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The Very Latest

For United Methodists, the center is not holding” by Jacob Lupfer via Religion News Service. Carter should compromise for a clean split. “Another fantasy centrists adopt to accommodate progressives is the patently unbelievable notion that the only thing progressives wish to change is prohibitive language about same-sex relationships.” (Added 8-20-2022)

Weekly Update | August 20, 2022” via GMC Mid-Texas Conference. Board of ordained ministry, appointive cabinet, and episcopacy committee formed at an August 18 meeting. Lists 45 churches that have joined the GMC and another 23 in discernment. Five disaffiliation votes fell short of the super-majority needed. (Added 8-20-2022)

Overheard: The South Georgia Conference met in special session today and approved the disaffiliation of 62 Churches. Among these two of its largest: Harvest (Byron) and The Chapel (Brunswick). (Added 8-20-2022)

CEO Blog: Caring for Those Who Serve—Our Commitment to You” by Andy Hendren via Wespath. Context on the reduction of the liability premium on unfunded pension liability owed by disaffiliating churches: “Recently, we worked with an independent consultant specializing in this area to do a market-based review of the liability premium. Based on that review, Wespath reduced the liability premium in July.” (Added 9-20-2022)

[link repaired] “Wespath’s Role in Determining Withdrawal Liabilities” via Wespath (PDF). Official explanation of July new calculations of the market rate for unfunded pension liability and a summary of Wespath’s role. (Added 8-20-2022)

A Messy Methodist Schism” by Mark Tooley via The Wall Street Journal (jpg Image file). Coverage in the nation’s largest newspaper of the Methodist division currently underway. (Added 8-20-2022)

(Almost) All WCA, All Week” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. The weekly new round-up from a progressive UM news source. (Added 8-19-2022)

Press Release via Florida WCA Facebook Page. “This week three council members of the Florida chapter filed formal charges against the leadership in the Florida conference of the United Methodist church. The complaints stem from the June 9, 2022, executive clergy session of the Florida Annual Conference.” (Added 8-19-2022)

Wise as serpents, innocent as doves” by Art Collins. GMC clergy: “Just leave. Let them “win.” You go proclaim the kingdom of God. I know it’s unfair… But belligerence is not going to get you anywhere.” (Added 8-19-2022)

Tweet by Chris Ritter. “Can we make it a rule that everyone writing to refute misinformation (from any side) must cite the source of the alleged misrepresentation? Otherwise, we may fall into the temptation of crying foul just to make the other side look bad. #UMC” (Added 8-19-2022)

Bishop Trimble On being United Methodist while refuting misinformation” by Bishop Julius Trimble via Indiana Conference. “There have been assertions that The United Methodist Church plans to eliminate or alter foundational theological doctrines including the Trinity and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. These claims are blatantly untrue, and I would question the motives of any person who would assert such falsehoods.” (Added 8-19-2022)

More About Misinformation” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News. Examining claims in a UM Communications piece about the UMC. (Added 8-19-2022)

Tweet by John Lomperis. “With diminishing exceptions, it seems that liberal #UMC bishops, DS’s, and other leaders are increasingly determined to show orthodox #UnitedMethodist s that we have nothing to gain by laying down our arms to make nice with them, and nothing to lose by exposing their corruption” (Added 8-19-2022)

Bishops gather to discuss future of The United Methodist Church” via COB Press Release. “In the midst of ongoing challenges related to Covid-19 and church disaffiliations, the Council of Bishops will meet August 22-26, 2022, to discuss the future of The United Methodist Church” (Added 8-19-2022)

North Georgia Conference #BeUMC Page. A collection of resources in the North Georgia Conference to support the idea of staying in the UMC. (Added 8-19-2022)

31 UMC Churches in NC Demand Immediate Exit From Denomination, Threaten Lawsuit” by Yonat Shimron and Emily McFarlan Miller via ChurchLeaders.com (originally in Religion News Service). Coverage of the Western North Carolina legal actions. (Added 8-19-2022)

Amici Curiae via The Supreme Court. The Western Jurisdiction joins with a UCC conference, Unitarian Universalists, and reconstructionist rabbis in a brief before the U.S. Supreme Court in a free speech case where a web designer refused to do graphic design for a same-sex wedding. (Added 8-19-2022)

Global Game-Changers: Ending Guaranteed Appointments” by Chris Ritter via PeopleNeedJesus.net. The GMC will end a practice the UMC tried to end in 2012 before the Judicial Council elevated appointment security for elders to the same protected status as doctrine. (Added 8-19-2022)

No Longer Waiting: Loving our LGBTQ+ Community | Rev. Rob Fuquay” via St. Luke’s UMC (IN) Youtube. The governing board of a large Indiana Church votes to hold same-sex weddings in anticipation that GC 2024 will change church teaching on marriage. (Added 8-19-2022)

Denominational Discernment 3: Jon Ferguson & Bill Smith” via Anderson Hills UMC (Youtube). A large Cincinatti church discusses three UMC alternatives: GMC, Free Methodists, and The Foundry Network. See also Update One and Update Two. (Added 8-19-2022)

WCA Churches Aren’t the Victims in UMC Splintering” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight (Editorial). “Don’t be fooled. The WCA isn’t the victim in the slow-moving landslide of UMC disintegration. They’re the ones who pushed the first boulder down the hill, and now they’re getting hit by their own stones.” (Added 8-19-2022)

Dear Dad (Part Six): From a Breaking Heart Over Orchestrated Division” by Stan Copeland via YouTube. A continuing video series from the pastor of Lovers Lane UMC supporting staying in the UMC. (Added 8-19-2022)

The Messy Methodist Church Schism” by Mark Tooley via The Wall Street Journal. The head of IRD covers Methodist schism for America’s leading financial newspaper. View JPG here. (Added 8-19-2022)

Tweet by Mark Tooley. “Promoting a specific Protestant tradition over generic nondenominational evangelicalism in America will be difficult. Mainline Protestantism has been sidelined—and it will take years for United Methodism’s schism to resolve.” (Added 8-19-2022)

The Moratorium is Over” by Jay Therrell via WCA. “We… encourage theological conservatives to hold bishops, district superintendents, conference officials, boards of ordained ministry, and other leaders accountable by no longer allowing violations to slide.” (Added 8-19-2022)

Yes, the United Methodist Divorce is a Mistake” by Scott Fritzsche via Unsettled Christianity. A response to Bishop Willimon’s recent article in Christian Century. (Added 8-19-2022)

I Don’t Think that Word Means What You Think It Means” by Scott Field via Northern IL WCA. “Do we prefer the lower-expectations of the United Methodist Church or the higher-expectations of responsible discipleship in the Global Methodist Church?” (Added 8-18-2022)

Tweet by Mark Tooley. “My friend Bishop Willimon gives no serious reason for staying in collapsing institution with no capacity for turnaround. Also, our book THE NEXT METHODISM was NOT organized by a Free Methodist seminary. Order copy: https://bit.ly/3QxVqXP” (Added 8-18-2022)

Traditional Methodists Search for New Path Forward” by Mark Tooley via The Gospel Coalition. Tooley writes for an Evangelical Reformed outlet on the prospects for traditionalist Methodists “leaving and those left behind.” (Added 8-18-2022)

Tweet by Mark Tooley. “United Methodism has 38,000 USA clergy w/guaranteed jobs. USA UMC was losing 200,000 members annually before pandemic & schism & likely loses 2 million members over next 5 yrs. Will sale of thousands of closed churches pay for clergy buy-outs?” (Added 8-18-2022)

Letter from Bishop Carter” via Western North Carolina Conference. Letter in response to 31 churches filing suit against the conference for exit. (Added 8-17-2022)

Letter from Bishop Schol” via Greater New Jersey Conference. Response to WCA call to escrow apportionments in conferences adding additional burdens on disaffiliating churches. (Added 8-17-2022)

The United Methodist divorce is a mistake” by Will Willimon via The Christian Century. Retired Bishop: “Progressives will also lose some of their most adept, doggedly persistent, Bible-loving interlocutors, leaving them stuck in a denominational echo chamber with an even higher percentage of people who think just like they do. Dissident conservatives, please don’t abandon me to my theological blind spots and the clutch of goofy liberals in my congregation. Though you don’t love scripture more than I do, some of your pompous, painful, pretentious criticism of our church is, worst of all, true.” (Added 9-17-2022)

Tweet by Chris Ritter. “The Florida Conference should kick these churches out immediately:-) FWIW, the church I serve has decided to pay apportionments literally, not just seriously, as our Transition Team does its work.” (Added 8-17-2022)

Tweet Thread by Liam Adams. A thread on WCA advocating escrowing apportionments in 19 conferences who are making disaffiliation difficult. (Added 8-17-2022)

Recommended Reading: Soundings Towards an Intercultural Identity for The United Methodist Church” by David Scott via UM & Global. A work by Hendrik R. Pieterse recommended to help resolve the UMC “identity crisis rooted in the role of culture, power, and agency in the negotiation of denominational identity.” (Added 8-17-2022)

WCA calls on conservative churches to withhold dues from United Methodist Church” by Emily McFarlan Miller via Religion News Service. Coverage of WCA’s call too escrow apportionments in conferences making exit more difficult than it has to be. (Added 8-17-2022)

Transitional United Methodist Integrity” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. “Faithfulness will also at times include filing formal complaints against clergy violating the biblical standards of what remains our denomination.” (Added 8-17-2022)

Church Planting, the GMC, and You” by Steve Cordle. The River Network is a strategic partner with the GMC on church planting. (Added 8-17-2022)

Disgust Will Kill the UMC and GMC” by Jason Valendy. “The GMC is pushing the UMC plate away. The UMC is pushing the GMC plate away. Neither of us will be justified when we come down our little mountains of self-righteousness.” (Added 8-16-2022)

Methodist Separation in Mainline Context” by Chris Ritter via PeopleNeedJesus.net. How the current Methodist separation compares with those of our Mainline sisters. (Added 8-16-2022)

Press Release via Florida WCA Facebook Page. Shares the news that Western North Carolina Conference churches have filed similar lawsuits to the ones filed in Florida. (Added 8-16-2022)

United Methodist Schism Fracturing Families and Friendships” by UMARC via UM Insight. A Mountain Sky Conference based retired clergy group sponsors a webinar on fractured relationships happening as a consequence of UM separation. (Added 8-16-2022)

May the Love of Christ Dwell Deeply” by Kathy Rohrs via Firebrand Magazine. A past West Ohio GC delegate shares her pain at the division happening in Methodism. (Added 8-16-2022)

Tweet Thread by Chris Ritter. The PCUSA 2008 Gracious Dismissal Policy required exiting congregations to join a Reformed denomination with similar polity framework. Facing imminent separation,Presbyterians felt a moral obligation to prevent congregations from going independent. By refusing to allow transfers under Par. 2548.2 and pushing disaffiliation as the only exit, #UMC Conferences in the US are complicit in weakening the larger Wesleyan witness.” (Added 8-16-2022)

Listing Onerous Requirements by Annual Conference” via Wesleyan Covenant Association Facebook Page. As a follow-up to its call to escrow apportionments in 19 conferences, WCA provides a listing of the specific additional requirements in each of the conferences. (Added 8-15-2022)

Bishop Mark Webb Announces Retirement” via Upper New York Conference (PDF). The bishop some consider as the lone traditionalist in the NEJ college announces a Dec. 31 retirement: “The divide within the United Methodist Church has lessened my joy for this role and changed my sense of whether my gifts, convictions, and leadership as a residential Bishop are best for the United Methodist Church in the future.” (Added 8-15-2022)

The Resurrection of Jesus and the United Methodist Church: A Personal Introduction” by Bob Phillips via PeopleNeedJesus.net. The author draws on a long and varied ministry career to discuss how United Methodists variously view the bodily resurrection of Jesus. (Added 8-15-2022)

Top Ten Q&A on Disaffiliation” by Bob Phillips via PeopleNeedJesus.net. A frequent presenter to local churches answers common questions on disaffiliation. (Added 8-15-2022)

Dear Disaffiliating UM Congregations” by Tom Frank via Facebook. Retired professor: “…you will be voting to walk away from one of the most faithful and effective religious organizations in American history” for “a cave of the like-minded.” (Added 8-15-2022)

The Future of Methodism – What Has You Excited About the GMC with Rev. Dr. Hidde Gregory” via David Donnan (Facebook video). A short video in which the chair of the GMC Transitional Leadership Council shares what excites her about the GMC. (Added 8-15-2022)

UMC pastor on exit: They left us a long time ago” by Steve Jordahl via AFA.net. Coverage of The Woodlands’ exit from the UMC. (Added 8-15-2022)

Mid-Texas Conference of the Global Methodist Church | Weekly Update, 8-12-2022” via Mid-Texas GMC (PDF). Lists churches who have disaffiliated and/or re-affiliated. The Mid-Texas annual conference plans to convene in January with an ordination service led by Bishop Lowry. (Added 8-13-2022)

Some Ways to Cope When the UMC Division Turns Nasty” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. The editor of UM Insight turns to wisdom from Rev. Nadia Bolz-Weber for perspective. (Added 8-13-2022)

Post via WCA of Western PA Facebook Page. “At the time of this writing, nearly 300 churches out of nearly 800 in the Western Pennsylvania Conference have indicated a desire to explore disaffiliation from the United Methodist Church.” (Added 8-13-2022)

We Must Do Better at Honoring the Trust Clause’s Moral Obligations” by Daryl Fansler via UM Insight. “As churches choose to disaffiliate, the major portion of the monies received from these churches (except for the portion designated for unfunded pension liability) should be used to support the expenses of a Ministry Response Team” to guide the UM remnant. (Added 8-13-2022)

Post by Bishop Ken Carter via Facebook. “If you were going to start an evangelical church you would not share misinformation about an existing church—this is a violation of the 9th commandment, bearing false witness.” (Added 8-13-2022)

WCA calls on United Methodist churches to violate church law and withhold their tithes” by Jeremy Smith via Hacking Christianity. Perspective on WCA’s call to escrow apportionments in 19 conferences making disaffiliation more difficult. (Added 8-13-2022)

Post by Bob Phillips via IGRC WCA Facebook Group. The President of the IGRC Chapter of WCA prefers the conference not be listed among those adding onerous requirements to disaffiliation process. (Added 8-12-2022)

Clearing Up Misinformation with ‘The Rest of the Story’” by Bishop Frank Beard via Illinois Great Rivers Conference. Responds to “leave now” messaging and the 50% of church assets where disaffiliation negotiations start. (Added 8-12-2022)

Misinformation Abounds” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News. “Inaccurate information and caricatures abound in the sharing of material related to congregational discernment of their future alignment.” (Added 8-12-2022)

United Methodism, What’s Going On Now? Rob Renfroe” via More to the Story Podcast (YouTube). Andy Miller interviews Rob Renfroe on this video produced by Wesley Biblical Seminary. (Added 8-12-2022)

Let Our People Go!” by Jay Therrell via WCA. Calls upon laity to lead efforts at withholding apportionments in the 19 annual conferences adding additional requirements to the disaffiliation process found in Par. 2553. (Added 8-12-2022)

NCJ Committee on Episcopacy Recommends Electing at Least Two Bishops in November gathering, Dakotas and Minnesota be reunited under one bishop” via Paul Black, IGRC Facebook Page. Press release from the North Central Jurisdiction Committee on Episcopacy recommending the election of two new bishops. (Added 8-11-2022)

Against Liberal Theology with Roger Olson” via Holy Conversations Podcast (WCA). Discerning and challenging liberal theology, along with critiquing more fundamental forms of Christianity, are keys to making Christianity Christian again. (Added 8-11-2022)

Standing at the Crossroads” by Scott Fields via Northern Illinois WCA. Applies Jeremiah 6:16 to UMC separation: “The primary question is simple and profound: will you choose the ‘old, godly way, and walk in it’ or not?” (Added 8-11-2022)

Disaffiliation Wave Faces Complexities, Lawsuits, Emotional Distress” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. An extensive round-up of disaffiliation activity throughout the United States, including lawsuits and counter-measures. (Added 8-10-2022)

What About the Next Bishop?” by Sam Powers via Preceding Grace. Oklahoma Conference district superintendent discusses upcoming SCJ episcopal elections: “When one considers that Northwest Texas will have a special called conference on December 3rd in order to vote on disaffiliations, the remaining churches will amount to the kind of numbers we would see in one of our smaller districts in Oklahoma (around 50).” (Added 8-10-2022)

Tweet by Bishop Scott Jones. “I admire those who are casting vision for both the #UMC and #GMC. And I want to suggest to you that I want to think the best of each group and say that this is what the next Methodism needs to look like. We need to be living deeply into what it means to be this kind of Christian.” (Added 8-10-2022)

What the Methodist Split Tells Us About American Political Polarization” by Bonnie Kristian via Reason. “However this denominational divorce plays out, theology around same-sex relationships isn’t the only thing driving Methodists apart.” Churches as the “canary in the coal mine” signaling disaster.(Added 8-10-2022)

Future of the UMC – Where Things Stand” via In Layman’s Terms Podcast. “A new series looking at the future of The UMC kicks off with this episode that examines where things stand at this moment in the life of the denomination. The series kicks off with an interview with the Rev. Adam Hamilton, lead pastor of United Methodist Church of the Resurrection.” See also Episode Two with David Livingston. (Added 8-10-2022)

Disaffiliation and churches leaving the United Methodist Church” via Unbound Love Podcast. Two reconciling pastors discuss disaffiliating congregations. (Added 8-10-2022)

When Being Right Is More Important Than Being Reconciled” by John Stephens. “What saddens me is I see very little love in church division. Our witness to the world is severely damaged – not because of a lack in the quality of our belief, but because of our lack of love for one another.” (Added 8-10-2022)

Texas megachurch with 14K members votes to leave UMC amid homosexuality schism” by Michael Gryboski via Christian Post. Coverage of The Woodlands disaffiliating from the UMC. (Added 8-10-2022)

Beyond the Death of Authority” by Robert Hunt. Follow-up to an earlier post: “We could focus on the the normative processes of Church rather than crumbling structures of authority… Recognize that the Word of God and sacraments acted out in the Body of Christ are the occasion for revelation rather than the revelation itself.” (Added 8-10-2022)

Letter to Members and Friends via Concord Church Roxbury. Pastor Tom Newman writes to his congregation following their vote to disaffiliate from the UMC. “Nothing has changed… Everything has changed.” (Added 8-10-2022)

Post by Jason Vickers via Facebook. On the new GMC Catechism: “I was privileged to play a small part in this. The resulting document, as this article rightly highlights, was the work of many people. Teddy Ray Phil Tallon David Watson Bill Arnold Suzanne Nicholson David DeSilva” (Added 8-10-2022)

Why Churches Choose to Disaffiliate Rather Than Joining the GMC” by Jeremy Smith via Hacking Christianity. “Strategy and control” are the reasons some churches have a gap between leaving the UMC and joining the GMC. (Added 8-10-2022)

I Am Right You Are Wrong” by Michael McKee (not Bishop McKee). “Linear, traditional thinking (“rock logic”), is insufficient to free us from the polarized trap in which we’re caught.” (Added 8-10-2022)

Listening Sessions Update” by Zionsville UMC (IN) via YouTube. Pastor David Williamson shares the Church Council is not calling for a disaffiliation vote because straw polls conducted by the pastors indicate no view on human sexuality holds a majority. (Added 8-10-2022)

Understanding Who We Are” by Ted Smith III via The Fount (Fountain Valley, CA) (YouTube). An August 7 sermon to a UM congregation by a WCA layman/attorney explaining the issues at work in Cal-Pac. (Added 8-10-2022)

Embracing a Rich and Vibrant Faith” by Walter Fenton via Global Methodist Church. Introduces a catechism approved by the Transitional Leadership Council for the GMC. (Added 8-10-2022)

Part Three…Dear Dad–Having Your Cake and ‘Gobblin’ It Down Too‘” by Stan Copeland via Youtube. A continuing video series by the pastor of Lovers Lane UMC. Says disaffiliation votes are driven by certain pastors and bishops. Reads a letter by Bishop McKee. (Added 8-9-2022)

Large Texas Churches Vote on Disaffiliation” by Sam Hodges via UMNS. UM denominational coverage of disaffiliation votes. (Added 8-9-2022)

Methodism & Christian Nationalism” by Mark Tooley via Juicy Ecumenism. “Arkansas United Methodist Bishop Gary Mueller recently commented to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette about United Methodism’s split: ‘There are parts of the church in which traditional Trinitarian thinking is beginning to morph into Unitarian thought. However, there are also parts of the church where I am concerned that traditional Christian orthodox thought is beginning to resemble white Christian nationalism.'” See Firebrand Magazine version here. (Added 8-9-2022)

Informational Meeting for Church Members” featuring Rob Renfroe (Youtube). An August 8 presentation in Lufkin (East Texas). (Added 8-9-2022)

After Lambeth: As a bishop with an orthodox view of marriage, I’m filled with hope for the future” by Bishop Jill Duff. The Anglican bishop of Lancaster expresses hope following the recent once-in-a-decade meeting of bishops in which church teachings were upheld, but not everywhere enforced.. (Added 8-9-2022)

Summary of July 2022 Changes to Disaffiliation Agreement” via Oklahoma Conference. The OK Conference moves away from a restrictive reading of Par. 2553 which has been used by bishops/trustees to prevent traditionalists from using the disaffiliation process (as in South Carolina). (Added 8-9-2022)

A Response to a conference-wide letter by Bishop Trimble” by Beth Ann Cook via PDF. An Indiana clergy responds to a conference-wide letter by Bishop Trimble referring to UM “refugees” from disaffiliating churches. (added 8-9-2022)

Bishops and budgets: Why Methodist money matters as South Carolina churches consider split” by Caitlin Herrington via Greenville News (SC) [PDF]. Money is one reason why the South Carolina Conference “isn’t allowing churches to leave on the same path more than 300 churches have used nationwide.” Jay Therrell quoted on Bishop Holston’s interpretation of Par. 2553. (Added 8-9-2022)

EPA Churches Start Legal Action to Leave the UMC: Bishop Schol’s Disaffiliation Plan Still Clear as Mud” via Baltimore-Washington WCA. “…nearly 30 EPA congregations initiated legal action to leave the UMC and unite with the Global Methodist Church.” (Added 8-9-2022)

Church Vote” via Faithbridge (TX). Video results of the 549-0 vote for a mega-church in Spring, TX to disaffiliate from the UMC. A second vote to incorporate separately was approved 458-1. Pastor comments on the process. (Added 8-9-2022)

Resource Toolkit for LGBTQ+ Christian Teens” by Reconciling Ministries Network. “The denomination’s disagreement about LGBTQ+ inclusion is one of the reasons why some anti-LGBTQ+ churches are splintering away from The UMC. The details and effects of this separation continue to unfold, but there are many in our denomination hoping and working for the Book of Discipline language to change so that all God’s people have full inclusion in every aspect of the Church.” (Added 8-9-2022)

The Christian Reformed Church Corrects Course” by Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra via The Gospel Coalition. “…it’s unusual to have a denomination on the path to liberalism yank itself around. It can be done (see the Southern Baptists) but it’s not normal (see the Presbyterians, Episcopalians, Lutherans, and even the Africa-heavy Methodists).” (Added 8-9-2022)

Soundings Towards an Intercultural Identity for The United Methodist Church: Some Historical and Theological Resources” by David Scott and Hendrik Pieterse via Methodist Review. American has dictated UMC identity, but “United Methodists need an alternative understanding of our collective identity that evolves out of intercultural conversations that remain alert to the role of culture, power, and agency in identity formation.” (Added 8-9-2022)

It isn’t a church and doesn’t have members, but it is a way to keep United Methodists in the fold as their congregations disaffiliate” by Cynthia Astle via Baptist News Global. Reporting on the “metaverse movement” that Bishop Ken Carter asked Steve Harper to start for United Methodists from disaffiliating congregations. (Added 8-9-2022)

A Message from Bishop Trimble” via Indiana Conference: “The Bishop, Cabinet, Church Development, and our Coordinating Council will ensure that we invest in communities where—through no fault of their own—United Methodists have been forced to become spiritual refugees.” (Added 8-8-2022)

It’s Not the Bible, It’s Any Authority At All” by Robert Hunt. Answers a common complaint by UM traditionalists: “We live in an era in which there are NO widely accepted authorities and no widely accepted structures of authority. In fact, in the United States we have arrived at a place in which even the broadest source of authority, truth, is no longer relevant.” (Added 8-8-2022)

South Georgia Disaffiliating Congregations Resolution” via South Georgia Conference. Lists the 62 disaffiliating congregations part of a special conference session vote on August 20. (Added 8-8-2022)

Prominent Greenville church could split from United Methodist Church over LGBTQ rights” via Greenville News (SC). [Paywall]. Coverage of Buncombe Street UMC’s discernment process leading up to a disaffiliation vote. (Added 8-8-2022)

Correcting Misinformation” by Sterling Allen via Facebook. Shares a Texas WCA document countering information aimed at keeping churches in the UMC. (Added 8-8-2022)

Bishops Etchegoyen and Nacpil on Autonomy and Connectionalism” by David Scott via UM & Global. Explores the writings of retired bishops in Argentina and the Philippines to promote “local and national decision-making alongside international connection.” (Added 8-8-2022)

Post by Leah Hidde-Gregory via Facebook. Former D.S. reports what is happening in the Central Texas Conference: 35 congregations voting to disaffiliate and to affiliate with the GMC effective November 1, 25 congregations who voted to disaffiliate, but decided to hold a second vote to deal with the matter of affiliation, 24 votes still to take place in the month of August, 17 voted this summer to send disaffiliation letters prior to the January 15, 2023 deadline for second wave, 2 Churches voted to remain UMC instead of Disaffiliate, and 1 Church voted to affiliate with the Free Methodist. (Added 8-8-2022)

Tweet by Mark Tooley: Sharing news of The Woodlands’ disaffiliation: “2nd largest church in USA United Methodism in attendance & 5th largest in membership. Thousands more churches will follow. @RobRenfroe1” (Added 8-8-2022)

Jonesboro First United Methodist Church members torn by split from national denomination” by Frank Lockwood via Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Highlights members who voted against disaffiliation and their options for the future. (Added 8-8-2022)

Methodist churches in SC could split from United Methodist denomination: What to know” by Caitlyn Herrington via Greenville News. An overview followed by a particular focus on Buncombe Street UMC and the website Friends to Preserve Buncombe Street. (Added 8-8-2022)

Overheard on Going Global: Mid-Texas Global Methodists Facebook Page: This past weekend’s list of churches disaffiliating from the UMC include Foundation UMC (Temple, TX), Dawson Methodist Church, Rising Star, Kopperyl, Greenscreek, First Methodist Wortham, Coleman, and Waco Korean. Voting to join the GMC are Lanham, Bethel (Hamilton Co.), Zephyr, and Tehuacana. (Updated 8-8-2022)

Post by Rob Renfroe via Facebook. “Below I announced that The Woodlands Methodist voted to disaffiliate today by a 96% margin. Now, word just in, the Texas Annual Conference’s second largest church, Faithbridge, has announced the results of the vote it took today. They voted to leave by a vote of 100%.” (Added 8-7-2022)

Lambeth Conference: Welby unites bishops with compromise on sexuality” by Aleem Maqbool via BBC. “[Welby] reaffirmed a resolution passed by the Lambeth Conference in 1998 which said same sex marriage was wrong and “homosexual practices” are incompatible with scripture. Welby also said that churches (like those in Wales and Scotland) which moved away from that historical teaching, would not be sanctioned or condemned.” (Added 8-7-2022)

Post by Rob Renfroe via Facebook. “The Woodlands Methodist Church is the largest in the Texas Annual Conference with 14,000 members. This afternoon its members voted to disaffiliate from the UMC by a vote of 96.3 percent. The TAC’s second largest church is voting now on disaffiliation. Will post their results as soon as I hear.” (Added 8-7-2022)

The Joyful Journey: It’s Complicated” by Bishop David Bard via Minnesota Conference (UMC). “The [separation] processes are not as simple as was once hoped, particularly related to how churches that wish to disaffiliate from the UMC are asked to contribute to the conference’s aggregate unfunded pension obligation.” (Added 8-6-2022)

Methodist Church of Brazil discusses environment, anti-racism and relations with [UMC]” by Sara de Paula via UMNS. Use Google translate for an English summary of debate in Brazil about relations with the UMC and GMC. (Added 8-6-2022)

Recommended Reading: Methodist Church of Brazil discusses relations with UMC” by David Scott via UM & Global. “…this debate is an indicator of the sort of ecumenical tensions that the UMC/GMC split is causing within world Methodism but beyond the UMC. Such debates, which also arose at the recent Methodist Church of Mexico General Conference, are presenting themselves because of strong GMC outreach beyond the UMC, outreach that often carries an anti-UMC message.” (Added 8-6-2022)

Separation Distracts Us from Humanity’s Primary Crisis” by Jerry Eckert via UM Insight. “I complained… the whole issue of splitting the denomination was distracting us from global warming, THE crisis facing humanity.” (Added 8-6-2022)

Preview the Hymnal” via Seedbed. “Our Great Redeemer’s Praise” is soon-to-be-released by Seedbed Publishers. Organized around the Apostle’s Creed, the hymnal reflects the Methodist and Holiness traditions and is being promoted to GMC congregations that use hymnals. (Added 8-6-2022)

Thoughts on the Future of The United Methodist Church” via Isle of Hope UMC (YouTube). A July 31 sermon by Pastor Scott Tucker offered to his growing Savannah, Georgia congregation (AWA 952). (Added 8-5-2022)

Disaffiliation Webinar” via Eastern Pennsylvania Conference (Youtube). Features Bishop Schol. (Added 8-5-2022)

Mid-Texas Conference of the Global Methodist Church, Weekly Update: August 5, 2022” via Going Global, Mid-Texas Conference of the GMC. Lists 19 newly disaffiliated churches and work toward a provisional annual conference. (Added 8-5-2022)

Exiting United Methodism Now” by Mark Tooley via Juicy Ecumenism. “Everyone who’s tired of control and manipulation by the dysfunctional and bloated bureaucracy of a dying denomination must take advantage of this opportunity to liberate their congregation.” (Added 8-5-2022)

Dear Bishop Gary Mueller: An Open Letter” by Randy Burbank. Takes umbrage with the bishop’s comment linking traditional orthodoxy with Christian nationalism in a press interview. (Added 8-5-2022)

Pension Liability Declines Dramatically” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News. Why the UM Pension Liability recently declined by half, making disaffiliation more affordable for local churches. (Added 8-5-2022)

Nondenominational Churches Are Adding Millions of Members. Where Are They Coming From?” by Ryan Burge via Christianity Today. New research: People who leave the UMC are more likely to become a “none” than non-denominational. “Now, a young person is just as likely to be raised in a nondenominational church as a Southern Baptist one—but just 4 percent of people are being raised United Methodist.” (Added 8-5-2022)

Jonesboro church votes to separate from denomination” by Gretchen Hunt via The Sun (Jonesboro, AR). “Senior Pastor John Miles said he understands there are 61 Arkansas churches at some stage in the process of disaffiliation, but that the Jonesboro congregation is the first in the state to take an official vote.” (Added 8-5-2022)

UMC-GMC Comparison Chart” via Texas Conference (UMC). One of the more details and updated comparison charts available. (Added 8-5-2022)

Thursday Night Live with Angela Pleasants and Sterling Allen” via Youtube. This weekly livestream video podcast features interviews with Rob Renfroe and Angela Pleasants about the developing GMC. (Added 8-5-2022)

The Young Adult Methodist Connection” by Elizabeth Fink via WCA. “It wasn’t until I joined the WCA and got more involved that I truly began to feel like I wasn’t alone.” (Added 8-5-2022)

The Global Methodist Church on Abortion: Challenges Ahead” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. The GMC has much work ahead to flesh out its pro-life ethic. (Added 8-5-2022)

The Post-Separation United Methodist Church (psUMC) on Abortion” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. “The emerging ‘daughter denominations’ of the present UMC—the Global Methodist Church and the post-separation UMC—are clearly moving in different trajectories on pro-life concerns.” (Added 8-5-2022)

Five Reality Checks Before Going Independent” by Bob Phillips via PeopleNeedJesus.org. Things UM congregations should consider before deciding to be non-denominational. (Added 8-5-2022)

As frustration and misinformation mount, United Methodist Church’s reputation takes a beating” by Cynthia Astle via Baptist News Global. The editor of UM Insight writes for a progressive Baptist outlet about the current state of the UMC. (Added 8-4-2022)

Seven Reasons to Align with the Global Methodist Church (IF leaving the UMC is discerned as God’s Will)” by Bob Phillips via PeopleNeedJesus.net. A list of positives relating to to the GMC. (Added 8-4-2022)

United Methodist Church” via Texas Conference UMC Youtube Channel. “We are certain…” A video produced to support the continuing UMC and to stem the tide of disaffiliations. Discusses what must change and won’t change. (Added 8-4-2022)

Tweet by Bishop Scott Jones. “I’ve seen Methodism at its best, a church faithful to apostolic witness of scripture as authoritative for all matters of faith and practice; that builds community in an isolated world; that’s evangelistic w/ a burden to keep people from going to hell and from living in hell.” (Added 8-4-2022)

Connect Clergy Retreat” via North Texas WCA Chapter Facebook Page. An October 10-12 retreat for clergy moving from the North and Central Texas UMC conferences to the GMC. (Added 8-4-2022)

Post via North Carolina Evangelical Fellowship Facebook Page. A church in Nashville, NC shares their experience working through the disaffiliation process. (Added 8-4-2022)

Bishop Calls Special Session of Annual Conference” via Dakotas Conference (UMC). Interim Bishop Deborah L. Kiesey calls a November 19 special session to deal with disaffiliations. (Added 8-4-2022)

Discernment Resources” via Atascocita United Methodist Church. A congregation in Humble, TX offers a resource page about its decision to reaffiliate. (Added 8-4-2022)

“‘UMsConnected’ Offers a Way Station on the Journey toward a New UMC” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. News about a new website and Podcast project led by Steve Harper, focused on Florida and Western North Carolina. (Added 8-3-2022)

Denominational Affiliation | 2022” via Sugar Land Methodist Church. The web page for a Texas congregation in discernment. (Added 8-3-2022)

GMC Presentation” via First UMC, Oklahoma City. A video of a July 24 meeting with Leah Hidde-Gregory. (Added 8-3-2022)

Disaffiliation per the addendum to the 2016 Book of Discipline following the 2019 Special General Conference” via The Oklahoma Conference. Conference trustees make updates to the disaffiliation process, including a different interpretation of the permitted reasons for disaffiliation. (Added 8-3-2022)

My Church is Being Led to Disaffiliate from The UMC, but I Want to #BeUMC – What Can I Do?” via The Central Texas Conference. A conference offers advice on how to confound a disaffiliation effort in a local church. (Added 8-3-2022)

The Unofficial Guide to Disaffiliation in the Tennessee/West Kentucky Conference” by Sky McCracken via Facebook. GC clergy delegate offers some thoughts on churches disaffiliating from the conference. (Added 8-3-2022)

Schism in the Body” by Barry Yeoman via The Assembly. In-depth treatment of UM schism by a digital magazine. (Added 8-2-2022)

Changing Churches: Wisdom for Transformational Leaders” via Changing Churches Podcast (Rob Couch, Christ Church Mobile). Bryan Collier and The Orchard (Tupelo), “along with a handful of other large-church pastors are forming a new network of former (or soon to be former) UMC churches. This network of independent Wesleyan/Methodist churches from around the county will provide connections and facilitate partnerships.” The players are Collier (The Orchard, Tupelo MS), Shane Bishop (Christ Church, Fairview Heights IL), Tommy Gray (Asbury Church, Madison AL), Eric Huffman (The Story, Houston TX), and Ted Bryant (Granger Church IN). (Added 8-3-2022)

Bishop Gary Mueller assesses Methodist division” by Frank Lockwood via Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. “The United Methodist Church in the United States is increasingly polarized and people on the extreme ends of the spectrum are moving away from long-held Christian beliefs, Bishop Gary Mueller warned Monday.” [non-paywall version here] (Added 8-3-2022)

Theological split?: Temple’s First United Methodist Church members to vote on denominations” by Christian Betancourt via Temple Daily Telegram. Texas coverage of Temple First UMC’s 500-person meeting to discuss disaffiliation. (Added 8-3-2022)

Methodists in midst of split: Churches diverge” by Jimmy Williams via Tideland News. Carolinas coverage with interviews from clergy on both sides. (Added 8-3-2022)

Post by Rob Renfroe via Facebook. Shares notice of an Informational Meeting about the Global Methodist Church on Monday, August 8 at the Lufkin Convention Center in Texas. (Added 8-3-2022)

Overheard on the Mid-Texas Global Methodist Facebook Page: Reports on six disaffiliation votes that happened last night in Central Texas: Ballinger (voted for disaffiliation), Cross Plains (voted to affiliate GMC), Winters (voted to disaffiliate), Cicso (working to join GMC), Groesbeck (unanimous vote to affiliate with GMC), Novice (voted to disaffiliate, weighing options). (Added 8-3-2022)

Leaving and Lifestyle – A Reflection on the Disintegration of The United Methodist Church” by William Trench via UM Insight. A response to Bishop Hayes: “Being gay is not a lifestyle choice.”

Post by Keith Boyette via Global Methodist Church Facebook Page. Boyette draws upon his own experience as a church planter to communicate the GMC’s commitment to church multiplication. (Added 8-3-2022)

Post by Bishop Ken Carter via Facebook. Shares the narrative for the continuing UMC and says “There is misinformation about what the ongoing and future United Methodist Church believes. If we do not tell our story, others will construct a story about us, in this instance a false witness about the UMC.” (Added 8-3-2022)

It Was Not Supposed to Be this Way” by Riley Case via Confessing Movement (Facebook). The Confessing Movement prepares for a smaller support base and a continuing UM presence. (Added 8-3-2022)

Next Methodism Summit Document” via The John Wesley Institute. The texts associated with “The Faith Once Delivered: A Wesleyan Witness,” an articulation of traditionalist Wesleyan faith undergirding the Global Methodist Church. (Added 8-2-2022)

The Center Cannot Hold” by Cabe Matthews via Firebrand Magazine. An elder is the Texas Conference discusses Adam Hamilton’s views on the UMC and scripture. (Added 8-2-2022)

Making a Way” by Jay Therrell via WCA. The President of WCA shares how the new market rate approved by Wespath makes disaffiliation easier. (Added 8-2-2022)

Interview with Warren Lathem” via Christ Fellowship Church (Youtube). An interview with a former North Georgia Conference DS about the Global Methodist Church. (Added 8-2-2022)

[Link repaired] “Why Your Pastor Isn’t Talking about UMC Separation” by Chris Ritter via PeopleNeedJesus.net. Six reasons why many clergy are silent as the UMC falls apart. (Added 8-2-2022)

Jay Therrell’s Letter to Regional WCA Leaders” via Earl Tucker in In Support of the Global Methodist Church Facebook Group. Shares the news that Wespath has reduced their calculation of the market rate for unfunded pension liability, reducing disaffiliation costs for many. (Added 8-2-2022)

UMC Funded Seminary Offers ‘LGBTQ Studies Concentration’” by Caleb Knox via Juicy Ecumenism. Garrett Evangelical, a UM-funded seminary, offers a Master of Divinity with an LGBT Studies Concentration. (Added 8-2-2022)

Disaffiliations and Comparisons Website hosted by Charles Creek of Liberty Church in Macon, GA. “This site has been created for the purpose of sharing information related to Disaffiliation from the United Methodist Church. It is being shared so that church members can educate themselves on the topic.” (Added 8-2-2022)

A Future with a Hope for the UMC” via Chapelwood UMC Vimeo. A July 31 rally for the UMC in Texas featuring Adam Hamilton. (Addresses Isaac Simmons at 45:00). A pastors’ panel follows Hamilton’s remarks. (Added 8-2-2022)

And If Pain is a Premise?” by Michael McKee (not Bishop McKee). In the (LGBTQ+) Inclusion/authority discussion, each side has its own way of relating to harm. A 3-minute read looking at some dynamics and obstacles. (Added 8-2-2022)

Post by Central Texas Conference via Facebook. “The CTC Trustees have announced that based upon Wespath’s latest updated calculations and asset valuations and the actions taken by the 2022 Annual Conference, the liability exit costs related to Pension Liability has been reduced to $0….” (Added 8-1-2022)

Large Arkansas church votes to leave UMC amid homosexuality schism: ‘Pray for healing’” by Michael Gryboski via Christian Post. Coverage of Jonesboro First UMC’s vote to disaffiliate from the UMC. (Added 8-1-2022)

UMC portion of Boy Scouts’ bankruptcy ruling approved” via UM Press Release. “A 281-page ruling last Friday in the Boy Scouts of America’s (BSA) bankruptcy proceedings indicates that most of the reorganization plan meets the criteria of bankruptcy law and is constitutional.

Six Top Tips, Tactics, and Thumb-Twiddling in the Disaffiliation Discernment Process” by Bob Phillips via People Need Jesus. Things to watch for a UM congregations discern their future. (Added 8-1-2022)

Holston Conference and Disaffiliation – Honesty?” via Laity Sharing Network. Charges the Holston Conference with not being forthcoming with a disaffiliation process. (Added 8-1-2022)

Exit Now!” by Warren Lathem via Facebook. “Please do not believe the speculation that there is no need to do anything before the 2024 General Conference.” (Added 8-1-2022)

Important Legal Disaffiliation Information for Central Texas Churches” via Mid-Texas Conference GMC (Youtube). Attorney is interviewed regarding churches and clergy taking steps to disaffiliate. (Added 8-1-2022)

Post via Stay UMC Jonesboro Facebook Page. “We are obviously disheartened and saddened that anyone would want to leave the UMC., [sic] We worked through a process that was problematic and challenging. Our goal now is to be a resource to the Annual Conference should they have questions regarding the steps that were and were not followed.” (Added 8-1-2022)

Historic vote results for church disaffiliation are in” via KAIT8. Pastor John Miles and Stay UMC Jonesboro quoted in this local coverage of First Methodist Jonesboro’s successful disaffiliation vote. (Added 8-1-2022)

Post by Rob Renfroe via Facebook. On the Jonesboro First disaffiliation vote: “The pastor is a strong and extremely effective traditionalist. And his church is strongly traditional. But he said dozens of people he had not seen in years if ever showed up for the vote.” (Added 8-1-2022)

Jonesboro First United Methodist Church votes to break away from national organization” by Frank Lockwood via The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. “The vote was 944 to 412.” (Added 8-1-2022)

Overheard: First UMC Jonesboro, the 2nd largest congregation in the Arkansas Conference, voted last night to seek disaffiliation in a super majority of 67.2%. There was organized opposition from the state-wide StayUMC Jonesboro organization, who purchased 3 full page ads in the Jonesboro Sun. John Miles is the pastor. (Added 8-1-2022)

Weekly Update: Mid-Texas Conference of the Global Methodist Church July 30, 2022” via Central Texas Global Methodists Facebook Page [PNJ PDF Version]. An impressive collection of news and information for Central Texas congregations moving to the GMC. Includes a list of affiliating congregations. (Added 8-1-2022)

Tweet by Mark Tooley. “Conversation to which I contributed today on United Methodist split & joining Global Methodism: [Nokesville UMC Youtube Link]. (Added 8-1-2022)

Why the rush to disaffiliate churches from the Texas Annual Conference (TAC)?” (PDF) “You may have heard/But you should know” format from the Texas Conference seeking to slow down disaffiliations. (Added 7-30-2022)

That We May Be One” via twmbo.org. A Texas-based event featuring Adam Hamilton on August 1. Clergy panel planned. See also Adam Hamilton’s Facebook Post. (Added 7-30-2022)

Keys to Doing Separation Right” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News. “There are 21 annual conferences (40 percent) who are imposing a straight Par. 2553 process with no added financial requirements.” (Added 7-29-2022)

Forward in Faith” via Woodlands Methodist Church’s Harvest Youtube Channel. Pastor Mark Sorensen talks about the 13,000-member congregation’s process of discernment related to the denomination. (Added 7-29-2022)

Thursday Night GMC Live with Dr. Sterling Allen and Keith Boyette” via Youtube. An interview with the Chief Connectional Officer of the Global Methodist Church. Transitional Conference Advisory Teams (TCAT) are forming to begin shaping regional conferences in places like North Georgia, South Georgia, East Texas, Central Texas, West Texas, Dakotas. Non-UMC conferences joining internationally. Ordination services planned. (Added 7-29-2022)

‘Dueling Gnosticisms’ Definitions Are Insufficient” by Mes McGruder via UM Insight. Response to a post by Chase Crickenberger in which he argues both traditionalists and progressives have succumbed to the Gnostic heresy: “sloppy, flimsy.” (Added 7-29-2022)

Riding this Methodist Wave into the Future” by Ben Gosden. Advice for those in the continuing UMC from a South Georgia progressive clergy. (Added 7-29-2022)

Hazy, Crazy and Just a Little Lazy” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. The weekly news round-up for subscribers to UM Insight. (Added 7-29-2022)

Orthodox bishops to offer their own ‘Lambeth Resolution’ re-affirming Lambeth 1.10 and will not receive Communion alongside gay-partnered bishops” via Press Release. “The bishops also want the Communion to impose sanctions on Provinces which ordain bishops in same-sex relations, and conduct same sex weddings – something which has led to schism in the Church.” (Added 7-29-2022)

Churches and Marriage” by Mark Tooley via Juicy Ecumenism. “In all its historic branches, The Church affirms that God made male and female, and that marriage is their unique union.” (Added 7-29-2022)

No Church Left Behind” by Jay Therrell via WCA. “Today, the WCA is launching the No Church Left Behind Fund. This fund will provide block grants to the WCA’s regional chapters to better empower them to ensure every church that wants to depart The UMC can do so.” (Added 7-29-2022)

Dispelling Myths about the Future of Methodism” by Timothy Tennent. Asbury President: “There is little question in my mind that the conservative, traditionalist future of the United Methodist church has been dealt a near mortal blow.” (Added 7-29-2022)

Baltimore-Washington WCA Misrepresentation” by David Livingston. A Great Plains clergy offers perspectives on information put forth by the B-W WCA. Detailed responses to the claims in this post are found in the comments section. (Added 7-29-2022)

Christian college in Atlanta to allow preferred pronouns in official school records, diplomas” by Ian Giatti via Christian Post. Emory University in Atlanta invites students to designate their pronouns. (Added 7-29-2022)

GMC Thursday Night LIVE with Dr. Sterling Allen & Rev. Rob Renfroe” via GMC Thursday Night Live YouTube. Recording of the July 21 edition of a weekly Facebook livestream. See also past episodes with Jessica LaGrone, Bishop Mike Lowry, and Leah Hidde-Gregory. The July 28 livestream is 7 pm (CDT) with Keith Boyette. (Added 7-28-2022)

Progressive Notes on “Next Methodism’ Book” by Jeremy Smith via Hacking Christianity. A review of the book laying out the theological foundation for the Global Methodist Church. (Added 7-28-2022)

Africa Initiative Calls for Episcopal Elections” by David Scott via UM Insight. “…there are separate indications that there is some dissension within the Africa Initiative about the strategy of waiting for the Protocol to pass in 2024.” (Added 7-28-2022)

United Methodist Split Moving on Several Fronts” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. A round-up of developments and approaches related to UM separation. (Added 7-28-2022)

A Way Forward Resources” via UM Giving. A series of resources produced to celebrate what unifies United Methodists. (Added 7-28-2022)

Christian university lets students register their preferred pronouns” by Robert Schmad via Campus Reform. “Emory University, a Methodist college in Atlanta, is now allowing students to enter their preferred pronouns on the university’s registrar website. Pronoun options include ‘Xie/Hir/Hirs.'” (Added 7-28-2022)

A Conversation with WCA President Jay Therrell” via Holy Conversations Podcast (WCA). A wide-ranging conversation covering topics related to churches leaving the UMC for the GMC. (Added 7-28-2022)

Hey! Don’t Attack the Messenger…even if he is a Bishop of the United Methodist Church!” by Scott Field via Northern Illinois WCA. Discusses the online reactions to a post by Bishop Robert Hayes. (Added 7-28-2022)

Time is Running Out for Traditionalist United Methodists!” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. UM Actions recommends the exit of traditionalists from the UMC before next year’s expiration of the disaffiliation process. (Added 7-28-2022)

Covenant of Prayer” via White’s Chapel. A 7,000+ attendance church in Texas (largest in the UMC?) lists possible outcomes from the UMC Split. (Added 7-27-2022)

Tweet by Reconciling Ministries. Reporting on a recent trip by JJ Warren and others to two reconciling congregations in Kenya. (Added 7-27-2022)

Eight Things Forgotten That Now Matter to the Turmoil in the UMC” via Baltimore-Washington WCA. Some recent history as to why “We have now entered an ugly divorce instead of a gracious separation.” (Added 7-27-2022)

Local congregations explore UMC separation” by Joe Curtis via Franklin Sun (Louisiana). Local coverage of churches in a discernment process. (Added 7-27-2022)

The Path of Discernment” via Christ Church, College Station, TX. Affiliation resources offered by church leaders to their Texas congregation. (Added 7-27-2022)

Personal Observations of Crisis in the UMC” by Karl Stegall via Facebook. A retired DS shares perspectives on inclusive language, diversity, and marginalization of evangelicals in United Methodism. Also viewable here. (Added 7-27-2022)

Wild Vine” by Warren Lathem via Facebook. “The vine of United Methodism is now a wild, uncontrollable vine led by wild uncontrollable bishops.” (Added 7-27-2022)

A Rich Past to Fuel a Faithful Future” by Walter Fenton via Global Methodist Church. “By breaking away from the tyranny of the present… members of the [GMC] can find encouragement, strength and liberation for the future by drawing on the God given treasures in our past.” (Added 7-27-2022)

‘We are not enemies’: Florida Methodists’ cohesion tested by lawsuit” by Gary White via the Lakeland Ledger (as shared via Yahoo). “Though he refrained from discussing details of the lawsuit, Carter showed that he is pained by the potential departure of about 15% of the conference’s approximately 650 churches.” (Added 7-26-2022)

Judge tosses lawsuit from Wisconsin church facing land loss after leaving denomination” by Joe Kelly via Courthouse News Service. UMNS linked to this Wisconsin case. (Added 7-26-2022)

Jesus wept (cf. Luke 19.41-2)” by Michael McKee (not Bishop McKee). Continues a series claiming that 95% of United Methodists could live together with a reversal of Disciplinary language. (Added 7-26-2022)

Athanasius the Extremist” by Drew McIntyre via Firebrand Magazine. Responds to “The Weaponization of Orthodoxy” by Michael Beck with a deeper look at the nature of orthodoxy. “Anyone can put doctrine on paper. But can we hold ourselves to it?” (Added 7-26-2022)

Forward in Faith” by Mark Sorsensen via The Woodlands. Senior pastor writes of “letting go of past divisions and theological misalignment within the greater United Methodist denomination, while reaching for new opportunities to partner with God now and for decades to come. He is doing a new thing!” (Added 7-26-2022)

I Was Born a Methodist” by Daniel Lumpee via The Woodlands. “A church that was once committed to making disciples of Jesus Christ now seems hyper-focused on power, money and a political agenda.” (Added 7-26-2022)

Why I Believe We Must Leave the UMC” by Ed Robb III via The Woodlands. Pastor Emeritus of The Woodlands: “This is our time. Our moment is here — to reaffirm who we’ve always been as a church. ” (Added 7-26-2022)

That Time Has Come!” by Bishop Bob Hayes via The Woodlands. “But now… the dear Methodist Church I love is now unrecognizable, and is, to say the least, being frayed by groups and entities within the denomination who have refused to follow and uphold the binding laws of the church found in The Book of Discipline, or, to abide by decisions of the Judicial Council. (Added 7-26-2022)

Comment by Isaac Simmons (aka Penny Cost) via Facebook. United Methodism’s Drag Queen clergy candidate responds to an article by UM Communications with a request to refer to him with the honorific “Mx.” (Added 7-25-2022)

Florida Methodists Sink Into the Mire” by Cary McMullen via the Lakeland Ledger (see Page 14A). Perspective on the Methodist woes in Florida. PDF Version here. (Added 7-24-2022)

Eight Insights for Churches Considering Disaffiliating from the UMC” by Bob Phillips via PeopleNeedJesus.net. Big-picture wisdom on the decision whether or not to disaffiliate. (Added 7-24-2022)

The Real Issue Facing the UMC — It’s Not What You Think” by Stephen Fife. “[Adopting a modified call system] allows [other mainline Protestant denominations] to continue to operate with a set of orthodox beliefs on paper while churches and clergy within the denomination may swing from right to left in huge differences.” (Added 7-23-2022)

Press Release via Florida WCA. “Florida Regional Chapter (“WCA-Florida”) confirmed it has been twelve (12) weeks since the WCA FL team partnered with the National Center for Life and Liberty and requested formal negotiations with Bishop Carter.” (Added 7-22-2022)

106 Florida Churches File Lawsuits” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News. “The conference trustees are requiring any local church that disaffiliates to renounce the liability insurance they have already paid for in the past and purchase new private insurance to cover the past three years.” (Added 7-22-2022)

Dueling Gnosticisms” by Chase Crickenberker via UM Insight. “At the heart of our [UM] debate, albeit in the depths of its shadows, lies an ancient and menacing beast playing human souls on both sides of the divide like stringed puppets — Gnosticism.” (Added 7-22-2022)

Three Lessons from The Crucible” by Jay Therrell via WCA. “The best options for churches are either to disaffiliate under a “clean” 2553 process or pursue a litigation strategy.” (Added 7-22-2022)

The UMC/GMC Split… The Next Generation of Church Planting?” by Ben Gosden. “What if annual conferences could strategically identify, organize, and help replant churches in the very communities where local churches are exiting our denomination?” (Added 7-21-2022)

Will the Life-affirming Episcopal Shepherds among the United Methodists Please Stand Up?” by Charles Harrell. Wonders if any UM bishops will make a stand for life. (Added 7-21-2022)

‘Is the UMC Really…’ Part Two” via UM Communications. Addresses drag queen clergy, worship of a “Queer God,” and other FAQ’s. (Added 7-21-2022)

The ‘Let Us Go’ Proclamation Website. Florida UM’s: “Rather than being forced to be a part of a denomination that is going in a direction we can no longer affirm and celebrate, we want to freely and voluntarily be connected to other congregations in the Global Methodist Church.” (Added 7-21-2022)

The National Center for Life and Liberty Website. With an annual partnership, this organization will provide legal representation for churches “in cases that advance church liberty,” along with a range of other legal services. United Methodist congregations, like those in Florida, are using the NCLL to seek exit from the denomination. (Added 7-21-2022)

The One Hundred and Six Churches that Filed Suit Respond to Bishop Carter’s Misleading Letter Sent to the Conference” via The National Center for Life and Liberty. “There is no need for continued fighting. Since the Bishop continues to proclaim his support of the Protocol, let us use it as a guide to depart.” See also “One Hundred and Six Churches File Suit Against the Florida Annual Conference for Breaching their Fiduciary Duties” (Added 7-21-2022)

Wesley on Human Sexuality (and his commentary on often cited verses)” by Michael Roberts. “Wesley’s willingness to struggle with these texts gives us permission to do so as well.” See also the debate this article generated on the UM Clergy page. (Added 7-21-2022)

Tweet by Chris Ritter: “It’s OK to admit you have arrived at a different place theologically. Calculated “orthodoxy signaling” used to take folks on a denominational ride they won’t want to be on is not OK. This article from an old RMN publication models how we might honor one another with honesty. #UMC” (Added 7-21-2022)

More than 100 Florida churches file lawsuit to leave United Methodist Church” by Emily McFarlan Miller via Religion News Service. Coverage of the Florida lawsuit. Quotes Keith Boyette: “Florida is the first of what I would anticipate might be a number of similar lawsuits occurring.” (Added 7-20-2022)

Lawsuit Time: Florida UMC Fight Goes to Court!” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. Coverage of the lawsuit against the Florida Conference. (Added 7-20-2022)

FAQ’s Regarding Disaffiliation Lawsuits” by Florida Conference UMC. A document prepared by the Florida Conference in response to questions over the lawsuit. (Added 7-20-2022)

Why are United Methodists at war? Readers need to know that sexuality isn’t the only fault line” by Terry Mattingly via Get Religion. Penny Cost as a “condensed symbol” in a larger break-up of the UMC. (Added 7-20-2022)

Along the Way: A Hard Look on the Inside” by Steve Harper. This installment of a continuing series addresses the sins of the Progressive mainline. Quotes Merton: “liberals championed many good things, many Gospel things, they did so in ways that preserved their security and power.” (Added 7-20-2022)

Mennonite Church USA passes resolution committing to LGBTQ inclusion” by Kathryn Post via Religion News Service. The post-separation Mennonite Church commits to LGBTQ inclusion and lives in tension with its confession. (Added 7-20-2022)

Wespath talks pensions at Germany meeting” by Klaus Ulrich Ruof via UMNS. Pension discussion in Europe includes talk of disaffiliations. (Added 7-19-2022)

Preparing the Way: Baptisms, Connectional Funding and Benefits” by Keith Boyette via Global Methodist Church. Reporting on the first baptisms and church planting in the GMC, the connectional funding rate, and details about the Wespath benefits plans for clergy. (Added 7-20-2022)

100+ FL Churches File Lawsuit to Leave United Methodist Church After 70 GA Churches Left in June” by Steve Warren via CBN News. Outside coverage of the Florida lawsuit. (Added 7-19-2022)

Bradford County church at the forefront of lawsuit against United Methodist Church in Florida” via WCJB. Local coverage of Florida Lawsuit focusing on Grace UMC is Lawtey, FL. (Added 7-19-2022)

Churches Leave As United Methodists Navigate Schism Regionally” via The Tennessean. [paywall]. Coverage of recent disaffiliations. (Added 7-19-2022)

106 Florida churches sue United Methodist Church over disaffiliation process” by Michael Gryboski via Christian Post. Outside coverage of the Florida lawsuit. (Added 7-19-2022)

Jordan Peterson’s Church Advice Is Mostly Right” by Mark Tooley via Juicy Ecumenism. “Peterson’s words… seem especially pertinent for new church movements and denominations, such as the Global Methodist Church (GMC), which is emerging from the splitting United Methodist Church. If it is to survive and succeed, the GMC, unlike liberal Mainline Protestantism, must target young men, many if not most of whom have little to no exposure to institutional Christianity.” (Added 7-19-2022)

The July 2022 update of what we are seeing at the United Methodist Church” via Dalton & Tomich Youtube Channel. An update from a law firm representing some congregations exiting the UMC. (Added 7-19-2022)

Where’s the Connection?” by Randy Burbank. “Trying to frame our Connection around accepting any sexuality outside of The Biblical Ethic, just doesn’t work.” (Added 7-19-2022)

Disaffiliation Blues” by Sam Powers via Preceding Grace. An Oklahoma D.S.: “When our denomination is vilified in order to make it easier to recruit to something new, this strikes at the core of our ecumenical commitment.” (Added 7-19-2022)

‘Dear Dad: They’re Fibbing about the UMC and Scriptural Authority’” by Stan Copeland via UM Insight. A video series inspired by decisions being made in Copeland’s father’s church whether to join the GMC. Copeland accuses the Global Methodist Church of lying about the UMC on the authority of scripture. (Added 7-19-2022)

Recommended Reading: Global Visa Inequality” by David Scott via UM & Global. It is particularly tough for folks from the Global South to get permission to travel to the U.S. Holding General Conference outside the U.S. may be a good solution. (Added 7-19-2022)

106 Florida Churches Sue to Exit Denomination” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Official coverage. Includes a copy of the legal filing. (Added 7-18-2022)

Observations from news we’ve heard in local churches who are discussing separation” via Baltimore-Washington WCA Facebook. Most United Methodists don’t understand what is happening. (Added 7-18-2022)

Conferences, Holston, Wespath and Punitive Costs for Churches Investigating Leaving the UMC” by Laity Sharing Network Facebook Page (a Holston Conference group). “All this is simply a punitive exercise against any church that would dare to want to leave this organization which flaunts violating the Discipline, altering theology, etc.” (Added 7-18-2022)

An Open Letter to Those Considering Disaffiliation” by Wil Meiklejohn via UM Insight. “Personally, I don’t sense any attraction to become part of an unhappy, narrow, paranoid, judgmental group that is not representative of the God that I know and love and who I know knows and loves me.” (Added 7-18-2022)

NAS UMC 2022 Disaffiliations” by Liam Adams. A map for completed 2002 Disaffiliations by the religion reporter at The Tennessean. (Added 7-18-2022)

Divisive Premises: Structure” by Michael McKee. Part Four of a series of posts against absolutism. [The other is a retired UM clergy, not Bishop McKee.] (Added 7-18-2022)

Post via Wesleyan Covenant Association – Florida Facebook Page. “I am sorry Bishop Carter has chosen to fear monger to UMC parishioners in his letter of July 15, 2022 using the entire UMC membership list in Florida.” (Added 7-16-2022)

Should I Stay or Should I Go?” by Randy Burbank. What we want to affiliate with is a more important question than what we want to disaffiliate from. (Added 7-16-2022)

Florida Conference Response to Disaffiliation Lawsuits” via Florida Conference. Bishop Ken Carter responds to the news that 106 churches have joined in a lawsuit against the conference.(Added 7-15-2022)

Conferences diverge in handling church exits” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. “Even with these variations, the number of church exits is climbing.” (Added 7-15-2022)

106 Churches File Suit Against Florida Conference” via Press Release via Florida WCA Facebook Page. “Florida Regional Chapter confirmed that 106 Florida United Methodist Churches have filed lawsuits against the Florida Conference of The United Methodist Church after invitations to negotiate an amicable exit were ignored and rejected by the Florida annual conference.” (Added 7-15-2022)

Bullying and Shaming” by Thomas Lambrecht via Good News. Analysis of the Florida clergy session where an entire class of candidates for probationary membership were not approved. (Added 7-15-2022)

Disaffiliation Blues (News Roundup)” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. The Friday news round-up by UM Insight. (Added 7-15-2022)

Do As I Say, Not As I Do” by Jay Therrell via WCA. Those using the Discipline to keep traditionalists in the church are themselves following the Discipline selectively. (Added 7-15-2022)

Metro Church Completes $13.1 million dollar payment to separate from United Methodist Church” via WSB-TV Atlanta. Coverage of Mt. Bethel completing payment to leave the UMC. (Added 7-15-2022)

2022 Alaska Annual Conference” via UMNS. “We passed a petition asking the Judicial Council for a declaratory decision about whether General Conference 2024 will have the same delegates that were elected to General Conference 2020 or whether new delegates will need to be elected.” (Added 7-14-2022)

United Methodist Disaffiliation Blues” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. Those disaffiliating from the UMC likened to Easu selling his birthright and a musician selling his soul to the Devil. (Added 7-14-2022)

Get a Lawyer” via Holston WCA. ““In addition to being unfair, the disaffiliation terms being presented by our bishop and conference officials create what is certainly a legal, contractual process, and it makes no sense for churches to enter such a process without legal representation.” (Added 7-14-2022)

Exit ramps are closing. United Methodists considering leaving the denomination for a better future need to act now” by Scott Field via Northern Illinois WCA. “You don’t have to make a final decision to stay within or leave United Methodism at the moment. But you do need to begin making the decision along with the sisters and brothers of your local church now.” (Added 7-14-2022)

An Orthodox Future for United Methodism?” by Chris Ritter via PeopleNeedJesus.net. The debate over whether the UMC will change its teaching. (Added 7-13-2022)

Who Inherits the Methodist Movement?” by David Livingston. Author: The GMC is changing its doctrine and the UMC is not. (Added 7-13-2022)

Dreams of a ‘Queer Denomination’ for Reconciling Methodists” by Grayson Jang via Juicy Ecumenism. “Queering is a process of perpetual subversion.” (Added 7-13-2022)

A History of Incompatibility, Part 13” by Charlie Baber via UM Insight. A continuing series on the story of the UMC incompatibility language as told by a gay deacon. (Added 7-13-2022)

Lesbian deacon gets ordained as a pastor by regional United Methodist Church” via WUSA9 YouTube. New story on the Baltimore-Washington Conference approving a lesbian candidate for deacon. (Added 7-13-2022)

Here’s why the United Methodist Church is at odds with recent Supreme Court decisions” by Cynthia Astle via Baptist News Global. (Added 7-13-2022)

Homosexuality debate rekindles among U.S. denominations” by David Roach via Baptist Press. A round-up of human sexuality news in various denominations. (Added 7-13-2022)

Tweet by Chris Ritter. “Awaiting an ambitious video editor is a growing body of footage featuring centrist/progressive #UMC institutionalists waving around the Bible and/or Discipline in a caricature of “old time religion” to make the point they are excited about maintaining the doctrinal standards.” (Added 7-13-2022)

UCC Shows Mainline Protestantism’s Future: Unrelenting Decline” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. Analysis of the first major US denomination to change its definition of marriage. (Added 7-13-2022)

Happenings Around the Church: Reflections on Missions, Institutionalism, Africa, and Methodism’s Future” by Riley Case via The Confessing Movement (Facebook). See also “On Hope for Methodism: Missions” by the same author. (Added 7-13-2022)

‘Worth Fighting For’: Research Findings on Affirming United Methodists’ Decision to Stay or Leave” by Nancy Malcom and AJ Ramirez via UM Insight. Reports the findings of a recent survey of LGBTQIA+ affirming UM’s. See also the original post on the Reconciling Ministries Network site. (Added 7-13-2022)

The Bible and the Creeds” by Walter Fenton via Global Methodist Church. “Among all the flux and fluidity of our lives, and the power and mystery of creation, the Bible and the creeds teach Christians to look up. God is for us.” (Added 7-13-2022)

Have the Courage to Walk the Messy Middle” by Bishop Bob Farr via The Missouri Conference. “We must stand in the middle, even if it takes us all the way to the cross. This is how we change the world. This is our opportunity to be an amazing church. ” (Added 7-12-2022)

Comparison of the UMC and GMC (PDF) via The Texas Conference. A “Navigating the Waters” resource. (Added 7-12-2022)

Abide South Georgia Website. A movement to keep South Georgia Conference churches in the UMC. Includes a comparison chart. See also “A Big Tent Conversation, Part One” (Added 7-12-2022)

United Methodist Seminaries Promote Unitarian Universalism” by Colin Bastian via Juicy Ecumenism. Apportionment-funded UM seminaries are training non-Christian clergy. (Added 7-12-2022)

Volunteer, Donate or Utilize to Support Women’s Rights & Resources” via Cathedral of the Rockies. A UM congregation in Boise invites congregants to help fund abortions. (Added 7-11-2022)

The Denominational Future of Troy UMC” via Troy UMC (IL). Information on the disaffiliation process at Troy UMC in the Illinois Great Rivers Conference. (Added 7-11-2022)

Thoughts on this initial effort by UM leadership to define the travail of the UMC” by Bob Phillips via Facebook. A response to “Is the UMC Really…?” post issued by UM Communications. (Added 7-11-2022)

Ah, Oh, Down a Rabbit Hole” by Michael McKee. [Note: This is not Bishop McKee]. Part Three of a series of posts on the Lambrecht/Berlin typology of the UMC. (Added 7-11-2022)

Tweet by John Wesley’s New Room. Shares pictures of Methodism’s oldest building decorated for a Bristol Pride celebration. (Added 7-9-2022)

Post by Leah Hidde-Gregory via Facebook. Former UMC DS (now a GMC clergy) shares a report of a UMC Licensing school encouraging candidates to stop saying “The Word of God” following the reading of Scripture. (Added 7-9-2022)

A Conversation with Wespath Benefits and Investments about Pension Liabilities” by Wespath via Youtube. Answers pension liability questions being asked by disaffiliating congregations. (Added 7-9-2022)

Affiliate with the Free Methodist Church USA” via FMCUSA. Information on the four-phase process for congregations of affiliate with the Free Methodist Church. See also the Affiliation Document. (Added 7-8-2022)

When Leadership Gets Foggy” by Scott Field via Good News. “There is no authorization for a bishop to set aside the decisions of the General Conference in pursuit of her or his own reform agenda.” (Added 7-8-2022)

Pastoral Letter to the Church and Pastors in Oklahoma” by Bishop James Nunn. Dispels rumors of his retirement and reports among disaffiliating churches that the UMC will change its /doctrine. (Added 7-8-2022)

Practical Strategies for Avoiding Disaffiliation in YOUR local United Methodist Church” via StayUMC. A North Alabama resource shares how to delay or otherwise befuddle local church efforts to leave the UMC. (Added 7-8-2022)

Celebrate UMC Event” via Vimeo. Tom Berlin touts the unchanging Doctrine of the UMC at this June 13 event. (Added 7-8-2022)

A Bombshell of a Week” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. This weekly news round-up includes UM-specific news toward the end. (Added 7-8-2022)

Retired Clergy Envision LGBT-Affirming Post-Separation United Methodism” by Grayson Jang via Juicy Ecumenism. Coverage of the Webinar sponsored by the United Methodist Association of Retired Clergy. (Added 7-8-2022)

Retired Clergy Envision LGBT-Affirming Post-Separation United Methodism” by Grayson Jang via Juicy Ecumenism. Coverage of the Webinar sponsored by the United Methodist Association of Retired Clergy. (Added 7-8-2022)

Where I Am Going and Why I Am Leaving” by Keith Sweat. Discusses the decision to depart the UMC and join the GMC. (Added 7-8-2022)

Ten Reasons I’ll Join the Global Methodist Church” by Jay Therrell via WCA. “As more and more congregations are discerning where their future lies, I offer some of the things I considered as I made my decision to join the Global Methodist Church.” (Added 7-8-2022)

Response to UMCom Q&A on UMC Separation” by Lonnie Brooks via Facebook. Discusses confusion that may be caused by a UM Communications piece regarding separation. (Added 7-7-2022)

Hensley: Local United Methodist churches, pastors prepare for future” by Doug Hensley via Lubbuck Avalanche-Journal. Local Texas coverage of Methodist division. (Added 7-7-2022)

New Philadelphia congregation joins Global Methodist Church” via Times-Reporter. Coverage of an East Ohio congregation joining the GMC. (Added 7-7-2022)

Differing opinions lead to divide of United Methodist Church; local pastors say core vision remains unchanged” by Maleri McHam via Longview News Journal. Local Texas coverage of UMC Split. (Added 7-7-2022)

Op-Ed: Historic Methodist church disaffiliates from the United Methodist Church” by Sam Clarke via Williamson Herald. “Trinity’s decision to pursue disaffiliation was entirely based on the denomination’s longstanding disagreements and our traditional understanding of the Christian faith and moral norms.” (Added 7-7-2022)

LMX Plans ‘Stone Soup for the Soul’” via UM Insight. “While initially LMX thought to form a separate Methodist denomination, this year the group’s organizers announced they had stepped back from that aspiration. Instead, LMX facilitators have committed themselves to proceeding on “a journey toward liberation” until the community discerns together what form their association should take.” (Added 7-7-2022)

Revitalizing the Heartland First Church” by Paul Nixon via The Epicenter Group. Church Consultant: “I talked to a UMC district superintendent who will lose half or more of his churches to denominational disaffiliation in the next year or so.” (Added 7-7-2022)

The new United Methodist Hymnal should include a chart-topper by Diana Ross and the Supremes” by David Scott via Northern Illinois WCA. Methodists are no longer singing from the same page, but the UMC “Keeps [Us] Hangin’ On.] (Added 7-7-2022)

UM Schism: A Holistic Take” by Michael McKee. A retired clergy expands on the compatibilist/incompatibilist typology to argue for “holistic community.” See also Part Two. (Updated 7-7-2022)

Disaffiliation Vote Information” via Newcastle Methodist Church. Texas church shares information regarding its upcoming vote on disaffiliation. (Added 7-6-2022)

Editorial: Be Forewarned” by Rob Renfroe via Good News. “When centrist and progressives assure you the big tent of the UM Church will be grand enough for you, trust me, sometimes past results do predict future performance.” (Added 7-6-2022)

Let’s Be Christ’s Church in the World” by Walter Fenton via Global Methodist Church. “Sometimes the Council has received as few as five and sometimes as many as 24 congregations into membership.” (Added 7-6-2022)

They Will Know We Are Methodists by Our Love” by Ben Gosden. A progressive clergy calls for the separation to be gracious. (Added 07-5-2022)

The United Methodist Church Releases 2021 State of the Church Report” Press Release via Resource UMC. The Connectional Table offers to speak on behalf of the UMC and asks “Who do we say we are?” in a video message. (Added 7-5-2022)

Is The United Methodist Church really…? (Part 1)” via Ask UMC. The UMC is not splitting (it’s splintering), traditionalists are not asked to leave, the official doctrine and Bible will not change, and the current Wespath plans are not available to the GMC. (Added 7-5-2022)

Watch Your Language: Of Schism and Mitosis in the United Methodist Church” by Bob Phillips via Firebrand Magazine. “It is time for the people of the Wesleyan way to let others go gracefully or to go gracefully, rather than backing out of the saloon door with guns blazing on left and right.” (Added 7-5-2022)

The Current Thriving of Fringe Methodism” by Daniel Ethan Harris via Firebrand Magazine. Methodism distinguished from the denominations that bear the name. (Added 7-5-2022)

A church divided: Split of Methodist denomination already underway” by Jim Beam via American Press. First in two-part coverage of the division of the UMC. (Added 7-4-2022)

Tweet by Drew McIntyre. “It doesn’t matter if the #UMC doctrinal standards (such as the Articles of Religion & EUB Confession) cannot be altered. It matters if they actually function as standards for our proclamation, teaching, and practice.” (Added 7-2-2022)

The Weaponization of ‘Orthodoxy’” by Michael Adam Beck. Draws upon Irenaeus to support the theology of the post-separation UMC. (Added 7-2-2022)

Overheard: A first batch of congregations were received into the Global Methodist Church on July 1. Examples: St. Luke’s UMC in Kokomo, IN is now The ConneXion Church. Dayton UMC in Indiana is now Gathering Point Church. (Added 7-2-2022)

World’s Oldest Methodist Church to Allow Gay Marriages” via BBC. British coverage of gay weddings now being allowed in Wesley’s New Room. (Added 7-1-2022)

Summer state and regional meetings give a preview of how the split is going in the United Methodist Church” by Cynthia Astle via Baptist News Global. “Unofficially, the tally of departing churches stands between 750 and 1,000 of the more than 30,000 U.S. congregations, based on news reports from the conferences and local media.” (Added 7-1-2022)

A global re-negotiation of separation?” by David Scott via UM & Global. Explores whether there is room for another globally-negotiated separation of the UMC. (Added 7-1-2022)

Major Challenges Facing The United Methodist Church Part II” by Joe DiPaolo via WCA. Second in a series on the obstacles facing United Methodism. (Added 7-1-2022)

Commentary: United By Our Faith, United In Our Desire To Grow” by Chris Dowd via via North Texas Conference. Draws upon the Benedictine concept of “stability” as an argument for remaining in The United Methodist Church. (Added 7-1-2022)

SCJ Committee on Episcopacy Recommends Episcopal Election and Coverage Plan” via Press Release. The South Central Jurisdiction plans to elect three new bishops this year. (Added 7-1-2022)

‘Centrist’ United Methodist Ministers Allege Post-Separation Misinformation” by Grayson Jang via Juicy Ecumenism. Reporting on recent webinar featuring Adam Hamilton and others. (Added 6-30-2022)

Review of Brian McLaren’s Do I Stay Christian?” by Martin Thielen via UM Insight. Retired UM clergy reviews Brian McLaren’s Book: “And while traditional theistic theology has to go, he believes Christianity can evolve into something far more beautiful.” (Added 6-30-2022)

The oldest Methodist chapel in the world gives permission for same-sex wedding ceremonies in Bristol” via ITV News. “The John Wesley New Room in Bristol has today (30 June) been given official permission to conduct weddings for same sex couples.” (Added 6-30-2022)

A New Testament Vision for the Future of Global Methodism – An Interview with Matt O’Reilly” via The John Wesley Institute (YouTube) Ryan Danker interviews O’Reilly. (Added 6-30-2022)

Learn What Happened After the June 2022 Annual Conferences” by Dalton & Tomich (YouTube). Update from a law firm representing disaffiliating congregations. (Added 6-30-2022)

What happened to United Methodists’ proposal to split the denomination?” by Emily McFarlan Miller via RNS. Traditionalists blamed for the death of the Protocol. (Added 6-30-2022)

WCA GMC Disaffiliation Presentation” by Rick Just via Great Plains WCA (YouTube). An update on what is happening with UMC separation. (Added 6–30-2022)

GNW Area Conference members affirm statement on reproductive rights” is GNW Communications. A pro-choice statement approved in support of “bodily autonomy.” (Added 6-29-2022)

Abortion and Methodist Split” by Mark Tooley via Juicy Ecumenism. United Methodism’s angry reaction to the Supreme Court’s overturning Roe v. Wade evinces the split is over more than human sexuality. (Added 6-29-2022)

BWC WCA Comments on The UM Bishopsstatement on Abortion” via Facebook. Charges UM bishops with selectively quoting the Discipline on abortion. (Added 6-29-2022)

Feeling Love and Fencing with Property, Methodist Style” by Charles Harrell. “Professor at Wesley Theological Seminary gives his perspective on the Baltimore-Washington Conference WCA Chapter’s dealings with Bishop Easterling and the Conference Trustees on the issues of disaffiliation.” (Added 6-29-2022)

The Global Methodist Church in the Public Square: Restraint and Modesty” by Walter Fenton via GMC. Explains why there are not more forthcoming with public pronouncements on social issues. (Added 6-29-2022)

A Call to Unity as We Move Forward” by the National Association of Filipino American United Methodists. “We are saddened by the decision of some of our Filipino-American colleagues and friends to leave The United Methodist Church to join the Global Methodist Church (GMC).” (Added 6-29-2022)

Churches that Cheered Roe Killed Their Souls, Too” by Charlie Butts via AFA. Quotes Mark Tooley: “The several Protestant denominations that still affirm unrestricted abortion on demand are highly diminished, shrinking, don’t have young people, don’t have moral authority or influence in society.” (Added 6-28-2022)

European Annual Conferences Update” by David Scott via UM & Global. Slovak District intends to join the GMC. Estonia voted 96% to leave the UMC. Norway approved a plan for traditionalists to leave. (Added 6-28-2022)

Extra Pay Approved for Bishops with Extra Workload” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Bishops covering vacant episcopal areas get a stipend. (Added 6-28-2022)

United Methodist conflict hits Bible Belt pews, while Tennessean report omits crucial facts” via by Terry Mattingly via Get Religion. A religion news watcher discusses the state of UM separation for an audience that includes the press. (Added 6-28-2022)

Learn What is Happening in the Missouri Annual Conference” via Dalton & Tomich (Youtube). Dan Dalton is interviewed about three pending cases against the Missouri Conference. (Added 6-28-2022)

Hard Questions and Protestant Churches: We Can Do Better” by David Watson. “Protestant churches need bodies tasked specifically with providing the church with sound theological and ethical teaching.” (Added 6-28-2022)

United Methodist Church Exit Funding Questionnaire” via ChurchGrowthServices.com. A capital fundraising firm offers a customized campaign for churches seeking to raise funds to disaffiliate from the UMC. [This is not an advertisement or endorsement. It is shared for informational purposes only.] (Added 6-28-2022

Africa will Remain Committed to the Protocol” by Forbes Matonga via Firebrand Magazine. “the statement by the liberal signatories who have withdrawn their support cannot go unchallenged.” (Added 6-28-2022)

Dobbs v. Jackson and the Protestant Mainline” by W. James Antle III via Firebrand Magazine. “Many of the United Methodist statements, for example, are in tension with the church’s Social Principles, despite quoting them effusively.” (Added 6-28-2022)

The BoOM Heard Around the World: A Q&A with Three of the Rejected Florida UMC Provisional Clergy Candidates” via Yet Alive. An interview with three candidates approved by the Board of Ordained Ministry for commissioning in Florida. The fact that two of the interviewees are LGBTQ+ resulted in the whole class being deferred by the clergy session. (Added 6-28-2022)

This Little Light of Mine” by Warren Lathem via Facebook. Critique of the North Georgia Conference’s Disaffiliation Process. (Added 6-28-2022)

Gladly Choosing to Be United Methodist” via UMARC (Youtube). Adam Hamilton is featured in recorded webinar from an association of retired UM clergy formed in support of Bishop Oliveto. (Added 6-27-2022)

Tweet by Chris Ritter. “A UMC bishop told me this morning that the Council of Bishops was not consulted on the @umcbishops statement on the Dobbs decision. It is signed by Bishop Bickerton alone, but the press release reads as a group statement. What gives?” (Added 6-27-2022)

What thaaa…?” by Randy Burbank. Captures some of the controversy on the UMC Clergy page concerning the Dobbs decision. (Added 6-27-2022)

Inconclusive Musings on Unity” by David Watson. The dean of United Theological Seminary wonders about the connection between unity and catholicity. (Added 6-27-2022)

Tweet by UMNS. “The @umcbishops released a statement saying the decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade has denied the sacred worth of women who face “the tragic conflicts of life with life that may justify abortion.” (Added 6-26-2022)

Roe v. Wade Statement from Council of Bishops” via Press Release. Bishop Bickerton: “I call all United Methodists to a time of deep reflection, prayer, and mobilization as we continue the struggle to stand in the gap with intercession, advocacy, support, and grace for such a time as this. In the midst of our diversity of opinion, may we be one in our response to those who are broken and to world that is divided.” (Added 6-26-2022)

Tweet by Jeremy Smith. UM Clergy: “Untested Idea: Each annual conference should take some of the money from departing GMC churches and put it into a fund for United Methodist women in anti-women states to travel to receive reproductive care.” (Added 6-24-2022)

United Methodists React to the End of Roe v. Wade” by Jim Patterson via UMNS. A round-up of reactions to the Dobbs decision reveals the divisions in the UMC. (Added 6-24-2022)

Judge Dismisses Disaffiliating Church’s Lawsuit” via the Missouri Conference UMC. Morningstar’s lawsuit dismissed. (Added 6-24-2022)

Conservative clergywoman claims United Methodist system unjust” by Cynthia Astle via Baptist News Global. Coverage of Beth Caufield’s whistle-blower memoir from the Greater New Jersey Conference. (Added 6-24-2022)

Tweet by Reconciling Ministries Network. On the overturning of Roe vs. Wade: “This decision damns over half the U.S. to likely bans on safe abortion access. It most acutely impacts people who are poor, people w less access to reproductive care, people in situations of domestic violence, POC, and LGBTQ people.” (Added 6-24-2022)

Moving to a New Era” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. This Friday news round-up includes news about disaffiliations and the new relationship with Boy Scouts of America. (Added 6-24-2022)

Reduced Delegation Size for Annual Conferences Found to be Out of Compliance with the Book of Discipline” by United Methodists for Episcopal Accountability (PDF). A draft of a proposed rule for General Conference that creates a process for reducing the delegation size of annual conferences out of compliance with The Book of Discipline. (Added 6-24-2022)

Exit Terms Create Confusion” by Walter Fenton via Good News. “As the annual conference season unfolds for United Methodists in the U.S., local churches are learning provisions and terms for departing the denomination can vary widely among the 53 UM annual conferences in the U.S.” (Added 6-24-2022)

Overheard: The North Alabama Annual Conference voted today to support the Protocol.
The vote was 337 for, and 258 against ( 57% support). (Added 6-24-2022)

Major Challenges Facing the United Methodist Church” by Joe DiPaolo via WCA. Reasons why the future of United Methodism does not look bright. (Added 6-24-2022)

Bishop Mike Lowry Lays Out Global Methodist Blueprint” by Grayson Jang via Juicy Ecumenism. Reporting on an address given to the Indiana WCA during annual conference. (Added 6-24-2022)

Good News Magazine Six-Part Video Series on via YouTube. Part One: “The United Methodist Church is Divided and Dividing.” Part Two: “Our Differences Regarding the Bible.” Part Three “Our Differences Regarding Jesus.” Part Four “Our Differences Regarding Sexuality.” Part Five “Why It Is Time for Traditionalists to Leave.” and Part Six “Why Should We Go?” (Added 6-23-2022)

Episodes 4 & 5 via “Where Do We Go from Here, UMC?” Podcast.” “Whenever The Holy Spirit Shows Up, The Community Widens – Bishop Karen Oliveto” and “We Must Do the Work of Decolonizing Our Denomination – Rev. Lloyd Nyarota” (Added 6-23-2022)

Replenishing Hope: What Is the UMC Becoming?” by Reconciling Ministries via YouTube. Three panelists share their hope for the future of the UMC. (Added 6-23-2022)

Due Process for the Discontinuation of a Bishop by General Conference Under the Provisions of Paragraph 16.5” by United Methodists for Episcopal Accountability (PDF). A draft addition to the rules of GC2024 that creates a process for the removal of a bishop for inefficiency or unacceptability as allowed the UMC constitution. (Added 6-23-2022)

Chesa Bousin and the Council of Bishops” by Scott Field via Northern Illinois WCA. The problem is not that our bishops are progressives but thier failure at the most basic level to fulfill the obligations of their office. (Added 6-23-2022)

The Centrist/Progressive message to Traditionalists and Institutionalists” by David Scott via UM & Global. Distinguishes the voice of Centrist/Progressives from Institutionalist Bishops. (Added 6-22-2022)

United Methodist bishops in global perspective” by David Scott via UMNS. “U.S. United Methodism is hampered by the lack of recognition of its own status as a distinct context requiring regional decision-making on at least some matters.” (Added 6-22-2022)

Bulgarian Global Methodists Committed to a Faithful Future” by Walter Fenton via GMC. Topalski: “…We became increasingly uncomfortable with denominational leaders and clergy – mostly from the U.S. – who constantly promoted a progressive agenda clearly at odds with the theological and ethical teachings of the UM Church.” (Added 6-22-2022)

Why Are You Still a United Methodist?” by William Trench via UM Insight. Proscriptions against LGBTQ clergy were not in the Discipline when he was ordained. (Added 6-22-2022)

To My Disaffiliating Clergy and Lay Colleagues” by Vance Ross via UM Insight. The pastor Central UMC in Atlanta: “Clearly preceding sexuality issues in the UMC are the sin sick, condemned spiritual/ theological, socio/economic atrocities of 1. land theft and 2. labor theft.” (Added 6-22-2022)

On Preludes and Postludes: A Collaborative Approach to General Conference 2024” by Chris Ritter via PeopleNeedJesus.net. Suggests a new approach to United Methodist divisions. (Added 6-22-2022)

Florida Conference board caused the harm” by Jack Jackson via UMNS Commentary. Claremont Professor: Florida Conference BOOM was in the wrong for defying Discipline. (Added 6-21-2022)

Apply Wesleyan lens to clergy-session controversy” by Paul Chilcote via UMNS. Perspective on the Florida Clergy Session controversy. (Added 6-21-2022)

Methodist leaders to meet with Durham neighbors after opposition to new church” via WRAL. Bishop Fairly gets involved as community members in Durham, NC oppose a UMC church plant because of denominational positions on LGBTQ marriage. (Added 8-5-2022)

Fallout from United Methodism’s Slow Split” via IRD. A round-up of UM developments. (Added 6-20-2022)

Frazer Memorial officially leaves the United Methodist Church” by Greg Garrison via AL.com. Once a UMC flagship, Frazer Church is now part of the Free Methodist denomination. (Added 6-20-2022)

First Methodist Waco may vote on leaving a United Methodist Church split over LGBTQ policy” by Carl Hoover via The Waco Tribune-Herald. Local coverage of Methodist split affecting Waco First (attendance 1200+). (Added 6-18-2022)

Message from Bishop Wallace-Padgett: Annual Conference 2022” via North Alabama Conference. North Alabama will have a special session in December to consider disaffiliations. Expects disaffilation votes at next three annual conferences. (Added 6-17-2022)

Friends of Mt. Bethel Meeting with Bishop Sue” via FMB. Verbatim record of a June 14 meeting with a group of UM-leaning laity of Mt. Bethel UMC. (Added 6-17-2022)

Methodists Join to Show Generosity and Grace” via Press Release. The Central Texas Conference approves a plan wherein “assets and liabilities of the body will be equally shouldered by both churches remaining United Methodist and those (92) separating.” (Added 6-17-2022)

Western Pennsylvania United Methodists Protest Transgender Ideology, Defend Women’s Sports” by Laura Saffell via Juicy Ecumenism. The WPA conference passes resolutions defending a traditional definition of gender. (Added 6-17-2022)

Bishop Jones announces Retirement” by Bishop Scott Jones via Texas Conference. “Increasing disobedience and escalating conflict in the denomination have made my service as a bishop of the whole church seem much more problematic.” (Added 6-17-2022)

Working Harder to Be Better” by Carolyn Moore via Good News. The chair of the WCA Global Council shares her experiences in the UMC and WCA. “We have changed, are changing, will change. I hope we won’t pick one another apart on the way to this new thing God is trying to birth out of our ashes.” (Added 6-17-2022)

UM Insight’s Friday Round-up by Cynthia Astle. The weekly UM news round-up includes links to Beth Caufield’s expose of Bishop Schol, the Florida clergy session controversy, Protocol abandonment, and other news. (Added 6-17-2022)

Gratitude and Grace” by Bishop Ken Carder and link shared on UMNS. In the face of church schism, a retired bishop gives thanks following his 61st annual conference session. (Added 6-17-2022)

Georgia megachurch to pay $13.1 million to leave UMC, end litigation” by Michael Gryboski via Christian Post. Coverage of the North Georgia Conference’s settlement with its largest church. (Added 6-17-2022)

It was a Slam-Dunk Annual Conference Last Week!” by Scott Field via Northern Illinois WCA. Recounts the concerted defeat of a resolution calling for gracious exit. (Added 6-17-2022)

Clergywoman’s Book Describes Cronyism, Bullying, Nepotism in Ordination Process” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. An interview of Beth Caufield’s whistle-blower book about event in the Greater New Jersey Conference. See also a response by Bishop John Schol. (Added 6-17-2022)

Standing in the Way of Progress” by Jeremy Rebman via WCA. Florrida WCA President offers perspective on the Florida Clergy Session. (Added 6-17-2022)

Understanding our spiritual goal as United Methodists” by Ashley Boggan Dreff via UM Videos (Youtube). The General Secretary of the General Commission on Archives & History says the UMC exists to tear down barriers of injustice. (Added 6-16-2022)

Post by Paul Chilcote via Facebook. Expresses concern that some who voted in the Florida Clergy session intend to join the GMC and that one of the candidates intends to pursue ordination in the GMC. (Added 6-16-2022)

Christian Reformed Church Brings LGBT Stance Into Faith Statement” by Yonat Shimron via Christianity Today. “The Christian Reformed Church… voted Wednesday at its annual synod to codify its opposition to homosexual sex by elevating it to the status of confession, or declaration of faith.” (Added 6-16-2022)

Paganism Casts Its Spell Over Methodist Seminary” by Ellie Gardey via The American Spectator. On apportionment-supported Iliff: “The school employs as an admissions representative a Norse Heathen named Alexandra Ravenscroft, who is the head clergy, or Gudellri, of her pagan organization, Forn Sidr of America. In her job at Iliff, she recruits and develops relationships with potential students.” (Added 6-15-2022)

Forging Ahead: Key Updates from the Global Methodist Church” by Keith Boyette. Leah Hidde-Gregory is the new chair of the TLC and Rick VanGiesen is the Benefits Officer. A GMC General Conference may happen in 2024 once more folks have time to join. (Added 6-15-2022)

Methodist Cleric on Bible: Not Reliable” by Grayson Jang via Juicy Ecumenism. Rev. David M. Felten: “The notions of biblical inerrancy and the need to be born again create all kinds of discord and conflict in society…[and] keeps the whole church trapped in a quagmire of outdated fantasies.” (Added 6-15-2022)

Conference, megachurch reach legal settlement” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Coverage of the North Georgia Conference’s $13.1 million settlement with Mt. Bethel. (Added 6-14-2022)

Empty Seats Along the Way” by Jim Harnish. On the Florida Clergy Session Vote: “While some of my friends and colleagues will choose a different road, the 72% who voted for these candidates confirm that The United Methodist Church will go on toward becoming a more inclusive community.” (Added 6-14-2022)

Hopeful Futures” by Stephen Fife. Louisiana Conference elder expresses thankgiving and hope as he surrenders his credentials in the UMC. (Added 6-15-2022)

Methodist Church’s First Drag Queen Pastor: ‘God Is Nothing’” by Ellie Gardey via The American Spectator. Outside coverage of Isaac Simmon’s persona and high-profile status in the UMC. (Added 6-14-2022)

What If…We Replace Churches with Apartment Complexes?” by Kathy Neary via UM Insight. A church consultant on the UMC in the Pacific Northwest: “…(1) we are not fostering discipleship well in these local churches, and 2) we have now all the people we are ever going to have in these churches, and a large majority of these folks are quite elderly. This traditional mode of “being church” is ending.” (Added 6-14-2022)

Wespath Execs: United Methodist Clergy Pensions Are Well-Secured” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. “In these turbulent days of the UMC splintering, Wespath has worked with annual conference treasurers and other church officials to prepare several scenarios regarding how clergy pensions will be handled in case of disaffiliation.” (Added 6-14-2022)

Florida Bishop Responds to Clergy Session Vote” by Ken Carter via UM Insight. “The great majority of the voices of those who spoke against their candidacy, or the processes leading to their candidacy, were those of pastors who are in formal processes of departing from the United Methodist Church.” (Added 6-14-2022)

Tweet by Robert Gagnon. On Isaac Simmons: “If you needed proof that the UMC (like ECUSA, UCC, ELCA, PCUSA) is devolving into a parody of the true church: “When I walk the streets in 6-inch heels & wear 4 pounds of hair, double-stacked wigs, the power within my mystery is released into the world.” (Added 6-14-2022)

The Journey: Exile to Promise” by Erik Grayson via WCA. A young clergy draws lessons from the Babylonian Exile at the May 2022 WCA Global Gathering. (Added 6-14-2022)

David DiSilva: Disobedience, Forced Unity Disrupt UMC Florida Conference” via UM Voices. An account of the Florida Conference Clergy Session from a traditionalist. (Added 6-14-2022)

The Church is Not Resilient: On Antifragility & Mitosis” by Drew McIntyre via FireBrand Magazine. In support of Methodist Mitosis: “Because it is antifragile, the church grows from and adapts to challenge. Taleb argues that our institutions need such testing. ‘Just as spending a month in bed . . . leads to muscle atrophy,’ he notes, “complex systems are weakened, even killed, when deprived of stressors'” (Added 6-14-2022)

Christian University Showcases Art Depicting a ‘Gay’ Jesus” by Alex Parker via Red State. Drag Artist whose visual art was featured at United Methodist-related Emory University: ““[T]here is something very subversive about hosting a drag show at a church, especially a Methodist church like Glenn Memorial.” (Added 6-14-2022)

Pensions, Property, and the Gospel – Lonnie Chafin” via Where Do We Go from Here, UMC? (Podcast). Progressive clergy Molly Vetter talks about the current state of the UMC with the treasurer of the Northern Illinois Conference. See also Episode 2, “I am an Institutionalist and a Revolutionary” with Randal Miller. (Added 6-13-2022)

Clergy session vote highlights LGBTQ divide” by Sam Hodges via UMNS. Official coverage of the contentious clergy session in the Florida Conference. (Added 6-13-2022)

Along the Way: What About the Bible?” by Steven Harper. An LGBTQ-affirming clergy shares that he maintains a high view of scripture and accuses traditionalists of lying. (Added 6-13-2022)

The Global Nature of the Future Methodism” by David Donnan. “To shy away from the global nature of the church is to the detriment of God’s Kingdom and your own understanding of it.” (Added 6-13-2022)

Take Who I Am as a Whole” by Maxie Dunnam. A prophetic voice in the Civil Rights movement writes about feeling pigeon-holed as a traditionalist on human sexuality. (Added 6-13-2022)

Methodist leaders say ‘rebellion and dysfunction’ over LGBT issues splitting denomination” by Jon Brown via Fox News. “The United Methodist Church is hemorrhaging congregations over LGBTQ rights and church government.” (Added 6-13-2022)

Money & ‘twisted scripture’ – the culprits behind the UMC’s split” by Steven Jordahl and Jody Brown via The Stand (AFA). “A United Methodist pastor [Ray Rooney] contends that the contentious split in his denomination – while publicly attributed to differences over human sexuality – really boils down to three things: money, power, and ‘twisting of scripture.'” (Added 6-13-2022)

Much is still possible for our church” by John Winn via UMNS (commentary). “Maintaining Ministers In Ministry, or 3M, is an ongoing network of United Methodist clergy mentors, leadership professionals and spiritual guides.” (Added 6-13-2022)

Global Methodist Church, Excitement About its Future with Jessica LaGrone” by Andy Miller (YouTube). Interview with the Dean of Chapel at Asbury Theological Seminary. (Added 6-12-2022)

Adam Hamilton on Isaac Simmons (aka Penny Cost) [PDF]. Copy of a 1200 word response to a Facebook question about Illinois’ drag queen clergy candidate. (Added June 12, 2022)

Response to Jeremy Smith by Tim Carson (PDF). A Florida clergy respond’s to Smith’s article about the Florida Conference clergy session that failed to approve a class of probationary clergy. (Added 6-12-2022)

Tweet by Matt Dailey. A thread sharing the text of a resolution passed at the Florida Conference in support of those approved by the Board of Ordained Ministry for commissioning. (Added 6-11-2022)

Docket 0522-01 Items” via Lonnie Brooks. Briefs filed before the Judicial Council in the matter involving the Bulgaria-Romania Conference’s withdrawal from the UMC (Lambrecht, Streiff, Brooks). (Added 6-11-2022)

5 UMC leaders who backed gracious separation protocol withdraw support” by Michael Gryboski via Christian Post. Coverage of five Protocol negotiators withdrawing support. (Added 6-10-2022)

PCUSA ministry launches ‘Queering the Bible’ project aimed at ‘creating some new theologies’” by Ian Giatti via Christian Post. Mark Tooley quoted: Such projects are “replacing the Gospel of redemption with their own journey of self-actualization.” (Added 6-10-2022)

Post by Warren Lathem. Notes the Disaffiliation Paragraph does not require an annual conference to apply payments for unfunding pension liability to the actual pension liability. (Added 6-10-2022)

After the AC” by Chuck Griffin via Holston WCA. “Most departing churches do not know right now whether they will be required to eat a mouse or an elephant to get out of the UMC. Both are distasteful, but one is more manageable than the other.” (Added 6-10-2022)

The Wesley Center ends its century-long affiliation with the United Methodist Church” by Paul Brennan via Little Village. Coverage of a progressive Wesley Foundation leaving United Methodism. (Added 6-10-2022)

It Doesn’t Have to Be this Way” by David Livingston. Responding to the Florida controversy: “Our WCA chapter is working together with the conference to keep all the discourse civil and constructive.” (Added 6-10-2022)

Protocol Negotiators Say Separation Pact ‘No Longer Viable’” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. Coverage of a group of progressives and centrists withdrawing form the Protocol agreement. (Added 6-10-2022)

‘Say Whaaat?’: The Continuing WCA with in the Continuing UMC” by Bob Phillips. Thoughts on the continuing role of the WCA within the UMC. (Added 6-10-2022)

The cruelty is the point: behind Florida’s veto of an entire class of new UMC clergy” by Jeremy Smith. A post critical of the Florida Conference clergy session who votes down a class of provisional clergy after efforts to divide group for individual voting failed. (Added 6-10-2022)

What Has Happened to Trust and Persevering Commitment?” by Maxie Dunnam. “Doesn’t this ‘betrayal’ [of the Protocol agreement] confirm our need for something like the protocol?” (Added 6-10-2022)

Progressives and Centrists Repudiate Protocol” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News. “It appears that these leaders and groups have taken their eyes off the mission of the church and focused once again on the conflict and the desire to “win” as much as possible.” (Added 6-10-2022)

Bishops’ Protocol Response Statement” via UMNS. Six bishops involved in Protocol negotiations: We (1) continue to “affirm this work,” (2) acknowledge the Protocol legislation is in the hands of General Conference, (3) affirm the way of abeyance, (4) are united in respect of colleagues who are led to step away from the Protocol, and (5) pray for ways to celebrate the UMC as we work for amicable separation with those who choose to “depart our fellowship.” (Added 6-10-2022)

Petition: To Request a Declaratory Decision on the Meaning, Application, and Effect
of ¶¶16.3, 33, 502.3, and 511.5
” by Western PA Conference (PDF). In a petition sponsored by the delegation, the Western Pennsylvania Conference requests a declaratory decision from Judicial Council on whether new delegates should be elected for GC2024. (Added 6-10-2022)

Tweet by Reconciling Ministries Network.RMN comments “Disgraceful” as they share the news that Florida Conference 2022 Provisional Elders/Deacons class failed approval by 7 votes “because two of the candidates are openly LGBTQ+.” (Added 6-10-2022)

Tweet Thread by Joe Fox. UM Bishops have “lost the plot.” With virtual conferencing, “we are quickly hardening our hearts toward each other, and unable to find a reasonable way forward. It’s easy for
@umcbishops to be bullies from the safety of a virtual, ivory tower.” (Added 6-10-2022)

The Last Straw” by Jay Therrell via WCA. New WCA President: “I hope progressives and centrists realize what they’re doing by publicly removing their support for the Protocol. In doing so, they have made clear that they have no intention of treating theological conservatives fairly and with grace. We will contend.” (Added 6-10-2022)

Tweet by Erin j. Beall. “The UMC continues to drown itself: the entire slate of 16 candidates in the Florida Conference were rejected for commissioning today, all because there were 2 LGBTQ+ persons among them— approved, I should add, by the @FLUMC Board of Ordained Ministry. #flumc22” (Added 6-9-2022)

Tweet from Matt O’Reilly. “Hey @umcbishops, it’s fine if you don’t recognize the @GlobalMChurch as a denomination. That way, not only do clergy still not have to surrender their ordination when they join the #GMChurch, they don’t have to withdraw their #UMC conference membership either. #everybodywins” (Added 6-9-2022)

First Transgender Bishop of Largest Lutheran Denomination Resigns” by Alejandra Molina via ChurchLeaders.com. “…came an hour after Bishop Elizabeth Eaton, head of the ELCA, announced on Twitter that she would be “initiating the discipline process immediately, including suspension of Bishop Rohrer, based on additional information that has come to light.”” (Added 6-8-2022)

Final Settlement Document between Mt. Bethel and North Georgia Conference. (Added 6-8-2022)

Looking for Independence from Western Funds, African Methodists Turn to Farming” by Ryan Truscott via Christianity Today. “Dependence on Western funds has become an urgent concern for African Methodists as the UMC has moved toward division over LGBT issues. “ (Added 6-8-2022)

Oak Lawn UMC defies bishop, appoints 2 LGBTQ ministers” via KDFW. Local coverage of Oak Lawn UMC’s decision to appoint two staff members with clergy authority. (Added 6-8-2022)

Protocol’s day has passed, some negotiators say” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. “The negotiators said they reached this conclusion after discussions with General Conference delegates and members of their constituencies who intend to remain United Methodist.” (Added 6-8-2022)

What Divorce Professionals Can Teach the UMC” by Eric Folkerth. “As someone who’s been married to a divorce attorney and judge for thirty years, my one learnings is: There are better and worse ways for divorce to happen.” (Added 6-8-2022)

A New Global Methodist Congregation in Europe” via WCA Eastern Europe. “The Evangelical Methodist Church in Croatia has been recognized as a member of the Global Methodist Church. This decision was made at the Transitional Leadership Council meeting on June 6. 2022.” (Added 6-8-2022)

Forbes Matonga on the Protocol via Facebook. “I believe the protocol still enjoys support among the traditionalist groups and can easily Garner the 50%+1 votes needed to pass it.” (Added 6-8-2022)

How the Disaffiliation Process works in the Dakotas UMC” by Jeff Pospisil via YouTube. (Added 6-8-2022)

RMN Withdraws Support for Protocol” via Reconciling Ministries. “In its absence, an equally fair and gracious alternative has been found, the GMC has launched, and disaffiliation has begun.” (Added 6-8-2022)

Connectional Funding in the Global Methodist Church” by Keith Boyette. Is GlobalMethodist.org. “Under this connectional funding model, the general church and its annual conferences must learn to operate with the funds local churches provide.” (Added 6-8-2022)

Settlement Agreement Information” via Mt. Bethel. Information about the settlement reached with the North Georgia Conference. (Added 6-7-2022)

A Statement About the Protocol of Grace and Reconciliation through Separation” via press release. The Progressives on the Protocol team have withdrawn their support. (Added 6-7-2022)

Steps to take to avoid a GC2024 debacle” by Rebecka Miles and David Livingston (Commentary). A “premortum” suggested to get desired outcomes from GC2024. (Added 6-7-2024)

The Charismatic Movement in the Next Methodism” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. “the emerging denomination for traditionalist United Methodists will clearly not adhere to the “cessationist” doctrine.” (Added 6-7-2022)

70 Georgia churches leave United Methodist Church over homosexuality debate” by Michael Gryboski via Christian Post. Coverage of the recent session of the North GA Conference. (Added 6-7-2022)

Metro church agrees to pay $13.1M to disaffiliate from United Methodist Church” via WSB Radio. Atlanta media coverage of My. Bethel’s departure from the UMC. (Added 6-7-2022)

California-Nevada Board of Trustees adopts disaffiliation agreement template” via Cal-Nev Conference. Adds several category of payments and includes sale of church property to the congregation at 20% value. (Added 6-7-2022)

Church court releases 3 decisions” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. “All three decisions released June 6 stem from questions of church law raised during 2020 and 2021 sessions of annual conferences… “ (Added 6-6-2022)

Coming Out — A Statement from the Board of Directors” via The Wesley Center at the University of Iowa. A Wesley Foundation announces a break with the UMC. (Added 6-7-2022)

The Disingenuity of Comity” by David Livingston. A post opposing a GMC/UMC Comity agreement. (Added 6-6-2022)

Envisioning the Next Methodism in Africa” by Press Release (PDF). An official statement from the May 2022 Africa Initiative Summit in Kenya. (Added 6-6-2022)

Addressing the tough questions will help close rift in United Methodist Churches | Opinion” by Drew Shelley via The Tennessean. “Our denomination’s future is complicated, but we will not be manipulated and used by those who leverage culture wars to provoke unnecessary divorce distracting from the cause of Christ.” (Added 6-5-2022)

Oak Lawn United Methodist Church to self-appoint LGBTQ pastors after bishop denies request” Nataly Keomoungkhoun, The Dallas Morning News (via MSN). “The Rev. Rachel Baughman will appoint Isabel Marquez and Ryan Wager, staff members at Oak Lawn UMC who respectively identify as lesbian and gay, without the authorization of the North Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church.” (Added 6-5-2022)

Dozens of Georgia churches split from United Methodist Church over LGBTQ issues” by Jon Brown via Fox News. Outside coverage of the disaffiliations approved at the North Georgia Conference. (Added 6-5-2022)

Mennonite Church USA Caves on Marriage” by Jeffrey Walton via Juicy Ecumenism. A small Anabaptist denomination repeals its membership guidelines that prevented same-sex marriage after its largest conference departed over the issue. (Added 6-5-2022)

Trustees Outline Process for Disaffiliation” via Baltimore-Washington Conference. Describes the process to be followed by disaffiliating churches. (Added 6-4-2022)

Disaffiliation Tally compiled by Jimmy Boone. Shows 722 disaffiliations in both regular and special sessions of the various annual conferences. (Added 6-3-2022)

Arkansas Methodists defer plan that would ease exit from national denomination” by Frank Lockwood via Arkansas Democrat Gazette. A comity agreement is defeated by 366 to 270: “it would allow any of the conference’s 630 congregations to join a new denomination, the Global Methodist Church or another evangelical body.” (Added 6-3-2022)

Jerry Kulah on Africa & United Methodist Split” by Mark Tooley via Juicy Ecumenism. Transcript of Jerry Kulah’s address to IRD. (Added 6-3-2022)

Motion Passes for Three Churches to Disaffiliate” by Lindsay Payton via Texas Conference. Mentions how the Texas Conference applied pension reserves to the unfunded pension liability calculation, “reducing the amount churches are required to pay in unfunded pension liability.” (Added 6-3-2022)

Post by Lonnie Brooks via Facebook. Commentary on the UMC’s treatment of systemic racism as a facet of the crisis facing the church. (Added 6-3-2022)

Global Methodist or United Methodist? A Comparison of Perspectives” via Bible Moths YouTube Channel. A slow-paced, 10-minute walk through two articles comparing the UMC and GMC. (Added 6-3-2-2022)

Post via Going Global Facebook Page. “This morning during the Central Texas UMC Clergy Session, Bishop Ruben Saenz announced the Conference has received 86 letters from congregations pursuing/exploring disaffiliation from the UMC. Please be in prayer for these congregations as they discern and go through the transition process.” (Added 6-3-2022)

Finding an Exodus” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News. “the authors of [Par. 2553] never intended that annual conferences could add financial terms to the requirements.” (Added 6-3-2022)

Disaffiliating from the #UMC only costs Pennies on the Dollar” by Jeremy Smith via Hacking Christianity. When you weigh the cost of exit against the value of church properties local churches already paid for once, exit is a bargain. (Added 6-3-2022)

A Message from Jay Therrell, the WCA’s New President” via WCA. The incoming president of WCA introduces himself. (Added 6-3-2022)

Rev. Keiwan Kevin Ryoo on Asian American Methodist Ministry” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. An interview with a member of the GMC’s Transitional Leadership Council. (Added 6-3-2022)

Tweet via North Georgia UMM. “70 churches, including Sam Jones Memorial and Quest Church, were approved to leave the United Methodist Church. The vote was 1176 for, 91 against, and 55 abstaining. The list of churches is located on page 76 of the 2022 Annual Conference Handbook: https://ngumc.org/handbook-2022” (Added 6-2-2022)

Mt. Bethel Church to keep property, pay $13.1M in settlement” by Wendy Parker via East Cobb News. The price tag is released for the settlement between Mt. Bethel and the North Georgia Conference. (Added 6-2-2022)

70 Georgia churches granted right to disaffiliate from United Methodist Church” by Elizabeth Rawlins via WSB-TV Atlanta. Outside coverage of disaffiliations from the North Georgia Conference. (Added 6-2-2022)

UMC Conference overwhelmingly approved disaffiliation for some” by Sheila Poole via Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Coverage of approximately seventy congregations disaffiliating from the UMC in North Geogia. (Added 6-2-2022)

Africa Initiative ponders future of Methodism” by E Julu Swen via UMNS. Reporting on the May 13-18 Prayer and Leadership Summit of the Africa Initiative in Nairobi. (Added 6-2-2022)

35 Arkansas Churches Considering Departure from UMC over Homosexuality Debate” by Michael Gryboski via Christian Post. This is the number enrolled in the discernment process leading to disaffiliation. (Added 6-2-2022)

A Heartfelt Plea to the WCA: Stop Lying about the UMC” by Mary John Dye via UM Insight. Accuses the WCA of lying about the extent to which the UMC has and will change. (Added 6-1-2022)

Dual Membership or Duplicity: African United Methodists and the Global Methodist Church” by Albert Otshudi Longe via UM Insight. A post critical of the Africa Initiative’s statement on the Global Methodist Church. (Added 6-1-2022)

Orthodox No Longer: Interviews with Seven Nontraditional Believers” by Martin Thielen via UM Insight. Retired UM pastor profiles the faith of non-orthodox believers. (Added 6-1-2022)

The Case for Considering Alignment with the Global Methodist Church” by Bob Phillips (PDF). A 3-page summary document for those considering aligning with the GMC. (Added 6-1-2022)

Warren Lathem: North Georgia Ripple Effects” via Juicy Ecumenism. “The strongest Annual Conference in the UMC and the fastest growing AC is now in rapid decline. And the largest church in the AC is attacked by the most powerful person in the conference.” (Added 6-1-2022)

Patchwork of Exit Terms Create Confusion” by Walter Fenton via globalmethodist.org. “Bishop Tom Bickerton, president of the Council of Bishops, immediate past presidents, Bishops Cynthia Harvey and Ken Carter, and other bishops worked for months with theologically conservative leaders to develop a comity agreement based on a provision in the UM Church’s Book of Discipline.” (Added 6-1-2022)

Church Court Modifies Ruling on Bishop Elections” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. The Judicial Council departs from the Discipline’s Sept. 1 start date for bishops to say that new bishops elected this year can take office on January 1, 2023. (Added 6-1-2022)

Filipinos to Elect New Bishops” by Gladys P. Mangiduyos via UMNS. All three filipino bishops will be replaced by new bishops elected in November. (Added 6-1-2022)

Autonomy, international division mark United Methodist tradition” by David Scott via UM & Global. “If there are no good analogies for the division between The United Methodist Church and the Global Methodist Church in the history of autonomy, neither are there many good analogies in the history of denominational division.” (Added 6-1-2022)

Run with Endurance the Race God has Set Before Us” by Keith Boyette via WCA. The out-going president of WCA reflected on his five-year journey as he prepares to become the chief executive officer of the Global Methodist Church. (Added 5-31-2022)

[Repost] A COB-Distributed Draft Comity Agreement between the GMC and UM Conferences. Originally shared in March, this document was distributed to members of the Council of Bishops and has not been approved by the Transitional Leadership Council of the GMC. See the TLC response here. (Reposted 5-31-2022)

What is Comity, Really? Debunking the WCA’s ‘Loophole’ Around the UMC Trust Clause” by Lawrence Hillis with an introduction by Jeremy Smith via Hacking Christianity. A history of comity agreements intended to build the case that Par. 2548.2 is not suited to churches seeking to leave for the GMC. (Added 5-31-2022)

Next Steps for Churches Desiring to Go GMC” by Charles Kyker via Western North Carolina WCA. Advice to Western North Carolina congregations seeking to join the GMC. (Added 5-30-2022)

Delegates repeal Membership Guidelines, pass LGBTQ-affirming resolution” by Paul Schrag via AnaBaptist World. Membership guidelines were repealed and a statement affirming the gifts of LGBTQ persons was affirmed by a lesser margin. (Added 5-30-2022)

Let’s Love Our Neighbors” by Kendra Weddle via UMNS (Commentary). Even though the traditional church she grew up in has disaffiliated, the author finds hope for a unified church. (Added 5-28-2022)

The Cost of Following Jesus” by Bishop Frank Beard via Illinois Great Rivers Conference. “If your church is not currently reaching new people for Jesus Christ changing the denominational label or the church address is not going to make a difference.” (Added 5-28-2022)

Why We are Staying in the UMC” by Adam Hamilton (YouTube). The pastor and church council of the Church of the Resurrection share why they are staying in the UMC. (Added 5-28-2022)

UMC Bishops agree to call regular sessions of jurisdictional conferences in 2022” via Council of Bishops Press Release. The jurisdictional conferences will meet Nov. 2-5 to elect bishops. (Added 5-27-2022)

So… What’s Going on in the United Methodist Church?” with Bishop Thomas Bickerton via Westwood UMC YouTube. Los Angeles pastor interviews COB President about his vision for a “smaller, leaner, more inclusive” UMC. Protocol being irrelevant, Bickerton chooses to move forward and sees postponement of GC as a positive. (Added 5-27-2022)

Celebrated United Methodist Drag Queen Activist Denounces Bible” by Sage Showers via Juicy Ecumenism. Reporting on Isaac Simmons’ recent activities and statements in which he shares his view of Scripture. (Added 5-27-2022)

Confusion and Clarity” by Walter Fenton via Global Methodist Church. “These UM bishops… declared an amicable and orderly separation was the best way forward for the UM Church… there is nothing keeping UM bishops from acting in accordance with its spirit.” (Added 5-25-2022)

Addressing the tough questions will help close rift in United Methodist Churches | Opinion” by Drew Shelley via The Tennessean. “We have answered the fundamental human sexuality question in Gospel light: Can LGBTQIA+ persons be faithful Christians? The Bible says yes.” (Added 5-25-2022)

Judicial Council Spring Docket” via Resource UMC. (Added 5-25-2022)

African United Methodists and the Protocol in 2024” by David Scott via UM & Global. “…without clear coalitions among these new denominational factions and with conflicting answers across different factions on different issues, there is a strong possibility that the 2024 General Conference will not accomplish anything major.” (Added 5-25-2022)

Theologians Craft Wesleyan Agreement for a Divided Methodist Era” by Daniel Sulliman via Christianity Today. Coverage of “The Faith Once Delivered” document. (Added 5-25-2022)

New Methodist Manifesto” by Mark Tooley via Juicy Ecumenism. Coverage of “The Faith Once Delivered” Statement. (Added 5-25-2022)

People Throw Rocks At Things That Shine: A Clergy Whistleblower’s Journey” by Beth Caufield via Amazon. The head of New Jersey WCA wrote a book about her treatment by Bishop John Schol. (Added 5-24-2022)

Why Traditionalists Aren’t Traditionalists — And That’s a Good Thing” by Tom Fuerst via UM Insight. UM traditionalists don’t really embrace the full Christian tradition on sexuality. (Added 5-23-2022)

The Faith Once Delivered: A Wesleyan Witness” via the John Wesley Institute (PDF). A theological statement developed by fifty Wesleyan Scholars gathered at the Next Methodism Summit. (Added 5-23-2022)

Tweet by Chris Ritter. “All sorts of exciting possibilities emerge when you dissolve the galactic senate. #umc” (Added 5-21-2022)

Should I Stay or Should I Go? The Biblical Authority Question” by Matt Horan. Describes WCA as a Fundamentalist variant that has attached itself to Methodism. (Added 5-21-2022)

Judicial Council single-handedly pivots The United Methodist Church” by Jeremy Smith. Progressive take on the important and most recent judicial council rulings. (Added 5-21-2022)

Judicial Council Decision 1445 via Resource UMC. The ruling that regular jurisdictional conferences can meet to elect new bishops prior to General Conference. (Added 5-20-2022)

Ruling Opens Doors for Bishop Elections in 2022” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Information on a key ruling that may allow the election of a fresh crop of progressive US bishops. (Added 5-20-2022)

Tweet by Council of Bishops. “BREAKING NEWS: The top court in The United Methodist Church today ruled that the Council of Bishops is authorized to set the date of regular jurisdictional conferences in 2022 for the election and assignment of new bishops in The United Methodist Church. Details coming.” (Added 5-20-2022)

Why breaking up is so hard to do for United Methodists: Connectionalism” by Cynthia Astle via Baptist News Global. Summary post for a progressive Baptist audience. (Added 5-20-2022)

The UMC is more traditional than ever, but it doesn’t matter” by Matt O’Reilly via Theology Project. “It doesn’t matter how traditional our Book of Discipline is because we have no mechanism or process for ordering our ecclesial life in a way that reflects what is found in our documents.” (Added 5-20-2022)

Clergy Confusion” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News. Some UM leaders are sharing erroneous information with clergy about the GMC. (Added 5-20-2022)

What Do We Mean by Unity?” By Paul Seay via UM Insight. Reporting from the “Forward United” gathering on May 9. (Added 5-20-2022)

Critiquing Global Methodism” by Sage Showers via Juicy Ecumenism. Reporting on a retired clergy webinar. (Added 5-20-2022)

Methodism Slowly Divides” by Mark Tooley via Juicy Ecumenism. (Added 5-19-2022)

Staying Stuck in UMC Conflict” by David Scott via UM & Global. “Centrists and institutionalists have used their control of procedure and process to make departure difficult and expensive for Traditionalist congregations in an attempt to prevent them from leaving.” (Added 5-19-2022)

Moving Forward with Senior Executive and New Council Members” via Global Methodist Church. (Added 5-18-2022)

The Bible is…Nothing” by Isaac Simmons. A drag queen certified candidate for UMC ministry and featured by UMNS offers a poem about God, the Bible, and queerness. See also here. (Added 5-18-2022)

Is the General Conference Delay Legal? by Matt O’Reilly via Firebrand Magazine. (Added 5-17-2022)

Greetings from the Special Called Session of the Bulgaria-Romania Conference of the Global Methodist Church.” by Daniel Topalski via Facebook. The GMC’s first presiding elder shares a photo of the first annual conference session. (Added 5-15-2022)

Tweet by E. Julu Swen reporting that participants at African Initiative summit decided to stay in the UMC until 2024. (Added 5-14-2022)

Judicial Council Pulls Back Annual Conference Withdrawal” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News. “The Judicial Council has essentially changed its mind and now believes that the matter of annual conference withdrawal is a “distinctively connectional matter” (¶ 16) and therefore needs General Conference action before it can take place.” (Added 5-13-2022)

A Path for West Ohio Congregations Separating Under Paragraph 2548.2” by Jeff Greenway and Greg Stover (PDF) via West Ohio WCA. Background and Rationale for a West Ohio AC resolution equipping exits under Par. 2548.2. (Added 5-13-2022)

Resolutions and Elections at WCA’s Fourth Global Legislative Assembly” by Walter Fenton via WCA. A wrap-up of the May WCA legislative assembly. (Added 5-13-2022)

Jesus-Like Comity in a Methodist World?” by David Humphrey. A poetic appeal by a UM Pastor, based on Scripture and Wesley’s writings, to view and approach both the emergence of the GMC and the potential restructuring of the continuing UMC as a faithful opportunity to grow new distinct but cooperative branches from the same Christ-rooted tree. (Added 5-13-2022)

United Methodist conferences cannot disaffiliate from denomination, church court rules” by Liam Adams via The Tennessean. Outside coverage of Judicial Council Decision 1444. (Added 5-13-2022)

Disaffiliation: Do Not Delay in Making This Decision” by Riley Case via Confessing Movement. “In terms of faith and practice, the new denomination will do what those who would deconstruct and remold the continuing United Methodist Church are not willing to do; namely, commit itself wholly to historic Methodist belief and practice, the Incarnation of Jesus Christ, and his atoning death and glorious resurrection which leads to new life through the Holy Spirit.” (Added 5-12-2022)

Tweet by Chris Ritter. On the news of a COB request for a ruling on Par. 2548.2 (a statute 20 years older than the UMC itself): “Stop calling it good news. This provides cover for any bishop to delay Par. 2548.2 exits awaiting clarity on something already clear. The odds are safe that anything the Judicial Council rules on will get more complex, not less.” (Added 5-12-2022)

The Day the Protocol Died” by David Livingston. A blog post laying the death of the Protocol at the feet of WCA who committed to advocating for adherence to the Discipline. (Added 5-12-2022)

UMC high court rules annual conferences cannot leave denomination amid LGBT debate” by Michael Gryboski via Christian Post. Outside coverage of JC Decision 1444. (Added 5-12-2022)

Notice of a Special Called Session of the Indiana Annual Conference” via Indiana Conference. “A Special Session of Annual Conference [via Zoom] has been called by Bishop Trimble, in consultation with the Cabinet, to take place for the single purpose of approval of churches seeking disaffiliation and having completed the requirements adopted by the INUMC under BOD paragraph 2553.” (Added 5-12-2022)

Bishops Seek Ruling on Meaning and Application of Par. 2548.2” via COB Press Release. Eight questions asked: “Our intention is to seek clear direction concerning the processes that can be best used to facilitate appropriate, orderly, and amicable disaffiliations even as we continue to pray and work for the unity of the church.” (Added 5-12-2022)

Association of Korean Churches discerns its uncertain future” by Thomas Kim via UMNS. Korean United Methodists meet to discuss the GMC, disaffiliation, and the future of the UMC. (Added 5-12-2022)

Lloyd Lunceford Church Trust Law webinar” by Good News (YouTube). A church trust clause webinar offered by Good News. (Added 5-12-2022)

Overheard: An announcement will come soon that the Council of Bishops has requested a declaratory decision from the Judicial Council related to exits under Par. 2548.2. (Added 5-12-2022)

An Amicable Divorce?” by Paul Butler via World. “New Methodist denomination aims to give conservative churches a way to avoid splitting the UMC.” (Added 5-12-2022)

Creating a Respectful and Fair Separation” by Klaus Ulrich (Translation) via UM & Global. Reporting criticism for WCA/GMC support for Bulgaria/Romania Conference action to exit the UMC. (Added 5-12-2022)

Sometimes We Don’t See What We’re Looking At” by Scott Field via Northern Illinois WCA. Is the United Methodist horse dead? (Added 5-12-2022)

The State of the United Methodist Church in Tweets by Jeremy Smith. A progressive blogger/pastor offers his take on the state of the UMC in a string of Tweets. (Added 5-12-2022)

Bishop Jones Addresses Recent Events within UMC” via Texas Conference. Summary article of a May 10 webinar by Bishop Scott Jones. (Added 5-11-2022)

COB welcomes court’s decision that annual conferences may not vote to leave UMC” via Press Release. COB President Bickerton: “This decision has affirmed the connection ‘as the universal thread out of which the temporal and spiritual fabric of the Church is providentially woven,’ and provided clarity and direction as we move forward through these unprecedented days of challenge and change.” (Added 5-11-2022)

Bishop Carcaño’s Suspension Extended Because of Appeal” by Western Jurisdiction Press Release via UM Insight. “Bishop Carcaño has filed an appeal with the Judicial Council related to the complaints. The grounds for the appeal have not been specified. This action places the complaint process on hold pending the Judicial Council’s decision.” (Added 5-10-2022)

CEO Blog: Committed to You in a Changing Methodist Ecosystem” by Andy Hendren via Wespath. “It is in the spirit of Methodist and Christian unity—embodied in ¶6 of The Book of Discipline—that Wespath seeks to serve a broader family of Methodists alongside the continuing UMC, benefiting all participants with plans designed for folks who serve the Methodist mission.” (Added 5-10-2022)

Church court: Conferences can’t exit unilaterally” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Coverage of Decision 1444. (Added 5-10-2022)

Judicial Council Rules Annual Conferences Can’t Withdraw Unilaterally from UMC” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. Coverage of Judicial Council Decision 1444. (Added 5-10-2022)

United Methodist Church split draws celebration, lament and soul-searching” by Cynthia Astle via Baptist News Global. The editor of UM Insight offers a round-up of reactions to UMC split. (Added 5-10-2022)

Post by Lonnie Brooks via Facebook. “The United Methodist Judicial Council has taken one of the most significant decisions in its entire history, and it did so in record time. In its decision 1444 it has declared that an annual conference’s right to vote to withdraw from the Church, affirmed in its decision 1366, may not be exercised until the General Conference has legislatively established the terms and conditions for such a withdrawal….” (Added 5-10-2022)

Judicial Council Decision 1444. via ResourceUMC. Annual conferences may not leave the UMC until General Conference creates a process for this. Exits are constitutional, but there must be enabling legislation passed at General Conference.(Added 5-10-2022)

Post by Rurel Ausley via Facebook. “Just watched Asbury Theological Seminary (ATS) sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with newly launched Global Methodist Church (GMC)!! ATS offers dollar for dollar matching for $5,000; $10,000; $20,000 grants up to $500,000 for NEW CHURCH PLANTING in the GMC!!!” (Added 5-10-2022)

Post by Joe Kilpatrick via Facebook. Noted North Georgia layman reports: “Asbury Theological Seminary agreed to match scholarship funding with the Global Methodist Church today!” (Added 5-10-2022)

Rob Renfroe to Address Alabama-West Florida Moving Forward Event” via Alabama-West Florida WCA Facebook Page. Events on June 1 & 5 at Crosspoint and St. James feature the President of Good News. (Added 5-10-2022)

Rebuild the Altar First: Starting in the RIght Place” by Constance Cherry via Firebrand Magazine. Indiana Wesleyan Prof. and West Ohio Clergy: Drawing from Ezekiel and the OT return from exile, prof. and West Ohio clergy, says that restoring Christ-centered worship is the first priority for Methodists. (Added 5-10-2022)

Global Methodist or United Methodist?” via Bible Moths YouTube Channel. Works viewers through articles written by Jay Therrell and Paul Chilcote on the merits of the GMC vs. the UMC. (Added 5-9-2022)

Post by Rob Renfroe via Facebook. Highlights the female preachers featured at the WCA Global Gathering in response to lingering accusations that women will be excluded from GMC leadership. (Added 5-9-2022)

Texas Trust Clause Ruling in Favor of Blue Ridge UMC et. al. (PDF) A May 9 trust clause ruling in favor of a North Texas congregation. See background. See also “Texas Court Strikes Down Methodist Trust Clause” via Dalton & Tomich. A trust clause case with SMU is discussed as “making the Methodist trust clause unenforceable [in Texas].” (Added 5-9-2022)

Religious Left Panics After Dobbs Leak” by Collin Bastian via Juicy Ecumenism. Reactions from United Methodist Women, UPC, UCC, and TEC to the Dobbs leak that indicates Roe v. Wade will be overturned. (Added 5-9-2022)

Heritage Sunday 2022” via General Commission on Archives and History. The May 22 Heritage Sunday focuses on “Splits, Separations, and Reconciliations.” Includes a course. (Added 5-9-2022)

Traditionalist Group Not Going Away” by Sam Hodges via UMNS. Coverage of the May WCA Global Gathering in Indianapolis. (Added 5-9-2022)

Dr. Steve Harper Speaks with RMN (clergy)” via Reconciling Ministries YouTube. Harper shares hope for a new identity, simpler structure, and a return to local focus in the UMC. See also a session for laity in which he advises LGBTQ folks to leave GMC churches. (Added 5-9-2022)

Robert Hunt: Methodism Unraveling” via UM & Global. “Instead of clinging to an unworkable ‘global’ structure we should instead work, at whatever institutional level we are able, to establish real patterns of co-working and cooperation among those of the Methodist tradition.” (Added 5-9-2022)

Now I Know Why Godly Punishment Never Made Sense to Me” by Paul Graves via Greater Northwest Area UMC. UM Clergy: “Put simply: I can no longer even mouth the words ‘Jesus died for our sins.’ It hasn’t made sense to me for decades… God doesn’t punish us! I can’t help but imagine She is deeply grieved when we do such an effectively negative job of keeping each other ‘in line,’ spiritually speaking.” Also reprinted in UM Insight. (Added 5-9-2022)

Tweet by John Lomperis: “WCA Council Chair Carolyn Moore: WCA will REMAIN a movement within the #UMC for the next several years. WCA 2.0 resolution: Work in #UnitedMethodistChurch will include advocating gracious separation, and in meantime faithfulness + accountability to official UMC moral standards” (Added 5-9-2022)

Tweet from Western PA WCA: “‘The trust clause is not written to protect the Conference, but the doctrinal standards, and to protect the Conference only insofar as the Conference protects the doctrinal standards.’ Thomas Oden” (Added 5-9-2022)

107 Florida Churches Leaving UMC to Join New Conservative Church Network Amid LGBT Debate” by Michael Gryboski via The Christian Post. “A staggering 107 United Methodist congregations based in Florida plan to leave the mainline denomination for the newly launched conservative Global Methodist Church.” (Added 5-9-2022)

New Denomination Urges United Methodists to Walk Out of the Wilderness” by Yonat Shimron via Religion News Service. Outside coverage of the WCA Global Gathering. (Added 5-9-2022)

Get Out: The Movie, the Methodists, the Next Chapter” by Bob Phillips via PeopleNeedJesus.net. Addresses questions and issues related to getting out of the UMC. (Added 5-9-2022)

Tweet by Western PA WCA: “Being led in prayer by the Congolese #WCA delegation. We requested visas for our African delegates in the first week of March. It didn’t take 18 months to get their visas, or even 18 weeks…it was more like 18 days. So glad our international delegates are here! #umc” (Added 5-6-2022)

WCA Revises Its Mission, Elects New President” by Walter Fenton via WCA. Summary of key actions of the WCA Legislative Assembly. (Added 5-6-2022)

Reform and Separation from a Wesleyan Perspective” by Wendy Deichmann via Catalyst. “Failure to cultivate or at least maintain institutional discipline makes it impossible for a denomination to address successfully the ongoing theological task (related to scriptural interpretation or human relationship, for example) or to communicate the spiritual outcomes of this process within the larger community of faith. Lack of discipline inevitably leads to confusion and loss of trust. In extreme cases, it leads to dissolution.” (Added 5-7-2022)

Florida Churches Among First to Exit from UMC to New, Conservative Methodist Denomination” by Emily McFarlan Miller via Church Leaders, repost from Religion News Service. Outside coverage oof the 107 Florida Churches seeking exit to the Global Methodist Church. (Added 5-7-2022)

The Global Methodist Church with Simon Mafunda and Keith Boyette” via Beliefs Matter Podcast (Confessing Movement). Maxie Dunnam interviews Boyette and Mafunda on the vision and status of the GMC. (Added 5-7-2022)

Quote by David DeSilva on the Launch of the GMC” via Billy Easum (Facebook)”Every UMC should read this quote from David DeSilva” (Added 5-6-2022)

Tweet by Liam Adams: Religion Reporter: “For the Methodist news nerds, here’s my thread from today’s Wesleyan Covenant Association Global Legislative Assembly. #WCA” Includes news that Jay Therrell was elected the new WCA President by a 97% margin. (Added 5-6-2022)

Tweet by Liam Adams: “One last thing to add to my tweets about the #WCA legislative assembly today, which is that I reached out to@rmnetwork to respond to the WCA’s task force report and recommendations on “sexual holiness, wholeness, and brokenness.” This is RMN’s response in full:” (Added 5-6-2022)

Black Leaders Discuss Church Future” by Jim Patterson via UMNS. Report on the recent meeting of Black Methodists for Church Renewal. (Added 5-6-2022)

Settlement Update” via Mt. Bethel. See also the same statement from NGC. “The Trustees of the North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church, and Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church, have jointly agreed to the general terms and framework of a full resolution of their pending dispute. All parties now look forward to the resolution of the civil litigation. We ask members of our faith communities for their prayers and patience during this time as we prepare formal documents to bring this dispute to a close.” (Added 5-6-2022)

Response of the Wesleyan Covenant Association to Open Letter from Some European Bishops” via UM Insight. Answering concerns for public support of the Romania Bulgaria Conference. (Added 5-6-2022)

A Word from Keith Boyette on Clergy Credentials” via IGRC WCA Facebook Group. Advising clergy not to surrender their UMC credentials. Use the transfer provisions. (Added 5-5-2022)

In Defense of the Trust Clause” by Sam Powers. “The architecture of our buildings can draw us upward in wonder as we encounter the divine. Within our shared covenant, they are larger than local ownership. They are ours together.” (Added 5-5-2022)

“The Ukraine Moldova Provisional AC Moved from Eurasia to the Nordic and Baltic Area” via Press Release. “The Ukrainian pastors and members decided they could no longer be under Russia, and they
wanted to be free to choose where they want to go to.” (Added 5-5-2022)

Letter from Paul Lawler via New Methodist Movement. “As you may already know, Asbury United Methodist in Huntsville/Madison, which is the largest church in the North Alabama Conference, voted by a 90 plus percent majority to disaffiliate from the United Methodist Church. The Florida Conference has 107 churches that will be disaffiliating from the United Methodist Church. Be mindful, as other churches are acting, you too need to act now if you wish to disaffiliate.” (Added 5-5-2022)

United Women in Faith Voices Alarm at Possible Overturning Roe vs. Wade” by Press Release via UM Insight. UWiF, formerly United Methodist Women issue statement: “We call on federal and state legislators to act to protect the lives of women and girls by codifying their right to privacy, to legal and safe contraceptives, and, in tragic conflicts of life with life, abortions. State-coerced motherhood—like state-coerced sterilization—undermines women’s ability to carefully discern and follow God’s calling in their lives.” (Added 5-5-2022)

The 2024 United Methodist General Conference Delegation” by Mark Davies via UM Insight. “Too much has changed in United Methodism to hold a General Conference in 2024 with delegates elected in 2019, many of whom will not even be United Methodists when the General Conference meets in 2024.” (Added 5-5-2022)

Failure to Launch: Reflections on the UMC” by Lisa Schubert Nowling. “We’ve failed to empower laity to re-orient us, not only around LGBTQIA+ inclusion, but also around racial equity, gender parity, and economic and climate justice.” (Added 5-5-2022)

The World is Not My Parish” by David Scott via UM & Global. Why the famous quote by Wesley is not the best motto for UM Missions. (Added 5-5-2022)

Tweet by Justus Hunter. “Seeing the burden of disorder and chaos on Methodist seminarians this semester. The personal cost of this fragmentation will be substantial. It would be good, especially for clergy, to keep this in mind when using social media, and to resist the temptation to add to the noise.” (Added 5-5-2022)

Buyer Beware: Updated Edition” by David Livingston. Kansas pastor continues his analysis of the GMC Transitional Discipline. (Added 5-5-2022)

Lessons from Mainline Decline” by Kevin DeYoung via World. “Relevant Christianity doesn’t stay relevant for long. Reinterpreted Christianity may appeal to the deconstructing, but it does not win the hearts and minds of the lost.” (Added 5-5-2022)

The Spirit of a New Connection” by Walter Fenton via Global Methodist. “…when a connected church fails to maintain accountability and yet simultaneously seeks to preserve its power, authentic connectionalism is lost, the seeds of division are sown, and internal strife eventually weakens its ability to fulfill its greater mission.” (Added 5-4-2022)

Post by Bishop Bill Lewis. Retired NCJ Bishop offers a “good riddance” post on the UMC Split: “The half is better than the whole.” (Added 5-4-2022)

‘We Remain United Methodists Until 2024’” by E. Julu Swen via UM Insight. Bishop Quire of Liberia says the conference will stay in the UMC at least until General Conference meets. (Added 5-3-2022)

From the Bishop: Graciously Moving Forward” by Bishop Fairley via North Carolina Conference. Releasing a plan for disaffiliation and calling a special session to handle requests. (Added 5-3-2022)

Is Perception Reality?” by Doron Taussig and Anthony M. Nadler: “In anticipation of the May 1 launch of the traditionalist Global Methodist Church, United Methodist Insight presents this article from The Conversation with a question: to what extent does the perception expressed in this study play a role in the impending break of traditionalist United Methodists?” (Added 5-3-2022)

Tweet by Mark Tooley. “Interesting theological assertion at Methodist Building on Capitol Hill. Christ obviously values women and men but does He “trust” women or men? His mission to save us implies none of us are fully trustworthy.” (Added 5-3-2022)

Tweet by Mark Tooley: “In 2016 United Methodism deleted its longtime support for Roe vs Wade, 1st adopted in 1976. It’ll be interesting what post-schism UMC does without Africa & USA traditionalists who pushed UMC in pro-life direction.” (Added 5-3-2022)

Tweet by Guthrie Graves-Fitzsimmons: “The United Methodist Church — the nation’s largest mainline Protestant denomination — just put up a powerful pro-choice message today at its D.C. office, which is located directly across the street from the Supreme Court and Congress.” (Added 5-3-2022)

Do Unto Others?” by Robert Hunt via UM Insight. “Our competing United Methodist narratives of self-justification have been honed and passed on for so long (more than a century) that their axiomatic assumptions are not longer questioned by either side. To each side they appear self-evident, and thus remain unexamined.” (Added 5-3-2022)

A History of Incompatibility, Part Five” by Charlie Baber via UM Insight. “The evangelical church has by and large produced huge swaths of cold and callous, fearful Christians who demonize gay people, not because they engage in gay sex practices, but because they are gay.” (Added 5-3-2022)

The WCA: Forked Tongue Time” by Steve Harper via UM Insight. Criticizes the WCA for not leaving the UMC fast enough. (Added 5-3-2022)

New UMC: Withness” by Steve Harper via UM Insight. “As a third-order movement, the new UMC has the opportunity to be one of the wineskins into which God’s new wine can be poured and through which it can be poured out.” (Added 5-3-2022)

The UMC of Tomorrow Begins Today” by JJ Warren via UM Insight. LGBTQ Clergy Candidate: “Now is the time be in dialogue with one another in our churches, in our Annual Conferences, and across the global United Methodist Connection to dream and begin to practice what our life together as The United Methodist Church will look like after the inevitable separation in 2024.” (Added 5-3-2022)

This is What It Means to #BeUMC” by Dianne Toby via UM Insight. “To leave would be to allow it to be taken over by those I believe do not understand what it means to love a God who is by very name and nature love. I will stay, and I will continue to work for the full inclusion of ALL God’s children. That is what it means to me to #BeUMC.” (Added 5-3-2022)

Post by Stanley Garland via Facebook. “Today posted, 107 Florida churches are leaving the UMC for the new traditional Methodist GMC. (Reports in say 71 churches in North Georgia Conference with many more filing papers now. ) South Georgia numbers not in yet.” (Added 5-3-2022)

Who Are We? Who Do We Want to Be? Who SHOULD We Be?” by Sky McCracken via First Methodist Jackson, TN. Pastoral letter on the division of the UMC. (Added 5-3-2022)

Post by Bob Phillips via Facebook. Lists the thirteen financial categories local churches have to pay to leave the Greater New Jersey Annual Conference under the disaffiliation paragraph. (Added 5-03-2022)

Tweet by Bishop Karen Oliveto: “I’m at a retreat for the Episcopal priests of Colorado. The theme is ecumenical partnerships. Lutheran Bishop Jim Gonia reminds us we are called not to a ministry of competition but a ministry of collaboration. #BetterTogether” (Added 5-3-2022)

107 Florida Methodist Churches Depart United Methodist Church” by Jay Therrell via Florida WCA Facebook. “107 represents approximately 20% of the 560 United Methodist Churches in the Florida Conference. This broad group of churches include both large and small congregations along with Anglo, African American, Latino, Korean, and other ethnic communities of faith. These churches will align with the new Global Methodist Church (“GMC”) which launched on May 1, 2022.” (Added 5-3-2022)

Post by Billy Easum via Facebook. Author and church consultant recalls his first appointment in 1967 where is predecessor did not believe in the resurrection. “The UMC is apostate, dead and buried. It’s days are truly numbered.” (Added 5-3-2022)

Is Your Church Considering Disaffiliation?” via Good News. Promotes a May 10 Church Trust Law Webinar featuring attorney Lloyd Lunceford. (Added 5-3-2022)

We Will Continue On the Path We Have Taken” by Klaus Ulrich Ruof via emk.de. Andreas Kraft says: “The German community association of the UMC will not join the Global Methodist Church.” [Google Translation from German] (Added 5-3-2022)

The Messiness of Methodism” by Ryan Danker. “There is nothing wrong with denominations. But deep down, I hope that Wesleyans view them as necessary organizational entities rather than essential defining structures. Wesleyanism is a movement, even a messy one. And it’s a movement that includes the participants in a holiness camp meeting, the liberal Protestant mainliner, the warm hearted Anglican, the Pentecostal healer, and so many more. The unity we share isn’t institutional. It never has been.” (Added 5-3-2022)

After Years of Loud Debate, Conservatives Quietly Split from United Methodist Church” by Emily McFarlan Miller via Religion News Service. Outside coverage of the GMC Launch: The Wesleyan Covenant Association will contribute more than $1 million to the GMC from its Next Methodism Fund. (Added 5-2-2022)

Touching the Third Rail” by JJ Mannschreck. “The world does not need the “anti gay” church or even a “pro-gay” church. The world need a church that feeds the hungry, clothes the naked, visits the sick and tells everyone about God’s love as shown in Jesus Christ.” (Added 5-2-2022)

Retired Bishop Leaves UMC for New, Conservative Church over ‘Significant Disagreement’ On Theology” by Michael Gryboski via Christian Post. Outside coverage of Mike Lowry’s exit to the GMC. (Added 5-2-2022)

Tweet by Mark Tooley. “United Methodism 1968 was high tide for modernist Mainline Protestantism; fast receding waters ever since. UMC effectively ends w/schism into postmodern new churches: progressive, USA evangelical & African/Global South” (Added 5-2-2022)

UMC Africa Initiative Celebrates the Launch of the Global Methodist Church” by Press Release via UM Voices. “We welcome the Global Methodist Church to Africa as a faithful, Christ-centered Wesleyan Evangelical Partner toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.” (Added 5-2-2022)

‘Be Patient and Keep Focused on Ministry’: South Carolina United Methodist Conference Responds to Breakaway Denomination” by Kayland Hagwood via wltx.com. Local coverage of the launch of the GMC. (Added 5-2-2022)

Overheard: The largest church in the North Alabama Conference, Asbury Church in Madison (attendance 2720), voted on May 1 to leave the UMC. The margin is said to have been 92%. (Added 5-2-2022)

Tweet by Mark Tooley. “Prediction: most of 13 million United Methodists (7 million in Africa; 6.2 million in USA) will ultimately land in Global Methodist Church.” (Added 5-2-2022)

An Historic Day” by Warren Lathem via Facebook. “I have applied to the Global Methodist Church to transfer my ordination to this new movement. If they accept me, I will then surrender my ordination to the UMC.” (Added 5-1-2022)

Tweet by Ben Gosden. “Wishing the very best to those Methodists venturing out today to be a part of the GMC. May your saddlebags be full, your hearts strangely warm, and your vision ever fixed upon the Kingdom. We don’t have to agree on everything to pray for God’s abundant grace for one another.” (Added 5-1-2022)

Post by Billy Easum via Facebook. “It’s been said that crisis brings out who we really are. If that’s true then many UMC bishops and District Superintendents are being found wanting in Gods eyes.” (Added 5-1-2022)

To our Friends, Fellow Servants, and Partners in the Gospel” by Keith Boyette and the Transitional Leadership Council of the GMC. Launch Letter: “We are utterly dependent upon the transforming power of God the Holy Spirit to fulfill God’s calling on each of us to be salt and light in this generation.” (Added 5-1-2022)

Crossing the Rubicon: A Bishop Says Goodbye to the United Methodist Church” by Bishop Mike Lowry. Correspondence between Bishop Harvey and Bishop Lowry on his exit from the UMC. “I perceive a significant disagreement over what constitutes “ultimate integrity” and where our ultimate allegiance lays.” (Added 5-1-2022)

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