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Updates for Mt. Bethel” via North Georgia Conference. “The Trustees of the North Georgia Conference of The United Methodist Church and Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church are engaged in a renewed effort to reach a just resolution of their dispute through negotiation and compromise. All parties are now optimistic that the civil litigation can be resolved.” (Added 4-30-2022)

We Called It: Looking Back at the Rise of the Global Methodist Church” by Jeremy Smith. Seattle pastor amalgamates all his anti-WCA posts on the eve of the launch of the GMC, frames WCA as Mark Driscoll. (Added 4-30-2022)

Church of Scotland Ready to Approve Same-Sex Marriage” by Kate Shellnut via Christianity Today. “While clergy will not be required to marry same-sex couples, the move makes the minority who oppose the national church’s involvement in gay marriage worried about further division.” (Added 4-30-2022)

Letter to the Council of Bishops” by Duk Hee Han et. al. via Facebook. The leaders of the Korean Orthodox Pastors Association (KOPA) share “our sincere request that the bishops would open the path for the churches to leave the UMC in an amicable and grace-filled way.” (Added 4-30-2022)

United Methodist Bishops Acknowledge Breakup is Imminent” by Holly Myer and David Crary via MSN (Associated Press). Outside coverage of the spring COB meeting and the launch of the GMC. (Added 4-29-2022)

Bishop Mike Lowry Surrenders Credentials as a United Methodist Bishop” via Central Texas Conference. Shares a letter by Bishop Saenz notifying the conference that Bishop Lowry has resigned to serve the Global Methodist Church. (Added 4-29-2022)

Post by Lonnie Brooks via Facebook. A long-time lay leader from the Western Jurisdiction questions why the bishops who called for the amicable division of the UMC through the Protocol are now calling for unity. (Added 4-29-2022)

Briefs Filed Before the Judicial Council on the Question of Whether Jurisdictional Conferences Can Meet to Elect Bishops via Lonnie Brooks. Briefs by the Council of Bishops, Lonnie Brooks, and John Lomperis. (Added 4-29-2022)

Bishop Mike Lowry resigns to serve Global Methodist ChurchBickerton Becomes President of the Council of Bishops, Calls for Unity” via COB Press Release. Coverage of the passing of the gavel to Thomas Bickerton. (Added 4-29-2022)

Open Letter to the Wesleyan Covenant Association Following the Bulgarian Separation Vote” by Bishops Alsted, Ruckert, and Streiff via European UMC. See also PDF version. Concern that WCA leaders did not express reservations at how the Bulgaria-Romania Conference exited the UMC and what this might mean for the future. (Added 4-28-2022)

After Losing $100 Million Property Case, Fort Worth Episcopalians Mull Reunion with Texas Diocese” by Michael Gryboski via Christian Post. Reconciliation considered after bitter and prolonged legal battle. (Added 4-29-2022)

Ten Reasons to Consider the Global Methodist Church” by Jeff Greenway via Recovering Methodism Youtube Channel. A clip circulated from an event at Reynoldsburg UMC in Ohio. (Added 4-29-2022)

Western Jurisdiction Eyes Revised Means of Electing New Bishops” by Press Release via UM Insight. “de-centering whiteness, dismantling racism, and decolonization” named as key values in electing new bishops. See commentary by Lonnie Brooks on this here and here. (Added 4-28-2022)

A Power Shift is Happening in the UMC” by Odell Horne Jr. via UM Insight. Africans, never taken seriously by U.S. progressives, are set to take over the UMC. (Added 4-28-2022)

[link corrected] “European United Methodists Emphasize Connectionalism” by David Scott via UM Insight. The unique heritage of connection in European Methodism. (Added 4-28-2022)

Seven Reasons Why I Love the United Methodist Church” by Ken Carter via UM Insight. Bishop Carter shares his #BeUMC list of things he loves about the UMC. (Added 4-28-2022)

What Happens When a New Denomination Launches?” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Coverage of the May 1 launch of the Global Methodist Church. (Added 4-28-2022)

Church Trust Law Webinar” via Good News. A May 10 Webinar with attorney Lloyd Lunceford discusses the trust clause and local church separation. (Added 4-28-2022)

Holston United Methodists Exploring the Ordinariate Facebook Group. “This is a private group to explore and discuss a third option: becoming Catholic through the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of Saint Peter. The Ordinariate is open to Christians from the wider Anglican tradition (Episcopalians, Methodists, etc.) and retains some of the “distinctives” from these traditions. A new Ordinariate community was recently established in East Tennessee. This group is for safe conversations and explorations about this potential option.” (Added 4-28-2022)

What Is Comity?” by Chris Ritter via PeopleNeedJesus.net. This history of politics of a proposed Comity Agreement between the UMC and GMC. Claims of racism examined. (Added 4-28-2022)

Tweet by Wespath: “In this @UMNS article, General Secretary Andy Hendren shares, “We are committed to supporting the continuing UMC and we are available to serve all Methodist expressions, including the GMC and other Methodist-rooted expressions, organizations and churches.” (Added 4-28-2022)

Tweet by Chris Ritter. Responding to the Jeremy Smith article: “Progressives’ best hopes are not found in changing the BOD, the post says, but in continuing the WJ model of electing bishops willing to reject select provisions of the #UMC BOD. Makes GC a U.N.-type assembly with no U.S. weight?” (Added 4-28-2022)

Global Methodist Church Launches, Though African United Methodists Want to Join” by Megan Fowler via Christianity Today. “While departing US congregations begin the process of joining the new, leaner denomination, many conservatives in Africa are holding out for the much-delayed 2024 conference vote.” (Added 4-28-2022)

Shall Progressives Inherit the United Methodist Church? No, Not Yet” by Jeremy Smith. Accuses traditionalists of scare tactics and progressives of unfounded optimism about a significant ideological swing in the UMC once more traditionalists leave. Omits discussion of African church. Places hope in the election of more progressive American bishops unwilling to enforce the Discipline. (Added 4-28-2022)

Legal Update: Sarcoxie UMC” via Missouri Conference. Update on Missouri churches suing the conference for exit. Disaffiliation is highlighted as the only path out. (Added 4-28-2022)

Against Methodist Pessimism” by Mark Tooley via Juicy Ecumenism. American traditionalist Methodists need to recover their native Methodist optimism. (Added 4-28-2022)

Transition Pathways” via NorthWest Texas Conference. A U.S. conference that has declared for the GMC publishes a new section to their website on transitions. (Added 4-28-2022)

Will the Global Methodist Church Fizzle and Fade?” by Scott Field via NIC WCA. Three reasons for GMC optimism. (Added 4-28-2022)

Book Release: What’s Next? 22 United Methodist Leaders Discuss the Future of the Church via Market Square Books. Traditionalist/GMC leaders are omitted from this follow-up edition to Where Do We Go from Here? (Added 4-28-2022)

Virginia Church Leaving UMC Over LGBT Debate, Joining Theologically Conservative Network” by Michael Gryboski via Christian Post. Pastor Chuck Griffin says Holston View UMC will leave for the GMC “once a clear path develops.” (Added 4-28-2022)

UMC Bishops Offer Overwhelming Support to Bishop Patrick Streiff” via COB Press Release. The bishops rally behind Bishop Streiff after one conference in his episcopal area voted unanimously to join the GMC. (Added 4-27-2022)

United Methodist Bishops Open Spring Meeting with Message of Unity Amid Schism” by Emily McFarlan Miller via Religion News Service. Outside coverage of Spring BOD meeting. (Added 4-27-2022)

Outgoing Presidents’ Address” via Council of Bishops’ Facebook Page. Passionate address by Bishop Cynthia Fiero Harvey [starting about 45:00] as she finishes her term as COB President: The UMC must remain and be for everyone, even as it is time to bless and send those who cannot live with a big tent. She will exercise her fiduciary responsibility to protect UMC assets. (Added 4-27-2022)

Theologically Conservative Congregations Set to Break Away from United Methodist Church” by Mark Kellner via Washington Times. Outside coverage drawing on the recent Council of Bishops meeting. (Added 4-27-2022)

A New Beginning” by Keith Boyette via GlobalMethodist.org. Don’t expect fanfare on May 1. It is just a beginning. “A confident and forward looking United Methodist Church would be wise to focus on those local churches, laypeople, and clergy who are truly committed to its mission and vision for the future, not on constraining those who want to go elsewhere.” (Added 4-27-2022)

Don’t Celebrate Mainline Decline” by Mark Tooley via Juicy Ecumenism. Evangelicals should note both the accomplishments and decline of Mainline Christianity. (Added 4-27-2022)

Harder Things” by David Livingston. A response to Rob Renfroe’s recent article. (Added 4-27-2022)

Bishops Urged to Word for ‘Big Tent Church’” by Heather Hahn. Reporting on the Spring Council of Bishops meeting. (Added 4-26-2022)

Hard Things” by Rob Renfroe via Good News. The president of Good News calls United Methodists to join the GMC. (Added 4-26-2022)

On Liberalisms (They Just Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To)” by David Watson via Firebrand Magazine. Today’s liberalism runs counter to other types previously encountered by the church. (Added 4-26-2022)

The Roots of the LGBTQ Movement” by Aaron Vriesman via Juicy Ecumenism. The sexual revolution’s impact upon church and society. (Added 4-26-2022)

In Terms of Church History, Should the United Methodist Breakup be Called a ‘Schism’?” by Terry Mattingly via Get Religion. Outside reporting from an organization that educates members of the media on matters of religion. (Added 4-25-2022)

Global Methodist Church: Where Did It Come From?” by Jeremy Smith via Hacking Christianity. Seattle pastor offers his take on the origins of the GMC as a group of whites claiming minority status in order to harm minorities. (Added 4-25-2022)

Council of Bishops Spring Meeting via Facebook Live. (added 4-25-2022)

Updated: Briefs Filed Before Judicial Council on the question of whether U.S. annual conferences can exit the UMC. via Lonnie Brooks. (Added 4-25-2022)

Reforming the Ordination” by Lyle Holland via New Methodist Movement. A streamlined, historic ordination process is envisioned for the Global Methodist Church. (Added 4-23-2022)

Postponing General Conference May Have Been a Good Thing” by Lovett Weems via UMNS (commentary). Hopes that the delay in General Conference is giving those considering leaving a perspective that may cause them to change their minds. (Added 4-23-2022)

Togetherness — What Exactly Does that Mean for United Methodists?” via Laity Sharing Network1 Facebook Page. Why United Methodism is not a good deal for local churches. (Added 4-22-2022)

Why Many Traditionalists Feel ‘Stuck’” by Thomas Lambrecht. Expensive and complex exit processes serve neither side of the UM split well. (Added 4-22-2022)

What’s Next for the ‘People Called Methodist’?” by Timothy Tennent. “The launch of the Global Methodist Church on May 1, 2022 is the best public testimony to what we should have known all along:  The Protocol should no longer be an assumed outcome of any future General Conference. ” (Added 4-22-2022)

NWTX Transition Process for Local Churches” via Northwest Texas Conference Trustees. The trustees-approved document names annual conference exit from the UMC as the first and preferred option. If the Judicial Council rules in a way that precludes this, a non-punitive process for local church exits is described. See also this CCFA proposal to pay unfunded pension liabilities out of conference reserves. (Added 4-22-2022)

Bishop Mark Webb to Celebrate Holy Communion at WCA’s Sixth Global Gathering” via wesleyancovenant.org. The bishop of the Upper New York Conference will lead Holy Communion at the May 7 Global Gathering of WCA in Indianapolis. (Added 4-22-2022)

United Methodist Bishops Gather to Chart Future of Denomination, Welcome New Leaders” via Press Release. Preview of the April 25-29 Spring Meeting of the Council of Bishops. (Added 4-21-2022)

Christian Divinity School Recites Prayer to ‘The Great Queer One” Who’s a Drag Queen and a Trans Man” by Alex Parker via Red State. Reporting on a Pride Service at UM-related Duke Divinity School. (Added 4-21-2022)

Final Resolution Reached in South Carolina Episcopal Case” by Jeffrey Walton via Juicy Ecumenism. A final ruling on long-standing property disputes in reached in which property is allocated based on specifics of each deed. (Added 4-21-2022)

Waiting in Africa: The Impact of the Postponement of General Conference” by Forbes Matonga via Firebrand Magazine. On regionalization: “When [Americans] were a clear majority at the General Conference it was okay for them to dominate the General Conference with the so-called American issues. Now that non-Americans are becoming the majority it becomes wrong and the constitution must be changed! This is the Animal Farm mentality where constitutions are changed to maintain the privileges of the dominant leaders.” (Updated 4-20-2022)

“‘Stay Leave’: Reflections of a Self-Avowed, Practicing Wesleyan ‘Traditionalist’” by Bob Phillips via PeopleNeedJesus.net. A response to Steve Harper’s “Parting Words and Words of Wisdom.” (Added 4-20-2022)

The New UMC: Resourcing the Renewal of Hope” by Steve Harper. Resources to help the UMC gain a new identity. (Added 4-20-2022)

Chaplaincy and the Global Methodist Church” by Bob Phillips and Gary Clore via GlobalMethodist.org. “The Global Methodist Church chaplaincy team is grateful for this spirit of mutual trust and constructive conversations, as leaders in both expressions are united in support of the ministry of chaplains through the upcoming season of transition.” (Added 4-20-2022)

Church Court Faces Resolutions on LGBTQ Inclusion” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Rulings related to human sexuality released. (Added 4-19-2022)

We Have a Great Future” by Gabriella Kopas via Eastern European WCA. “Although we all thought the UMC is a global church and hence all Methodists are the same (at least, I thought it was the case), the latest developments show there are great differences in what a Methodist church can or cannot do to disaffiliate in different parts of the world.” (Added 4-19-2022)

Connect the Dots from Methodist to Baptist to Episcopalian to Presbyterian to National Politics” by Mark Wingfield via Baptist News Global. The publisher of progressive BNG makes the claim that WCA “is more Calvinistic in its theology than a lot of Calvinists.” (Added 4-18-2022)

Briefs Filed in pending Judicial Council decisions, via Lonnie Brooks. Keith Boyette, the Council of Bishops, AC chancellors, and Wespath among those who filed amicus briefs on key questions before the Judicial Council. Chiefly, under what circumstances can an annual conference exit the UMC? (Updated 4-18-2022)

Thank God for Splinters” by Chris Ritter via PeopleNeedJesus.net. Methodism’s Splinters may have done more for the Kingdom of God than our ill-executed mergers. (Added 4-18-2022)

Evangelicalism and the Global Methodist Church” by Riley Case via The Confessing Movement. Implications of the torch of evangelicalism passing from the UMC to the GMC. (Added 4-18-2022)

Alleged Harassment of Clergy by Nigeria Bishop by “Joshua Danko” via UM Clergy Facebook Page. Another post alleging police action against clergy by Bishop Yohanna. Some African clergy assert that Joshua Danko is a fake account set up by Ande Emmanuel who was removed from office. Bishop Yohanna is thought to lean toward the GMC and Ande Emmanuel seems to align with forces formerly supporting the One Church Plan. (Added 4-18-2022)

From the Flame: ‘Centrist,” He Called Me” by Stan Copeland (YouTube). The pastor of Lovers Lane UMC says that center will hold in the UMC. (Added 4-18-2022)

Methodist Seminary Promotes Wicca” via The Stand (American Family Association), [PDF, see p. 13.] Media mention of Wiccan practitioners studying at UM-related Iliff School of Theology. See also here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. (Added 4-16-2022)

Sugarloaf Merging with The Fountain UMC” via Sugarloaf UMC. Sugarloaf UMC in Duluth, GA merged April 10 into The Fountain UMC to become one church in two locations. Sugarloaf seems to have taken a catastrophic dip after their pastor, Steven Usry, was appointed by Bishop Haupert-Johnson to Mt. Bethel as an unexpected replacement to Jody Ray. The 2019 worship attendance of Sugarloaf was 475 and The Fountain UMC (a 2012 church plant meeting at an elementary school) had a 2019 attendance of 205. Sugarloaf has a 60,000 sq. ft. campus on 22 acres. Sugarloaf pastor, Heather Jallad, will take a “dual role as Community Engagement Pastor at Cannon UMC and [Fresh Expressions] Specialist” for the North Georgia Conference. (Added 4-16-2022)

Methodists Focus on Easter Amid Denominational Schism and the Tough Choices Ahead” by Liam Adams via The Tennessean [as captured on Earl Tucker Dickerson’s Facebook Page]. Local piece on the soon-coming launch of the GMC. (Added 4-15-2022)

A Covenant of Hope for the Future of the North Texas Conference” via One Church North Texas Methodists. Persons from the North Texas Conference call for the defeated One Church Plan to be in practical effect. (Added 4-15-2022)

Bishop Streiff Discusses Bulgaria-Romania Move” via UMNS (PDF). Q & A with Bishop Streiff on the implications of the Bulgaria-Romania Conference’s decision to leave the UMC for the GMC. (Added 4-14-2022)

Jamestown Congregations Conduct ‘A Dialog with Love and Understanding’” via Dakotas Conference. Two congregations hold a dialog about differing views on human sexuality. (Added 4-14-2022)

Global Wesleyan House of Studies” via United Theological Seminary. Regarding this link, President Kent Millard e-mailed: “United Theological Seminary will remain a United Methodist seminary and will welcome students from the Global Methodist Church since we currently have about 460 students from 37 different denominations. As President, I will remain a United Methodist elder and Senior Vice President and academic Dean, Dr. David Watson will transfer his clergy membership to the Global Methodist Church after it is officially launched. We hope to demonstrate how United Methodist leaders and Global Methodist leaders can work together in preparing faithful and fruitful Christian leaders who make disciples of Jesus Christ.” (Added 4-14-2022)

A Rationale that Doesn’t Seem Reasonable” by Stan Copeland (YouTube). Discusses the rationale for annual conferences leaving the UMC. (Added 4-14-2022)

Virginia Conference General Conference Delegates Endorse Christmas Covenant” via Press Release. “
We believe this Christmas Covenant shows a way into a new future for The United Methodist Church.” (Added 4-13-2022)

European United Methodists Emphasize Connectionalism” by David Scott via UMNS (commentary). “Whatever forms European Methodism takes in coming years, it will carry this heritage of connectionalism with it.” (Added 4-13-2022)

Just When You Think the United Methodist Church Breakup Couldn’t be More Difficult” by Cynthia Astle via Baptist News Global. The editor of UM Insight writes for a Progressive Baptist audience on recent events. (Added 4-13-2022)

Ukrainians May Be Moved from Russian Bishop’s Area” by Sam Hodges via UMNS. Reporting on a moved to put Ukraine in a new episcopal area is viewed with suspicion by Bishop Khegay as colonial politics. (Added 4-13-2022)

United Methodism’s Gracious Orthodoxy” by Adam Hamilton via Ministry Matters. The second in a series promoting United Methodism prior to the launch of the GMC. See also Part One, “Intellectual Evangelicalism“. (Added 4-13-2022)

The Endurance of Methodism” by Chris Ritter via PeopleNeedJesus.net. The nature of Methodism discussed. (Added 4-13-2022)

Eastern European Body Votes to Leave the United Methodist Church” by Michael Gryboski via Christian Post. Outside coverage of the Bulgaria-Romania Conference’s unanimous decision to leave the UMC. (Added 4-13-2022)

A History of Incompatibility, Part Two” by Charlie Baber via UM Insight. The second in a series in the incompatibility language in the UMC Discipline. (Added 4-13-2022)

Book Review: The Next Methodism: Theological, Social, and Missional Foundations for Global Methodism” by Matthew Sichel via Firebrand Magazine. Reviews a work of traditionalist scholars laying a theological foundation for a next Methodism. (Added 4-12-2022)

“We Should Reject the Power Tactics of the Neocolonial Group Leaving the United Methodist Church” by Lloyd Nyarota via UM Insight. A Zimbabwe pastor serving in the United Church of Canada continues his advocacy for the institutional preservation of the UMC and criticism of the Africa Initiative and the GMC. (Added 4-12-2022)

Fact-Finding Committee: The Status of the UMC” via Trinity on the Hill (Augusta, GA). A 19-minute video presentation on the state of the UMC and the choices now available. (Added 4-12-2022)

Full Communion Plans with The Episcopal Church on Hold” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. The Episcopal Church will wait on a full communion agreement with the UMC until after the split and partner with the branch that is LGBTQ affirming. (Added 4-12-2022)

Bulgaria-Romania United Methodists Vote to Leave” by Sam Hodges via UMNS. Coverage of the first annual conference to leave the UMC for the GMC. (Added 4-11-2022)

Recommended Reading: Bulgaria-Romania AC Votes to Leave the UMC, join the GMC” by David Scott via UM & Global. “In the end, whether or not the decision properly followed UMC rules may be moot. The Bulgarian church already changed its articles of incorporation under Bulgarian law.” (Added 4-11-2022)

Stay or Go? Real Talk for United Methodists Exploring their Future” via Baltimore-Washington Conference. An April 23 webinar will feature a panel including Ginger Gaines-Cirelli (UMNext, BWC), Vicki Gordy-Stith (UMNext, Pen-Del), Rudy Bropleh (WCA, BWC), and David Bennett (WCA, Pen-Del). (Added 4-11-2022)

Ripple Effect” by Warren Lathem. Former D.S.: An exodus from America’s largest conference is due to the scorched earth policy of the bishop and will have ripple effects throughout the UMC. (Added 4-11-2022)

Disaffiliation Disputes” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. The weekly news round-up from the editor of UM Insight. (Added 4-11-2022)

Five Reasons to Stay in The United Methodist Church” by Paul Chilcote via Facebook. A professor of historical theology names his reasons for staying in the UMC. (Added 4-9-2022)

Aldersgate Mission Society Website. Winfield Blevins heads an organization for Methodists seeking to return to Anglicanism through the ACNA. (Added 4-7-2022)

United Methodist Split As I See It” by Daniel Hixon via Youtube. A Louisiana clergy summarizes the UM split in a 42 minute presentation, mentions the Aldersgate Mission Society for Methodists leaving the UMC for Anglicanism. (Added 4-9-2022)

“ELCA Church Calls for Trans Bishop to Resign Over Allegations of Racism, Other Issues” by Michael Gryboski via Christian Post. “A California congregation with a sizable LGBT membership that belongs to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has called for the removal of the denomination’s first trans-identified bishop.” (Added 4-9-2022)

Letter from Bishop James Nunn: April 7, 2022” via Oklahoma Conference UMC. “No pastor or church has the authority to conduct a meeting that promotes leaving the UMC.” (Added 4-9-2022)

“A Message from Bishop Sue: Choose a More Excellent Way” by Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson (Via North Georgia Conference Vimeo). The bishop of America’s largest UM conference pleads for “good United Methodists.” (Added 4-9-2022)

Denomination Update: Information Meeting” by Trinity on the Hill UMC (Augusta, GA) via Youtube. A Georgia church (attendance 640) offers an informational meeting on the denomination. The D.S. gave a presentation during this meeting and faced pointed questions. See also the accompanying resources. (Added 4-8-2022)

East Angola Controversy” by Thomas Lambrecht via Good News. Without due process, punitive and coercive actions are being taken against clergy in Africa taken by certain bishops. (Added 4-8-2022)

United Methodist Men Announce New Resources and Brand” by Press Release via UM Insight. UMM will now be called “United Men’s Ministry.” (Added 4-7-2022)

Bulgaria and Romania Have Decided to Leave the United Methodist Church” by Bishop Patrick Streiff via Central and Southern Europe Area of the UMC. Bishop Streiff confirms the exit of the Bulgaria-Romania Conference’s exit to the Global Methodist Church. (Added 4-7-2022)

Listening Session: 4-4-2022” by Bishop Trimble via Indiana Conference. Q & A with Bishop Trimble of Indiana. (Added 4-7-2022)

Bishop Malone on Pathway to Disaffiliation” by Tracy Smith Malone. East Ohio bishop offers a video message about disaffiliation. (Added 4-7-2022)

The New UMC: A Future Filled with Hope” by Steve Harper via UM Insight. “These new-UMC posts are for those of us staying in the UMC.” (Added 4-7-2022)

What We Seek” by Chuck Griffith via Holston WCA. “We seek grace, just as we would hope to offer grace if the situation were reversed.” (Added 4-7-2022)

Steps for Corporate Spiritual Discernment” via First UMC Tulsa. An example of a spiritual guide for congregational decision-making about denominational options. (Added 4-7-2022)

Hypocrites and the Golden Rule” by Beth Ann Cook via PeopleNeedJesus.net. A response to David Livingston’s article calling traditionalists hypocrites for complaining about the requirements associated with disaffiliation. The paragraph is good. The actors are bad. (Added 4-7-2022)

How Did We Get Here and Where Are We Going?” by Jeff Greenway via Reynoldsburg UMC. A West Ohio informational event about the GMC. Filmed March 26.. (Added 4-6-2022)

Thoughts About Denominational Divisions (What They are Really About)” by Roger Olsen via Patheos. “The old line denominations have by-and-large adopted ‘theological pluralism’ in which ordained ministers and leaders do not have to believe in the denominations’ stated orthodoxies.” (Added 4-6-2022)

The Fifty-Year Fight Over Scripture and Sexuality in the UMC (April 1972-April 2022)” by Chris Ritter via PeopleNeedJesus.net. A brief history of the debate over human sexuality that started in April 1972. (Added 4-6-2022)

The Bulgaria-Romania Annual Conference Ratifies and Resolution to Leave the United Methodist Church” by Daniel Topalski via Eastern Europe WCA. An account of the parliamentary persistence necessary for an annual conference to become the first to join the Global Methodist Church. (Added 4-6-2022)

Learning About the Global Methodist Church” via Crossroads Newsletter. New informational pieces are available for those seeking to learn about the GMC. (Added 4-6-2022)

A History of Incompatibility, Part 1” by Charlie Baber. Cartoonist and gay UM deacon shares his take on the incompatibility language in the Book of Discipline. (Added 4-6-2022)

Potential Effects of Disaffiliation” by Ed Weston via Preachers Aid Society and Benefit Fund (IGRC). Retirees urged to check with Wespath before making a decision on surrendering their credentials with the UMC. (Added 4-5-2022)

The WCA-Florida Congratulates the Bulgarian-Romanian Annual Conference” via WCA-FL Facebook. Celebrating the first annual conference to officially withdraw from the UMC to join the GMC. (Added 4-5-2022)

“‘God is Queer,’ Duke Divinity Students Proclaim” by Hope Rawlson via Juicy Ecumenism. Reporting on a March 22 Pride Service at UM-related Duke Divinity School. (Added 4-5-2022)

Are United Methodists Reaping What John Wesley Sowed?” by Ted Campbell via Firebrand Magazine. “[Wesley] left us a problematic legacy of casting aside promises he had made for what he perceived to be a greater mission. Division appears almost certain now.” (Added 4-5-2022)

Bulgaria-Romania Conference Withdraws from the UMC for the GMC” shared by Ronald Doub via Facebook. Reports an unanimously passed resolution in which the conference voted on April 1 to leave the UMC for the Global Methodist Church, effective May 1. Here is the same news from Earl Tucker Dickerson. Here is a helpful background story from UMNS. (Added 4-4-2022)

Jonathan Edwards and the Ongoing Crisis is the Methodist Church” by Ben Witherington via Patheos. New Testament Professor: A caution against conforming our principles to our own practices and behaviors. (Added 4-4-2022)

‘All Aboard!’ (Part Two): The Global Methodist Church Express” by Bob Phillips via PeopleNeedJesus.org. The second in a series looking at the destination of the two primary options available to United Methodists. (Added 4-4-2022)

Mt. Bethel Update: April 2” via Jody Ray (Facebook). No settlement was reached in mediation and no further mediation dates are planned at this time. (Added 4-2-2022)

Tweet by Chris Ritter. “‘Splinter’ is a word the majority uses to speak about a minority. Methodists have ‘splintered’ off the Salvation Army, AME, AMEZ, COTN, FMC, CME, and several others. They don’t “litter the landscape,” they minister in Jesus’ name. #UMC” (Added 4-2-2022)

The Church is Splintering, Not Splitting” by William Lawrence, commentary via UMNS. “Today, United Methodists are adding more splinters to the residue of unfaithful and broken discipleship.” (Added 4-2-2022)

Mixed Up Memories of GC2019” by David Livingston. A response to “The Deficiencies of Disaffiliation” in which Livingston calls traditionalists like Chris Ritter hypocrites. (Added 4-2-2022)

Understanding the UMC Withdrawal Liability for Pension” by Jeff Pospisil via The Ten Minute Treasurer. Director of Finance and Administration for the Dakotas Conference offers this video and print explanation of the pension liability. (Added 4-1-2022)

Extra Session of the Central Conference Called to Change the Borders of Episcopal Areas” via Nordic and Baltic Area. A special meeting called to change the episcopal areas in light of the Ukrainian crisis. (Added 4-1-2022)

Africa Initiative Statement on the Postponement of General Conference” via Juicy Ecumenism. “…we strongly urge the Commission on General Conference and the Council of Bishops to reconsider their decision to postpone 2022 General Conference to 2024 for the common good of the global United Methodist Church.” (Added 4-1-2022)

The Politics of Refusal” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News. “Bishops and annual conferences… can escalate the conflict with onerous requirements and attempt to block congregations from leaving The United Methodist Church. Or they can take a reasonable approach that facilitates the resolution of our church’s theological conflict for the sake of creating the opportunity for a positive future for all.” (Added 4-1-2022)

Who We Are” by The Global Methodist Church via Vimeo. A video introducing the aspirations of the Global Methodist Church. (Added 4-1-2022)

The Deficiencies of Disaffiliation” by Chris Ritter via PeopleNeedJesus.net. The Disaffiliation Paragraph is not the gracious exit that hour demands. (Added 4-1-2022)

Exploring the Roads to Disaffiliation” via The Current. The April issue of the newsletter of the Illinois Great Rivers Conference is dedicated to topics surrounding disaffiliation. The conference currently begins negotiations asking for 50% of local church assets. (Added 4-1-2022)

GC 2019 Legislation; Disaffiliation of Local Churches and Clergy” via Wespath. A document on disaffiliation and pension issues. (Added 3-31-2022)

Pensions and Pathways Into the Global Methodist Church with Keith Boyette” via Holy Conversations Podcast (WCA). An interview with the chair of the Transitional Leadership Council of the Global Methodist Church about pensions, disaffiliation, etc. (Added 3-31-2022)

Ask the UMC: What Should United Methodist Congregations Know About Disaffiliation?” via Ask the UMC. An informational piece prepared by UM Communications. (Added 3-30-2022)

Schism: What’s Happening in the UMC?” by Walt Marcum via Highland Park UMC. A presentation on the future of the UMC, part of a Kerygma Series. Highland Park plans to stay in the UMC. (Added 3-30-2022)

The Night I Stopped Believing in Substitutionary Blood Atonement” by Martin Thielen via UM Insight. UM Clergy: “I finally realized that behind the all-pervasive theology, liturgies, prayers, songs, and hymns of Christendom that Jesus “died for our sins” stood a bloodthirsty, wrathful, and vengeful deity who required a pound of flesh to pay the price for human sin.” (Added 3-30-2022)

Church Court Evaluates Bishops’ Decisions” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. A new batch of decisions and rulings, including the decision to decline a request to reconsider a previous disaffiliation ruling. (Added 3-30-2022)

Forums on Disaffiliation” by Bishop Frank Beard via Illinois Great Rivers Conference. The Illinois Great Rivers Conference wants to start negotiations with local churches at 50% of their value of their property, plus a share of pension liability, plus two years apportionments. (Added 3-30-2022)

Ramifications of Recent Developments for Local Churches” by Walter Fenton via Global Methodist Church. “It is obvious thousands of local congregations want to exit a denomination consumed by an internecine dispute, seemingly without end, so they can join a new church solely focused on making disciples of Jesus Christ who worship passionately, love extravagantly, and witness boldly.” (Added 3-30-2022)

FAQ’s with Bishop Graves” via Vimeo. The bishop of the South Georgia Conference answers questions about the state of the UMC. (Added 3-30-2022)

Global Methodist Church Presentation” by John Loeser via YouTube. The chair of the WCA in Upper New York does an information session on the Global Methodist Church. (Added 3-29-2022)

Effort Aims to Stop General Conference Delays” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Reporting on COGC actions to prevent future GC delays. (Added 3-29-2022)

Pension Liabilities: A Real Problem?” by Todd Chancey via Holston WCA. Discusses questions related to the pension liability. (Added 3-29-2022)

Where I Found Acceptance as Woman, Others Now Find Rejection” by Madison Boboltz via UM Insight. “I regularly question if I am making the right decision in remaining Methodist. How can I, in good conscience, pursue ordination within a tradition that denies the sacred worth and rejects the gifts of my queer friends, especially when I know exactly how that denial and rejection feels?” (Added 3-29-2022)

Commission Continues to Plan for Postponed General Conference 2020” by Diane Degnan via UM Insight. A statement following the March 28 meeting of The Commission on General Conference. (Added 3-28-2022)

UMC and GMC: Dual Affiliations for the Local Church?” by Chris Ritter via PeopleNeedJesus.net. “Many congregations seem to want less denominational entanglement, not more. But dual affiliation is possible in both the #UMC and #GlobalMC and could conceivably provide a type of al a carte autonomy amidst a massive Methodist mess.” (Added 3-28-2022)

Videos from the Next Methodism Summit via John Wesley Institute Youtube. Addresses to a historic gathering of traditional Wesleyan Scholars held in Alexandria in January 2022. (Added 3-28-2022)

A Message of Tom Thomas” via Virginia WCA Facebook. “We have a plan in operation to partner with churches and pastors to enable you make the transition into the Global Methodist Church. Please write Bishop Sharma Lewis asking her and annual conference officials to treat churches who wish to disaffiliate regardless of their theology with grace and reconciliation in accordance with the terms of the Protocol.” (Added 3-28-2022)

“Oklahoma Megachurch Leaves the UMC Over ‘Irreconcilable’ Theological Differences; Changes Name” by Anugrah Kumar via Christian Post. Coverage of Asbury’s disaffiliation and moves toward the Global Methodist Church. (Added 3-28-2022)

Top Ten Reasons to Join the Global Methodist Church” by GMC. A list of reasons to consider the GMC. (Added 3-26-2022)

There’s Only You and Me and We Just Disagree” by Leah Hidde-Gregory. The New Church Start DS for the Central Texas Conference draws wisdom from a song from her childhood. (Added 3-26-2022)

Follow-Up Pastoral Letter to the California-Nevada Conference” by Press Release via UM Insight. Addresses frustration that more information is not being shared regarding charges that led to the suspension of Bishop Carcano. (Added 3-25-2022)

WCA Meetings Not Sanctioned” by Bishop Ruben Saenz via Central Texas Conference. A clarification letter by Bishop Saenz that he did not endorse informational meetings about the Global Methodist Church. (Added 3-25-2022)

Bishop Saenz Statement” shared via Central Texas Conference WCA Facebook Page. All disaffiliations will be handled at an annual conference session in September. (Added 3-25-2022)

What’s It All About?” by Thomas Lambrecht via Good News. A summary narrative for those who have not been following along. (Added 3-25-2022)

Why I’m Still United Methodist: My Testimony” by Shandon Klein. Womanist scholar: “God is creating something new. I feel it. And I want to partner in it.” (Added 3-25-2022)

Methodist Official, Pastor Urge Patience Regarding Split” by Dan Irwin via New Castle News (PA). Local reactions to the UMC Split. (Added 3-25-2022)

Treasures New and Old” by Steve Harper. “In the kingdom of God, we continue to declare ‘Jesus is Lord,’ but the way it was first said in the past is not the script we must read without change as we say it in the present.” (Added 3-25-2022)

Tweet by Caleb Speicher. “Bishops preserve the institution. That is their job. It has always been their job. Good bishops preserve the institution by ensuring its integrity. Bad bishops preserve the institution through coercion. #UMC bishops must decide what sorts of bishops they wish to be.” (Added 3-25-2022)

An Important Message from Bishop Gregory V. Palmer” via YouTube. The disaffiliation paragraph (2553) will be applied even to those who don’t want to disaffiliate. Exits under longer established paths of exit must “live into the spirit”of Par. 2553.. (Added 3-25-2022)

Parting Ways with Christian Charity” by Kent Millard via WCA. “I am a centrist, and I will remain in the UM Church, but I understand the frustration my conservative brothers and sisters have with this unnecessary delay of General Conference to 2024.” (Added 3-25-2022)

Bishop Schnase Interview with Mary Catherine Phillips” via Rio Texas Conference. Talking about the disaffiliation process and what it means to be United Methodist” (Added 3-24-2022)

“Wespath Contingencies for Potential UMC Restructure or Disruptions” via Wespath (PDF). “…there are theological groundings in Methodist unity and Christian unity for Wespath’s big tent philosophy for serving multiple expressions of Methodism.” (Added 3-24-2022)

Benefit Plan Opportunities for Those that Disaffiliate from The United Methodist Church” by Wespath (PDF) Wespath offers to provide services to those who disaffiliate from the UMC. (Added 3-24-2024)

Disaffiliation Information” via Wespath. This is the UM Pension agency’s information page on disaffiliation. (Added 3-24-2022)

Potato Potahto, Tomato Tomahto: What’s the difference between the United Methodist Church and the Global Methodist Church?” by Scott Field via Northern Illinois WCA. (Added 3-24-2022)

The Porch Community Church Votes to Disaffiliate” via The Porch Facebook Page. South Georgia Church (founded 2019, 2020 was attendance 377): “We did so to maintain the Wesleyan Orthodox doctrine this church was founded on.” Related podcasts here and here. (Added 3-24-2022)

What Now? Europe Caught Between Crises” by David Scott via UM & Global. Third in a series on the global impact of General Conference postponement. (Added 3-24-2022)

God’s Uncloseted Love” by Charlie Baber. A gay youth pastor in the UMC offers a comic strip and writes about the change he hopes to bring to the UMC. (Added 3-23-2022)

Here’s What You Need to Know About Why United Methodists Seem to Be Headed for a Nasty Divorce” by Cynthia Astle via Baptist News Global. A UM Progressive offers her slant on the status of UMC Separation. (Added 3-23-2022)

Hopes and Aspirations” by Walter Fenton via GMC. The secretary of the Transitional Leadership Council for the Global Methodist Church shares vision for the GMC. (Added 3-23-2022)

A Word to Progressives” by David DiSilva via Facebook. Professor of New Testament and Greek at Ashland Seminary: Stop being sore winners and show some charity to traditionalists. (Added 3-22-2022)

Loyalty to the Highest Degree” by Rowland Buck via Holston WCA. “The best we can do is to find a way forward, to recognize our differences, to show grace and kindness, to refuse to retaliate for any injustices done, real or perceived, to bless each other and not curse each other.” (Added 3-22-2022)

‘All Aboard!’: Unintended Consequences and the Future of American Methodism” by Bob Phillips via PeopleNeedJesus.net. A look into where the Continuing UMC train is headed. (Added 3-22-2022)

Denominational Upheaval” via What the Hell is a Pastor Podcast. Young progressive clergy talk about the state of the UMC. (Added 3-22-2022)

Tweet by Keith McIlwain. “I don’t understand progressive #UMC friends critiquing the proposed plans for the #GMChurch giving more input into pastoral appointments to local churches, when many of those same progressives supported the “One Church” plan, which was full blown congregationalism.” (Added 3-22-2022)

Theological Liberalism and United Methodist Decline” by James Heidinger II via Firebrand Magazine. “Those of us who are clergy promised at our ordinations that we would “faithfully proclaim the Word of God and defend the church against all doctrine contrary to God’s Word.” The latter task is not as pleasant and takes courage. But someone has noted that “Luther didn’t tremble before the Pope because he had already trembled before God.” (Added 3-22-2022)

A Standard Process Governing Requests from Local Congregations to Amicably Separate from the _____ Annual Conference of the UMC and Join the Global Methodist Church Under ¶ 2548.2” [PDF] Legislation drafted for one annual conference that governs exits under Par. 2548.2. (Added 3-21-2022)

Reflections on Bishops, Exit, Comity, Love and Justice – March 17, 2022” via Laity Sharing Network (Facebook). A post in a Holston Conference based laity group. (Added 3-21-2022)

I Apologized Out of Deep Sadness” by Klaus Ulrich Ruof via UM Church in Germany. Bishop Harold Ruckert’s meeting with people of various sexual identities: “Out of deep sadness, I apologized to those present for the wounds inflicted on them by our Church – through active action, through words or through silence.” (Added 3-21-2022)

Tweet by Sarah Wanck. “Many declare “I vowed to be loyal to the UMC.” But, no one has. Not one. It’s alarming to hear the self-serving praise of loyalty, when what’s needed is for all to admit their failure. The only hope is to confess our shortfall & work to live into the fullness of our vow each day.” (Added 3-21-2022)

Meeting Report” via Holston WCA. Churches encouraged to sign a “statement of intent” to join the GMC while Judicial Council rulings on AC exit are awaited. (Added 3-21-2022)

Why General Conference Postponement was the Wrong Decision” by Paul Stallsworth via Juicy Ecumenism (UM Voices). The Commission on General Conference acts contrary to the needs of the church. (Added 3-21-2022)

Arkansas United Methodists Weighing Option of Splitting for Global Methodist Church” by Frank Lockwood via Arkansas Democrat Gazette. A round-up of reactions in Arkansas to the launch of the Global Methodist Church. (Added 3-19-2022)

Women’s Agency Hits Refresh, Expands Welcome” by Jim Patterson via UMNS. “We hope [those headed to the Global Methodist Church] could still see themselves connected to us as United Women in Faith.” (Added 3-17-2022, Updated 3-19-2022)

The Global Methodist Church Wants Annual Conferences to Sell, Not to Keep” by Jeremy Smith via Hacking Christianity. A conspiracy theory that the GMC wants whole annual conferences because these conferences hold so much pension debt. (Added 3-18-2022)

Navigating the DMC — Divided Methodist Church” by Rachel Billups via Ginghamsburg UMC. “Ginghamsburg Church has no plans to become part of The Global Methodist denomination.” (Added 3-17-2022)

Regarding Separation” by Bishop Cynthia Fiero-Harvey via Louisiana Conference. Information is shared related to separation. (Added 3-18-2022)

Delegates Urge Hope for United Methodist Future” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Progressive delegates: “We look forward to a bright and exciting future together.” (Added 3-18-2022)

Navigating the Waters with Grace and Respect” via Texas Conference UMC (Youtube). Q & A with Bishop Scott Jones of the Texas Conference. (Added 3-18-2022)

Video Invitation to ‘More than Conquerors’” via WCA. An invitation to the sixth global gathering of the Wesleyan Covenant Association in Indianapolis, May 7. (Added 3-18-2022)

Separation Timeline and Other Questions” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News. Important primer on the current state of exit provisions and how unfunded liability may be handled. (Added 3-18-2022)

The Future of United Methodist Men” via North Georgia UMM (Youtube). UMM plans to service those leaving for the Global Methodist Church. Major announcement from National UMM scheduled for April 4. (Added 3-18-2022)

Tweet by John Lomperis. “Why are liberals desperate 4 those of us elected in 2019 to vote in 2024 General Conference, rather than re-allocate new delegates? Consider how in 2020 stats (the basis for allocating GC2024 delegates), we reached the tipping point of being an African-majority denomination!” (Added 3-18-2022)

The Next Steps Gathering | March 12, 2022 | Vaughn Stafford” via New Methodist Movement. The pastor of Clear Branch UMC shares his keynote address from the March 12 event. Calls for North Alabama traditionalists to stay in the UMC. (Added 3-17-2022)

With Methodist Split Delayed Again, Churches Mull Whether to Go Now or Stay” by Greg Garrison via AL.com. Coverage of the North Alabama Next Steps Gathering at Clear Branch UMC. (Added 3-17-2022)

Never Forget: There are More than Two Strategic Camps in the global United Methodist War” by Terry Mattingly via Get Religion. “While fights about LGBTQ issues make headlines, the United Methodist wars have — behind the scenes — included clear divisions on basic, even credal, issues in Christian theology. In addition to clashing views of biblical authority, we’re talking about splits on salvation, sin, heaven, hell, the Resurrection and the very nature of Jesus Christ.” (Added 3-17-2022)

A Statement from the Northeastern Jurisdiction College of Bishops” via Baltimore-Washington Conference (Youtube). A video message from the NEJ College of Bishops calling for prayer, fasting, and innovation. “We are your servants in Christ.” (Added 3-17-2022)

“Church Court Weighs Annual Conference Questions” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. The Judicial Council adds questions about conference exits to its docket. (Added 3-17-2022)

On the Postponement of General Conference” by Tom Anderson via Thrive Church. Highland, Michigan church offers update: “The Spirit is stirring in the midst of this chaos and God is about to do a new thing!” (Added 3-17-2022)

Along the Way: Parting Words and Words of Witness” by Steve Harper. “My witness to those who will remain in the UMC is this: if you want to be in a denomination where biblical authority, a credible theology of human sexuality, and a commitment to love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and your neighbor as yourself is in full force—you need not leave.” (Added 3-17-2022)

Press Release: Park Avenue UMC in Georgia Votes to Disaffiliate” via paumc.com. Park Avenue UMC in Valdosta, GA shares the results of their vote to disaffiliate from the UMC. They are exploring the GMC. (Added 3-17-2022)

Is There an Unfunded Pension Liability for All Three of Wespath’s Plans?” by Dalton & Tomich (YouTube). A law firm representing exiting churches talks about the pension liability. Wespath is fully funded by accepted accounting standards. Exit fees are not required to go into the pension fund. (Added 3-17-2022)

FAQ’s Regarding Church and Conference Disaffiliations” via Wespath. The UM Pension provider says payment of the pension liability will be required no matter what path of exit it taken. “The terms of the Protocol cannot be accomplished without General Conference.” (Added 3-17-2022)

Conversation with Bishop Scott Jones” by John Stephens via Pod Have Mercy (podcast). The pastor of Chapelwood UMC (Houston area) interviews his bishop about the possibility of conferences leaving the UMC and other matters. (Added 3-17-2022)

Navigating the Waters with Grace & Respect” by Texas Conference. A March 17 Webinar with Bishop Scott Jones “for pastors and leaders to discuss how we will be navigating changes in the Texas Annual Conference in 2022.” (Added 3-16-2022)

What Now? Africa Disaffiliation” by David Scott via UM & Global. “For Traditionalist-aligned United Methodists in Africa, there are significant advantages to joining the Global Methodist Church as entire annual conferences, not as individual congregations.” (Added 3-16-2022)

Delegates Send Message of Hope and Unity at General Conference Delay” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. Coverage of an Open Letter by Progressive delegates waving a banner of unity in the UMC they hope to inherit. (Added 3-16-2022)

Bishops Discern Ways for Churches Choosing to Separate from UMC: Seeks Court’s Guidance on Jurisdictional Conferences” by Press Release via Council of Bishops. Disaffiliation is viewed by the Council as the primary exit, but the door is left open for exits under Par. 2548.2. (Added 3-16-2022)

How Clergy Align with the Global Methodist Church” by Keith Boyette via GMC. The chair of the Transitional Leadership Council shares the process of clergy joining the Global Methodist Church. (Added 3-16-2022)

‘Untied’ Methodism: Ten Turnings” by Phillip Amerson via UM Insight. “There is much in our United Methodist tradition(s) that is of great value… and much that need be changed.” (Added 3-16-2022)

Mt. Bethel, North Georgia Conference Enter Settlement Discussions” by Hunter Riggall via Marietta Daily Journal. “Lawyers for east Cobb’s Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church and the Methodist denomination’s regional body agreed to enter settlement discussions Tuesday morning.” (Added 3-16-2022)

To Stay or Not to Stay, That is the Question Facing United Methodists” via UMARC. An association of progressive UM retired clergy hosts an April 5 webinar. (Added 3-15-2022)

Power Corrupts: Bishops and Accountability” by Joe DiPaolo via Good News. “There is now little or no way to hold bishops accountable or prevent them from enacting whatever policies they personally deem best.” (Added 3-15-2022)

Episcopal Office Answers Frequently Asked Questions on the Further Postponement of General Conference” via Western North Carolina Conference. “The answers below are based upon information we know as of March 8, 2022. The delay in General Conference has proven that we are in unprecedented times and answers could change depending on various circumstances.” (Added 3-15-2022)

Building Bridges in the Tennessee-Western Kentucky Conference” by Bishop Bill McAlllly. “We have learned that some of our churches may want to leave the UMC…. My calling is to remain faithful to the United Methodist Church. I believe that it is possible be a United Methodist and be faithful to orthodox, traditional, and progressive beliefs.” (3-15-2022)

Team Caffeine News Alert: March 15, 2022” by Chris Ritter via Team Caffeine. The text of a model Comity Agreement between the UMC and the GMC that was distributed by the Council of Bishops is shared. The link also includes a response by WCA on matters still under negotiation. (Added 3-15-2022)

MARCHA Request to Western Jurisdiction Regarding Bishop Carcano” via Press Release. An association of Hispanic American Methodists calls for fair process for Bishop Carcano who was placed on leave following undisclosed complaints. (Added 3-14-2022)

Buyer Beware: The GMC Book of Doctrines and Discipline, Part Eight, Financial Implications” by David Livingston. The last in a series of posts examining the GMC Transitional Discipline from a continuing UMC perspective. (Added 3-14-2022)

Feeling Trapped?” by Chuck Griffin via Holston WCA. Advice for those who may feel trapped in the UMC. (Added 3-14-2022)

Peaceful, Easy Agreements” by Chuck Griffin via Holston WCA. Comity agreements as a peaceful solution for exit. (Added 3-14-2022)

Why Further Delay UMC General Conference?” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. “This was an extraordinarily cynical, credibility-shattering decision, driven by a political pressure campaign from institutionalist bishops, caucus activists, and denominational agency officials.” (Added 3-14-2022)

Thoughts on Comity Agreements” by Chris Ritter via Team Caffeine (PeopleNeedJesus.net). A history of comity agreements and how they can be used to help our UMC/GMC impasse. (Added 3-14-2022)

The #BeUMC Message: What is United Methodism?” by Riley Case via Confessing Movement. The #BeUMC message from the Council of Bishops would make the continuing UMC into a “religious Rotary Club.” (Added 3-14-2022)

Church Court Adds Annual Conference Questions to the Docket” via Resource UMC. The Judicial Council responded to a request by the Council of Bishops for guidance on issues of annual conference exits by adding them to their docket. (Added 3-12-2022)

The Latest United Methodist Bombshell Will Create News in 2022 and Beyond” by Richard Ostling via Get Religion. A site aimed at helping members of the media understand religious issues covers the delay of General Conference. (Added 3-12-2022)

Press Release” via Park Avenue UMC in Valdosta, GA. On their vote to disaffiliate: “While this was not an easy decision, it will allow the Park Avenue family to move past the denominational struggle and focus our attention on helping people move closer to Christ, without the distractions that have plagued the UMC for the last several years.” (Added 3-12-2022)

An Open Letter to Wesley Chapel UMC Short Gap” by Scott Knowlton. A West Virginia pastor shares information on the state of the UMC with his congregation. (Added 3-12-2022)

Meeting at Church Shut to District Leader, Wife” by Sam Hodges via UMNS. Coverage of the kerfuffle at a closed WCA meeting in Florida. (Added 3-11-2022)

Episcopal Office Answers Frequently Asked Questions on the Further Postponement of General Conference” by Bishop Carter’s office, Western North Carolina Conference. A “One Church Plan” response to a marriage question: “Local church has autonomy on how church property is used as well as a clergy’s authority to determine at what weddings he/she officiates has not changed.” (Added 3-11-2022)

Where There’s a Will, There’s a 2548.2” by Cliff Wall via Western North Carolina WCA. “If bishops want to, they can encourage the use of paragraph 2548.2 to implement most of the principles of the protocol and answer the “call to grace” to finds gracious and generous ways to allow traditional churches to transfer into the Global Methodist Church, to be less punitive, and to demonstrate that they see traditionalists as friends despite the disagreements.” (Added 3-11-2022)

Letter to Bishop Easterling Requesting Exit Under Par. 2548.2” by Baltimore-Washington Chapter of WCA (PDF). Requests the Baltimore-Washington Conference “to quickly provide official guidance on the requirements for local churches to request transfer in accordance with Para. 2548.2 and that these requirements should be in the spirit and tenor of the provisions of the Protocol.” (Added 3-11-2022)

Rob Renfroe Responds to General Conference Postponement” via YouTube. If you can leave without paying a high price, do it. Others will have to fight their way out. You will need an attorney. (Lloyd Lunceford recommended.) Several annual conferences will attempt to exit to the GMC. (Added 3-11-2022)

Here’s Another Fine Mess” by Scott Field via Northern Illinois WCA. With another long delay, take a deep breath, get some perspective, get inspired, and prayerfully consider your way forward. (Added 2-11-2022)

Can a local Methodist Church simply leave the UMC and join the Global Methodist Church?” via Dalton & Tomich (YouTube). The leading law firm representing exiting UM churches discusses the option of joining the GMC. “Protect yourself first.” (Added 3-11-2022)

Angela Pleasants to Speak at More Than Conquerors, the WCA’s Sixth Global Gathering” via WCA. The VP of Clergy and Church Relations for the GMC will address the global gathering of WCA. (Added 3-11-2022)

Buyer Beware: The GMC Book of Doctrines and Discipline, Part Six: Theology and Sacraments” by David Livingston. ” If all of the theological changes were proposed at General Conference as changes to the current Book of Discipline I’d probably vote for nearly all of them (other than those mentioned here).” (Added 3-10-2022)

Message from Bishop John Schol” via United Methodists of Greater New Jersey. How the Greater NJ Conference plans to move forward, mentions disaffiliation only as the path out of the conference. (Added 3-10-2022)

Simply Astonished” by Ed Rodarmel via Omnia Methodist. A response to a UMNS commentary by Chongo James Kim. (Added 3-10-2022)

Stop Fighting Over Stuff Jesus Never Mentioned” by Chongho James Kim via UMNS (commentary). “Even if we are divided as Global Methodist Church and United Methodist Church, we share common history and values as Methodists. We will still need to be mission partners.” (Added 3-10-2022)

The Next Methodism with Ryan Danker” via Holy Conversations Podcast (WCA). A new book from thirty-five top Wesleyan Scholars shares their hope for the Next Methodism on various topics: “The Methodist message was never intended to be limited to ivory towers.” (Added 3-10-2022)

Glexit Approacheth” via UM Insight. Satire aimed against traditionalist United Methodists. (Added 3-10-2022)

Conflicting Videos Describe Confrontation at WCA Meeting” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. Coverage of the disputes in Florida over the right of traditional churches to strategize together privately. (Added 3-10-2022)

Tweet by Mark Tooley. “Prediction: United Methodism will formally & relatively amicably divide before the 2024 General Conference, via special called General Conference or by other agreed means.” (Added 3-10-2022)

Bishop Minerva Carcano Placed on Leave” via Western Jurisdiction. “Bishop Karen Oliveto initiated a supervisory process under church law upon receipt of the complaints.” (Added 3-10-2022)

Transcript of Bishop Nunn Webinar” [PDF with portions highlighted by others] This transcription of a webinar by Bishop Jimmy Nunn of Oklahoma has traditionalists concerned in the way that dismisses exits under Par. 2548.2. (Added 3-9-2022)

Message from Vaughn Stafford” via Vimeo. An invitation for North Alabama to attend a 3/12 informational meeting. (Added 3-9-2022)

Statement: John Wesley Johanna” (Facebook Video) The bishop of Nigeria pledges to remain in the UMC until the General Conference meets and the Protocol is passed or as long as the incompatibility language is retained. Warns against Ande Emmanuel who is “no longer in good standing.” (Added 3-9-2022)

Questions, Anger Follow General Conference Delay” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. A round up of reactions and responses to the fallout of General Conference’s delay. (Added 3-9-2022)

On Comity and Conferencing” by Chuck Griffin via Holsten WCA. “Through a well-crafted resolution, we could vote to determine in which denomination the Holston Annual Conference should reside, and we could be sure to take care of clergy and churches within our conference who disagree with the final results.” (Added 3-9-2022)

WCA-FL Response to Intimidation Tactics” by Jay Therrell via Facebook Video. Things are getting ugly in Florida with cease is desist orders, videotaping participants, etc. (Added 3-9-2022)

Florida Man (WCA) Keeps Pastor and Spouse from Attending Church Meeting” by Jeremy Smith. Hacking Christianity discusses a closed church meeting in Florida. See also Jay Therrell’s Response: “WCA-FL Response to Intimidation Tactics.“(Added 3-9-2022)

Episcopal-Methodist Full Communion Partnership on Hold as UMC Delays Vote on Split over LGBTQ+ Inclusion” by Melodie Woerman via Episcopal News Service. “When the UMC finalizes its separation plan, any plan for full communion will be with those who are LGBTQ+-affirming, the Rev. Margaret Rose, deputy for ecumenical and interreligious relations for The Episcopal Church, told Episcopal News Service.” (Added 3-9-2022)

What Now? Episcopal Elections” by David Scott via UM & Global. Issues surrounding the election of new bishops globally. (Added 3-9-2022)

The Process for Congregations to Join the Global Methodist Church” by Keith Boyette via GMC. Aimed at non-UM churches, this article provides the sample text of a motion to join the GMC. (Added 3-9-2022)

Introductory Video: The Global Methodist Church” via Vimeo. A video produced to introduce the GMC. (Added 3-9-2022)

Tom Berlin interviews Bishop Bickerton on Why GC was Postponed” via Facebook Video. The bishop serving the Commission on General Conference is interviewed in defense of the decision of postpone General Conference. (Added 3-8-2022)

Bishops Seek Ruling on Whether an Annual Conference Can Leave the UMC” by COB Press Release. Six big questions the Council of Bishops is asking the Judicial Council to rule on related to annual conference exits from the UMC. (Added 3-8-2022)

Power, Protocols, and Piracy” by John Feagins via UM Insight. The GMC is an “alt-Methodist” denomination, the Protocol is against our connectional protocols, Members of the WCA are no longer United Methodists. (Added 3-8-2022)

Team Caffeine | March 7, 2022” by Chris Ritter. Discussion on whether an annual conference can leave the UMC, exits under Par. 2548.2, whether jurisdictional conference can meet, and whether General Conference was cancelled or postponed. (Added 3-8-2022)

Vote Delayed Again, Some United Methodists Say They Quit. Now What?” by Emily McFarlan Miller via Religion News Service. Outside coverage of the delay of GC and the launch of the GMC. (Added 3-8-2022)

The Politics of Postponement and the 2020 General Conference” by David Watson via Firebrand Magazine. “The problem with the UMC, and the reason separation has become inevitable, is that many of our leaders have rejected our processes of resolving disagreements.” (Added 3-8-2022)

A Day Older and Wiser: Why I Resigned from The Commission on General Conference” by Joe DiPaolo. “Please accept my apology for deceiving myself – and misleading you – into believing that this process had integrity and honesty. I no longer believe that it did.” (Added 3-8-2022)

Worship Gathering Centers LGBTQIA+ Voices” by Nancy Mossman via UM Insight. “Rooted & Rising” is offered by Queer Rio Texas UMCs & Allies and features M Barclay. (Added 3-8-2022)

Traditionalists’ Exit Speeds Up As Official Decisions on United Methodists’ Future Delayed to 2024” by Cynthia Astle via Baptist News Global. Astle covers the General Conference delay for a progressive Baptist news outlet. (Added 3-8-2024)

The Future United Methodist Church is Now” by Steve Harper via UM Insight. “Congregations who intend to remain United Methodist should begin right now (not wait until 2024) to develop and declare their identity–first to themselves and then to the communities they serve.” (Added 3-8-2022)

Facing Schism and Decline, United Methodist Women Rebrands and United Women in Faith” by Cynthia Astle via Baptist News Global. “United Methodist Women…has rebranded itself United Women in Faith in hopes of attracting new, younger members and surviving the denomination’s decline and fall.” (Added 3-8-2022)

The Protocol is Dead. Long Live the Protocol” by Stephen Fife. The UMC has two paths before us. (Added 3-7-2022)

Tweet by Bishop Scott Jones. “My commitment is to bless every church regardless of where they are and to have a fair process. I want to bless all of the clergy and all of the congregations so that all expressions of the Wesleyan movement are as strong as possible. #UMC” (Added 3-7-2022)

General Conference — What Happens Now?” by David Livingston. Analysis of the delay of General Conference from a “continuing UMC” perspective. (Added 3-7-2022)

“Bishop Graves Statement on Postponement of General Conference” via South Georgia Conference. Video: “Let’s focus on leading and not leaving… but I want to help you get where you feel you need to go.” (Added 3-7-2022)

Denominational Disaffiliation” via asburytulsa.org. 7,000 member church: “Because of the slow and steady drift of The United Methodist Church from their historic Christian mission, we have begun the process of disaffiliating from the denomination.” (Added 3-7-2022)

Message from Bishop Wallace-Padgett: Third 2020 General Conference Postponement” via North Alabama Conference. “I know that some churches will discern that they no longer wish to be connected to the United Methodist Church. Though this grieves me deeply and I hope and pray that these churches will reconsider, Conference leadership will utilize applicable processes found in our Book of Discipline to honor their discernment.” (Added 3-7-2022)

Staying by Faith, Leaving by Faith” by Chris Ritter via PeopleNeedJesus.net. A new phase of denominational separation has begun and hard choices will be made. (Added 3-7-2022)

Tweet Thread by Jeremy Smith. Progressive blogger tweets highlights from the congregational meeting of Asbury UMC in Tulsa about disaffiliation. (Added 3-7-2022)

Tweet by Eric Huffman. “Inertia is the spiritual gift of every institutionalist. The strategy goes like this: “Delay tough decisions long enough and those who care most (on the right & the left) will try to leave. We’ll hold all their property ‘in Trust’ til they pay the Institutional Preservation Tax.” (Added 3-6-2022)

Tweet by Chris Ritter. “Delegates to the General Conference shall be elected at the session of the annual conference not more than two annual conference sessions before the calendar year preceding the session of General Conference.” (Par. 502.3, The Book of Discipline of the #UMC) (Added 3-5-2022)

United Methodists: Too much method leads to madness” by Jacob Lupfer via Religion News Service (Commentary). “A common complaint about founding a denomination on John Wesley’s penchant for method is that some amount of spiritual vitality was lost in the imperative to nurse along such a bureaucratic institution.” (Added 3-4-2022)

Third General Conference Postponement Seen as Relief and Frustration” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. “March 3 may go down in history as the day when The United Methodist Church’s future turned – but no one is exactly sure which way.” (Added 3-4-2022)

It’s Official: General Conference Postponed to 2024” by Diane Degnan via UM Insight. The “proximity to the 2024 General Conference” cited as a reason for delay. (Added 3-4-2022) 

The Choice Before Us, or Now What?” via East Ohio WCA. “We are not adversaries of the United Methodist Church. We are advocates for a new movement of God reflecting the Wesleyan way of ministry and theology.” (Added 3-4-2022)

Methodism’s Prolonged Split” by Mark Tooley via Juicy Ecumenism. “Traditionalists must be discerning and patient… How can we use this time better to prepare for strengthening Global Methodism?” (Added 3-4-2022)

Pastoral Letter” by Bishop Frank Beard via Illinois Great Rivers Conference. “Because the conference has been “postponed” and not canceled, one of the challenges facing us is determining whether the 2020 elected delegates will be seated at the 2024 General Conference or whether a new group of delegates will need to be elected… The Judicial Council is responsible for final interpretation of the Discipline.” (Added 3-4-2022)

Judicial Council Decision 1366. This long ruling on the 2019 Way Forward Plans indicates that annual conferences can leave the UMC. The relevant section is on Page 43. (Added 3-4-2022)

The United Methodist General Conference Has Been Postponed Until 2024… and the Global Methodist Church Will Launch on May 1” by Scott Field via Northern Illinois WCA. “When a flight is cancelled, we have two choices: rebook for a different flight or find another means of transportation altogether.” (Added 3-4-2022)

The Protocol was Doomed” by Stephen Fife. “Ask ANY church consultant and they will tell you they have seen a similar pattern to this time and time again. 1 A big church consultant process, 2 a lot of fanfare, 3 a crisis happens, 4 the change is scrapped. It happens all the time.” (Added 3-4-2022)

Tweet by Drew McIntyre. “I wish some of my #umc colleagues defended the gospel with the passion they seem to only reserve for defending the institution.” (Added 3-4-2022)

Methodist Conservatives to Launch Breakaway Group on May 1” by Peter Smith via US News and World Report (Associated Press). Outside coverage of GMC Launch. (Added 3-4-2022)

UMC Delays Conference for a Third Time; Theologically Conservative Churches Launch New Denomination” by Leah Marieann Klett via Christian Post. Outside coverage of the events of March 3. (Added 3-4-2022)

A Comprehensive Comparison Chart” by Thomas Lambrecht via WCA. Compares the UMC, the GMC in transition, and proposals for the future shape of the GMC. (Reposted 3-4-2022)

On the Further Postponement of General Conference” by Thomas Lambrecht via Good News. A Good News Perspective article on the postponement of GC and the launch of the GMC. (Added 3-4-2022)

United Methodist Church Postpones Meeting to Discuss Split Over LGBTQ Inclusion for the Third Time” by Emily McFarland Miller via The Washington Post. Outside coverage of the delay of General Conference. (Added 3-4-2022)

Global Methodist Church Announces Official Split from United Methodist Church Over LGBTQ Rights” via Relevant. Outside coverage of the GMC launch. (Added 3-4-2022)

From the Desk of Bishop Webb: General Conference Postponed Until 2024” via Upper New York Annual Conference. “Unfortunately, our reality of unresolved differences and anxiety that have been a part of our life together over the last few years will continue.” (Added 3-4-2022)

Tweet by Texas Conference. Shares a brief statement on the delay of General Conference by Bishop Scott Jones: “Keep the main thing the main thing.” (Added 3-4-2022)

The Transitional Book of Discipline of the Global Methodist Church. The polity of the GMC that will guide the church until a future convening General Conference. (Added 3-4-2022)

North Alabama WCA Update” by Paul Lawler via New Methodist Movement. March 12 meeting is moving to a larger venue due to recent developments. (Added 3-4-2022)

Now What?” by Chuck Griffith via Holston WCA. “It is possible the Holston Conference could vote in its annual conference session to move to the new denomination. For this to happen, our bishop would have to rule that a resolution along these lines is permissible.” (Added 3-4-2022)

United Methodist Women Changes Its Name to ‘United Women in Faith‘ A notice that UMW is now “United Women in Faith”. (Added 3-4-2022)

UMC Next Affirms General Conference Delay and Commits to the Work Ahead” via Press Release. “We recognize that the delay of the General Conference means the goal of amicable separation will need to be met without new legislation.” (Added 3-4-2022)

Tweet by E JuJu Swen. A UMNS Contributor reports: “#UMC in Sierra Leone in its 142nd Annual Conference, voted to go ahead with the process of nominating Episcopal Candidates in the face of the postponement of the #UMC General Conference to 2024. The vote was unanimous.” (Added 3-4-2022)

“United Methodist Church Delays General Conference, Prompting Some Conservatives to Leave” by Emily McFarlan Miller via Religion News Service. Outside coverage of the delay of General Conference and the launch of the Global Methodist Church. (Added 3-4-2022)

Global Methodist Church Announces May 1 Launch, Split from United Methodist Church Over LGBTQ Rights” by Liam Adams (Nashville Tennessean) via USA Today. “the biggest step so far in the highly anticipated split of the United Methodist Church” (Added 3-3-2022)

Relief or Ruin? General Conference Postponed to 2024” by Jeremy Smith. “What is important to watch in 2024 is whether the depopulation of the United Methodists in the United States and the rising numbers of global United Methodists push anti-gay votes into the 66% percentile” (Added 3-3-2022)

“United Methodists Postpone Divorce Setting General Conference to 2024” by Mark Kellner via Washington Times. Outside coverage of the postponement of General Conference. (Added 3-3-2022)

“A Political Filibuster of the UMC General Conference” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. UM Action statement on the delay of General Conference. (Added 3-3-2022)

Bishop Carter’s Pastoral Response to the General Conference Postponement” via Western North Carolina Conference. “The recent Judicial Council decisions have reaffirmed paragraph 2553 of the Book of Discipline as a clear and fair process for churches who wish to depart from the denomination…. I reaffirm the abeyance that I signed with the Protocol, to cease the legal complaint processes related to LGBTQ persons in our church. For me, this is a fulfillment of our General Rule to do no harm.” (Added 3-3-2022)

Council of Bishops Press Release “The Council of Bishops will immediately begin to explore various pathways for sustaining the worldwide mission and witness of the United Methodist Church, given the announcement of this further and understandable delay.” (Added 3-3-2022)

Global Methodist Church Sets Official Launch Date” via Transitional Leadership Council Press Release. “With humility, hope and joy, a 17 member body of theologically conservative Methodist clergy and laity, known as the Transitional Leadership Council, is pleased to announce the Global Methodist Church will officially launch on May 1, 2022.” (Added 3-3-2022)

The Confessing Movement statement on the postponement of General Conference. “The Confessing Movement is disappointed and saddened by the decision of the Commission on General Conference to postpone General Conference to 2024.” (Added 3-3-2022)

Overheard: The Council of Bishops is requesting an expedited Judicial Council ruling on whether annual conferences can withdraw from the UMC, [See previous decisions 1366, 1425, and 1426] (Added 3-3-2022)

“General Conference Postponement and the Launch of the Global Methodist Church” via Holy Conversations Podcast (WCA). Keith Boyette provides information. (Added 3-3-2022)

To the UMC: Resist Harm” via Press Release. Calls for abeyance of complaints against clergy. (Added 3-3-2020)

Regarding Postponement of General Conference Until 2024” press release via Reconciling Ministries. “holding a pandemic-era General Conference with myriad barriers to safe and equitable participation would not have been a Christ-like way to be the Church. We also know that there is no General Conference outcome that can create the kind of justice that LGBTQ+ people deserve.” (Added 3-3-2022)

Spring is Coming. Let’s Plant a Church” by Keith Sweat. “Meet in a home, a garage, a barn, a brush arbor, a field, or a park. If you have the resources rent a building or put up a tent. Designate a place and time on our Sabbath for regular meeting.” (Added 3-3-2022)

Tweet by Chris Ritter (Thread): “The launch of the GMC creates the possibility of local churches moving under Par. 2548.2: “With the consent of the presiding bishop and of a majority of the district superintendents and of the district board of church location and building and at the request of the…”

The Wesleyan Covenant Association Endorses Decision to Launch the Global Methodist Church” via Press Release. The WCA Council endorsed the decision to launch the GMC May 1. (Added 3-3-2022)

“The Global Methodist Church Sets Official Launch Date” via Press Release. The Global Methodist Church to launch May 1, 2022. (Added 3-3-2022)

General Conference Further Postponed Until 2024” by COGC Press Release. The await press release.(Added 3-3-2024)

What Centrists Need to Know about The Global Methodist Church” by Darryl Stephens via UM Insight. “There are many in the UMC—both in the United States and abroad—who want to preserve their relationships of patronage and privilege, and Global Methodist Church promises a way of doing so.” (Added 3-3-2022)

Tweet by Keith McIlwain. “If/when it’s announced that the #UMC General Conference is postponed/canceled, it would be great if the Council of Bishops announced after their next meeting a Called Special Session to deal specifically with the Protocol & related pieces. It’s not likely, but a boy can dream.” (Added 3-3-2022)

Scripture, Church History, and Details for United Methodist Split” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. Reporting on an informational meeting about the UMC divide. (Added 3-3-2022)

Ms. Penny Cost Discusses Being the First Drag Queen Certified Candidate for Ordination in the United Methodist Church” by Caroline Brew via The Daily Northwestern. “Wearing a black sequin dress and angel wings, Ms. Penny Cost strutted down the aisle of the Jeanne Vail Chapel to discuss her experiences as the first drag queen to become a certified candidate for ordination in the United Methodist Church.” (Added 3-3-2022)

The Central Conferences and Current UMC Politics” by David Scott via UM & Global. “United Methodists from the central conferences are not just raising a voice within the denomination; they are raising many voices, which are saying a variety of things about what the denomination should do and be.” (Added 3-3-2022)

Baugh Foundation Grants $2.7 Million to Perkins’ Baptist House of Studies” by Mark Wingfield via Baptist News Global. “…the Baptists are educating Methodists and the Methodists are educating Baptists. This follows a national trend of the past couple of decades as denominationally affiliated seminaries have expanded their reach to intentionally serve students with similar theological perspectives, if not denominational labels.” (Added 3-3-2022)

“New Brethren Churches Wrestle with Details of Denominational Division” by Hannah McClellan via Christianity Today. The details of division are complicated for a denomination that some call a microcosm of the UMC. (Added 3-3-2022)

Overheard: The Council of Bishops meets next week to discuss whether to convene jurisdictional conferences to retire and elect new bishops. (Added 3-3-2022)

Living in a Post-Denominational World” by Sky McCracken. “United Methodists might be better off being a looser connection of churches, since that is the reality already. Forcing the square peg into the round hole is something that just doesn’t work in a post- postmodern society.” (Added 3-2-2022)

Dreams and Realities in the UMC” by Stephen Fife. “The United Methodist Church has treated their local churches as the equivalent of a McDonald’s franchise for the past 50 years. Simply continue to pay your franchise fees (apportionments) and you get a new manager every 2-3 years or so.” (Added 3-2-2022)

Alabama Megachurch Votes to Leave the United Methodist Church” by Michael Gryboski via The Christian Post. Outside coverage of Frazer Memorial leaving the UMC for the Free Methodist denomination. (Added 3-2-2022)

Perspective Sent in Error” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News. “We were working on a possible statement in the event that General Conference was postponed. Due to a software issue, that email was sent out erroneously.” (Added 3-2-2022)

Tweet by Bishop Scott Jones. “There may be some changes coming in the #UMC. As your Texas Annual Conference bishop, my commitment is to be transparent, fair and to share information widely.” (Added 3-1-2022)

Buyer Beware: The GMC Book of Doctrines and Discipline, Pt. 5: Inclusion and Representation” by David Livingston. Another installment of a series of posts reviewing the Transitional Book of Doctrines and Discipline of the GMC. (Added 3-1-2022)

Beware the Quick Fix” by Jack Shitama via UM Insight. Separation is a long and complicated process and the church should not look for quick fixes. (Added 3-2-2021)

Five Big #UMC Questions Soon to Be Answered” by Chris Ritter via PeopleNeedJesus.net. Why this may be the most significant week in United Methodism since February 2019. (Added 3-1-2022)

Overheard: The Commission on General Conference plans to make an announcement on Thursday, March 3, 2022.

The United/Federated Church” by Doug McKinney via UM Clergy Facebook Group. Proposes that churches affiliate with both the UMC and GMC. (Added 3-1-2022)

The Future of United Methodism” by Dale Coulter via First Things. “The United Methodist Church is going to split. No one knows the exact contours of the split, but everyone seems confident that it is coming.” (Added 3-1-2022)

The Wesleyan View of Scripture, Theology, and Life with Dr. David Watson” via New Testament Theologist (YouTube). An interview with the Dean of United Theological Seminary on the Wesleyan view of scripture. (Added 3-1-2022)

United Methodist Leaders Weigh Postponing Conference Where Vote on Split is Expected” by Liam Adams via The Tennessean. Coverage of the possible further postponement of General Conference. (Added 3-1-2022)

Tweet from Jessica LaGrone. “The entire #UMC is holding its breath this week waiting to find out if General Conference will happen this year and provide us with a path for civilized discourse and resolution. I don’t know one person optimistic about the outcome.” (Added 3-1-2022)

Bishop David Graves Calls for Special Session of the South Georgia Annual Conference” via South Georgia AC. The bishop of South Georgia calls a special session to allow more time for congregational disaffiliations. (Added 2-28-2022)

Tweet by David Watson. Shares an image of a translated letter expelling Rev. Bartolomeu Dias Sapolo from the East Angola AC, his pastorate, and a faculty position (seemingly without due process) for aligning with the “separatist” Global Methodist Church. (Added 2-26-2022)

Korean Pastors Call for Repentance, Unity” by Thomas Kim via UMNS. “Our lives depend not on institutional survival, but on spiritual revival, and our spiritual revival is the way to our future.” (Added 2-26-2022)

From the Flame: Why I’m a ‘No” on the Protocol Legislation…” by Stan Copeland (YouTube). Copeland charges conservatives with proselytizing from the UMC. (Added 2-26-2022)

Overheard: The rumor is out that General Conference is being postponed until 2024. The Council of Bishops is meeting this morning amidst a push to hold Jurisdictional Conferences in spite of Disciplinary requirements that GC meet first. (Added 2-25-2022)

WCA Leaders in Eastern Europe” via Holy Conversations Podcast (WCA). European WCA chapter leaders Daniel Topalski from Bulgari and Gabi Kopas from Slovakia and get their perspective on Methodism in eastern Europe, the situation in the United Methodist Church, the impending launch of the GMC, and their hopes for a new Methodist movement. (Added 2-25-2022)

Tweet from Steve Cordle. “As a GC delegate I just got an urgent request from GCGC asking if I’m vaxed (yes). Isn’t it odd that there’s a sudden concern for the vax of delegates when the bishops just declared that they are appalled at efforts to make sure they are?” [Tweeted 2-23-2022] (Added 2-24-2022)

Tweet from United Methodist News Service. “The #UMC General Conference commission met online today to deliberate on whether #UMCGC can go forward this year. After three and a half hours of closed session, the commission said it would announce the result of its deliberations within a week.” (Added 2-24-2022)

Africa Voices for Unity Statement on Postponing General Conference” A response to the Africa Initiative Statement by institutionally-aligned Africans (Ande Immanuel, et. al.). (Added 2-24-2022)

Sky McCracken on the United Methodist Split via Facebook. “United Methodists: don’t be discouraged when a church chooses another path besides the United Methodist Church or the Global Methodist Church.” (Added 2-23-2022)

Editorial: Make the Call on General Conference” via UMNS. The editorial board of UM Communications calls upon the Commission on General Conference to come to a decision. (Added 2-23-2022)

Delegates Urge General Conference Delay” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. 170 delegates urge the delay of General Conference until 2024 even as other groups call for it to happen. (Added 2-23-2022)

Overheard: The Commission on General Conference next meets tomorrow, February 24. (Added 2-23-2022)

African Leaders Advocate 2022 General Conference Meeting” by Thomas Lambrecht via Good News. Coverage of the letter sent by the Africa Initiative to the Commission on General Conference urging them to retain the August 2022 date. (Added 2-23-2022)

What We Believe Matters” by Keith Boyette via WCA. “The GM Church longs for a fresh awakening emerging from the life-giving truth entrusted to us in this generation that all people might know Jesus in all of His fullness, that the truth of the Gospel will set people free, and that we might be transformed individually and as a people so that God’s will indeed is done on earth as it is in heaven.” (Added 2-23-2022)

Methodist Seminary Prioritizes Wiccan, Other Unbiblical Religions” by Michael Jordahl via American Family News. “The United Methodist Church is splitting over liberal theology and its view of the Bible. In fact, one of the denomination’s seminaries has abandoned Christian theology altogether.” (Added 2-23-2022)

Carolyn Moore WCA Moving Forward” via Vimeo. The chair of the WCA Council speaks at a February 5 event in Western North Carolina. (Added 2-23-2022)

Iowa’s United Methodist Church Issues Directive Permitting Same-Sex Marriage and Gay Clergy” via Elijah Decious via The Gazette (Cedar Rapids, IA). “As factions of conservative and progressive Methodists splinter into new denominations of their own, the Bishop’s Appointive Cabinet of the Iowa Conference has directed churches and pastors to “follow their conscience” — even if that includes allowing the same-sex marriages or gay clergy forbidden by the church’s governing Book of Discipline.” (Added 2-22-2022)

[Corrected] “Scores of Congregations Quit the United Methodist Church Over Gay Clergy, Same-Sex Marriage” by Mark Kellner via The Washington Times. Coverage of the disaffiliations that have been happening. (Added 2-22-2022)

“The UMC Life Cycle: Part Two on the Necessity of the Protocol” by Stephen Fife. Viewing the Protocol as multiplication instead of division. (Added 2-22-2022)

Church Court Says GC2020 Delays Resets Deadlines” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. The Judicial Council corrects a previous decision by the Commission on General Conference on legislative deadlines. (Added 2-22-2022)

“Africa Initiative’s Position Statement on Holding of 2022 General Conference” via Africa Initiative. “Absolutely no one should use Africa’s perceived challenges as reasons to further delay the holding of this much anticipated 2022 General Conference. We are ready to participate!” (Added 2-22-2022)

Methodist Church of Great Britain Promotes Queer Theology” by Collin Bastian via Juicy Ecumenism. “one of the most powerful things…about queer theology is it sets nothing off-limits. So, some queer theological writing is really quite sexual and quite shocking to many people, but it says all of this is in the eyes of God, really.” (Added 2-22-2022)

A Queer Church” by Rev. Nicole Garcia. An ELCA clergy concludes that being welcoming to LGBTQIA+ people is not enough and launches a separate “Queer Church” free of heteronormativity and gender-based language, possibly incorporating Buddhism and Judaism. (Added 2-22-2022)

Disaffiliation Information” via The Way (Woodstock, GA). “The Way’s Church Council cannot in good conscience sit back and wait for others to determine our future.” (Added 2-21-2022)

Denominational Giving Drops for Third Year” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. The 2021 apportionment collection rate of 76% is down from 79% in 2020 and 85% in 2019. (Added 2-21-2022)

Lutheran, Reformed, Methodist, and Baptist: What’s the Difference?” via Ready to Harvest (YouTube). An overview video of various denominations that mentions the special status of the UMC, currently. (Added 2-21-2022)

The Fiddle-dee-dee Factor and the Challenge of Profound Change” by Bob Phillips via PeopleNeedJesus.net. Why most United Methodists may let the barn burn down around them rather than seek a new day. (Added 2-18-2022)

White House COVID Prediction Could Affect General Conference” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. The easing of travel restrictions might affect the decision whether to hold General Conference in August 2022. (Added 2-17-2022)

Bishop Mike Lowry Joins Transitional Leadership Council” by Walter Fenton via WCA. A retired bishop joins the GMC Transitional Leadership Council. (Added 2-16-2022)

Buyer Beware: The GMC Book of Doctrines and Discipline, Part Four: Judicial Process” by David Livingston. A critical review of the GMC Discipline focusing on Judicial Process. See also Part One: What It Really Says, Part Two: Power, and Part Three: Bishops and Appointments. (Added 2-16-2022)

“United Methodism’s Iliff Seminary Embraces Paganism” by Matt Jameson via Juicy Ecumenism. Paganism supported by apportionment dollars at Iliff. (Added 2-14-2022)

UMC Top Court Clarifies Disaffiliation Process Ahead of Likely Schism Over Homosexuality” by Michael Gryboski via Christian Post. Outside coverage of six judicial council decisions related to disaffiliation. (Added 2-12-2022)

Judicial Council Clarifies Disaffiliation Process” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News. “The potential result of this series of decisions is that annual conferences could impose onerous requirements on local churches seeking to disaffiliate.” (Added 2-11-2022)

Illinois Great Rivers Delegation Statement on General Conference” via Paul Black, Delegation Chair. “Our delegation hopes for General Conference to convene as soon as possible… and we pledge as a delegation to fully support the efforts and all decisions of the Commission on General Conference, whether the decision is made to hold General Conference or to postpone it.” (Added 2-11-2022)

Where There’s a Will There’s a Way” by Keith Boyette via WCA. “The WCA and other advocacy groups stand ready to join with others to make sure General Conference convenes on August 29, 2022. We hope all UM Church leaders will work very hard to make sure that happens.” (Added 2-11-2022)

A Telling False Allegation” by Steve Harper via UM Insight. “While stopping just short of using heresy language, [Timothy Tennent] essentially says the same thing in saying the UMC is no longer distinctively Christian.” (Added 2-10-2022)

High Conflict and the Need for a New Methodist Narrative” by David Scott via UM & Global. “If the UMC and its successors are to get beyond our current high conflict, we must generate new stories about Methodism that supersede current simplified, binary views of Methodism as a theater for conflict.” (Added 2-10-2022)

Church Court Clarifies Disaffiliation Issues” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. A series of Judicial Council rulings related to local church disaffiliation is released. (Added 2-9-2022)

A Global Church for All God’s People” by Angela Pleasants via WCA. “As we prepare for the Global Methodist Church, we are committed to living as ambassadors of reconciliation. Being global means we will be ambassadors across continents where everyone will have equal voice and leadership.” (Added 2-9-2022)

Hendren Aims for Stability at Wespath” by Jim Patterson via UMNS. “With the likely split of the United Methodist denomination soon because of differences in approaches to LGBTQ people, Wespath officials are positioning the agency to work with the church that remains as well as new entities like the Global Methodist Church.” (Added 2-8-2022)

Church Disaffiliations, Court Cases Mount” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Coverage the growing number of church disaffiliations. (Added 2-8-2022)

Gen Z and the Wesleyan Moment” by Maggie Ulmer via Firebrand Magazine. “If there is a besetting sin one can point to in the Methodist legacy, it is our toxic love affair with cultural favor.” (Added 2-8-2022)

The Three Messages Leading Local Churches to Question Whether there will be a General Conference in 2022” by Dan Dalton. The leading law firm representing disaffiliating congregations argues that there will be no GC2022. (Added 2-7-2022)

Parsing the Text of the Transitional Book of D&D” by Art Collins. A review of the Transitional Book of Doctrines and Discipline for the Global Methodist Church. (Added 2-5-2022)

The the UMC: #Resist Harm” A petition anticipating the postponement of General Conference that calls upon institutional resistance to BOD teaching about human sexuality. (Added 2-5-2022)

Five Myths Regarding the ‘Protocol for Reconciliation and Grace through Separation‘” by Bob Phillips via PeopleNeedJesus.net. Explores misunderstanding perpetuated about the Protocol. (Added 2-4-2022)

Up to a Third of General Conference Delegates Cannot Get Visas in Time” by David Scott via UM & Global. This statistic is based on reported wait times for visa interviews and assumes no delegates have started the process yet. (Added 2-4-2022)

What is Happening is the Missouri Conference of the UMC?” via Dalton & Tomich (YouTube). Attorney representing large Missouri churches claims the Missouri Conference has moved to a hardball approach. (Added 2-4-2022)

On Hope for Methodism: Part Seven” by Riley Case via Confessing Movement. Case continues a chronology of UM divisions as he lived through them. (Added 2-4-2022)

A Better Way” by Walter Fenton via WCA. Departures to other denominations and contentious disaffiliations prove we need the Protocol. (Added 2-4-2022)

A Conversation with Simon Mafunda, WCA Africa Coordinator” via Holy Conversations Podcast (WCA). “Bob and Stephanie talk with Simon about the history of Methodism in Africa, what’s happening with the Africa Initiative, and an African response to the initiative of the WCA and partners to offer opportunities for Central Conference delegates to get vaccinated in anticipation of the 2022 General Conference.” (Added 2-3-2022)

“Large Methodist Churches Are Leaving the Denomination, What Does that Mean for Your Church?” via Dalton & Tomich (YouTube). Attorney representing disaffiliating churches: The reason large churches are leaving is because GC will likely be cancelled and the Protocol will either not be passed or found unconstitutional. (Added 2-3-2022)

Frazer UMC Disaffiliates, Headed for Free Methodists” via UM Insight. “Alabama-West Florida conference sources reported that Frazer’s move to the Free Methodist Church stems in part from its current senior pastor, the Rev. Chris Montgomery, who has ties to the Free Methodist denomination.” [Note: A source close to the story refutes the claim that the pastor has ties to the FMC.] (Added 2-2-2022)

The Local Church in the Global Methodist Church” by Walter Fenton via WCA. “Methodist polity has enriched and enabled local churches to flourish, and all the more when laity are empowered by clergy to use their gifts and talents in service for the church. And with its commitment to fulfilling the denomination’s mission through grassroots partnerships, local Global Methodist churches will emphasize the Protestant Reformation’s reclamation of the “priesthood of all believers” (1 Peter 2.5, 9).” (Added 2-2-2022)

The Next Methodism” by Timothy Tennent. Starting the GMC is the easy part. “The real challenge will be enculturating these newly gathered believers into a strong vision of the church committed to reclaim historic faith, to plant thousands of new churches globally, and to theologically educate a whole new generation in the distinctive and life-giving emphases of Wesleyan Christianity.” (Added 2-1-2022)

Statement Regarding Church Disaffiliations” by Bishop Bob Farr. Allegations that the attorney representing some disaffiliating churches is making false statements about the Missouri Conference. (Added 2-2-2022)

Ballistic Methodism” by John Feagins. On Methodism’s Decline: “Our egalitarian structures, together with the eclectic spiritual practices that gave birth to our movement are treated as quaint nostalgia, a faded memory that is too embarrassing, too costly, and too eccentric for our bourgeois sentimentalities. At the same time, they are a dangerous memory, a memory with the power to ignite us once again.” (Added 2-1-2022)

Church Conference Statement” via Frazer Church. “It is not without sadness that we contemplate departing from our denominational ties with the UMC. The Alabama-West Florida Annual Conference of the UMC has been our home for many years, and we honor the connection we have shared and the work we have accomplished together.” (Added 2-1-2022)

Local Church Leaders and Members Encouraged to Join #BeUMC Campaign” via UM Communications. The UMC Communications Agency offers a toolkit in support of the post-separation United Methodist Church. (Added 1-31-2022)

United Theological Seminary’s Global Wesleyan House of Studies” via United.edu. Greg Stover leads a Global House of Studies for traditionalist Methodists at United Seminary in Dayton. (Added 1-31-2022)

Team Caffeine: Frazer Church. Chris Ritter’s take on Frazer Church’s exit to the Free Methodist denomination. (Added 1-31-2022)

Quest Church Votes to Disaffiliate from the UMC” A large North Georgia congregation (attendance 900) votes to disaffiliate from the UMC. (Added 1-31-2022)

Frazer Church Seeks Re-affiliation with Free Methodist Church. 4,000 member congregation in Montgomery (Alabama-West Florida Conference) holds a January 30 Charge Conference to act upon a recommendation to re-affiliate with the Free Methodist Church. (Added 1-30-2022)

Clergy Morale in Today’s Time” by Rene Lawson via UMNS (commentary). “Storm clouds line the horizons of our United Methodist Church. The delay of meeting as a General Conference has placed on hold important matters that desperately need discussions and decisions.” (Added 1-30-2022)

Using People is Wrong” by Andrew Burd-Harris. “If your driving motivation is that General Conference needs to happen in 2022 (as stated by Renfore [sic]) and you need delegates to be vaccinated so you can have the General Conference in 2022 (and not have it canceled again)-you are using people and that is wrong.” (Added 1-29-2022)

Tweet by Mark Tooley. “Claremont is one of 13 official United Methodist seminaries. 12 of 13 will align liberal after impending schism, of which 5 eventually will likely merge or close.” (Added 1-28-2022)

Liberals Rail AGAINST Vaccinations for African Delegates” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. Coverage of Vax-gate by UM Action. (Added 1-28-2022)

Imagining the Future” via Resource UMC. A conversation on regionalization sponsored by the Connectional Table. See documents describing the contexts in Europe and Philippines. (Added 1-28-2022)

What Centrists Need to Know about the Proposed Global Methodist Church” by Darryl Stephens. A critique of the planned GMC using the Transitional BOD. (Added 1-28-2022)

Overheard: “As of yesterday, the Commission on General Conference is still planning for General Conference to meet in person in 2022.” (Added 1-27-2022)

“From the Congo: A Powerful and Pointed Response to the Vaccination Controversy” by Louis Bishimba, as shared via Baltimore-Washington WCA. A clergy responds to the African bishop critical of WCA’s vaccination efforts. (Added 1-27-2022)

Terry Mattingly: Are United Methodist Liberals Still Afraid to Act?” via The Blue Mountain Eagle. Quotes former Centrist Doug Damron who now called to UMC to ordaining “trans folks, bi folks, kink folks, poly folk, gender-fluid folk and others.” (Added 1-26-2022)

The UMC’s Future is STILL About Personhood, and Nothing Less” by Glenn Knepp via UM Insight. An argument that the NCJ BeLoved Covenant is in keeping with Wesleyan theology because of its focus on personhood, contrasted with Timothy Tennent’s approach. (Added 1-26-2022)

“The Next Methodism: Fresh Opportunities for Scriptural Holiness” by Ken Collins. An excerpt from the newly released The Next Methodism: Theological, Social, and Missional Foundations for Global Methodism. (Added 1-26-2022)

The Next Methodism: Doctrine or Death” by William Abraham via Seedbed. An excerpt from the newly released The Next Methodism: Theological, Social, and Missional Foundations for Global Methodism. (Added 1-26-2022)

Debate About Church Future Heats Up” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. A round-up of recent turmoil in the UMC as separation looms closer. (Added 1-26-2022)

How United Methodist ‘Protocol’ Already Became Financially Better for Post Separation UMC” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. The Protocol is financially advantageous to the post-separation UMC. (Added 1-26-2022)

Colonialism in Glass Houses” by Rob Renfroe via Good News. “Maybe the next time [institutionalists, progressives, centrists, and bishops] decide to be appalled, aghast, and outraged, they should begin with the log in their own eye.” (Added 1-26-2022)

A Timeline for the Global Methodist Church” by Walter Fenton via WCA. With GC2022 “increasingly likely,” a 12-18 month transitional period starting in September will prepare for the convening General Conference of the GMC. (Added 1-26-2022)

Such Language” by Chuck Griffin via Holston WCA. On the vaccination controversy: “The people using such language have no interest in finding a middle ground—they simply are waving an emotional flag to keep their audience’s eyes off their real intent.” (Added 1-26-2022)

What’s Behind Vaxgate?” by Chris Ritter via PNJ’s Team Caffeine. The dust-up over WCA helping delegates get vaccinated reveals the tectonic pressures at work in a fracturing UMC. (Added 1-26-2022)

Overheard: The Commission on General Conference meets at 8 am Central Time on Wednesday, January 26, 2022. Calls for prayer are going out for this meeting.

Methodist Theologians Convene Historic Summit” by Mark Tooley via Juicy Ecumenism. Sharing a press release from the Next Methodism Summit. (Added 1-25-2022)

A Peculiar Methodism” by David Watson via Firebrand Magazine. An address to the Next Methodism Summit, a meeting of sixty traditionalist Wesleyan scholars. A call for a “saltier” Methodism that puts forth our distinction and does not continue the path toward a generically evangelical or mainline church. (Added 1-25-2022)

Tweet Thread by Ryan Danker. “1/6 PRESS RELEASE: The Next Methodism Summit, January 24, 2022 Alexandria, VA. Over sixty Wesleyan scholars from various theological disciplines met in Alexandria, VA for the Next Methodism Summit, Jan. 21-23, 2022. The Summit was sponsored by The John Wesley Institute under…” (Added 1-24-2022)

We (the UMC) HAVE to Talk About Bruno” by Stephen Fife. First in a series of posts: “You have to see the protocol as an opportunity for change. The denomination must change! This is why we must pass the protocol.” (Added 1-24-2022)

Throwing Rocks” by Jay Therrell. Bishops are throwing rocks at WCA for trying to help Central Conference delegates get the vaccinations they need to vote. (Added 1-24-2022)

Better Together or Bitter Together?” by Bob Phillips via PeopleNeedJesus.org. “An approach that says, ‘Let’s stay together and we’ll figure something out’ after 54 years of not figuring something out is Exhibit A for ongoing denial.” (Added 1-24-2022)

“The 2021 North Central Jurisdictional Conference: Ten Takeaways” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. A summary of take-aways from the NCJ Conference. Even with gains among progressive American clergy delegates, traditionalists still hold a General Conference majority. (Added 1-24-2022)

United Methodist Split: What’s Going on in 2022?” by Ready to Harvest via Youtube. A summary of the current state of affairs in the UMC from an outside source. (Added 1-23-2022)

Church Challenges Law to Keep Land After Voting to Leave Methodist Denomination” by David Wells via Courthouse News Service. In a Wisconsin filing, Dalton & Tomich is seeking to invalidate a state law that incorporated the Trust Clause into law as it violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. Dan Dalton: “Wisconsin and a handful of other states adopted similar laws when Bishops were politically influential several years ago. This has been the barrier for any church to leave the denomination and retain their property in Wisconsin.” (Added 1-22-2022)

Lonnie Brooks on Vaccination Controversy via Facebook. Long-time lay leader and GC delegate not aligned with WCA/GMC: “I think the WCA is getting a bit of a bum rap on this thing.” (Added 1-22-2022)

Tweet by Mark Tooley. “Next Methodism Summit with nearly 60 traditional theologians planning for future, Dr Matthieu Gnonhossou @SeattlePacific preaching.” See also here and here. (Added 1-22-2022)

‘Appalled’ UM Leaders Denounce Vaccination Initiative” by Thomas Lambrecht via Good News. Response to hyperbolic statement against an effort by WCA to make sure African delegates are not disenfranchised from voting. (Added 1-21-2022)

COB Executive Committee Endorses Central Conference Statement on Vaccines” via Council of Bishops. The COB Executive Committee endorses a statement by three Central Conference bishops denouncing WCA for trying to support vaccination efforts. (Added 1-20-2022)

Rooms for All Coalition, Indiana Update” by Room for All Indiana. Laments ““how harm continues… In the continued loss of clergy and clergy candidates in our Indiana Conference who feel they have no home in the UMC because of their sexual orientation. Though their stories may not be widely known, they are many.” Includes a manuscript link to a presentation by Penny Cost. (Added 1-20-2022)

Transitional Leadership Council Members and the Formation of the Global Methodist Church” by Walter Fenton via Crossroads Newsletter (WCA). The work of the Transitional Leadership Council is highlighted. (Added 1-19-2022)

[Link repaired] “Bishops, Others Denounce WCA’s Vaccine Plans” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Coverage of responses to WCA raising funds to help international delegates have access to the vaccines that will keep their vote from being disenfranchised due to U.S. Visa requirements. (Added 1-18-2022)

Council of Bishops: Central Conference Bishops Appalled by WCA’s Actions on Vaccine Offers” via COB Press Release. Three Central Conference bishops issue a statement critical of WCA raising funds to provide COVID vaccinations to international delegates. This echoes an earlier critique by Reconciling Ministries Network. (Added 1-18-2022)

Reformed Church in America Begins Amiable Separation” by Thomas Lambrecht via Good News. “It is striking how similar the RCA’s situation is to our United Methodist dilemma.” (Added 1-18-2022)

Cindy McClendon: How Did United Methodists Get to this Place?” via Juicy Ecumenism. A historical review of our impasse over human sexuality. (Added 1-18-2022)

Does the UMC Have a Faithful, Defensible Sexual Ethic?” by Phil Thrailkill via Firebrand Magazine. “Our failure is not that we do not have the teaching; it’s that we largely have failed to offer it as part of a life-giving call to discipleship in the modern world.” (Added 1-18-2022)

Lesbian Bishop Seeks to “Reshape United Methodism for a New Era’” by Collin Bastian via Juicy Ecumenism. Reporting on the webinar hosted by the United Methodist Association of Retired Clergy. (Added 1-17-2022)

Chris Weitzel on the Looming Schism via UM Clergy Facebook Page. A progressive comments that traditionalists have organized well for the future while progressives have not. (Added 1-15-2022)

“Reformed Church in America Split Points to Rising Tensions in Calvin Country” by Terry Mattingly via Get Religion Podcast. UMC mentioned. Denominational schism involve strong conservative congregations in tension with the more liberal leadership of their denomination. (Added 1-14-2022)

“An Evening with Walter Fenton: Questions and Answers” via Eastern European WCA Youtube Channel. The VP of WCA answers questions from Eastern European pastors. (Added 1-14-2022)

Persevering in the Midst of Uncertainty” by Keith Boyette via WCA. “Whatever the case, the WCA Global Council and the GM Church’s TLC are prepared to make key decisions concerning the launch of the GM Church should the General Conference be further postponed or canceled.” (Added 1-14-2022)

43 Congregations Leave Reformed Church in America to Form New Denomination Amid LGBT Debate” by Michael Gryboski via Christian Post. Coverage of a split that some say reflects the coming split in United Methodism. (Added 1-14-2022)

Forgiveness and the Future Schism, Part Three” by C. Don Jones. “The new Global Methodist Church will be just as unforgivable as the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. But the people who comprised those institutions are a different matter.” (Added 1-13-2022)

Ineffective Liberal United Methodist Anti-Racism” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. “With this [NCJ] Covenant, liberal American United Methodist leaders displayed a racially arrogant, fundamentally nationalist attitude of asserting the supremacy of their 95-percent-white jurisdiction over most United Methodists of color.” (Added 1-13-2022)

The Great Resignation, the Great Retirement, and the Great Reconsideration among Clergy” by David Scott via UM & Global. Reporting on studies related to COVID impact on clergy. (Added 1-13-2022)

Schism in United Methodism: Is the Ground Level for Open Debate?” by Tendai Maxwell Nyagano via UM Insight. Zimbabwe East Clergy: “We have seen that the ground is not level at all for healthy debate to take place.” (Added 1-13-2022)

The Human Cost of General Conference in 2022: WCA’s Vaccine Campaign Poses Great Risk” by Albert Otshudi Longe, Lloyd T. Nyarota and Kennedy Mwita via UM Insight. Rotten tomatoes thrown at vaccination efforts by WCA from Africans aligned with U.S. Centrists. (Added 1-13-2022)

Reformed Church Split Mirrors Mainline Divide, Minus Acrimony” by Jeff Walton via Juicy Ecumenism. “The move potentially presages how an expected split in the United Methodist Church (UMC), America’s second largest Protestant denomination, could unfold with a minimum of disruption and rancor.” (Added 1-13-2022)

Peace for Our Time?” by Vatroslav Župančić via WCA of Eastern Europe. “Good intentions cannot always bring true peace and stability and that neither political balancing nor agreements of sacrifice can ensure and prevent conflict. An old tried and true proverb declares that ‘‘the road to Hell is often paved with good intentions.“ (Added 1-12-2022)

Launch of the Global Methodist Church Eagerly Anticipated” by Keith Boyette via Crossroads Newsletter (WCA). “The day is coming soon when the GM Church will boldly
step into the place God has prepared for it. Pray for the work of launching the GM Church.” (Added 1-12-2022)

Tweet from John Lomperis: W-o-w. Talk about “negative partisanship” on steroids. Reconciling Ministries Network actually blasts orthodox #UnitedMethodist s for…helping African delegates access life-saving vaccines. Do #BlackLivesMatter or not? Hope there are more responsible liberal #UMC ers out there (Added 1-12-2022)

More Drama in Nigeria via UM Clergy Facebook Page. The latest in an ongoing saga in Nigeria: Clergy are facing charges for taking music gear from churches after their appointment was terminated. (Added 1-12-2022)

Reconciling Ministries’ Response to WCA Vaccination Efforts via Facebook (Originally on Twitter). Reconciling Ministries releases a statement that it view’s WCA’s efforts to vaccinate all delegates as an expression of colonialism. (Added 1-12-2022)

Baptism Vows? Obviously Optional” by Sky McCracken. The pastor of First UMC in Jackson, TN references his LGBTQ daughter in this piece on tribalism. (Added 1-12-2022)

Methodism – A Conversation with Paul Lawler” via Beeson Divinity School Podcast. An interview related to the future of Methodism. (Added 1-11-2022)

The Perfect Storm – New Methodist Movement Update” by N. Alabama WCA. Update on the status of UM Separation and the Protocol. (Added 1-11-2022)

UMC Has Experience to Prep Virtual General Conference” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. The UMC now has the tools and experience to hold a limited, virtual General Conference. (Added 1-11-2022)

What Have We Learned?” by Chris Ritter via Team Caffeine. What 2021 taught United Methodists about the future. (Added 1-10-2022)

Forgiveness and the Future Schism (Part One)” (See also Part Two) by C. Don Jones via Patheos. “Desiring to see the new denomination fail is morbid. I don’t wish to see any further destruction. I am observing that fighting over who is in charge never ends.” Part Two discusses reconciliation by casting UM traditionalists as Darth Vader. (Added 1-10-2022)

The UMC Must Die to Have Any Hope of Life” by Christy Thomas via Patheos. “Let’s embrace the damage that Covid has done, recognize that our way to doing church is now over, and let it go. Out of this sadness will come new life.” (Added 1-10-2022)

Reformed Church in America Splits as Conservative Churches form New Denomination” by Kathryn Post via Religion News Service. Quotes a New York Church Planter: “Realistically, it’s a large group of conservative churches that are also providing a lot of income to the denomination. I really think the mass exodus of all these conservative churches is going to throw the RCA into a really difficult financial situation,. I doubt the RCA will be financially sustainable for much longer.” (Added 1-8-2022)

Why Beliefs Matter — with Dr. Bill Arnold and Dr. David Watson” via Beliefs Matter Podcast (Confessing Movement). Maxie Dunnam interviews two leading Wesleyan professors. (Added 1-7-2022)

Why I’m Going with the Global Methodist Church” by JJ Mannschreck via Good News. A young clergy from Michigan explains why he will align with the GMC. (Added 1-7-2022)

Dr. Kevin Watson to Lead Wesley House of Studies” via Good News. Watson becomes acting director of the Wesley House of Studies at Baylor following the passing of Billy Abraham. (Added 1-7-2022)

Access to COVID Vaccines Offered to All General Conference Delegates” by Keith Boyette via WCA. The Wesleyan Covenant Association is raising funds to help ensure that all GC Delegates are vaccinated. (Added 1-7-2022)

State of the Church in 1000 Words, Part Three” by Jeremy Smith via UM Insight. This look at the future supports linking the Protocol to regionalization. (Added 1-7-2022)

Rescuing the Eucharist from The United Methodist Church, Part One” by Keith Sweat. The current ecumenical rite used by most United Methodists retains the form but jettisons the content of classic Christian communion. (Added 1-6-2022)

Global Methodist Church Newsletter Sign-up” via globalmethodist.org. The GMC launches a newsletter called “Crossroads.” (Added 1-6-2022)

Disaffiliation Update” via Quest Church in Georgia. A large, “young-ish” church in Georgia talks disaffiliation. (Added 1-5-2022)

United Methodists, General Conference, and The Protocol Are in a Pickle” by Stan Copeland via Youtube. The pastors of Lovers Lane UMC talks down GC2022 and the Protocol. (Added 1-5-2022)

Sin and Repentance in the North Central Jurisdiction: Some Simple Thoughts” by Bob Phillips via PeopleNeedJesus.net. Remarks on the limited understanding of sin behind the NCJ Beloved Covenant. (Added 1-4-2022)

“Old, Nagging Conflicts will Continue to Dominate Religion News in the Coming Year” by Richard Ostling via Get Religion. “Early in 2022, a commission must decide whether the twice-postponed conference, now scheduled for August 29-September 6 in Minneapolis, can finally occur despite two years of COVID-related snarls and, some say, stalling by the UMC establishment.” (Added 1-1-2022)

Tweet by Mark Tooley. “I hear rumors of great gathering of distinguished Methodist theologians next year to offer theological counsel to future traditional Methodism. May the angels guide them! 2022 will be exciting for Methodists everywhere.” (Added 1-1-2022)

The UM Fallout Compendium 2021 Archive (Added 1-1-2022) A collection of over 870 posts in 2021 related to UM separation.

Traditional Methodists of South Georgia” via Facebook. A January 22 event at Epworth by the Sea will feature Jay Therrell and Cara Nicklas. (Added 12-31-2021)

Ultra-Progressive Liberation Methodist Connexion Fizzling Out” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. The demise of the short-lived LMX. (Added 12-31-2021)

2021 Year in Review” by David Scott via UM & Global. Five major themes explored in the blog for 2021. Questions about GC tops the list. (Added 12-30-2021)

Holidays Can be Complicated for LGBTQ+ People” by Charlie Schlenker via WGLT (NPR affiliate). Hope UMC’s Drag Advent Service is featured, along with mention of Craig Duke. (Added 12-23-2021)

UM Men Engaged in Two-Year Bungee Jump” by Rich Peck via UM Insight. The challenges faced by the UMM organization include leadership changes, the BSA bankruptcy, and COVID disruptions. Better days hoped for ahead. (Added 12-23-2021)

The LMX: Where Are We Now?” by Press Release via UM Insight. The Liberation Methodist Connexion explains that it has not gained traction due to internal disharmony and other factors. (Added 12-22-2021)

Year-End Mailbag with Keith Boyette” via Holy Conversations Podcast (WCA). A end-of-year status update from the President of WCA. (Added 12-22-2021).

$30 million from United Methodists in BSA Bankruptcy” by Sam Hodges via UMNS. Annual conferences asked to help raise $30 million for the Survivor’s Trust Fund as part of the Boy Scouts of America bankruptcy. (Added 12-21-2021)

A Message to the RMN Community” by Bishop Peggy Johnson. Bishop Johnson apologizes for participating in the trial of Frank Schaefer as she and her spouse live publicly as a “cisgender/transgender couple.” (Added 12-21-2021)

Clarifying United Methodist Challenges and Preparing for the Future” via IRD. The Institute on Religion and Democracy comments on recent developments in the UMC. (Added 12-21-2021)

December 17 Perspective” by Rob Renfroe via Good News (Youtube). The President of Good News answers questions about the Protocol and GC2022. (Added 12-17-2021)

Filipino Leaders Push to Elect New Bishops” by Gladys Mangiduyos via UMNS. A push to elect new bishops in spite of BOD hurdles. (Added 12-16-2021)

Christmas Letter from the Council of Bishops” via Press Release. “As we enter 2022, we will continue to make room for all to be welcome. Christ compels us to live creatively in the context of all the new possibilities that only a true gift of Christ can bring.” (Added 12-16-2021)

Christmas Covenant Celebrates Second Anniversary” via Press Release. This statement was linked by United Methodist News Service and includes a video by Bishop Rudolpho Juan of the Philippines. (Added 12-16-2021)

“Ruling: NCJ Bishops, Others Must Still ‘Fully Comply with’ the UMC Discipline” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. An NCJ delegate receives a ruling of law from Bishop David Bard on the “Beloved” Covenant. (Added 12-16-2021)

An All-Welcoming Church: Reality Check in Newbergh, Indiana” by Bob Phillips via PeopleNeedJesus.net. A congregation thrown under the bus for not being excited about the pastor surprising them in drag. (Added 12-16-2021)

Why You Don’t Need to Compromise to Evangelize” via Youtube. An outside response to Indiana pastor Craig Duke’s drag HBO appearance. (Added 12-16-2021)

A Pregnant Pause” by Bob Dean via UM Insight. A retired Iowa clergy offers Advent preaching notes in light of our denominational woes: “Every new beginning also means something has come to an end.” (Added 12-15-2021)

The Financial Future of Connectional Ministry” by David Scott via UM & Global. “Yet regardless of what other strategies denominational agencies may or may not adopt to respond to lower apportionments, the agencies are moving towards greater soliciting of direct gifts from United Methodist individuals and congregations.” (Added 12-15-2021)