by Dan Moran via Juicy Ecumenism. Partisan venom from Mainstream UMC’s founder. See also this coverage of the Inclusiveness Conference. (Added 11-23-2020)

Estimating Financial Impact of Church Exits” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. GCFA calculates 20% financial decline from U.S. Churches leaving the denomination. See also GCFA Board Press Release. (Added 11-23-2020)

German Plans for Denominational Future Solidify” by David Scott via UM and Global. German United Methodists seek a sort of regionalized One Church Plan approach. (Added 11-23-2020)

Separation and Self-Determination” by Thomas Lambrecht via Good News. How the Protocol provides the self-determination that African bishops seek. (Added 11-20-2020)

African Bishops and the Protocol for Reconciliation and Grace through Separation” by Walter Fenton via WCA. Interpreting the recent statement by the African bishops related to the Protocol. (Added 11-20-2020)

Holy Conversations: Church Revitalization” via WCA. District Superintendent Leah Hidde-Gregory talks about her work heading the church revitalization task force. (Added 11-19-2020)

Out of Chaos… Creation: New Webinar” A second webinar (December 1) hosted by a progressive group hoping to steer the direction of the UMC in the direction of intersectional justice. (Added 11-19-2020)

What Will the New Methodist Denomination Look Like?” by Paul Lawler via NewMethodistMovement.org. Questions and answers about the new traditional Methodist Church being formed. (Added 11-19-2020)

Planning for a More Inclusive Church” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Coverage of the inclusiveness conference hosted by the association of retired UM clergy. (Added 11-19-2020)

The Liberation Methodist Connexion Website. “We are a grassroots denomination of former, current, and non-Methodist faith leaders working on the unfolding of the kin-dom of God. We intentionally invite the full participation of all who are living out their God-given identities and expressions…” (Added 11-17-2020)

Protocol Legislation Tops Agenda of Top Court” by Linda Bloom via UMNS. Coverage of the Judicial Council’s deliberations on the Separation Protocol. (Added 11-14-2020)

Understanding the Christmas Covenant” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News. Analysis of the Christmas Covenant recently endorsed by the Connectional Table. (Added 11-14-2020)

WCA Awards Grants to Twelve Ministries in Central Conferences” via WCA. Report on efforts to offset Central Conference defunding by American progressives. (Added 11-14-2020)

Liberal Megachurch Set to Leave UMC” by Dan Moran via Juicy Ecumenism. The future of Glide Church is determined through a financial settlement with the California-Nevada Conference. (Added 11-12-2020)

United Methodist Leaders Propose Delaying Bishop Elections Until 2024 Amid Financial Woes, Schism” by Michael Gryboski via Christian Post. Outside coverage of the recent Council of Bishops’ meeting. (Added 11-12-2020)

Doing Something New is Hard is the Best of Times” by Walter Fenton via Good News. Tips for moving through the difficult days ahead. (Added 11-12-2020)

What Would a Distributed General Conference Look Like?” by David Scott via UM & Global. A GBGM staffer analyzed the concept of a General Conference with multiple locations. (Added 11-11-2020)

Inclusiveness Conference to Focus on Church Dismantling Racism and Diminishing Homophobia” via Press Release. The UM Association of Retired Clergy and Friends sponsors its fourth annual Inclusivity Conference virtually, with featured speakers to include Mark Holland and David Scott. (Added 11-7-2020)

Connectional Table Affirms the Christmas Covenant Legislation” by Rachel Birkhahn-Rommelfanger. A press release from the CT stating they view the Christmas Covenant as complementary legislation to their own regionalization plan. (Added 11-7-2020)

Council Urges No New Bishops U.S. Bishops for Four Years” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. The council supports a halt in episcopal elections in the U.S. and halting plans to add five new bishops for Africa. (Added 11-7-2020)

Legal Settlement Means Glide Leaves Denomination” by Kathy Gilbert via UMNS. A multi-million dollar financial settlement allows Glide to leave the California-Nevada Conference. (Added 11-5-2020)

Recommended Reading: African Bishops Make their Own Choices” by David Scott via UM & Global. A GBGM staffer summarizes a recent press release by African bishops. (Added 11-5-2020)

UMH Board Meeting – October 27, 2020” via Press Release. The UM Publishing House is Facing Hard Times and Deep Cuts. (Added 11-5-2020)

Orthodox Methodist Seminaries Grow while Others Falter” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. Enrollment is up and United and Asbury while other UM seminaries see enrollment declines. (Added 11-5-2020)

Options for General Conference” by Thomas Lambrecht via Good News. The pros and cons for various options to hold the next General Conference. (Added 11-5-2020)

How Many Local Churches?” by Walter Fenton via WCA. How many congregations might join a new, traditional Methodist movement? (Added 11-5-2020)

UMC Bishops Offer Innovative Ideas for Future of Global Denomination” via Press Release. The UMC bishops recommend pausing episcopal elections, creating a U.S. Conference of U.S. Bishops, and commit to focus on anti-racism values. (Added 11-5-2020)

Can General Conference Be Virtual? An Interview with Bishop Thomas Bickerton” via ResourceUMC. Kennetha Bigham-Tsai from the Connectional Table interviews Bishop Bickerton about possibilities for General Conference. (Added 11-5-2020)

What Goes Into Funding the Bishops?” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Episcopal funding under a microscope, currently, says this informational post. (Added 11-4-2020)

Another Inaccurate and Uninformed Letter” by Scott Fritzsche via Unsettled Christianity. Responding to Virginia Methodists for a New Thing. (Added 11-2-2020)

African Bishops: Let’s Make Our Own Churches” Press Release via Council of Bishops Website. African bishops don’t care for the options created by the Separation Protocol. (Added 10-31-2020)

New Group Explores General Conference Options” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Coverage of new team chosen by the Commission on General Conference to explore technology solutions for virtual conferencing. (Added 10-29-2020)

Panel: Racial and Sexual Parity Linked” by Jim Patterson via UMNS. Dismantling racism, an online forum sponsored by the General Commission on Religion and Race promoted intersectional understandings of justice. (Added 10-29-2020)

Traditionalists: Lay Down Your Swords” by David Livingston. Citing no examples other than passage of the Traditional Plan, a Kansas clergy asks UM traditionalists to stop being mean. (Added 10-29-2020)

United Methodist General Conference Should Go Virtual” by Mark Tooley via Juicy Ecumenism. Advocacy for a single-issue virtual General Conference in 2021 to handle the Protocol. (Added 10-29-2020)

Commission on General Conference Names Study Team” Press Release via Resource UMC. The Commission on General Conference names a team to study the technology that might allow a General Conference to happen remotely. (Added 10-27-2020)

WCA Viewpoint – Episode #2 (10/21/20)” video via Youtube. Keith Boyette, Jeff Greenway, and Carolyn Moore discuss the history and future of the WCA. (Added 10-24-2020)

United Methodist Evangelicals Growing Amid UMC Decline” by Kyle Huckins via Christian Post. Keith Boyette interviewed in this report on vital congregations preparing to leave the UMC. (Added 10-24-2020)

Waiting ‘Just Not Good Enough Any More’ — Liberal Churches Finalize Leaving the UMC” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. Reports of Progressive congregations leaving the UMC. (Added 10-24-2020)

Teaching the Revised Social Principles in an age of COVID-19” by Trey Witzel. An unapproved draft of new Social Principles by the Board of Church and Society is already be taught in local settings. (Added 10-24-2020)

Episcopal Church Marriages Plunge by Two-Thirds” by Jeffrey Walton via Juicy Ecumenism. With the addition of same-sex weddings, weddings and baptisms held in Episcopal congregations are down by more than half since 2003. (Added 10-24-2020)

Traditionalist Apprehension about a Post-Separation UMC” by Thomas Lambrecht via Good News. Will traditionalists really be tolerated in a post-separation UMC?” (Added 10-24-2020)

The Violence of Unity” by Darryl Stephens via UM Insight.

Should General Conference Go Virtual?” by Heather Hahn via UMNS.

What About Insurance and Pension After Separation?” by Keith Boyette via WCA. Pension and insurance matters affected by the denominational split. (Added 10-24-2020)

Hopes for a Renewed Methodism” by David Watson via Firebrand Magazine. The Academic Dean of United Theological Seminary shares his hopes for a future expression of Methodism. (Added 10-20-2020)

United Methodist Logo’s Cancellation?” by Mark Tooley via Juicy Ecumenism. Coverage of the movement to replace the United Methodist insignia. (Added 10-20-2020)

Statement of Support for Bishop Love from Communion Partner Bishops” PR via Anglican Link. Anglican bishops sign letter of support for Episcopal Church Bishop found guilty of barring same sex weddings in his diocese. (Added 10-20-2020)

Episcopal Church Worship Attendance Down by Nearly 25% since 2009: Report” by Michael Gryboski via Christian Post. A sister denomination calls its own statistics dire and unsustainable. (Added 10-20-2020)

The Imperative of Local Church Revitalization” by Walter Fenton via WCA. Report on the work of the Church Revitalization Task Force chaired by Central Texas Conference D.S., Rev. Dr. Leah Hidde-Gregory. (Added 10-16-2020)

Pastoral Payment and Missional Appointment” by David Scott via UM & Global. GBGM’s David Scott promotes a centralized system where the appointed pastors in the UMC are paid by the conference rather than by the local church. (Added 10-16-2020)

Considering the Dissolution of the UMC” by Darryl Stephens via UM Insight. More from Dr. Stephens on his vision for dissolving the UMC by fiat without General Conference action. Originally appearing here. (Added 10-16-2020)

Jason Vickers on Wesleyan Christology” via Juicy Ecumenism. An interview by Mark Tooley with Asbury professor Jason Vickers about his book charting developments in Christology in Methodist circles since Wesley. (Added 10-16-2020)

Intersectionality and the Christian Left” by Derryck Green via Juicy Ecumenism. The UMC and Reconciling Ministries Network mentioned in the article on how Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality are embraced by progressive Christian groups. (Added 10-16-2020)

United Methodist Western Jurisdiction Officials Announce Support for Protocol and Post-Separation Progressive Vision” by Dan Moran via Juicy Ecumenism. Coverage of the “Where Love Lives” Campaign and related statements. (Added 10-16-2020)

Western Jurisdiction Prepares for Separation” by Thomas Lambrecht via Good News. Traditionalists find much to celebrate in the WJ’s ‘Where Love Lives’ Campaign. (Added 10-16-2020)

Judicial Council Will Meet Electronically via Press Release. The UMC’s top court will consider the constitutionality of The Protocol in a virtual meeting, details TBD. (Added 10-14-2020)

General Conference… Never?” by Chris Ritter via PeopleNeedJesus.net. A response to Dr. Darryl Stephens’ proposal to never hold another UMC General Conference. (Added 10-13-2020)

Darryl W. Stephens: What Happens in General Conference Does Not Meet in 2021 — Or Ever Again?” by Darryl Stephens via UM & Global. A guest blog by Lancaster Seminary’s Director of Methodist Studies explores what would happen if the UMC General Conference never convened again. (Added 10-12-2020)

Negotiating a Divorce” by Beth Waldrup via Grit with Grace Blog. Creating a win-win scenario for the division of the UMC. (Added 10-10-2020)

The Protocol: Going Forward Not Backward” by Walter Fenton via WCA. The Feinberg Separation Protocol is still on track. (Added 10-10-2020)

Michigan Delegates Ponder GC Postponement” by John Harnish via UM Insight. Perspectives in the Michigan Conference delegation. (Added 10-10-2020)

United Methodist Split Update” by Mark Tooley via Juicy Ecumenism. An interview with Keith Boyette, President of the Wesleyan Covenant Association and the Separation Protocol Mediation Team. (Added 10-10-2020)

Oregon-Idaho Conference: Called to Love One Another (Trailer)” via Greater Northwest Episcopal Area. Conference encourages full inclusion through this video that caricaturizes alternative viewpoints. (Added 10-9-2020)

What Is a Traditional Methodist?” by Thomas Lambrecht via Good News. “‘Traditional Methodists’ believe in preserving the heart of our Methodist heritage in doctrine, practice, and spirit.” (Added 10-9-2020)

General Conference(s) 2022” by Chris Ritter via PeopleNeedJesus.net. Exploring a limited, virtual GC2021 followed by separate GC’s in 2022. (Added 10-9-2020)

“‘Where Love Lives, Creating a Fully Inclusive United Methodist Church” by Stephen Drachler via UM Insight. The Western Jurisdiction’s year-long campaign to make the UMC “fully inclusive.” (Added 10-8-2020)

What Happens if GC2021 Does Not Happen? Part Two: Budgets, Boards, and Bishops” by David Scott via UM & Global. GBGM staffer analyzes the impact of a General Conference that is further delayed. (Added 10-8-2020)

A Taxonomy of United Methodist Centrists” by Glenn Knepp via UM Insight. An Indiana clergy names the different stripes of Centrists in the UMC. (Added 10-7-2020)

Episcopal Panel: Bishop Guilty in Opposing Same-Sex Rites” by Jeffery Walton via Juicy Ecumenism. This bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Albany found guilty of not allowing same-sex weddings, even thought the provisional rites were to have been at the discretion of the bishop. (Added 10-5-2020)

Africans to UMC Libs: We will Embrace the ‘Klan’ Cross” by Steve Jordahl via OneNewsNow. Quotes Mark Tooley: “Now that the liberal church wants to, apparently, get rid of the logo, that will free it up to be used by the Methodists in Africa. So that’s good news.” (Added 10-3-2020)

FAQ’s About the Transitional Leadership Council” via WCA. Information about the nature and work of the Transitional Leadership Council planning a new Methodist denomination for traditionalists. (Added 10-3-2020)

Pastoral Word of the Episcopal College of the Methodist Church” via the Methodist Church of Brazil. Use your browser’s translate functon to read a statement by Brazillian bishops reaffirming biblical teaching on human sexuality. UM Forward responds and UMNS provides a link about increased violence against transgendered Brazillians. (Added 10-1-2020)

What Happens If GC2021 Does Not Happen? Part One: Denominational Division” by David Scott via UM & Global. A GBGM staffer describes what he thinks would happen in the (likely) case that GC2021 does not happen. (Added 9-30-2020)

UM Action Statement on Our Global Church and the Future of Methodism” shared via John Lomperis on Juicy Ecumenism. Historically against separation, UM Action agrees separation is necessary and calls for prioritizing the interests of the Central Conferences. (Added 9-29-2020)

Real Methodism” by Kevin Watson via Firebrand Magazine. “We need to rediscover who we are. We need to be clear about our commitment to a particular set of beliefs and a particular set of practices and our deep conviction that these reliably lead people to abundant life in Christ. We also need to be honest that we believe that neglecting these reliably leads to destruction.” (Added 9-28-2020)

Former Northside United Methodist Church in Jackson Reaches Financial Property Settlment with United Methodist Church Following Denominational Split” via Dalton/Tomich. The second largest congregation in the Memphis Conference completes its departure of the UMC. (Added 9-28-2020)

The Separation Protocol: Unconstitutional?” by Chris Ritter via PeopleNeedJesus.net. Response to William Lawrence’s analysis of constitutional problems in The Separation Protocol. (Added 9-24-2020)

Rooted & Rising Campaign” via Reconciling Ministries Network. RMN launches a new effort at intersectional justice and grassroots organizing. See also an article by Cynthia Astle here. (Added 9-24-2020)

WCA ViewPoint Sept. 23, 2020” via Youtube. The first in a series of livesteamed events addressing transitional issues toward to new Methodism. (Added 9-24-2020)


A Bishop’s View with Bishop Bob Hayes” via Holy Conversations Podcast (WCA). An interview with Bishop Hayes on the divisions in the UMC and improving race relations in the church and nation. (Added 9-24-2020)

In the Departure Lounge: Choose You This Day Whom You will Serve” by Billy Abraham via Evangelical Fellowship of Virginia (video). Billy Abraham addresses why Evangelicals are preparing to leave the UMC. His speech begins at 16:18. (Added 9-23-2020)

Conference Backs Replacing Cross & Flame” by Sam Hodges via UMNS. The North Texas Conference backs legislation to replace the insignia of the UMC due to negative racial overtones. (Added 9-23-2020)

Abraham: Methodist Split on Identity Politics and Salvation” by Carolina Lumetta via Juicy Ecumenism. “The choice is clear: will we remain in continuity with Wesley’s Methodism? Do we want to have crosses in our churches or rainbow crosses?” (Added 9-23-2020)

Keeping Our Clergy Covenant: Doubt, Discovery, and Intellectual Virtue” by Caleb Speicher via Firebrand Magazine. The integrity of teaching and maintaining the doctrines of the church amidst personal doubts. (Added 9-23-2020)

Full Communion with Episcopalians Delayed” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. UM’s and Episcopalians delay action on a full communion agreement because of COVID and the coming UM split. (Added 9-23-2020)

Surviving 2020: How Many Churches Will Die Because of COVID-19 and Worship Shifting” by Terry Mattingly via Get Religion. Analyzing reports on the impact of COVID on U.S. churches. (Added 9-23-2020)

Happy Warrior” via Good News. A profile of William Abraham. (Added 9-23-2020)

Confused about God” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News. Analysis of recent survey results showing culture is adrift theologically. (Added 9-23-2020)

Reclaiming the Method in Methodism” by Bob Kaylor via WCA. The head of the Accountable Discipleship Taskforce discusses how this will be weaved into the fabric of a new denomination. (Added 9-23-2020)

A Primer for Non-Methodists on the Methodist Ties that Bind” by Cynthia Astle via Baptist News. An introduction to UMC Connectionalism for those trying to figure out the split. (Added 9-23-2020)

Pluralism Revisited (Part Two)” by Riley Case via Confessing Movement. A call for a fresh expression of orthodox religious pluralism. (Added 9-23-2020)

NewWesleyanDenomination.com. The DNA of the new Methodist denomination is outlined along with the names of the bishops and leaders who are working on the transition. (Added 9-14-2020)

For the Sake of Your Local Church” by Walter Fenton. WCA prepares to make its case to local congregations on the Centrist-Traditional spectrum. (Added 9-11-2020)

What of Agencies in a Post-Separation Church?” by Lonnie Brooks and Kelly Marciales via UMNS. The current structure being unsustainable even under the best circumstances, a proposal for consolidating and reducing the UMC general agencies following separation. (Added 9-11-2020)

Will the Church Survive COVID-19 Damage? No, but this is a time for rebirth” by Christy Thomas. “Let us not miss this time, even as we must acknowledge the tremendous structural losses before us.” (Added 9-11-2020)

Church Agencies Cope with New Reality” via UM News. A round-up of the effects of reduced giving across the UMC. (Added 9-11-2020)

Key Mission Statement Holds Vision for UMC’s Future” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. David Scott resurrects “Grace Upon Grace” documents as a possible vision for the future of the UMC. (Added 9-11-2020)

Church Exits the Denomination for LGBTQ Equality” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Official UMC reporting on Asbury Memorial UMC in Savannah exiting the denomination. (Added 9-11-2020)

Losing the Gospel” by Thomas Lambrecht via Good News. A “do good” message is replacing the Gospel in our churches. (Added 9-11-2020)

Time for a Hard Reset Regarding Ordination” by Sky McCracken. The United Methodist system of ordination is ineffective, unbiblical, elitist, and unsustainable. (Added 9-9-2020)

WCA Viewpoint to Address Transitional Issues” via WCA. A livestreamed video program will launch on September 23 regarding transitional issues facing United Methodist congregations. (Added 9-8-2020)

Pro-homosexual Church Leaving United Methodist Fold” by Associated Press via OneNewsNow. Asbury Church in Savannah, GA granted exit from the UMC by the South Georgia Conference. (Added 9-3-2020)

A Sure Hope for a Faithful Future” by Keith Boyette via WCA. An update on what the delay of General Conference means for the formation of a new global Methodist Church. (Added 8-2-2020)

Have We Seen the Last Presbyterian Church (USA) General Assembly?” by Jeffrey Walton via Juicy Ecumenism. Are the days of large general denominational meetings nearing an end? (Added 9-1-2020)

The Hopes of An Orthodox Wesley Millenial” by Elizabeth Fink via Fireband. A young person’s perspective on the future of the Methodist movement. (Added 9-1-2020)

UMC Ecumenical Partnerships: Why they Matter Today” by David Scott via UM & Global. Continuing series on UM relationships as the deck prepares to be reshuffled. (Added 8-29-2020)

Reconnecting the Connection” by Thomas Lambrecht via Good News. A new Methodist denomination seeks to heal the doctrinal and accountability deficits that have stripped the UMC of its vibrancy. (Added 8-29-2020)

It’s Not About That; It is About This” by Bob Phillips via PeopleNeedJesus.net. United Methodists need to adjust their thinking heading into GC2021 and the subsequent annual conference votes. (Added 8-27-2020)

Indiana UMC Conference Poll Highlights Depths of Divide” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. More UM’s in Indiana are traditional on human sexuality and more would leave standards changed than if they remained the same. (Added 8-25-2020)

Pluralism Revisited, PART ONE” by Riley Case via Confessing Movement. Interesting history. Why some evangelicals welcomed the word “pluralism” in Our Theological Task. See PDF below. (Added 8-22-2020)

The Fall of United Methodism from Grace to Legalism: A Response to William Lawrence” by William Abraham via Firebrand. Billy Abraham offers analysis and response to William Lawrence’s take on recent UMC history. (Added 8-20-2020)

Death of a Bishop, Birth of a New Denomination Intertwined for UMC” Cynthia Astle via Baptist News Global. Progressive view of recent events trying to simultaneously support the separation protocol and cast shade on traditionalists seeking to form a new church as the protocol anticipates. (Added 8-20-2020)

Tributes Flow in for Sierra Leone Bishop Killed in Crash” by Kathy Gilbert via UM Insight. A round-up of tributes to Bishop Yambasu, including some perspectives on the Separation Protocol he initiated. (Added 8-20-2020)

Remembering Bishop John Yambasu” via Good News. Tribute to the life of the bishop who sparked the Separation Protocol negotiations. (Added 8-20-2020)

Bishop John Yambasu of Sierra Leone Dies in Road Accident; He was Chancellor of Africa Univeristy” via Council of Bishops Press Release. News of the death of Bishop Yambasu, convener of the Protocol for Separation. (Added 8-20-2020)

The Blessedness of Unity” by Bishop Julius Trimble via UM Insight. The bishop of Indiana makes a plea for unity. (Added 8-15-2020)

Preparation for Launch” by Keith Boyette via WCA. The President of WCA updates the church on the progress in forming a new global Methodist Church. (Added 8-15-2020)

The Problems of a Global Traditional Church” by David Scott via UM & Global. An agency staffer critiques plans for a new global Methodist Church. (Added 8-15-2020)

Kevin DeYoung on PCA Sex Report, Race, COVID, and Evangelical Future” by Mark Tooley via Juicy Ecumenism. The head of IRD continues a series of conversations with key voices in the church. (Added 8-15-2020)

Mennonite Regional Body Considering Cutting Ties over LGBT Issues” by Michael Gryboski via The Christian Post. The South Central Conference of the Mennonite Church grapples with whether to stay together. (Added 8-15-2020)

Recommended Reading: Germans Elaborate Plans to Stay Together” by David Scott via UM & Global. The Director of Mission Theology for GBGM shares documents produced by German United Methodists that indicate plans to stay together even after a UM divide. (Added 8-15-2020)

UMC Ecumenical Partnerships: Multilateral Partners” by David Scott via UM & Global. Continuation of a series exploring the various partnerships held by the UMC. (Added 8-15-2020)

“Lobby for control?”

The Traditionalist Bid for Africa” by David Scott via UM & Global. U.S. Traditionalists’ efforts to be in the same church as African United Methodists. (Added 8-5-2020)

“All Call to Repentance from Anti-Blackness and Gaslighting for the UMC” by Hannah Adair Bonner. The UMC should repent for promoting The Anatomy of Peace during its Way Forward process. (Added 8-5-2020)

Impact of COVID-19 on United Methodist Churches” by Sarah Brown via UM Insight. How the UMC is adapting to COVID. (Added 8-4-2020)

Brethren Against Brethren: LGBT Fight Divided Peace Church” by Daniel Sillman via Christianity Today. The Southeastern District of the Church of the Brethren divides over LGBT issues. (Added 8-4-2020)

The Ice Cube is Microwaving” by Chris Ritter via PeopleNeedJesus.net. Decline is no longer an adequate descriptor for what The United Methodist Church is experiencing. (Added 7-30-2020)

Global UMC Funding, Part Three: Funding Global Ministry in the Next Methodism” by John Lomperis. “Among the Americans who would dominate the liberalized psUMC, we have already seen trajectories of systematically marginalizing and underfunding the ministries of non-American United Methodists.” (Added 7-30-2020)

Global UMC Funding, Part Two: How are Americans Currently Funding the Global Church?” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. Almost twice as much money is sent directly to Central Conferences by congregations than through apportionments. (Added 7-29-2020)

Global UMC Funding, Part One: How Liberal is American United Methodism?” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. Weighing claims made by Mainstream UMC. (Added 7-28-2020)

(link repaired) “Resource: Map of the UMC and Affiliated Denominations” by David Scott. An image of the nations impacted by United Methodism. (Added 7-27-2020)

“Dreams for the Future of Methodism: Part 1” by Larry Frank. An Illinois clergy calls us to “invert the pyramid” in the next Methodism. (Added 7-27-2020)

Looking for Accountability in North Katanga” by Thomas Lambrecht via Good News. More reporting on abuses of power in United Methodism’s largest conference, North Katanga. (Added 7-27-2020)

Seventeen Years” by Andrew Robinson via UM Forward. “The God I fell in love with 17 years ago is one who cares nothing for all the money and power that comes with Christian empire building.” (Added 7-24-2020)

WCA Postpones 2020 Global Gathering” via WCA. WCA postpones its next global meeting until May 2012 due to Coronavirus. (Added 7-24-2020)

Indiana Bishop, Leaders Apologize Publicly for Assigning Lay Pastor with Criminal Record” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. Fallout from the appointment of a convicted sexual offender in Indiana. (Added 7-21-2020)

As Seminaries Welcome Openly Transgendered Persons, Church Lags Behind” by Kathryn Post via Religion News Service. Transgender persons find a place in seminaries but not in the congregations they are training to lead. (Added 7-21-2020)

God of Hope” by Bishop Eduard Khegay via WCA. The UMC bishop of Eurasia shares the challenges brought by COVID-19. (Added 7-21-2020)

Segregationism and the Corruption of the Methodist Discipline (or How the 20th Century Broke Methodism)” by Scott Kisker via Firebrand Magazine. Jurisdictionalism destroyed classic Methodist accountability. (Added 7-21-2020)

Violations in Central Congo” by Tom Lambrecht via Perspective (Good News). Shedding light on progressive-leaning bishops violating their power in Africa against clergy and laity. (Added 7-17-2020)

The Beauty of a Global Church” by Keith Boyette via WCA. The new Methodist denomination to be launched will be intentionally global. (Added 7-14-2020)

Let’s Talk: LGBTQ+ Weddings” via UMARC.org. A UM Retired Clergy group offers a webinar about conducting same-sex weddings on July 15. (Added 7-13-2020)

Indiana Megachurch Leaves Denomination” by Sam Hodges via UMNS. Granger Community Church buys out of UMC in order to have control of pastoral succession. (Added 7-13-2020)

Images of UMC Fracture” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News. Recent events have further illustrated the divide in the UMC. (Added 7-12-2020)

UMC Bishops Welcome New Executive Secretary and Ecumenical Officer” by COB Press Release. Two NCJ Bishops retain major leadership roles on the COB even upon their retirement. (Added 7-9-2020)

Be ‘Born Again Again’ into Rioting Wokeness, Argue Reconciling Methodists” by Kate Cvancara via Juicy Ecumenism. IRD’s coverage of RMN’s Pride Month Worship Service. (Added 7-9-2020)

Delegates: Use GC2020 Delay for New Vision” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Report on “Out of Chaos… Creation” webinar hosted a group of GC delegates. (Added 7-9-2020)

“Time for Cross & Flame to Go” by Edlen Cowly cia UMNS (commentary). It is time for a serious discussion about retiring the UMC insignia because of its association with the KKK’s practice of cross burning. (Added 7-9-2020)

Why It Matters Jen Hatmaker Endorses Her Daughter’s Homosexuality” by Chelsen Vicari via Juicy Ecumenism. Coverage of a podcast with Jen Hatmaker and her daughter. (Added 7-9-2020)

Diverse Line-Up of Speakers Slated for ‘Go Global!’: The Wesleyan Covenant Association’s Fifth Global Gathering” via WCA. Speakers announced for WCA’s big annual meeting, this year on Reformation Day in Montgomery. (Added 7-7-2020)

Thinking with Ratzinger and Burge: Concerning Sex, Marriage, Doctrine, and Church Decline” by Terry Mattingly via GetReligion. Grappling with SSM, prospects of a smaller church, mainline decline, and the rise of the “nones.” (Added 7-4-2020)

Planning and the Pandemic” by Darren Cushman Wood via Notes on a New Methodism. “Now is the time to do the minimal amount of planning, just enough to re-center our congregations and ourselves on these basic building blocks.” (Added 7-3-2020)

Frontier and the UMC” by Jason Valendy. Branching out into new denominations will not fix our core problems. See also “‘Jetsoning’ the UMC.” (Added 7-1-2020)

The Dirty Underbelly of the UMC’s Prejudice Against LGBTQ Persons” by Lauren Padgett via UM Insight. A former Illinois Great Rivers Conference clergy describes how her UM status ended due to elements of the Traditonal Plan that went into effect January 1. (Added 7-1-2020)

When Pandemic Ends, Confusion in Church Will Remain” by William Lawrence via UMNS (Commentary). The former president of the Judicial Council has serious doubts about the constitutionality of The Protocol for Separation. (Added 7-1-2020)

Group Seeks to Discern God’s Vision for the UMC in New Conversations” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. Astle interviews Kennetha Bigham-Tsai, Connectional Table head, about her role in “Out of Chaos… Creation.” (Added 7-1-2020)

Love is Resilient: A Virtual Pride Worship Service with RMN” via Facebook. Reconciling Ministries hosts an online service in celebration of the resilience of the global queer-trans family, with emphasis on the Black Trans Community. (Added 7-1-2020)

Sexual Orientation, Identity and Language: A Review of the Presbyterian Church in America’s Report on Human Sexuality, Part Two” by Karen Booth via Juicy Ecumenism. Themes of gay Christian identity are explored. (Added 7-1-2020)

“First Things First” Jay Therrell Launches New Blog. Former D.S. breaks silence about his exit from the Florida Cabinet after filing paperwork for a new denomination. Provides documentation that meetings were held with Bishop Carter before the filing. (Added 7-1-2020). For background, see here.

Former D.S. Jay Therrell to Head Florida Conference WCA” via press release. Therrell takes office the day after his tenure on the cabinet ends. (Added 7-1-2020)

Firebrand: A New Online Magazine” by Walter Fenton via WCA. The VP of WCA promotes Firebrand Magazine. (Added 6-30-2020)

A Fight for the Faith Delivered Once for All” by Bishop Mike Lowry via Firebrand Magazine. The United Methodist Church as it is currently constituted has lost much of its theological core.  (Added 6-29-2020)

The Future of Pastoral Training” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News. The new Wesley House of Study at Baylor is an example of new and emerging models for pastoral training that will move a new Methodism away from UM seminaries. (Added 6-27-2020)

Q&A: What Delay Means for General Conference” via UMNS. Questions and answers related to the new date for General Conference. (Added 6-26-2020)

Judge Hands Victory to Orthodox Episcopalians” by Steve Jordahl via OneNewsNow. Breakaway Anglicans win court decision over The Episcopal Church in extended legal battle. (Added 6-24-2020)

William J. Abraham Named Inaugural Director of the Newly Established Wesley House of Studies at Baylor University’s George W. Truett Theological Seminary” by Baylor U. Press Release. Abraham: ““We are on the cusp of a new day for the future of the Wesleyan network of families across the world. In order to fulfill the promise in store for us, we urgently need fresh ways of providing the spiritual, practical and intellectual resources that are essential for the work up ahead.” (Added 6-24-2020)

Joy Moore on Wesleyan Future” via Juicy Ecumenism. An interview by Mark Tooley with Dr. Joy Moore, WCA Council Member and newly named seminary dean. (Added 6-24-2020)

Recommended Reading: Out of Chaos… Creation” by David Scott via UM & Global. “The new initiative is worth exploring because of its international leadership, its novel approach to focus on conversation rather than another plan, the missional theological grounding of its vision statement, and because it represents the first significant new possibility for the future of United Methodism since the start of the pandemic.” (Added 6-24-2020)

Krystl Johnson on Floyd, Policing, and Hope for the Future” via Juicy Ecumenism. WCA Global Council Member Krystl Johnson is interviewed by John Lomperis. (Added 6-23-2020)

United Methodist Anti-Racism Agency Promotes LGBTQ Pride Month” by Dan Moran via Juicy Ecumenism. The General Commission on Religious and Race violates the Discipline in the name of combatting intersectionality. (Added 6-23-2020)

Doing Hard Things in the Right Spirit” by Walter Fenton via WCA. A call for grace and patience as a new denomination is planned. (Added 6-23-2020)

Accountability” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News. It is the DNA of Methodism to watch over one another in love. (Added 6-20-2020)

Perspectives of a Young Adult Leader in the WCA” via Holy Conversations Podcast (WCA). An interview with Krystl Johnson, a lay member from Western Pennsylvania. (Added 6-18-2020)

Author Sam Allberry and Why Does God Care Who I Sleep With?” by Karen Booth via Juicy Ecumenism. God’s purpose for sexuality is explored in this video interview. (Added 6-18-2020)

Looking Ahead: After SCOTUS Ruling, Some Major Faith Groups Still Face LGBRTQ Battles” by Richard Ostling via GetReligion. The UMC is among three denominational bodies that await showdown or separation over LGBTQ issues. (Added 6-18-2020)

Episcopal Church Holds Hearing for Bishop Refused to Allow Gay Marriages in Diocese” by Michael Gryboski via Christian Post. Bishop William Love faces charges for not allowing same-sex weddings in his Albany diocese. (Added 6-18-2020)

Out of Chaos… Creation: Seeds of a Vision for a Renewed United Methodism” via Press Release. A center-left group sees this as a Kairos moment to create news ways of conferencing to achieve a mission of human flourishing. Webinar to follow. (Added 6-17-2020)

Calvin vs. Wesley: A Review of The Presbyterian Church in America’s Report on Human Sexuality, Part One” by Karen Booth via Juicy Ecumenism. Insights from a conservative Presbyterian denomination’s work on human sexuality issues. (Added 6-16-2020)

Central Conference Ministry Fund Keeps Vital Projects Moving Forward” via WCA. Report on funds given through WCA to offset decreased giving by U.S. Progressives to traditional-minded conferences. (Added 6-16-2020)

Resist Harm Celebrates Supreme Court Ruling via Facebook. “The Supreme Court has delivered a historic victory for LGBTQ workers, ruling that the federal law that bars sex discrimination in employment does apply to LGBTQ employees.” (Added 6-16-2020)

Preparing for What’s Next” via WCA Podcast. Carolyn Moore and Jan Davis discuss the future of Methodism. (Added 6-16-2020)

The UMC in Africa: A Vision for the Future” by Forbes Matonga via Firebrand Magazine. The future of Methodism in Africa is conservative and evangelical. (Added 6-16-2020)

The Devil’s in the Details: On Hell and Other Doctrines for a Future Methodist Church” by Jason Vickers via Firebrand Magazine. Thoughts on doctrine in a new Methodist Church. (Added 6-16-2020)

Despite Diminished Church Support, ‘Religious” Abortion Lobby RCRC Continues On” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. Status of the Religious Coalition for Respoductive Choice since the UMC pulled out after GC2016. (Added 6-16-2020)

The Missional Division of The United Methodist Church” by Phillip Wingeier-Rayo via UM Insight. The Dean of Wesley Theological Seminary offers a history of the long-standing divisions in UM mission work. (Added 6-11-2020)

Reconciling Ministries Hosts Virtual Pride Parade, June 20” via RMN. “In the spirit of our service’s focus on the resilience of the global queer-trans community, we encourage you to share photos that celebrate pride and justice, resilience and fortitude.” (Added 6-11-2020)

WCA President Keith Boyette speaks to the Misssissippi WCA on June 4.

Methodism and Coming Schism” by Mark Tooley via The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. The President of IRD summarizes the likely UMC Schism for the CBMW. (Added 6-11-2020)

Delay in Elections Upends Bishops’ Plans” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Reporting on the bishops whose retirement has been delayed due to the rescheduling of General and jurisdictional conferences. (Added 6-10-2020)

New Wineskins for a New Connection” by Chappell Temple via WCA. Structural considerations of a new Methodism are discussed. (Added 6-9-2020)

United Methodist Church sees Steep Drop in Giving Due to Coronavirus: Report” by Michael Gryboski via Christian Post. Receipts down 26% from same time last year. (Added 6-9-2020)

Lessons from Glide: Caution Notes for the Left and Right in Church” by Bob Phillips via PeopleNeedJesus.net. The sage of Glide Memorial UMC in San Francisco has lessons for all. (Added 6-9-2020)

Preparing for General Conference 2021 and Beyond” by Walter Fenton via WCA. Coverage of the new dates for General Conference. (Added 6-4-2020)

“New Thought Journal Launches for Methodists” by Mark Tooley via Juicy Ecumenism. Video interview with David Watson and Maggie Ulmer about the launch of Firebrand Magazine. (Added 6-3-2020)

Recommended Churches List Available” via WCA. The Wesleyan Covenant Association begins offering a list of recommended congregations that have subscribed to their principles. (Added 5-29-2020)

United Methodists Reschedule Meeting — and Decision on Splitting — Until 2021” by Emily McFarland Miller via Religion News Service. Outside coverage of the new dates for General Conference. (Added 5-29-2020)

Bishop Jones Removed from SMU Board” by Sam Hodges via UMNS. Bishop Jones joins lawsuit against SMU and is removed from the SMU Board. (Added 5-27-2020)

Despite Mainstream UMC’s Wishes, Traditional Plan Standards Remain in Effect” by Dan Moran via Juicy Ecumenism. Coverage of Mainstream UMC Townhall event. (Added 5-27-2020)

Liberal Shift on Sexuality Primarily Found Among Tiny Methodist Subgroup” by Michael Haverluck via OneNewsNow. Grassroots United Methodists remain traditional, says John Lomperis. (Added 5-26-2020)

UMC Bishops Announce New Dates for Jurisdictional Conferences” via Press Release. The U.S. Jurisdictional Conferences will next meet Nov. 10-12, 2021. (Added 5-26-2020)

Commission Sets Date for Postponed General Conference” via Press Release. The dates are finalized for GC2020. The petition by young adults could not be honored. New technology will be used. (Added 5-26-2020)

Jerry Kulah on Africa’s Methodist Future” via Juicy Ecumenism. Mark Tooley continues his series of interviews with key people in Traditional United Methodism. (Added 5-26-2020)

The Role of Conferences in the New Methodism” by Thomas Lambrecht via WCA. More on the shape of the new Methodist denomination envisioned by WCA. (Added 5-26-2020)

MET: Raising Up a New Generation of Wesley’s with Nicki Gumbel” via Methodist Evangelicals Together. The largest evangelical renewal movement in British Methodism features this interview with Ben Juliano (son of FL UMC pastor David Juliano) and Nicki Gumbel of Holy Trinity Brompton Anglican Church and the Alpha Course. (Added 5-25-2020)

For Such a Time as This: A Call to Fasting and Prayer at Pentecost” via WCA. WCA calls for fasting and prayer from May 28-31. (Added 5-23-2020)

Distinctives of a New Traditional Methodist Church” via WCA Podcast. Jeff Greenway is featured in his conversation. (Added 5-23-2020)

Where Things Stand with the UMC and the WCA” via WCA Podcast. Keith Boyette interviewed. (Added 5-23-2020)

How We Got Here: A Brief History of the WCA” via WCA Podcast. Walter Fenton is a featured guest in this first edition of the WCA Podcast. (Added 5-23-2020)

Kevin Watson Talks Methodism Past and Present” by Mark Tooley via Juicy Ecumenism. Video interview between Mark Tooley and Candler’s Kevin Watson about the state of the church. (Added 5-23-2020)

WCA Launches Podcast Program” via WCA. Bob Kaylor and Stephanie Greenwald host a new podcast sponsored by the Wesleyan Covenant Association. (Added 5-23-2020)

Imagine That! A United Methodist bishop Humbles Himself, Publicly Apologizes” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. Coverage of Bishop Mike Lowry’s reversal on online communion. (Added 5-23-2020)

COVID 19 Delays a United Methodist Schism, but It Has Left LGBTQ Members in Limbo” by Nathan Romo via Religion News Service. Views on the delay or resolution on marriage and the UMC. (Added 5-21-2020)

Save the Date to Go Global” via WCA. The Wesleyan Covenant Association announces the dates of their next upcoming Global Gathering. (Added 5-19-2020)

Did 2019 U.S. Delegate Elections Really Show American United Methodists Shifting Against Traditionalism? Look Closer” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. How GC delegation elections fail to reflect the people in the pews. (Added 5-19-2020)

Transitioning to a New Church… In God’s Time” by Keith Boyette via WCA. Important information on the timeline, process, and discipline of a new Methodist denomination. (Added 5-12-2020)

Maxie Dunnam on ‘Born of Conviction,’ his ministry, and the future of Methodism” via Juicy Ecumenism. John Lomperis interviews Maxie Dunnam, former president of Asbury Seminary. (Added 5-12-2020)

Presbyterian Precedents and the Future Face(s) of Methodism” by Bob Phillips via PeopleNeedJesus.net. A comparison of realities between the PCUSA and UMC tribes from someone with experience in both. (Added 5-9-2020)

Sorting the Sources of Methodist Doctrine” by Chris Ritter via PeopleNeedJesus.net. Analysis of the doctrinal work being done in anticipation of a new Methodist Church. (Added 5-7-2020)

Observations from a ‘Town Hall’” by Thomas Lambrecht via Good News. Reflections on the Town Hall hosted by Mainstream UMC. (Added 5-7-2020)

Billy Abraham on Next Methodism” via Juicy Ecumenism. Mark Tooley interviews SMU’s Billy Abraham in this video resource. (Added 5-6-2020)

Bishops Look at Financial Sustainability” by Heather Hahn. The fund that pays bishops will become insolvent unless steps are taken. (Added 5-6-2020)

Bishops Urge Attention to GC2021 Date Request” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Bishops urge Commission on General Conference to consider yielding to a change of date request by young adults who don’t want to miss classes to attend General Conference (Added 5-5-2020)

Where Do We Go from Here?” by Keith Boyette via WCA. WCA remains committed to the Protocol and the launch of a new Methodist Church. (Added 5-5-2020)

United Methodists Face a Year in Limbo” by Associated Press via One News Now. Coverage of the delay of the previously planned GC2020 at which the denomination was to have been possibly divided. (Added 5-5-2020_

Don’t Trust ‘Mainstream UMC’: IRD/UM Action Did Not “Pull Our Name Off the Protocol’” by John Lomperis. Correcting claims made by Mark Holland about IRD’s support of the Protocol. (Added 5-5-2020)

The Formal United Methodist Schism is Delayed. We can Start Sooner” by Mark Tooley via Religion News Service. The director of the Instiute on Religion and Democracy is moving his membership to another UM congregation. (Added 4-30-2020)

Methodism Dividing” by Kevin Watson via Juicy Ecumenism. The challenges of forming a church with a robust public witness but without a lust for worldly power. (Added 4-29-2020)

COB Full Meeting” by Council of Bishops via Youtube. The Council of Bishops livestreams thier April 2020 meeting. (Added 4-29-2020)

Mainstream UMC General Conference Town Hall: A Call for Grace” via Youtube. Mainstream UMC keeps a town hall meeting previously scheduled to lead up to the opening of GC2020. (Added 4-29-2020)

The PCUSA Will Hold Their 224th General Assemby Virtually” by Leslie Scanlon via The Presbyterian Outlook. A truncated June 2020 General Assembly will be held online to complete essential business. (Added 4-27-2020)

Five Benefits of a Rescheduled General Conference” by Bob Phillips via PeopleNeedJesus.net. The up side of a delayed UMC General Conference. (Added 4-25-2020)

Judicial Council Members’ Terms Extended Until 2021” by Press Release. Those Council members scheduled complete their terms are extended due to the delay in General Conference. (Added 4-23-2020)

GC2021 Young People’s Request for Reconsideration of Dates” by five young GC delegates. A group of younger delegates complain that the publicized dates will cause them to miss school. (Added 4-23-2020)

An Update on Hobbs Chapel: The Local Church Sues the Annual Conference for a Temporary Restraining Order and Remains Open” by Dalton Tomich LLC. The leading law firm representing UM congregations against their conference shares the successful bid for a restraining order for a Missouri Church. (Added 4-23-2020)

“Tentative General Conference Dates Publicized” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. August 31 through September 10, 2021, likely in Minneapolis. (Added 4-21-2020)

Desert Southwest’s Claim to Property Upheld” by Heather Hahn. The conference wins its case against Camp Verde Community Church. (Added 4-20-2020)

Methodism Divided” by Kevin Watson via First Things. A summary article of United Methodist divisions with a historical view. (Added 4-16-2020)

Church Agencies Get Go-Ahead to Seek U.S. Loans” by Heather Hahn. GCFA approves general agencies seeking relief under CARES Act. (Added 4-14-2020)

Jesus and the United Methodist System” by Rick Peck via UM Insight. The UM episcopal election system compared to the leadership selection process used by Jesus. (Added 4-14-2020)

Will There Be Catholic Substance to the Next Methodism?” by Timothy Whitaker via Juicy Ecumenism. A retired bishop suggests liturgical and doctrinal reforms for the next iteration of Methodism. (Added 4-7-2020)

U.S. Jurisdictional Conferences Cancelled” via Indiana Conference. “There are many, many questions about what this means for the work of the Jurisdictions now through the next Jurisdictional Conference (most likely to be in 2021).” (Added 4-6-2020)

Announcement Regarding Annual Conference” by Bishop Bill McAlilly. In announcing the postponement of annual conference in Nashville, the bishop also mentioned that jurisdictional conference will be put off until 2021. All five jurisdictions are constitutionally mandated to meet concurrently. (Added 4-4-2020)

Major Church Conventions Disrupted by Coronavirus” by Dan Moran via Juicy Ecumenism. A round-up of church meetings disrupted by COVID-19, including the UMC. (Added 4-4-2020)

Letter: Local Churches Must Protect Their Assets” by Dan Dalton of Dalton & Tomich, PLC. The primary law firm representing UMC congregations against the denomination shares a call for congregations to take measures to protect their assets… especially the “whales.” (Added 4-4-2020)

Dreams for a New Church” by Chris Ritter via Good News. Hopes for a new traditional Methodism… written before COVID-19 shifted our focus to more immediate concerns. (Added 4-1-2020)

Mississippi Church Property Dispute Settled” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. First Methodist Church of Louisville, MS settles with the conference over the church property. (Added 4-1-2020)

Settlement Reached with Louisville UMC” by Mississippi Conference. A settlement has been reached with Louisville UMC and the Mississippi Conference on their exit. It involves a non-disclosure agreement, raising questions about how the conference will be informed. (Added 4-1-2020)

A Primer on UMC Assets: Closing Thoughts” by David Scott. The Director of Mission Theology for GBGM offers a concluding post to a long series on denominational assets. (Added 4-1-2020)

Wrestling with Budget After GC2020 Postponed” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Coverage of GCFA deliberations on how to handle the general church budget next year when GC2020 has not met to approve one. (Added 3-27-2020)

Licensed Local Pastors in a New Methodism” by Matthew Abel. A Licensed Local Pastor shares why he is excited that there will be no LLP’s in a new traditional Methodist Church. (Added 3-27-2020)

Theological Foundations for Ordination in a New Methodism” by David Watson. WCA releases a new section of its draft Discipline dealing with ordination. Local pastors would become ordained deacons with sacramental authority appropriate to their ministry setting. Elders would first be ordained deacons but some deacons will be permanently so. (Added 3-25-2020)

Commentary: Possible Steps After General Conference Delay” by William Lawrence via UMNS. The former head of the Judicial Council wants some kind of minimal GC2020 to happen so a budget can be approved and Judicial Council can be elected. (Added 3-24-2020)

Prayer, Thanksgiving, and Perseverance” via WCA. The Wesleyan Covenant Association responds to the delay in holding GC2020. (Added 3-24-2020)

BMCR Focuses on Separation Plans, Leadership Views” by John Coleman via UMNS. Coverage of the meeting of Black Methodists for Church Renewal in which the Protocol was endorsed. (Added 3-23-2020)

General Conference to Move to 2021” via Press Release. They want to keep it in Minneapolis if they can. (Added 3-23-2020)

BMCR Supports the Protocol” via Press Release. Black Methodists for Church Renewal endorses the Separation Protocol. (Added 3-22-2020)

Group Looking at New General Conference Dates” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. The Commission on General Conference had a meeting and made some decisions. More information coming March 23. (Added 3-21-2020)

Greater New Jersey WCA Lenten Gathering” via YouTube. Rev. Beth Caulfield. The keynote from the Lenten Gathering sponsored by the Greater New Jersey WCA Chapter. (Added 3-20-2020)

Will Liberal United Methodist Undercut Separation Treaty?” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. Some want to hold the Separation Protocol hostage until they get a new regionalization plan approved. (Added 3-20-2020)

In GC2020 Delay, Leaders See Needed Pause” by Heather Hahn and Sam Hodges via UMNS. A round-up of responses to the COVID-19 delay with the theme that it is time to be in ministry and wait upon the Lord. (Added 3-20-2020)

“Church Leaders Postpone GC2020” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Official coverage of the decision to delay GC2020. (Added 3-19-2020)

UM General Conference 2020 Postponed” via Council of Bishops. The COB posts on the postponement. (Added 3-19-2020)

As Long As Ever You Can” via Reconciling Ministries Network. RNM’s response to the postponement of GC2020. (Added 3-19-2020)

United Methodist General Conference to Be Postponed” via Press Release. The Commission on the General Conference announces the postponement of GC2020. (Added 3-18-2020)

A Way Forward without GC2020?” by Chris Ritter. Review of models by Chris Ritter, Sean Delmore/Becca Girrell, and William Lawrence that allow Protocol-style sorting within the UMC jurisdictions. (Added 3-18-2020)

GC2020 Venue Cancels Events Through May” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. The Minneapolis Convention Center closes down during the time it was to have hosted GC2020. It is up to the Commission on the General Conference to develop plans from here. (Added 3-18-2020)

Methodist Bishop Tim Whitaker: Christ & Culture” via Juicy Ecumenism. Heresy is cruel as it panders to sin. (Added 3-17-2020)

A Holy Opportunity for The New Methodism” by Bob Kaylor. Resurrecting the Methodist Class Meeting model during the coronavirus lock-down. (Added 3-17-2020)

Commission on General Conference Will Meet March 21” via Press Release. This is the body that will make the decision on postponing GC2020. (Added 3-17-2020)

Connectional Table Affirms the Christmas Covenant” via Press Release. The CT endorses the Christmas Covenant global regionalization plan. (Added 3-16-2020)

Updated: Bishops Ask for Postponement of GC2020” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Updated coverage about the likely postponement of GC2020. (Added 3-16-2020)

“‘New’ Methodism?” by Mark Tooley via Juicy Ecumenism. “Let’s be thankful for our unfolding deliverance and anticipate a “new” Methodism that isn’t really new but catholic, apostolic, rooted in ancient, timeless truth.” (Added 3-16-2020)

A Primer on UMC Assets: What Does It Mean to Divide Assets?” by David Scott. More from GBGM’s Director of Mission Theology on UMC Assets. (Added 3-15-2020)

Bishops Ask to Postpone GC2020 due to Coronavirus Pandemic” via Press Release (Added 3-23-2020)

Eight Bishops Join in Planning New Denomination” by Sam Hodges and Heather Hahn via UMNS. Remarks from bishops helping to plan a new traditional denomination. (Added 3-12-2020)

New Global Wesleyan Movement” by Mark Tooley via Juicy Ecumenism. IRD Coverage of the Atlanta Accord. (Added 3-12-2020)

Breaking News: New Methodist Wesleyan Movement Announced” via Good News. Good News coverage of the Atlanta dialog. (Added 3-12-2020)

Reimagining the Passion of a Global Wesleyan Movement” via Press Release. Twenty-eight leaders, including eight bishops, describe the DNA of the new traditional Methodist Church. See also the WEBSITE. (Added 3-12-2020)

Global UM Leaders Reimagine a New Methodist Movement” via WCA. WCA Coverage of the Atlanta Dialog. (Added 3-12-2020)

Conference Presidents of UM Men Mull Future After 2020 General Conference” via Press Release. “If there is a split in the United Methodist Church, it will be a split on paper but not a split in heart,” said Bishop James E. Swanson. (Added 3-11-2020)

For Goodness Sake, CANCEL GC2020! Unfortunately We Can’t Do this Legally” by Christy Thomas. We should but can’t cancel GC2020. (Added 3-11-2020)

Potential Split Leads to Deep Budget Cuts” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. The lowest budget submitted for the UMC since 1988. (Added 3-11-2020)

GCFA Board Takes Additional Action on the 2021-2024 Budget” via Press Release. Another $80.4 million cut proposed for next quadrennia, taking it from $604 million approved at GC2016 to $413 million recommended to GC2020, a 31.6% drop. ( Added 3-11-2020)

Bishops Request Declaratory Decision from Judicial Council on Protocol Legislation” via Press Release. And they want it added to the April 28 Docket. (Added 3-11-2020)

The Christmas Covenant Regionalization Plan, PART ONE and PART TWO. (PDF’s) This is the plan leaders in the post-separation UMC want to see passed at GC2020 if possible. It was sent to GC2020 through the Cavite Conference in the Philippines. (Added 3-11-2020)

What Really Is the Issue?” by Steven Pulliam via Central UMC. More perspective on the UMC divide from Central UMC in Fayetteville, AR. (Added 3-11-2020)

A Prayer for the Denomination in Troubling Times” by Mark Stamm via UMDiscipleship. “Guide the people called United Methodist through our current distress to a place of peace and rekindled vision, that we may yet participate in the transformation of the world, and that our neighbors may find in us generous friends…” (Added 3-11-2020)

Unity?” by Taylor Mertins. Admidst UMC divisions, “the church gathers again and again to remember that while we were weak, Christ died for the ungodly.” (Added 3-10-2020)

Statement from the Western North Carolina General and Jurisdictional Conference Legislation” by press release. Asks the Commission on General Conference to handle the Christmas Covenant first, and then the Protocol, both in plenary session and at the start of GC2020. (Added 3-10-2020)

Lenten Gathering Aims for Liberation, But How?” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. Participants committed to “leaving Egypt” either to a Liberation Methodist Church or in a Semi-Autonomous Liberation Collective. (Added 3-10-2020).

This is the Last Time I Want to Have to Say This” by Art Collins. “The United Methodist Church is dying because a) we cannot agree on what story to tell, and b) we treat people like sh*t.” (Added 3-10-2020)

A Primer on UMC Assets: Board and Agency Assets” by David Scott via UM & Global. More good background information on the variety of UMC assets. (Added 3-10-2020)

Eyes to See and Ears to Hear” by Matt Abel.  “I am utterly convinced that the other side is saying something that we need to hear and my fear is that we are too polarized to take the time to hear it.” (Added 3-10-2020)

A Safe Passageway” by Erik Grayson via WCA. A word from the head of WCA’s Missional Ministry to the Margins Taskforce. (Added 3-10-2020)

Methopolitical Foo” by Art Collins. Political maneuverings in Indiana in preparation for the big vote to take the conference out of the UMC. (Added 3-9-2020)

Gary Graves on the status of General Conference 2020 regarding the Corona Virus: “No decisions have been made. We continue to monitor official sources of public health information and a variety of government advisory sources. Gary, Rev. Gary W. Graves , Secretary of the General Conference , The United Methodist Church ‘“ via Beth Ann Cook. (Added 3-9-2020)

‘Liberation Methodist Church’ Idea Gets a Hearing” by Sam Hodges via UMNS. Participant in Dallas even divided between those wanting to stay in a psUMC and those wanting full autonomy. (Added 3-9-2020)

Asbury University Draws Criticism for Maintaining Christian Sexual Ethics” by Chelsen Vicari via Juicy Ecumenism. Controversy erupts as Asbury University makes staff changes. (Added 3-9-2020)

Michigan Conference Advances Protocol” by Kay Demoss via Michigan UMC. “Pastors and lay members of churches – large and small, north to south, east to west, traditionalist, centrist, and progressive – came to microphones to express sadness, pain, and hope.” (Added 3-9-2020)

Michigan United Methodists Vote to Advance Plan to Divide Denomination” by Elena Durnbaugh via Battle Creek Enquirer. Michigan becomes the first US conference to approve the Protocol legislation for GC2020 consideration. The margin was 91%. (Added 3-8-2020)

Liberation Methodist Livestream: Lenten Gathering, Liberating Love” via UM-Forward Facebook Page. Dallas event organizing a Liberation Methodist Church. (Added 3-7-2020)

Recommended Reading: Michigan-Liberia Partnership” by David Scott via UM & Global. “It honestly acknowledges the deep differences between Michigan and Liberia about the place of LGBTQ persons in the church and the tensions that those differences bring to the partnership.” (Added 3-7-2020)

UMC Separation Primer 2: It’s About Elephants” by Keith Sweat. “If we are to form new expressions of Methodism, then do the hard work of answering the hard questions.” (Added 2:6-2020)

Sierra Leone Conference Approves Protocol” by Kathy Gilbert via UMNS. Coverage of comments from Sierra Leone on the Protocol. (Added 3-6-2020)

Is Structural Unity Mandatory for the Church?” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News. (Added 3-6-2020)

Title IV Website” via The Episcopal Church. The TEC launches a new website to highlight their Title IV Clergy Trial Process. Bishop Michael Curry is using Title IV to discipline Bishop William Love for refusing same-sex weddings in his diocese. (Added 3-6-2020)

Are Youth in Your Church Voting about the UMC Split? A Guide to Youth Workers” by Sam Halverson. (Added 3-5-2020)

Dying Well: A Good Death and the Self-Donation of the People Called United Methodists” by Michael Adam Beck via Ministry Matters. “By supporting the Protocol, we make preparation for a sequence of death leading to resurrection.” (Added 3-5-2020)

Africa Initiative Consultative Meeting on the Future of the Global UMC” via Press Release. Representatives from three African central conferences respond to the Protocol, requesting only modest changes.. a reversal from the earlier Liberia Statement. (Added 3-4-2020)

Bishop at Town Hall: There Will Always Be a United Methodist Church” by Shiela Poole via Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Report from a town hall meeting held by Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson. (Added 3-4-2020)

Holy Disobedience: An Act of Justice and Love” via Duke Memorial UMC. a group of clergy officiate a same-sex wedding in Durham, NC. (Added 3-4-2020)

Method in our Madness” by Josh McClendon. An emerging six-week study of our current UMC situation from a pastor in South Carolina. (Added 3-4-2020)

Liberian Methodists: Divide in Truth, Don’t Unite in Lies” by Michael Haverluck via OneNewsNow. Coverage of the Liberia AC’s statement on the Protocol. (Added 3-3-2020)

My Same-Sex Attraction Has an Answer” by Rachel Gilson via Christianity Today. “His desire gives us a compass and sets the course for our desires (yes, even our sexual ones).” (Added 3-3-2020)

Understanding the UMC Trust Clause” via GCFA. Questions and answers about the UMC Trust Clause from GCFA. (Added 3-3-2020)

A Primer on UMC Assets” by David Scott via UM & Global. More from the Director of Mission Theology on helping us understand UMC Assets. (Added 3-3-2020)

A New Vision for a New Methodist Movement” by Paul Lawler via WCA. “let us birth new strategies of disciple making, church planting, and church revitalization for regions of the United States where there is an absence of vibrant, traditionally orthodox Methodism.” (Added 3-3-2020)

Transfiguration Sunday” by Dr. Jan Davis. A Transfiguration Sunday Sermon at Central UMC in Fayetteville, AR in which she asserts the UMC crisis is about Low Christology vs. High Christology (see 22:00 and following). (Added 3-3-2020)

Coronavirus and the UMC” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. Will the Coronavirus affect the outcome of GC2020? (Added 3-3-2020)

Analyzing the Uneven Decline of UMC Finances” by Dan Moran via Juicy Ecumenism. An analysis of UMC giving patterns, with the Northern Illinois Conference being the worst. (Added 3-3-2020)

LGBTQ Advocates See Hope for Church Future” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Report from Reconciling Ministries 2020 Convocation. Bishop Oliveto to “keep on keeping on.” (Added 3-2-2020)

GC2020 — Systematic Thinking about Separation: The May, Should, Can, and How Hierarchy” by Frank Holbrook via PlainGrace.org. Thoughts and questions related to separation. (Added 3-2-2020)

Why Are Traditionalists Leaving the United Methodist Church?” by Tom Lambrecht. (Video) (Added 3-2-2020)

Thoughts on After the Breakup” by Art Collins. The U.S. church will be the minority in a new traditional Methodist Church. (Added 3-2-2020)

Reflections on the Proposed Protocol for Separation (Part V)” by Timothy Tennent. The President of Asbury Theological Seminary offers another post on the Protocol now that African voices are being heard. (Added 3-1-2020)

Endorsement of the Protocol for Grace and Reconciliation through Separation” by Bishop Scott Jones. The episcopal leader of the Texas Conference endorses the Protocol “whether amended or not.” (Added 2-29-2020)

Momentum Builds for a New Methodist Movement” by Paul Lawler via NewMethodistMovement.org. The Africa Initiative response to the Protocol means that millions will likely be moving into a new Methodism, not just hundreds of thousands. (Added 2-29-2020)

Episcopacy and the Protocol (Reflections from the SCJ Gathering for Delegations” by Michael Roberts. “He said, very directly, that now is not the time for any of us to support new plans that serve only our own self-interest. With these words, an audible gasp echoed through the room.” (Added 2-29-2020)

News Analysis: Local Church Options Under Separation Plans” by Kathy Gilbert via UMNS. How local churches might navigate following the Protocol and other separation plans. (Added 2-29-2020)

The Separation Protocol Essentials

GC2020 Developments

New Traditional Methodist Denomination(s)

Separation Protocol: United Methodist Reporting

Separation Protocol: United Methodist Analysis

Separation Protocol: Pastors Inform their Congregations

  • The State of the UMC” by Jeff Greenway via Reynoldsburg UMC. Audio. The Chair of the WCA Council updates his congregation on the Separation Protocol. (Added 1-14-2020)
  • A Word from Pastor Paul on the Methodist Protocol” by Paul Lawler. The pastor of Christ UMC in Birmingham offers DETAILED thoughts on what the Separation Protocol might mean for the church. (Added 1-13-2020)
  • Denomination Update” by Adam Hamilton. Letter to COR members: Predicts 10-25% of United Methodist Church will join new traditional denomination. (Added 1-8-2020)
  • Chapelwood and Future of The United Methodist Church” by John Stevens via Embody Grace. Texas pastor begins making an argument for staying in the Post-Separation UMC. (Added 1-8-2020)
  • Soldiering Through” by Carolyn Moore via The Art of Holiness. The VP of the WCA Global Council and Pastor of Mosaic UMC in Georgia writes to her congregation about the Separation Protocol. (Added 1-8-2020)
  • The Separation Protocol: What I Told the Church I Serve” by Chris Ritter via PeopleNeedJesus.net. A letter to Geneseo First United Methodist Church written last Friday night. (Added 1-5-2020)

Separation Protocol: Local Reaction

Separation Protocol: Statements from Bishops:

  • Bishop Sharma Lewis. Virginia Conference. “If clergy preside over same-sex weddings and a complaint is filed about such conduct, I will process the complaint by… the legislation that was passed at the 2019 Special Session.” (Added 1-17-2020) 
  • Bishop Patrick Streiff, Central and Southern Europe Episcopal Area. “The Eurasian area is the only one in Europe where there is no such diversity (of opinion) within the same episcopal area.” (Added 1-15-2020)
  • Bishop William Boyd Grove Retired. Predicts few will leave through the Separation Protocol. (Added 1-13-2020)
  • Bishop Mande Muyombo, North Katanga Conference, “I think the protocol we have signed is a protocol of forgiveness and reconciliation.” (Added 1-10-2020)
  • Bishop Harald Ruckert, Germany Episcopal Area, feels “a lot of pain because it is about the separation of our church, but it is probably the inevitable reality.” (Added 1-9-2020)
  • Bishop Peggy Johnson, Peninsula-Delaware Conference, “This is a work in progress but I believe there may be a way forward at last.” (Added 1-8-2020)
  • Bishop Cynthia Moore-Koikoi, Western Pennsylvania. “A real hope that we can, through mutual respect for our diversity, find a way toward reconciliation so that we can move forward. (Added 1-8-2020)
  • Bishop Mark Webb, Upper New York Conference. “I have attempted to be consistent in stating that I believe deeper conversations are necessary regarding the future of The United Methodist Church.” (Added 1-8-2020)
  • Bishop Jeremiah Park, Harrisburg Area. “It will allow each part of the church to remain true to its theological understanding, while recognizing the dignity, equality, integrity and respect of every person.” (Added 1-8-2020)
  • Bishop Karen Oliveto, Mountain Sky Conference, “I confess that while I do believe this is a very grace-filled way to move into the future, grief and hope mingle together in my heart.” (Added 1-8-2020)
  • Bishop Bruce Ough, Minnesota/Dakotas Conferences, “The council understands that this protocol does not belong to the council. ” (1-8-2020)
  • Bishop David Graves, Alabama-West Florida Conference. “In my 41 years of ministry, this is one of the most uncertain times I’ve witnessed. The next few months will be emotional, challenging and exhausting.” (Added 1-8-2020)
  • Bishop Cynthia Harvey, Louisiana Conference. “Is the United Methodist Church Splitting?” Ten-minute video message via YouTube. (Added 1-8-2020)
  • Bishop Leonard Fairley, Kentucky Conference: “I have been an emotional wreck.” (Added 1-7-2020)
  • Bishop Bill McAlilly, Nashville Area, “Change, and especially talk of separation, is daunting:  yet is heartening that persons of very diverse views have come together to do this serious work, and have listened to, and heard, each other.” (Added 1-6-2019)
  • Bishop Sue Haupert Johnson, (25 min. podcast taking seriously a theology of separation) North Georgia (Added 1-6-2020)
  • Bishop Mike McKee, “To be clear, nothing will happen immediately, and much work remains as legislation currently is being developed for delegates to potentially act on in Minneapolis.” North Texas Conference (Added 1-6-2020)
  • Bishop Sandra Steiner Ball, West Virginia. “It grieves my heart to think that we would give up on finding a way to move together – and yet I realize that we have forgotten or maybe never learned how to speak and work with one another in the midst of disagreement without attacking or putting down the neighbor who is different from ourselves – and that has resulted in great harm and damage to many of God’s children.” (Added 1-5-2020)
  • Bishop Minerva Cancano, California-Nevada Conference “Approval of the Protocol would also initiate the process of organizing the US jurisdictions into a region alongside regional bodies in Africa, Europe, Eurasia, and the Philippines with flexibility to adapt the Book of Discipline to enable each region to better serve in their social contexts.” (Added 1-5-2020)
  • Bishop James Nunn, Oklahoma Conference. “The local church does not need to worry about division just yet.” (Added 1-5-2020)
  • Bishop James Swanson, Mississippi Conference. “I want you to know that the Council of Bishops did not vote nor endorse the proposal from the negotiation team.” (Added 1-5-2020)
  • Bishop Hee-Soo Jung, Wisconsin Conference. (extended reflection) “We have failed to maintain a unity and an integrity.” (Added 1-5-2020)
  • Bishop Tracy S. Malone, East Ohio Conference. “Bishops preside over the sessions of General Conference but do not vote.” (Added 1-5-2020)
  • Bishop Laurie Haller, Iowa Conference. “It is particularly important to note that great attention has been given to bringing all parties to the table.” (Added 1-5-2020)
  • Bishop Gregory Palmer, West Ohio Conference. “The hope is to offer something to the delegates that will assist in managing well the change that is already afoot.” (Added 1-5-2020)
  • Bishop Jonathan Holston, South Carolina Conference. “At this point, no decisions have been made and none will be made until the General Conference meets May 5-15 in Minneapolis.” (Added 1-5-2020)
  • Bishop Bob Farr, Missouri Annual Conference. “This is the first true agreement I’ve seen across multiple plan leaders and special interest groups. For that reason alone, I’m taking it seriously.” (Added 1-5-2020)
  • Bishop Julius Tremble, Indiana Conference. “Over the centuries, the Church has continued to evolve, splinter, experience decline and growth.” (Added 1-5-2020)
  • Bishop Sally Dyck, Northern Illinois Conference. “Those who cannot live in a church that welcomes all are free to pursue another route.” (Added 1-5-2020)
  • Bishop Scott Jones, Texas Conference. “Significant questions remain to be answered about the Protocol’s implementation.” (Added 1-5-2020)
  • Bishop Paul Leeland, Western North Carolina Conference. “It is always hurtful to me to separate in order to be The United Methodist Church.” (Added 1-4-2020)
  • Bishop John Schol, Greater New Jersey Conference. “GNJ leadership has been preparing for this day and has a plan to continue the mission and ministry of all our congregations and clergy appointments within GNJ.” (Added 1-3-2020)
  • Bishop David Bard, Michigan Conference. “I have long argued the need for the creation of new space within The United Methodist Church, different space, and this protocol agreement offers this.”(Added 1-3-2020)
  • Bishop Frank Beard, Illinois Great Rivers Conference. ‘The Protocol does NOT replace our current Book of Discipline. It is a suggested pathway that has NOT been approved or voted upon by the Council of Bishops. The IGRC will continue to abide by the Book of Discipline and we will seek to offer grace and space as we operate under the current Book of Discipline.” (Added 1-3-2020)
  • Bishop Gary Mueller, Arkansas Conference. “This is not a time to make a quick judgement about the document.” (Added 1-3-2020)

Separation Protocol: Outside Reporting

Separation Protocol: Outside Analysis

Other Recent Additions

Remembering Our First Love” by Leah Hidde-Gregory via WCA. A D.S. from Central Texas shares her diagnosis of what ails us. (Added 2-28-2020)

A Primer in UMC Assets: Departing Annual Conference and Remaining Local Churches” by David Scott via UM&Global. More from a series of posts on UM Assets and the Protocol. (Added 2-25-2020)

Along the Way: Tending the Flock” by Steve Harper. Concern that the focus on LGBTQ people is being lost amidst institutional concerns. (Added 2-24-2020)

Resist Harm’s March Theme: ‘Lament‘” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. Weekly news roundup including Resist Harm’s suggestions for March. (Added 2-24-2020)

The North Declaration” by Darren Cushman Wood. North UMC in Indianapolis produced a declaration of principles. (Added 2-20-2020)

Commentary: Seeking Future Liberation from Past Oppression” by Jay Williams via UMNS. “There always has been an oppressing spirit in our Methodist DNA.” (Added 2-18-2020)

Another Reason Why I’m Staying” by Jack Harnish. The death of John Kurewa of Africa University occasions this post on the virtue of United Methodist general agencies. (Added 2-6-2020)

Church Giving Overcomes Worst Fears” by Heath Hahn via UMNS. 2019 Giving was better than initially feared. (Added 2-16-2020)

2019 Connectional Giving and Membership Stats Available” via GCFA. The official stats of 2019 giving and membership are now available. (Added 2-14-2020)

United Methodist Financial Decline” by Mark Tooley via Juicy Ecumenism. Sharp drops in funding for the UMC can already be seen. Predicts at least 2 million will join a new traditional Methodist Church. (Added 2-13-2020)

Holy Sexuality: The United Methodist Dilemma – The Complete Series” by Andy Adams. The pastor of Troy UMC, a long-time GC Delegate from Illinois, does a deep dive on the topic of sexuality & the UMC in a recent message series. (Added 2-13-2020)

The Sources of Methodist Coherence: Method” by Robert Hunt. The Director of Global Theological Education at Perkins offers this as the last of three posts on what makes United Methodism coherent. (Added 2-12-2020)

Eastern Pennsylvania Congregation Votes to Leave the UMC” by Cynthia Astle via UMC Insight. Grandview UMC in Lancaster votes to disaffiliate so as to be more LGBTQ affirming. (Added 2-12-2020)

Transgender Passe’, meet the Non-Binary Clergy” by Claire Hepler via Juicy Ecumenism. M Barlay, Anna Blaedel, Jess Cook, Megan Rohrer, and Ryan Dowell Baum are profiled. (Added 2-7-2020)

TEC and ANCA Settle Lawsuit Over Diocese of Quincy” by Kirk Peterson via The Living Church. After eleven year, a lawsuit is settled over a diocese that left the Episcopal Church. (Added 2-7-2020)

Methodist Minister at George Mason University Could Face Discipline Over Officiating a Same-Sex Wedding” via Washington Post. National reporting on the Drew Enzs case in Virginia. (Added 2-6-2020)

New Effort Starts for Same-Sex Weddings” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. 466 retired pastors make themselves available to perform same-sex weddings so that active clergy don’t risk charges. (Added 2-5-2020)

An Invitation to Work Together” by Jeff Greenway via WCA. “We look forward to joining other traditionalists as they surface their ideas for a healthy, vibrant, and warm-hearted expression of Wesleyan Christianity.” (Added 1-31-2020)

Top Courts Sets pre-General Conference Docket” by Linda Bloom via UMNS. Summarizes the business coming before the UMC’s top court. (Added 1-30-2020)

Foretaste of What’s On the Table at GC2020” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Coverage of the GC2020 Preview Event in Nashville (Added 1-30-20202)

Judicial Council April 2020 Docket” via Press Release. The Judicial Council will take up several matters related to GC2019 and its fallout. (Added 1-30-2020)

Northside United Methodist Leaves Denomination, Changes Name” by Brandon Shields via The Jackson Sun. Coverage of a UM congregation leaving prior to GC2020. (Added 1-30-2020)

‘Liberationist’ Methodists Gather in March” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. News roundup, including the Lenten Gathering for the formation of a possible Liberation Methodist Church. (Added 1-30-2020)

The Rise and Fall of the Great Denomination” by Teddy Ray. Networks and coalitions are replacing denominations on the U.S. religious landscape. (Added 1-30-2020)

A Primer in UMC Assets: Church-Related Institutions” by David Scott via UM & Global. A series aimed at understanding UMC assets continues with a look at church-related institutions like Southern Methodist University. (Added 1-28-2020)

NCJ Recommends Electing One Bishop in 2020” by NCJ Press Release. A Task Force on Episcopal Leadership is created to study the loss of at least one NCJ Bishop. (Added 1-28-2020)

United Methodist Church in Jackson Leaves Denomination Amid Proposed Split Over LGBTQ Right” by Brandon Shields via The Tennessean. Another church gets out rather than deal with the toxic binary choices offered to GC2020. (Added 1-28-2020)

Trailblazing the Liberation Methodist Church: The Lenten Gathering” via UM Forward. Registration for a March 6-8 Gathering in Dallas to trailblaze The Liberation Methodist Church. (Added 1-25-2020)

Nashville Diary Day #3” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. A final report from the Nashville Pre-GC2020 Briefing. (Added 1-25-2020)

Bring Your Government ID to GC2020 or You Won’t Get In” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. Report on Secretary Gary Graves’ instructions about GC2020 access. (Added 1-25-2020)

Heading into 2020: A Conversation with Bishop Trimble” via Indiana Conference. An 8-minute video released by the Indiana Conference. (Added 1-25-2020)

Pre-Conference Briefing Day One: Five Random Thoughts” by Frank Holbrook. Insights from the Pre-GC2020 event in Nashville by a Memphis Lay Delegate. (Added 1-25-2020)

Nashville Diary Day 2” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. Notes from Day 2 of the Pre-GC2020 Briefing in Nashville, including reports on plans for separation. (Added 1-23-2020)

GC2020: Planning for Possible Scenarios” by Wespath Benefits. Wespath shares its work preparing for a denominational separation. (Added 1-23-2020)

Helping Your Congregation Get Ready for General Conference” by Discipleship Ministries. The denomination starts resourcing congregations to stay in a post-separation UMC. (Added 1-22-2020)

General Conference 2020 Advance Daily Christian Advocate” via ResourceUMC. The long-awaited GC2020 legislation is now available. (Added 2-22-2020)

A Primer on UMC Assets: Trust vs. Ownership” by David Scott via UM & Global. Another installment in a series on assets in the UMC. The denomination is generally the beneficiary and not the owner. (Added 1-20-2020)

Meeli Tankler on ‘Sent in Love’” via UM Insight. A European voice reflects on the essleciology document coming to GC2020 amidst a plan of division. (Added 1-20-2020)

Connection 2020 Event” by Reconciling Ministries. A February Strategy session in February to prepare for GC2020. (Added 1-20-2020)

The RCA Vision 2020 Team” via Reformed Church of America. Another denomination considers the options of staying together, reorganization, or grace-filled separation at their June Synod. (Added 1-17-2020)

Making the Main Thing the Main Thing” by Riley Case via The Confessing Movement Facebook. Time for different groups to pursue their divergent understandings of the mission of the church. Methodists were raised up to proclaim the atonement of Jesus and holy living. (Added 1-17-2020)

Turning Point” by Billy Abraham via Good News. The Albert C. Outler Chair of Methodist Studies describes the broad way and the narrow way. (Added 1-14-2020)

My Hopes for a New Church” by Chris Ritter via PeopleNeedJesus.net. High hopes for what a “new traditional” Methodist Church might be. (Added 1-12-2020)

Changes Afoot for United Methodists Schools’ Group” by Sam Hodges via UMNS. The National Association of Schools and Colleges of the UMC changes its name to North American Association of Schools, Colleges, and Universities; supports the Regional Conference Plan. (Added 1-11-2020)

Comparison of Plans Headed to GC2020” by UMNS. This updated legislation comparison chart has been updated to include the Separation Protocol. (Added 1-9-2020)

A Primer on UMC Assets” by David Scott via UM & Global. What are UMC assets and who owns them? (Added 1-8-2020)

Resistance to Traditional Plan Accelerates” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. “Across the United States, some United Methodist churches kicked off the year with worship services and other events aimed at showing solidarity with LGBTQ Christians.” (Added 1-7-2020)

GC2020 Updated Plans Comparison” by Becca Girrell via New England Conference Open Spirit Taskforce. Helpful comparison of GC2020 solution plans, updated to include the Separation Protocol. (Added 1-7-2020)

Holy Spirited Podcast: The Indianapolis Plan” featuring Kent Millard. The President of United Theological Seminary is interviewed about the Indianapolis Plan. (Added 1-6-2020)

Two More Liberal Congregations Move Toward Leaving UMC” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. The “interfaith” Church in Ocean Park (CA) and Mosaic Church in Oklahoma City move toward exit. (Added 1-5-2020)

Robert K. Greenleaf, Intersectionality, and the UMC” by David Scott via UM & Global. Competing moral claims and privilege in the UMC. (Added 1-4-2020)

United: The Black Church Agenda Within The United Methodist Church” via blackchurchumc.com. The United 2020 Conference is coming up March 25-28 in Atlanta. (Added 1-3-2020).

New Era Begins with Resistance, Warnings” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. Weekly news roundup, including Adam Hamilton’s endorsement of the #ResistHarm movement. (Added 1-3-2020)

First UMC in Dallas Blesses All Marriages in Covenant Service” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. Report of a service held at First UMC Dallas prior to new restrictions in the UMC. (Added 1-3-2020)

Clergyman Retires ‘Under Complaint’ of Abuse” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Victims are frustrate Bud Heckman will retain his clergy credentials. (Added 1-02-2020)

The UMC in 2020: God Rules Over Our Rules” by Hannah Adair Bonner. John Wesley as a model for ecclesial disobedience. (Added 1-02-2020)

An Open Letter to the People Called Methodists in the United States” by Rev. Dr. J.C. Park. The President of the World Methodist Council exhorts the UMC to remain faithful to scripture and Christian unity, will be fasting and praying for us each Friday until GC2020. (Added 1-2-2020)

Some Methodist Churches Vow Solidarity with Gay Community” by Carla Hinton via The Oklahoman. (Added 1-2-2020)

#ResistHarm Message from Nuremburg, Germany” by J.J. Warren. Video message on the New Year as new restrictions go into effect, comparisons to Naziism and calls for moratorium on processing complaints. See also video with boyfriend Richard and the GC2019 moment that made J.J. so well-known in the UMC. (Added 1-2-2020)

Dueling Fundraising. Mainstream UMC uses a fundraising letter by the Institute on Religion & Democracy to raise their own funds, which prompted this response. (Added 1-1-2020)