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This is the only place on the internet that seeks to collect all the major news and opinions on the separation of the United Methodist Church. The editor needs your help to keep this resource complete during his sabbatical (through July 8). You can help maintain the Compendium by sending relevant links and objective descriptions to pneedj@gmail.com.

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So… What’s Going on in the United Methodist Church?” with Bishop Thomas Bickerton via Westwood UMC YouTube. Los Angeles pastor interviews COB President about his vision for a “smaller, leaner, more inclusive” UMC. Protocol being irrelevant, Bickerton chooses to move forward and sees postponement of GC as a positive. (Added 5-27-2022)

Celebrated United Methodist Drag Queen Activist Denounces Bible” by Sage Showers via Juicy Ecumenism. Reporting on Isaac Simmons’ recent activities and statements in which he shares his view of Scripture. (Added 5-27-2022)

Confusion and Clarity” by Walter Fenton via Global Methodist Church. “These UM bishops… declared an amicable and orderly separation was the best way forward for the UM Church… there is nothing keeping UM bishops from acting in accordance with its spirit.” (Added 5-25-2022)

Addressing the tough questions will help close rift in United Methodist Churches | Opinion” by Drew Shelley via The Tennessean. “We have answered the fundamental human sexuality question in Gospel light: Can LGBTQIA+ persons be faithful Christians? The Bible says yes.” (Added 5-25-2022)

Judicial Council Spring Docket” via Resource UMC. (Added 5-25-2022)

African United Methodists and the Protocol in 2024” by David Scott via UM & Global. “…without clear coalitions among these new denominational factions and with conflicting answers across different factions on different issues, there is a strong possibility that the 2024 General Conference will not accomplish anything major.” (Added 5-25-2022)

Theologians Craft Wesleyan Agreement for a Divided Methodist Era” by Daniel Sulliman via Christianity Today. Coverage of “The Faith Once Delivered” document. (Added 5-25-2022)

New Methodist Manifesto” by Mark Tooley via Juicy Ecumenism. Coverage of “The Faith Once Delivered” Statement. (Added 5-25-2022)

People Throw Rocks At Things That Shine: A Clergy Whistleblower’s Journey” by Beth Caufield via Amazon. The head of New Jersey WCA wrote a book about her treatment by Bishop John Schol. (Added 5-24-2022)

Why Traditionalists Aren’t Traditionalists — And That’s a Good Thing” by Tom Fuerst via UM Insight. UM traditionalists don’t really embrace the full Christian tradition on sexuality. (Added 5-23-2022)

The Faith Once Delivered: A Wesleyan Witness” via the John Wesley Institute (PDF). A theological statement developed by fifty Wesleyan Scholars gathered at the Next Methodism Summit. (Added 5-23-2022)

Tweet by Chris Ritter. “All sorts of exciting possibilities emerge when you dissolve the galactic senate. #umc” (Added 5-21-2022)

Should I Stay or Should I Go? The Biblical Authority Question” by Matt Horan. Describes WCA as a Fundamentalist variant that has attached itself to Methodism. (Added 5-21-2022)

Judicial Council single-handedly pivots The United Methodist Church” by Jeremy Smith. Progressive take on the important and most recent judicial council rulings. (Added 5-21-2022)

Judicial Council Decision 1445 via Resource UMC. The ruling that regular jurisdictional conferences can meet to elect new bishops prior to General Conference. (Added 5-20-2022)

Ruling Opens Doors for Bishop Elections in 2022” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Information on a key ruling that may allow the election of a fresh crop of progressive US bishops. (Added 5-20-2022)

Tweet by Council of Bishops. “BREAKING NEWS: The top court in The United Methodist Church today ruled that the Council of Bishops is authorized to set the date of regular jurisdictional conferences in 2022 for the election and assignment of new bishops in The United Methodist Church. Details coming.” (Added 5-20-2022)

Why breaking up is so hard to do for United Methodists: Connectionalism” by Cynthia Astle via Baptist News Global. Summary post for a progressive Baptist audience. (Added 5-20-2022)

The UMC is more traditional than ever, but it doesn’t matter” by Matt O’Reilly via Theology Project. “It doesn’t matter how traditional our Book of Discipline is because we have no mechanism or process for ordering our ecclesial life in a way that reflects what is found in our documents.” (Added 5-20-2022)

Clergy Confusion” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News. Some UM leaders are sharing erroneous information with clergy about the GMC. (Added 5-20-2022)

What Do We Mean by Unity?” By Paul Seay via UM Insight. Reporting from the “Forward United” gathering on May 9. (Added 5-20-2022)

Critiquing Global Methodism” by Sage Showers via Juicy Ecumenism. Reporting on a retired clergy webinar. (Added 5-20-2022)

Methodism Slowly Divides” by Mark Tooley via Juicy Ecumenism. (Added 5-19-2022)

Staying Stuck in UMC Conflict” by David Scott via UM & Global. “Centrists and institutionalists have used their control of procedure and process to make departure difficult and expensive for Traditionalist congregations in an attempt to prevent them from leaving.” (Added 5-19-2022)

Moving Forward with Senior Executive and New Council Members” via Global Methodist Church. (Added 5-18-2022)

The Bible is…Nothing” by Isaac Simmons. A drag queen certified candidate for UMC ministry and featured by UMNS offers a poem about God, the Bible, and queerness. See also here. (Added 5-18-2022)

Is the General Conference Delay Legal? by Matt O’Reilly via Firebrand Magazine. (Added 5-17-2022)

Greetings from the Special Called Session of the Bulgaria-Romania Conference of the Global Methodist Church.” by Daniel Topalski via Facebook. The GMC’s first presiding elder shares a photo of the first annual conference session. (Added 5-15-2022)

Tweet by E. Julu Swen reporting that participants at African Initiative summit decided to stay in the UMC until 2024. (Added 5-14-2022)

Judicial Council Pulls Back Annual Conference Withdrawal” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News. “The Judicial Council has essentially changed its mind and now believes that the matter of annual conference withdrawal is a “distinctively connectional matter” (¶ 16) and therefore needs General Conference action before it can take place.” (Added 5-13-2022)

A Path for West Ohio Congregations Separating Under Paragraph 2548.2” by Jeff Greenway and Greg Stover (PDF) via West Ohio WCA. Background and Rationale for a West Ohio AC resolution equipping exits under Par. 2548.2. (Added 5-13-2022)

Resolutions and Elections at WCA’s Fourth Global Legislative Assembly” by Walter Fenton via WCA. A wrap-up of the May WCA legislative assembly. (Added 5-13-2022)

Jesus-Like Comity in a Methodist World?” by David Humphrey. A poetic appeal by a UM Pastor, based on Scripture and Wesley’s writings, to view and approach both the emergence of the GMC and the potential restructuring of the continuing UMC as a faithful opportunity to grow new distinct but cooperative branches from the same Christ-rooted tree. (Added 5-13-2022)

United Methodist conferences cannot disaffiliate from denomination, church court rules” by Liam Adams via The Tennessean. Outside coverage of Judicial Council Decision 1444. (Added 5-13-2022)

Disaffiliation: Do Not Delay in Making This Decision” by Riley Case via Confessing Movement. “In terms of faith and practice, the new denomination will do what those who would deconstruct and remold the continuing United Methodist Church are not willing to do; namely, commit itself wholly to historic Methodist belief and practice, the Incarnation of Jesus Christ, and his atoning death and glorious resurrection which leads to new life through the Holy Spirit.” (Added 5-12-2022)

Tweet by Chris Ritter. On the news of a COB request for a ruling on Par. 2548.2 (a statute 20 years older than the UMC itself): “Stop calling it good news. This provides cover for any bishop to delay Par. 2548.2 exits awaiting clarity on something already clear. The odds are safe that anything the Judicial Council rules on will get more complex, not less.” (Added 5-12-2022)

The Day the Protocol Died” by David Livingston. A blog post laying the death of the Protocol at the feet of WCA who committed to advocating for adherence to the Discipline. (Added 5-12-2022)

UMC high court rules annual conferences cannot leave denomination amid LGBT debate” by Michael Gryboski via Christian Post. Outside coverage of JC Decision 1444. (Added 5-12-2022)

Notice of a Special Called Session of the Indiana Annual Conference” via Indiana Conference. “A Special Session of Annual Conference [via Zoom] has been called by Bishop Trimble, in consultation with the Cabinet, to take place for the single purpose of approval of churches seeking disaffiliation and having completed the requirements adopted by the INUMC under BOD paragraph 2553.” (Added 5-12-2022)

Bishops Seek Ruling on Meaning and Application of Par. 2548.2” via COB Press Release. Eight questions asked: “Our intention is to seek clear direction concerning the processes that can be best used to facilitate appropriate, orderly, and amicable disaffiliations even as we continue to pray and work for the unity of the church.” (Added 5-12-2022)

Association of Korean Churches discerns its uncertain future” by Thomas Kim via UMNS. Korean United Methodists meet to discuss the GMC, disaffiliation, and the future of the UMC. (Added 5-12-2022)

Lloyd Lunceford Church Trust Law webinar” by Good News (YouTube). A church trust clause webinar offered by Good News. (Added 5-12-2022)

Overheard: An announcement will come soon that the Council of Bishops has requested a declaratory decision from the Judicial Council related to exits under Par. 2548.2. (Added 5-12-2022)

An Amicable Divorce?” by Paul Butler via World. “New Methodist denomination aims to give conservative churches a way to avoid splitting the UMC.” (Added 5-12-2022)

Creating a Respectful and Fair Separation” by Klaus Ulrich (Translation) via UM & Global. Reporting criticism for WCA/GMC support for Bulgaria/Romania Conference action to exit the UMC. (Added 5-12-2022)

Sometimes We Don’t See What We’re Looking At” by Scott Field via Northern Illinois WCA. Is the United Methodist horse dead? (Added 5-12-2022)

The State of the United Methodist Church in Tweets by Jeremy Smith. A progressive blogger/pastor offers his take on the state of the UMC in a string of Tweets. (Added 5-12-2022)

Bishop Jones Addresses Recent Events within UMC” via Texas Conference. Summary article of a May 10 webinar by Bishop Scott Jones. (Added 5-11-2022)

COB welcomes court’s decision that annual conferences may not vote to leave UMC” via Press Release. COB President Bickerton: “This decision has affirmed the connection ‘as the universal thread out of which the temporal and spiritual fabric of the Church is providentially woven,’ and provided clarity and direction as we move forward through these unprecedented days of challenge and change.” (Added 5-11-2022)

Bishop Carcaño’s Suspension Extended Because of Appeal” by Western Jurisdiction Press Release via UM Insight. “Bishop Carcaño has filed an appeal with the Judicial Council related to the complaints. The grounds for the appeal have not been specified. This action places the complaint process on hold pending the Judicial Council’s decision.” (Added 5-10-2022)

CEO Blog: Committed to You in a Changing Methodist Ecosystem” by Andy Hendren via Wespath. “It is in the spirit of Methodist and Christian unity—embodied in ¶6 of The Book of Discipline—that Wespath seeks to serve a broader family of Methodists alongside the continuing UMC, benefiting all participants with plans designed for folks who serve the Methodist mission.” (Added 5-10-2022)

Church court: Conferences can’t exit unilaterally” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Coverage of Decision 1444. (Added 5-10-2022)

Judicial Council Rules Annual Conferences Can’t Withdraw Unilaterally from UMC” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. Coverage of Judicial Council Decision 1444. (Added 5-10-2022)

United Methodist Church split draws celebration, lament and soul-searching” by Cynthia Astle via Baptist News Global. The editor of UM Insight offers a round-up of reactions to UMC split. (Added 5-10-2022)

Post by Lonnie Brooks via Facebook. “The United Methodist Judicial Council has taken one of the most significant decisions in its entire history, and it did so in record time. In its decision 1444 it has declared that an annual conference’s right to vote to withdraw from the Church, affirmed in its decision 1366, may not be exercised until the General Conference has legislatively established the terms and conditions for such a withdrawal….” (Added 5-10-2022)

Judicial Council Decision 1444. via ResourceUMC. Annual conferences may not leave the UMC until General Conference creates a process for this. Exits are constitutional, but there must be enabling legislation passed at General Conference.(Added 5-10-2022)

Post by Rurel Ausley via Facebook. “Just watched Asbury Theological Seminary (ATS) sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with newly launched Global Methodist Church (GMC)!! ATS offers dollar for dollar matching for $5,000; $10,000; $20,000 grants up to $500,000 for NEW CHURCH PLANTING in the GMC!!!” (Added 5-10-2022)

Post by Joe Kilpatrick via Facebook. Noted North Georgia layman reports: “Asbury Theological Seminary agreed to match scholarship funding with the Global Methodist Church today!” (Added 5-10-2022)

Rob Renfroe to Address Alabama-West Florida Moving Forward Event” via Alabama-West Florida WCA Facebook Page. Events on June 1 & 5 at Crosspoint and St. James feature the President of Good News. (Added 5-10-2022)

Rebuild the Altar First: Starting in the RIght Place” by Constance Cherry via Firebrand Magazine. Indiana Wesleyan Prof. and West Ohio Clergy: Drawing from Ezekiel and the OT return from exile, prof. and West Ohio clergy, says that restoring Christ-centered worship is the first priority for Methodists. (Added 5-10-2022)

Global Methodist or United Methodist?” via Bible Moths YouTube Channel. Works viewers through articles written by Jay Therrell and Paul Chilcote on the merits of the GMC vs. the UMC. (Added 5-9-2022)

Post by Rob Renfroe via Facebook. Highlights the female preachers featured at the WCA Global Gathering in response to lingering accusations that women will be excluded from GMC leadership. (Added 5-9-2022)

Texas Trust Clause Ruling in Favor of Blue Ridge UMC et. al. (PDF) A May 9 trust clause ruling in favor of a North Texas congregation. See background. See also “Texas Court Strikes Down Methodist Trust Clause” via Dalton & Tomich. A trust clause case with SMU is discussed as “making the Methodist trust clause unenforceable [in Texas].” (Added 5-9-2022)

Religious Left Panics After Dobbs Leak” by Collin Bastian via Juicy Ecumenism. Reactions from United Methodist Women, UPC, UCC, and TEC to the Dobbs leak that indicates Roe v. Wade will be overturned. (Added 5-9-2022)

Heritage Sunday 2022” via General Commission on Archives and History. The May 22 Heritage Sunday focuses on “Splits, Separations, and Reconciliations.” Includes a course. (Added 5-9-2022)

Traditionalist Group Not Going Away” by Sam Hodges via UMNS. Coverage of the May WCA Global Gathering in Indianapolis. (Added 5-9-2022)

Dr. Steve Harper Speaks with RMN (clergy)” via Reconciling Ministries YouTube. Harper shares hope for a new identity, simpler structure, and a return to local focus in the UMC. See also a session for laity in which he advises LGBTQ folks to leave GMC churches. (Added 5-9-2022)

Robert Hunt: Methodism Unraveling” via UM & Global. “Instead of clinging to an unworkable ‘global’ structure we should instead work, at whatever institutional level we are able, to establish real patterns of co-working and cooperation among those of the Methodist tradition.” (Added 5-9-2022)

Now I Know Why Godly Punishment Never Made Sense to Me” by Paul Graves via Greater Northwest Area UMC. UM Clergy: “Put simply: I can no longer even mouth the words ‘Jesus died for our sins.’ It hasn’t made sense to me for decades… God doesn’t punish us! I can’t help but imagine She is deeply grieved when we do such an effectively negative job of keeping each other ‘in line,’ spiritually speaking.” Also reprinted in UM Insight. (Added 5-9-2022)

Tweet by John Lomperis: “WCA Council Chair Carolyn Moore: WCA will REMAIN a movement within the #UMC for the next several years. WCA 2.0 resolution: Work in #UnitedMethodistChurch will include advocating gracious separation, and in meantime faithfulness + accountability to official UMC moral standards” (Added 5-9-2022)

Tweet from Western PA WCA: “‘The trust clause is not written to protect the Conference, but the doctrinal standards, and to protect the Conference only insofar as the Conference protects the doctrinal standards.’ Thomas Oden” (Added 5-9-2022)

107 Florida Churches Leaving UMC to Join New Conservative Church Network Amid LGBT Debate” by Michael Gryboski via The Christian Post. “A staggering 107 United Methodist congregations based in Florida plan to leave the mainline denomination for the newly launched conservative Global Methodist Church.” (Added 5-9-2022)

New Denomination Urges United Methodists to Walk Out of the Wilderness” by Yonat Shimron via Religion News Service. Outside coverage of the WCA Global Gathering. (Added 5-9-2022)

Get Out: The Movie, the Methodists, the Next Chapter” by Bob Phillips via PeopleNeedJesus.net. Addresses questions and issues related to getting out of the UMC. (Added 5-9-2022)

Tweet by Western PA WCA: “Being led in prayer by the Congolese #WCA delegation. We requested visas for our African delegates in the first week of March. It didn’t take 18 months to get their visas, or even 18 weeks…it was more like 18 days. So glad our international delegates are here! #umc” (Added 5-6-2022)

WCA Revises Its Mission, Elects New President” by Walter Fenton via WCA. Summary of key actions of the WCA Legislative Assembly. (Added 5-6-2022)

Reform and Separation from a Wesleyan Perspective” by Wendy Deichmann via Catalyst. “Failure to cultivate or at least maintain institutional discipline makes it impossible for a denomination to address successfully the ongoing theological task (related to scriptural interpretation or human relationship, for example) or to communicate the spiritual outcomes of this process within the larger community of faith. Lack of discipline inevitably leads to confusion and loss of trust. In extreme cases, it leads to dissolution.” (Added 5-7-2022)

Florida Churches Among First to Exit from UMC to New, Conservative Methodist Denomination” by Emily McFarlan Miller via Church Leaders, repost from Religion News Service. Outside coverage oof the 107 Florida Churches seeking exit to the Global Methodist Church. (Added 5-7-2022)

The Global Methodist Church with Simon Mafunda and Keith Boyette” via Beliefs Matter Podcast (Confessing Movement). Maxie Dunnam interviews Boyette and Mafunda on the vision and status of the GMC. (Added 5-7-2022)

Quote by David DeSilva on the Launch of the GMC” via Billy Easum (Facebook)”Every UMC should read this quote from David DeSilva” (Added 5-6-2022)

Tweet by Liam Adams: Religion Reporter: “For the Methodist news nerds, here’s my thread from today’s Wesleyan Covenant Association Global Legislative Assembly. #WCA” Includes news that Jay Therrell was elected the new WCA President by a 97% margin. (Added 5-6-2022)

Tweet by Liam Adams: “One last thing to add to my tweets about the #WCA legislative assembly today, which is that I reached out to@rmnetwork to respond to the WCA’s task force report and recommendations on “sexual holiness, wholeness, and brokenness.” This is RMN’s response in full:” (Added 5-6-2022)

Black Leaders Discuss Church Future” by Jim Patterson via UMNS. Report on the recent meeting of Black Methodists for Church Renewal. (Added 5-6-2022)

Settlement Update” via Mt. Bethel. See also the same statement from NGC. “The Trustees of the North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church, and Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church, have jointly agreed to the general terms and framework of a full resolution of their pending dispute. All parties now look forward to the resolution of the civil litigation. We ask members of our faith communities for their prayers and patience during this time as we prepare formal documents to bring this dispute to a close.” (Added 5-6-2022)

Response of the Wesleyan Covenant Association to Open Letter from Some European Bishops” via UM Insight. Answering concerns for public support of the Romania Bulgaria Conference. (Added 5-6-2022)

A Word from Keith Boyette on Clergy Credentials” via IGRC WCA Facebook Group. Advising clergy not to surrender their UMC credentials. Use the transfer provisions. (Added 5-5-2022)

In Defense of the Trust Clause” by Sam Powers. “The architecture of our buildings can draw us upward in wonder as we encounter the divine. Within our shared covenant, they are larger than local ownership. They are ours together.” (Added 5-5-2022)

“The Ukraine Moldova Provisional AC Moved from Eurasia to the Nordic and Baltic Area” via Press Release. “The Ukrainian pastors and members decided they could no longer be under Russia, and they
wanted to be free to choose where they want to go to.” (Added 5-5-2022)

Letter from Paul Lawler via New Methodist Movement. “As you may already know, Asbury United Methodist in Huntsville/Madison, which is the largest church in the North Alabama Conference, voted by a 90 plus percent majority to disaffiliate from the United Methodist Church. The Florida Conference has 107 churches that will be disaffiliating from the United Methodist Church. Be mindful, as other churches are acting, you too need to act now if you wish to disaffiliate.” (Added 5-5-2022)

United Women in Faith Voices Alarm at Possible Overturning Roe vs. Wade” by Press Release via UM Insight. UWiF, formerly United Methodist Women issue statement: “We call on federal and state legislators to act to protect the lives of women and girls by codifying their right to privacy, to legal and safe contraceptives, and, in tragic conflicts of life with life, abortions. State-coerced motherhood—like state-coerced sterilization—undermines women’s ability to carefully discern and follow God’s calling in their lives.” (Added 5-5-2022)

The 2024 United Methodist General Conference Delegation” by Mark Davies via UM Insight. “Too much has changed in United Methodism to hold a General Conference in 2024 with delegates elected in 2019, many of whom will not even be United Methodists when the General Conference meets in 2024.” (Added 5-5-2022)

Failure to Launch: Reflections on the UMC” by Lisa Schubert Nowling. “We’ve failed to empower laity to re-orient us, not only around LGBTQIA+ inclusion, but also around racial equity, gender parity, and economic and climate justice.” (Added 5-5-2022)

The World is Not My Parish” by David Scott via UM & Global. Why the famous quote by Wesley is not the best motto for UM Missions. (Added 5-5-2022)

Tweet by Justus Hunter. “Seeing the burden of disorder and chaos on Methodist seminarians this semester. The personal cost of this fragmentation will be substantial. It would be good, especially for clergy, to keep this in mind when using social media, and to resist the temptation to add to the noise.” (Added 5-5-2022)

Buyer Beware: Updated Edition” by David Livingston. Kansas pastor continues his analysis of the GMC Transitional Discipline. (Added 5-5-2022)

Lessons from Mainline Decline” by Kevin DeYoung via World. “Relevant Christianity doesn’t stay relevant for long. Reinterpreted Christianity may appeal to the deconstructing, but it does not win the hearts and minds of the lost.” (Added 5-5-2022)

The Spirit of a New Connection” by Walter Fenton via Global Methodist. “…when a connected church fails to maintain accountability and yet simultaneously seeks to preserve its power, authentic connectionalism is lost, the seeds of division are sown, and internal strife eventually weakens its ability to fulfill its greater mission.” (Added 5-4-2022)

Post by Bishop Bill Lewis. Retired NCJ Bishop offers a “good riddance” post on the UMC Split: “The half is better than the whole.” (Added 5-4-2022)

‘We Remain United Methodists Until 2024’” by E. Julu Swen via UM Insight. Bishop Quire of Liberia says the conference will stay in the UMC at least until General Conference meets. (Added 5-3-2022)

From the Bishop: Graciously Moving Forward” by Bishop Fairley via North Carolina Conference. Releasing a plan for disaffiliation and calling a special session to handle requests. (Added 5-3-2022)

Is Perception Reality?” by Doron Taussig and Anthony M. Nadler: “In anticipation of the May 1 launch of the traditionalist Global Methodist Church, United Methodist Insight presents this article from The Conversation with a question: to what extent does the perception expressed in this study play a role in the impending break of traditionalist United Methodists?” (Added 5-3-2022)

Tweet by Mark Tooley. “Interesting theological assertion at Methodist Building on Capitol Hill. Christ obviously values women and men but does He “trust” women or men? His mission to save us implies none of us are fully trustworthy.” (Added 5-3-2022)

Tweet by Mark Tooley: “In 2016 United Methodism deleted its longtime support for Roe vs Wade, 1st adopted in 1976. It’ll be interesting what post-schism UMC does without Africa & USA traditionalists who pushed UMC in pro-life direction.” (Added 5-3-2022)

Tweet by Guthrie Graves-Fitzsimmons: “The United Methodist Church — the nation’s largest mainline Protestant denomination — just put up a powerful pro-choice message today at its D.C. office, which is located directly across the street from the Supreme Court and Congress.” (Added 5-3-2022)

Do Unto Others?” by Robert Hunt via UM Insight. “Our competing United Methodist narratives of self-justification have been honed and passed on for so long (more than a century) that their axiomatic assumptions are not longer questioned by either side. To each side they appear self-evident, and thus remain unexamined.” (Added 5-3-2022)

A History of Incompatibility, Part Five” by Charlie Baber via UM Insight. “The evangelical church has by and large produced huge swaths of cold and callous, fearful Christians who demonize gay people, not because they engage in gay sex practices, but because they are gay.” (Added 5-3-2022)

The WCA: Forked Tongue Time” by Steve Harper via UM Insight. Criticizes the WCA for not leaving the UMC fast enough. (Added 5-3-2022)

New UMC: Withness” by Steve Harper via UM Insight. “As a third-order movement, the new UMC has the opportunity to be one of the wineskins into which God’s new wine can be poured and through which it can be poured out.” (Added 5-3-2022)

The UMC of Tomorrow Begins Today” by JJ Warren via UM Insight. LGBTQ Clergy Candidate: “Now is the time be in dialogue with one another in our churches, in our Annual Conferences, and across the global United Methodist Connection to dream and begin to practice what our life together as The United Methodist Church will look like after the inevitable separation in 2024.” (Added 5-3-2022)

This is What It Means to #BeUMC” by Dianne Toby via UM Insight. “To leave would be to allow it to be taken over by those I believe do not understand what it means to love a God who is by very name and nature love. I will stay, and I will continue to work for the full inclusion of ALL God’s children. That is what it means to me to #BeUMC.” (Added 5-3-2022)

Post by Stanley Garland via Facebook. “Today posted, 107 Florida churches are leaving the UMC for the new traditional Methodist GMC. (Reports in say 71 churches in North Georgia Conference with many more filing papers now. ) South Georgia numbers not in yet.” (Added 5-3-2022)

Who Are We? Who Do We Want to Be? Who SHOULD We Be?” by Sky McCracken via First Methodist Jackson, TN. Pastoral letter on the division of the UMC. (Added 5-3-2022)

Post by Bob Phillips via Facebook. Lists the thirteen financial categories local churches have to pay to leave the Greater New Jersey Annual Conference under the disaffiliation paragraph. (Added 5-03-2022)

Tweet by Bishop Karen Oliveto: “I’m at a retreat for the Episcopal priests of Colorado. The theme is ecumenical partnerships. Lutheran Bishop Jim Gonia reminds us we are called not to a ministry of competition but a ministry of collaboration. #BetterTogether” (Added 5-3-2022)

107 Florida Methodist Churches Depart United Methodist Church” by Jay Therrell via Florida WCA Facebook. “107 represents approximately 20% of the 560 United Methodist Churches in the Florida Conference. This broad group of churches include both large and small congregations along with Anglo, African American, Latino, Korean, and other ethnic communities of faith. These churches will align with the new Global Methodist Church (“GMC”) which launched on May 1, 2022.” (Added 5-3-2022)

Post by Billy Easum via Facebook. Author and church consultant recalls his first appointment in 1967 where is predecessor did not believe in the resurrection. “The UMC is apostate, dead and buried. It’s days are truly numbered.” (Added 5-3-2022)

Is Your Church Considering Disaffiliation?” via Good News. Promotes a May 10 Church Trust Law Webinar featuring attorney Lloyd Lunceford. (Added 5-3-2022)

We Will Continue On the Path We Have Taken” by Klaus Ulrich Ruof via emk.de. Andreas Kraft says: “The German community association of the UMC will not join the Global Methodist Church.” [Google Translation from German] (Added 5-3-2022)

The Messiness of Methodism” by Ryan Danker. “There is nothing wrong with denominations. But deep down, I hope that Wesleyans view them as necessary organizational entities rather than essential defining structures. Wesleyanism is a movement, even a messy one. And it’s a movement that includes the participants in a holiness camp meeting, the liberal Protestant mainliner, the warm hearted Anglican, the Pentecostal healer, and so many more. The unity we share isn’t institutional. It never has been.” (Added 5-3-2022)

After Years of Loud Debate, Conservatives Quietly Split from United Methodist Church” by Emily McFarlan Miller via Religion News Service. Outside coverage of the GMC Launch: The Wesleyan Covenant Association will contribute more than $1 million to the GMC from its Next Methodism Fund. (Added 5-2-2022)

Touching the Third Rail” by JJ Mannschreck. “The world does not need the “anti gay” church or even a “pro-gay” church. The world need a church that feeds the hungry, clothes the naked, visits the sick and tells everyone about God’s love as shown in Jesus Christ.” (Added 5-2-2022)

Retired Bishop Leaves UMC for New, Conservative Church over ‘Significant Disagreement’ On Theology” by Michael Gryboski via Christian Post. Outside coverage of Mike Lowry’s exit to the GMC. (Added 5-2-2022)

Tweet by Mark Tooley. “United Methodism 1968 was high tide for modernist Mainline Protestantism; fast receding waters ever since. UMC effectively ends w/schism into postmodern new churches: progressive, USA evangelical & African/Global South” (Added 5-2-2022)

UMC Africa Initiative Celebrates the Launch of the Global Methodist Church” by Press Release via UM Voices. “We welcome the Global Methodist Church to Africa as a faithful, Christ-centered Wesleyan Evangelical Partner toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.” (Added 5-2-2022)

‘Be Patient and Keep Focused on Ministry’: South Carolina United Methodist Conference Responds to Breakaway Denomination” by Kayland Hagwood via wltx.com. Local coverage of the launch of the GMC. (Added 5-2-2022)

Overheard: The largest church in the North Alabama Conference, Asbury Church in Madison (attendance 2720), voted on May 1 to leave the UMC. The margin is said to have been 92%. (Added 5-2-2022)

Tweet by Mark Tooley. “Prediction: most of 13 million United Methodists (7 million in Africa; 6.2 million in USA) will ultimately land in Global Methodist Church.” (Added 5-2-2022)

An Historic Day” by Warren Lathem via Facebook. “I have applied to the Global Methodist Church to transfer my ordination to this new movement. If they accept me, I will then surrender my ordination to the UMC.” (Added 5-1-2022)

Tweet by Ben Gosden. “Wishing the very best to those Methodists venturing out today to be a part of the GMC. May your saddlebags be full, your hearts strangely warm, and your vision ever fixed upon the Kingdom. We don’t have to agree on everything to pray for God’s abundant grace for one another.” (Added 5-1-2022)

Post by Billy Easum via Facebook. “It’s been said that crisis brings out who we really are. If that’s true then many UMC bishops and District Superintendents are being found wanting in Gods eyes.” (Added 5-1-2022)

To our Friends, Fellow Servants, and Partners in the Gospel” by Keith Boyette and the Transitional Leadership Council of the GMC. Launch Letter: “We are utterly dependent upon the transforming power of God the Holy Spirit to fulfill God’s calling on each of us to be salt and light in this generation.” (Added 5-1-2022)

Crossing the Rubicon: A Bishop Says Goodbye to the United Methodist Church” by Bishop Mike Lowry. Correspondence between Bishop Harvey and Bishop Lowry on his exit from the UMC. “I perceive a significant disagreement over what constitutes “ultimate integrity” and where our ultimate allegiance lays.” (Added 5-1-2022)

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