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Sustaining Innovative and Prophetic Leadership in the Western Jurisdiction” by Jeremy Smith. The WJ is looking forward to making history as it meets to elect new bishops. (Added 10-31-2022)

Tweet Thread by Chris Ritter. “Among the many things dying before our very eyes is the #UMC clergy career track, a patient that has been sick for many years. There was a day when clergy were ordained into a system that could promise advancement in exchange for faithful service.” (Added 10-31-2022)

Christ Church Memphis leaves United Methodist Church amid ongoing LGBTQ debate” by Katherine Burgess via Commercial Appeal. Coverage of Christ Church Memphis’ disaffiliation. (Added 10-31-2022)

Tweet by Eric Hoke: Someone who specializes is helping pastors find new jobs: “The highest demographic of pastors looking to get out of ministry and get marketplace jobs are #UMC and by like, a lot!” (Added 10-31-2022)

No, You Don’t Have to Decide” by Robert Hunt via UM Insight. Reconciling Ministries Facebook Page on disaffiliation: “It’s just the old American evangelical hucksterism with a new product to sell: disaffiliation instead of salvation.” (Added 10-31-2022)

Tweet by Chris Ritter. “The #UMC is electing new bishops in Nov. for the U.S., Philippines and Europe. The glaring omissions are the African central conferences, the very places they are most needed. CC committees on episcopacy seem not to have even been consulted on this decision by seated bishops.” (Added 10-31-2022)

What Binds Us Together?” by Robert Hunt via UM Insight. “Even if traditionalists and progressives largely share the same tools for interpreting scripture, if they ask different types of questions they are going to get different types answers.” (Added 10-31-2022)

Church & Society Exec Announces Retirement” by Jeffrey Corey via UM Insight. Susan Henry-Crowe plans to stepp down as head of The GeneralBoard of Church and Society. (Added 10-31-2022)

Divorce, Methodist Style” by Jack Harnish. “I do believe one day our grandchildren will scratch their heads and ask, ‘Exactly why did you get a divorce, anyway?'” (Added 10-31-2022)

Separation and United Methodist Agencies” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. Examples of how general agency staff and activities are out of step with traditional Methodists. (Added 10-31-2022)

Post via Live Oak Church Facebook Page. The second largest church in the Louisiana Conference by worship attendance voted to disaffiliate by a 99% margin. (Added 10-31-2022)

Post by Kristi Tempel via Facebook, RE: Buncombe Street UMC in Greenville, South Carolina. Report of Bishop Holston not showing up as expected. Confusion among a narrow 2/3+ margin to continue toward disaffiliation in spite of the bishop’s claim they are not eligible. 667/306. (Added 10-31-2022)

Louisiana’s Largest UMC Votes to Disaffiliate via St. Timothy, Mandeville. “St. Timothy has voted to disaffiliate from the United Methodist Church by a 92% majority. 858 ballots were submitted. The tally was 789-yes and 69-no.” See also here. (Added 10-31-2022)

Tweet by Paul Lawler. “Christ Church Memphis has voted to disaffiliate from the United Methodist Church: Total votes: 1,042. Votes to disaffiliate: 941. Votes to stay: 101. Percentage in favor of disaffiliation: 90.22% in favor of disaffiliation. #umc” (Added 10-30-2022)

“Regionalization and Connectionalism: (Part One) The Early Church and (Part Two) The Colonial Mission Era” by David Scott via UM & Global. From a presentation to Standing Committee on Central Conference Matters as UMC leaders seek to work toward global regionalization of the UMC. (Added 10-30-2022)

Recommended Reading: Slovakia Decides to Leave UMC, Join GMC” by David Scott via UM & Global. Not unexpected: “at the Czechia and Slovakia Annual Conference meeting in May, the possibility of separation was openly acknowledged.” (Added 10-30-2022)

Complaints about Bishops Are Going to Get Loud” by David Livingston via UM Insight. Preparing for criticism as U.S. Jurisdictions will this week elect only episcopal candidates committed to full LGBTQ+ inclusion. (Added 10-30-2022)

Chattanooga-area churches take steps to leave the United Methodists” by Andrew Schwartz via Chattanooga Times Free Press. “Under a temporary denominational rule that allows them to disaffiliate but retain their church property, dozens of congregations in Georgia and parts of West and Central Tennessee have already been approved to leave.” (Added 10-30-2022)

Part Two, Dear Bishop–If the Shoe Fits…, Wear It!” by Stan Copeland via YouTube. The pastor of Lovers Lane expresses disappointment in an un-named bishop. (Added 10-30-2022)

FAMTC Launching Event with Rev. Rob Renfroe” via Filipino American Methodist Traditionalist Connection (Facebook video). Rob Renfroe offers a keynote address at the launch event of a Filipino American group for traditionalists. (Added 10-27-2022)

Interview with Rev. Ande Ikimun Emmanuel of Africa Voices of Unity” via PlainSpoken Podcast. Jeffrey Rickman interviews a centrist organizer originally from Africa. (Added 10-29-2022)

The United Methodist Church And Gay Marriage: A History Of Division” by Thomas Hubbard via Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender News. A summary written for an LGBTQIA audience. See also “Claremont United Methodist Church: A Welcoming Place For All Couples” (Added 10-29-2022)

Episode 106: Will Willimon and the United Methodist Church” via Pod Have Mercy (Chapelwood UMC). John Stephens interviews Bishop Willimon on the future of the UMC. Believing the UMC will come out of this stronger/better is Denial. “We are losing General Conference as a way of doing significant business in the church.” (Added 10-29-2022)

Invitation Team works toward gracious exit beyond 2023” via Holston Conference (UMC). A four-pronged approach to coax congregations to wait and see: “We commit to seeking paths for a gracious exit beyond General Conference 2024 for congregations that wait and then discover that their relationship with The United Methodist Church is no longer tenable.” (Added 10-29-2022)

Edenton UMC vote to ‘disaffiliate’ from greater church fails” by Tyler Newman via Chowan Herald. Aftermath of a failed disaffiliation vote in North Carolina. (Added 10-29-2022)

Reconciling Organizers Urge Jurisdictional Delegates to Vote for Change” by UM Insight. A video from Reconciling Ministries Network in which jurisdictional organizers encourage use of a strong Centrist-Progressive voting bloc to elect of a new crop of progressive, fully-affirming bishops. (Added 10-28-2022)

Updating Recent Developments” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News Magazine. This roundup include news on bishop elections, Bishop Carcano’s suspension, turmoil in Nigeria, annual conference developments, and local church disaffiliations. (Added 10-28-2022)

A Guide for Disaffiliating Churches” via Wesley Biblical Seminary. “Many United Methodist churches, which are committed to the truth and authority of Scripture, are choosing to disaffiliate from their denomination. At WBS, we encourage and support UMC churches that are choosing to disaffiliate in order to remain faithful to Scripture.” (Added 10-28-2022)

Media Advisory: United Methodist Church to Signal New Direction in Bishop Elections” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. Big tent rhetoric will “ring hollow if effective litmus tests ensure that none of the 14 new bishops are traditionalists.” (Added 10-28-2022)

IGRC Process of Disaffiliation – Updated 10-28-2022” via Illinois Great Rivers Conference. IGRC is now setting the price of exit at Par. 2553 costs plus a 10% “Trust Clause Release Assessment.” (The language of negotiating for as much as 50% of congregational assets has been dropped.) They want a mailing list of all members and to print, distribute, and count the ballots. (Added 10-28-2022)

An open letter to the Illinois Great Rivers Conference” via IGRC Conference. A “stay” pledge modeled after one circulated in the Texas Conference. (Added 10-28-2022)

Tweet by Tyger Dupre. “The #UMC is now having a Centrist denomination exit, with high Anglican structure: ‘Cathedrals’, College of Deans, Canons. So we now have the GMC, LMX, Foundry, MCC, Churches going independent, FMC – and I thought another conserv. denom possibly.” (Added 10-28-2022)

GMC Thursday Night Live with Dr. Sterling Allen & Dr. Jeff Greenway” via YouTube. The pastor of Reynoldsburg Methodist shares the state of things in the Global Methodist Church. (Added 10-28-2022)

Rio Texas Bishop ‘Overwhelmed’ by High Attendance at Information Meetings” by Bishop Robert Schnase via Rio Texas Conference, reprinted by UM Insight. “The large crowds tell me that our laity need updated and accurate information. While I answered many questions about the denomination, I was pleased to see how many laity care and are invested in The United Methodist Church moving forward.” (Added 10-28-2022)

United Methodist Church Exits Accelerate” by Mark Tooley via Aquila Report. “It’s expected that 1500 and likely more churches will vote to exit this year, with perhaps a total of 3000-5000 churches exiting by the end of 2023.” (Added 10-27-2022)

Sixty-Eight Percent of United Methodist Churches in the NC Conference to Remain” via North Carolina Conference of the UMC. “The membership of these churches represents approximately 22 percent of the total membership of the conference. Since many of these votes were not unanimous, we know there are more that want to stay United Methodist.” (Added 10-28-2022)

Tweet by Kat Bailey “This is an amazing letter being circulated among First United Methodist, Huntsville members with permission. It is in response to the pastor who’s only been there for four months & was pushing GMC on parishioners in a shady way.” The letter is by Stan Copeland and is attached to the tweet as an image file. It predicts the demise of the GMC, the rebound of the UMC, and posits that Bishop Jones will be joining the staff of St. Andrew in Plano upon his retirement. (Added 10-27-2022)

Oak Hill and the UMC” via YouTube. Pastor of Oak Hill UMC in Austin argues against discussing leaving the UMC. (Added 10-27-2022)

Response to St. Andrew Disaffiliation” by Kim Eiffert via Grace Avenue UMC. A daughter congregation of St. Andrew offers a video by Pastor Bill Echols-Richter and written statement by Pastor Laura Echols-Richter. (Added 10-27-2022)

Do United Methodist General Agencies Really Represent Church Members?” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. The UMC general agencies do not represent the views of most United Methodists. (Added 10-27-2022)

Tweet by Mark Tooley: “Today likely 90% of USA church goers are in churches with creedal orthodoxy in pulpit. 70 yrs ago it was maybe 60%.” (Added 10-27-2022)

Pending: Judicial Council Ruling on Decision of Law submitted by Bishop Cynthia Moore-Koikoi” via Western PA Conference. Pending decision on bishop’s ruling that “the Conference Board of Trustees, not the annual conference, is given the authority to determine if the conditions of the Disaffiliation Agreement have been met, thus satisfying and effecting the agreement.” (Added 10-27-2022)

Local Methodist church could leave conference over stance on gay marriage, clergy” by Carmen Loften via KTBS. Local coverage of Benton (LA) UMC’s disaffiliation vote. Citing Mark Tooley: “A total of 3,000 to 5,000 churches are expected to leave the conference (sic) by 2023.” (Added 10-27-2022)

United Methodists Leaders in Northern Illinois Don’t Seem to be Singing from the Same Hymnal… How Come?” by Scott Field via Northern Illinois WCA. “The communication by District Superintendents with local congregations inquiring about beginning a discernment process, however, is neither quite so clear nor straightforward.” (Added 10-27-2022)

October 23 , 2022 12:30 PM Town Hall Meeting” via Epworth UMC, Rehoboth Beach, DE (YouTube). at 16:00, the pastor shares the church will begin immediately offering same-sex weddings. (Added 10-27-2022)

Network for members when church disaffiliates” by Lindsay Peyton via Texas Conference UMC. “The Oasis Network” launched for UM-loyalists from disaffiliating congregations. (Added 10-27-2022)

Invitation to ‘Beyond These Walls’ Conference” via OK WCA Facebook Page. April 27-29 event at The Woodlands to feature David Platt, Danielle Strickland, and Jerry Kulah: “While the primary sponsor of this gathering is the Global Methodist Church, this is a pan-Wesleyan gathering involving Free Methodists, Wesleyans who have formed new networks, Nazarenes, some United Methodists and more.” (Added 10-27-2022)

What does The UMC need from its future leaders?” via the Council of Bishops (YouTube). The COB give advice on the type of bishops that should be elected. (Added 10-26-2022)

UMC Bishop Elections dealing with Conflicts of Interest for GMC-leaning delegates” by Jeremy Smith (Seattle). “what is to be done about the clergy and laity connected to those disaffiliating churches who have been elected delegates to elect new bishops in The United Methodist Church?” (Added 10-26-2022)

Church court declines to take up bishop’s case” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. A split decision in the UMC’s high courrt to not reinstate Bishopp Carcano who has been suspended since March. (Added 10-26-2022)

Why Are Pastors Leaving The United Methodist Church?” via HonestYouthPastor (YouTube). “Tonight we will be talking with Pastor Ainsworth, a former pastor within the UMC. While Pastor Ainsworth is a transplant into the UMC, the things he heard and saw while there I think can give us some insight into the current state of the denomination itself.” See also here for an episode based on Penny Cost. (Added 10-26-2022)

Mainline Protestant church adds ‘nonbinary/genderqueer’ to official membership statistics” by Jon Brown via Fox News. The PCUSA follows the UMC’s example of adding new gender categories to official denominational statistics. (Added 10-26-2022)

The Church, Millennials and Connection” by Walter Fenton via GMC. Highlights the Young Adult Methodist Connection. (Added 10-26-2022)

Post by Daniel Topalski via Facebook. The first presiding elder in the GMC shares photos from Keith Boyette’s recent trip to Eastern Europe. (Added 10-26-2022)

Korean Methodist Suspension Prompts Vice Confusion” by Jeff Walton via Juicy Ecumenism. Actions of the Korean Methodist Church against a clergy have been confused in the media with the UMC. (Added 10-26-2022)

The Mission and Vision of The Methodist Collegiate Church” via White’s Chapel UMC. Description of a new network/denomination being formed around Centrist-leaning megachurches. (Added 10-26-2022)

Information about Disaffiliation” via White’s Chapel UMC. One of the largest congregations in United Methodism is moving to disaffiliate. This is their published information. They intend to help form a new Methodist Collegiate Church. (Added 10-26-2022)

Southlake megachurch plans vote to leave United Methodist denomination” by Sarah Bahari and Isabella Volmert via The Dallas Morning News. White’s Chapel votes November 7: “Admittedly, the issue that disrupted our quiet denominational stalemate was that of homosexuality, but that was just what therapists call the ‘presenting issue,’ ” the church wrote. “It was simply the tip of a much larger iceberg underneath.” (Added 10-26-2022)

Texas Conference Coping with Disaffiliations” by Ronnie Crocker and Shannon Martin via UM Insight. The emotional toll of disaffiliation described. (Added 10-26-2022)

Let me say that again” by Maxie Dunnam via WCA. The Wesleyan Covenant Association reposts a piece by Maxie Dunnam restating traditionalist commitments. (Added 10-25-2022)

An Apology to Majority-World Methodists” by Odell Horne, Jr. A statement of apology for how the UMC, rooted in WASP culture, has worked to export liberal sexual ethics to the rest of the world. (Added 10-25-2022)

Ms. Penny Cost discusses being the first drag queen certified candidate for ordination in the United Methodist Church” via The Daily Northwestern. Covers a visit by Penny Cost to Jeanne Vail Chapel at Northwestern. (Added 10-25-2022)

Letter from Bishop Carter on the Florida Lawsuits” via Florida Conference. “We want you to stay, but if you are clear that you cannot stay, I want to encourage you to enter a faithful discernment process, and not to delay it for many months or years. Focusing on the lawsuit may be preventing you from accessing the pathway provided in Paragraph 2553 for disaffiliation.” (Added 10-25-2022)

Readers Respond Oct. 24, 2022” via UM Insight. Remarks on Texas disaffiliation talks, including comments by Jim Welsh. (Added 10-24-2022)

Tweet by Mark Tooley. “Michigan-backed United Methodist bishop candidate Kennetha Bigham-Tsai: “No, it is not important that we agree on who Christ is.” “God became flesh, but not particular flesh. There’s no particularity around that. God became incarnate in a culture, but not one culture.” (Added 10-24-2022)

Why LGBTQ Issues Could Split Up the United Methodist Church” via WCCO (via Podcast). “Pastor Paul Marzahn from Crossroads Church in Lakeville talks about the growing rift in his denomination.” (Added 10-24-2022)

The Coming Split of the First United Methodist Church, Part 1” by Ashley Peters via Uncompromising Positions Podcast. A political writer breaks down issues involved in the UMC split. (Added 10-24-2022)

Episode 115: The Once and Future United Methodist Church with Drew McIntyre and Ben Gosden” via Church & Main Podcast. Dennis Sanders interviews two UM clergy on the state of play in United Methodism. (Added 10-24-2022)

Tweet by Liam Adams. “Also, at the Mountain Sky Conference meeting, delegates approved a petition rescinding support for The Protocol (the plan to split the denomination that was expected to come up for a vote at the #UMC General Conference in 2024).” (Added 10-24-2022)

John Wesley is Rolling” by James Emery White. John Wesley is rolling over in his grave at the state of the denomination “founded on his vision of serving the poor, evangelizing the lost, and deep personal piety… and a faithful biblicism.” (Added 10-24-2022)

A Pastoral Reflection on the United Methodist Church and Thoughts on Disaffiliation” by Andy Adams. The pastor of Troy UMC, a long-time General Conference clergy delegate from the Illinois Great Rivers Conference, shares his thoughts. (Added 10-24-2022)

October 23 Church Conference Voting Results” via Sugar Land United Methodist Church. With 600 voting, this Texas church voted 90% to disaffiliate from the UMC. A future affiliation will now be studied. (Added 10-24-2022)

Tweet by Jeff Walton via Juicy Ecumenism. “Drag Queen and United Methodist Certified Candidate for Ordination Isaac Simmons’ Florida church visit is our third most-read article of the year @TheIRD. Possibly the best advertising for the Global Methodist Church during #umc disaffiliation window?” (Added 10-24-2022)

Judicial Council Brief by Nathanael Fugate. Seeks reversal of bishop’s ruling on Western PA’s disaffiliation process. See context here. (Added 10-24-2022)

Tweet by Thom Kohl. “Pretty crazy how times have changed in the #umc – I was very encouraged two years ago that everyone was on the same page towards the birth of a new denomination for orthodox Methodists. Very disappointed in how quickly we lost our path forward. #miumc” (Added 10-24-2022)

Mountain View Path Forward Session – Oct. 16 – Jeff Jernigan” via Mountainview UMC. A presentation by North Georgia lay delegate deeply involved in missions and aligned with the WCA. Uses statistics from other denominations. (Added 10-24-2022)

[Updated] “NHC Decision on Disaffiliation” via National Hmong Caucus of the UMC (YouTube). Announcement from a Hmong caucus on disaffiliation. Loosely translating, they studied and really looked into the matter and they’ve decided to stay in the UMC. They will not leave for another denomination. They will focus on the gospel, loving our neighbor, etc but they will not support gay marriage. (Added 10-24-2022)

Post by Christy Thomas via Facebook. Retired UM pastor and columnist laments so many Texas churches becoming “essentially… Baptist.” (Added 10-24-2022)

Overheard: Lakewood UMC in Houston has voted Sunday, October 23 to disaffiliate by a vote of 69.1% to 30.9% with over 700 voting. The membership also voted to join the GMC. The DS advised that of the 49 churches in our district in the Texas Annual Conference, 30 churches have now voted to disaffiliate, 1 has voted to remain in the UMC, 4 are voting shortly and 14 are not undergoing discernment. (Added 10-24-2022)

Post by Jeremy Smith (Seattle, not Florida) via UM Clergy Facebook Page. Inquiry about Oklahoma lay and clergy delegates from disaffiliated churches and whether they are removed in time for Jurisdictional elections of bishops. (Added 10-24-2022)

Part One…Dear Bishop–Rev. Jones, St. Andrew Going ‘Independent,’ Really?” by Stan Copeland. First in a series of videos addressed to UM bishops. This one tackles the exit of a church led by the son of a bishop. (Added 10-23-2022)

Tweet by Matt Franks. “Today the #okumc voted to approve 29 churches to disaffiliate from the #UMC” (Added 10-22-2022)

Why Discern?” via New Methodist Movement. “Deciding not to discern is a decision.” (Added 10-22-2022)

October 23 Church Conference” via Sugar Land Methodist (TX). Pastor Jeff McDowell shares his thoughts on tomorrow’s disaffiliation vote. (Added 10-22-2022)

Texas Church Announces Departure from UMC Without Congregational Vote” by Talia Wise via Charisma News. Outside coverage of the exit of St. Andrew in Plano. (Added 10-22-2022)

Our Future” via Geneseo First Methodist Church. Transition Team recommendations, FAQ’s, and Prayer Guide for the church to which Chris Ritter is appointed as Directing Pastor. (Added 10-21-2022)

United Methodist Exits Accelerate” by Mark Tooley via Juicy Ecumenism. This roundup concludes: “Traditionalists are not expected to have a majority in 2024.” (Added 10-21-2022)

Pastor claims one-third of UMC churches in North Carolina regional body will leave denomination” by Michael Gryboski via Christian Post. Jerry Lewis quoted about a large “first wave” out of North Carolina United Methodism. (Added 10-21-2022)

Discerning Our Future” via Peoria First UMC. Videos of presentations by Adam Hamilton and (former Peoria First pastor) Bob Phillips are included in the discernment page of a historic evangelical flagship of United Methodism. (Added 10-21-2022)

September 25 Keith Boyette” via Vimeo. Missed earlier… a Montgomery, AL discernment event featuring Keith Boyette. Information on the GMC. (Added 10-21-2022)

Welcome Tour, Fall 2022” via East Texas Conference GMC (YouTube). An East Texas celebration event sponsored by the Transitional Conference Advisory Team for the GMC. Lots of transitional information.(Added 10-21-2022)

GMC Thursday Night Live with Dr. Sterling Allen & Rev. Angela Pleasants and Team” by GMC Thursday Night Live. Sterling Allen interviews Angela Pleasants and the team processing clergy credentials. (Added 10-21-2022)

3 Reasons Churches Need the Platinum Rule” by Rebekah Simon-Peter via UM Insight. UM Clergy: Upgrade the Golden rule to “Treat other people like they want to be treated.” (Added 10-21-2022)

Disaffiliation UMC vs non-UMC – October 20, 2022” via Columbia UMC (YouTube). A presentation by Rob Renfroe to a Texas congregation. (Added 10-21-2022)

United Methodist annual conference special sessions in 2023” via UMNS. A partial listing of annual conferences who have added special sessions in 2023. (Added 10-21-2022)

A Lesson from St. Andrews” by David Livingston. A blog post reflecting on the exit of St. Andrew in Plano, TX. (Added 10-21-2022)

Mississippi Conference Extends Deadline for Par. 2553 by David Stotts via Mississippi Conference (UMC). The conference treasurer announces the conference trustees propose extending the timeline for exits. (Added 10-21-2022)

Overheard: Some district superintendents are seeking to add an “abstain” option to disaffiliation ballots. Because 2/3 majority to separate is needed for disaffiliation, an abstain vote has the same effect as a no vote. (Added 10-21-2022)

Debate over the future of the United Methodist Church heats up” by Christian Randall via KX News. John Wesley Leek and Karl Kroger interviewed as part of this North Dakota coverage. (Added 10-20-2022)

Our Decision for St. Andrew” by Kathy King and Arthur Jones via St. Andrew. “St. Andrew will be named St. Andrew Methodist and operate over a period as an independent Methodist church while seeking partnerships and accountability with other like-hearted churches.” (Added 10-20-2022)

Texas Megachurch Announces Decision to Leave United Methodist Denomination” by Anne Stych via Ministry Watch. Coverage of St. Andrew removing trust clause from deed. (Added 10-20-2022)

Let Me Say that Again” by Maxie Dunnam via The Confessing Movement (PDF). Five reasons why separation is necessary. (Added 10-20-2022)

The District of Slovakia separates from The United Methodist Church” by Bishop Streiff via UMC. of Central and Southern Europe.. “I have heard with great sadness about the decision of the district conference in Slovakia to leave the church and join the Global Methodist Church, on October 15, 2022.” (Added 10-19-2022)

Amid the breakup, United Methodists are still serving their communities” by Cynthia Astle via Baptist News Global. The editor of UM Insight writes for progressive Baptist news outlet. (Added 10-19-2022)

Big Challenges and Big Faith in Bulgaria” by Walter Fenton via Global Methodist Church. Report of the challenges faced by GMC churches in Bulgaria. (Added 10-19-2022)

AWF Trustees Provide Update on Work Post Sunset Clause and Church Property” via Alabama-West Florida Conference. (Added 10-19-2022) “The plan will outline a fair and equitable way for Alabama-West Florida churches to depart beginning January 1, 2024.” (Added 10-19-2022)

UMC plans new church in community” by Mac Cordell via Marysville Journal-Tribune. News of a UMC church start following a disaffiliation vote. (paywall). (Added 10-19-2022)

Does Nature Have a Soul?” by Justine Buck Quijada of Wesleyan University via UM Insight. A professor at a UM-related school offers a “new animism” as an alternative to dominion theology. (Added 10-18-2022)

Eastern Pennsylvania Bishop Sends Message about Disaffiliating Congregations” by Bishop Schol via UM Insight. “In EPA, 23 churches, or 6% of our congregations have chosen to participate in the disaffiliation discernment process. There are another 32 congregations who have signed up with a law firm and chosen not to participate in the 2553 discernment process.” (Added 10-18-2022)

Megachurch in Plano, Texas, Decides to Leave the United Methodist Church Without Congregational Vote But Says Decision is ‘Overwhelmingly Supported by the Church Members’” via Black Christian News Network One. Coverage of St. Andrew’s exit from the UMC. (Added 10-18-2022)

Jurisdictions advised to elect 14 U.S. bishops” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. “Faced with uncertainties around the denomination’s future, jurisdictional leaders are recommending United Methodists elect fewer U.S. bishops than there will be vacancies.” (Added 10-18-2022)

NC Conference of United Methodists may lose 1/3 of churches to new denomination” by David Larson via The Carolina Journal. “…now at least 260 churches in the state’s 779-church eastern conference, known as the N.C. Conference, have voted to disaffiliate or plan to next year.” (Added 10-18-2022)

Interview with Jerry Kulah of the Africa Initiative” via PlainSpoken Podcast. Jeffrey Rickman interviews Jerry Kulah of Liberia, a primary organizer of African influence in the UMC. (Added 10-18-2022)

Town Hall Session 3: The Global Methodist Church” via Tri-Lakes UMC YouTube. Walter Fenton gives a presentation to a Colorado congregation in discernment. (Added 10-17-2022)

The Future of the UMC in Indiana” by Bishop Julius Trimble via UM Insight. “This is a season in the life of The United Methodist Church where some churches and individuals are choosing to no longer walk in the Connectional and compassionate path of United Methodism.” (Added 10-17-2022)

Texas megachurch attempts to leave United Methodist Church without congregational vote” by Michael Gryboski via Christian Post. Coverage of St. Andrew’s in Plano leaving the UMC by simply removing the trust clause from deed (like SMU did). (Added 10-17-2022)

Jim Welsh named President Pro Tem” via East Texas Conference (GMC). Former GC delegate and episcopal candidate named to lead the East Texas Conference of the GMC. (Added 10-14-2022)

Rogers Park Church’s Pro-LGBTQ Sign Stolen: ‘We’ll Put It Back Up As Many Times As We Need To’” by Joe Ward via Block Club Chicago. Article mentions the denominations split. (Added 10-17-2022)

Where Will They Go on Sundays?” by Holly Morgan via Washington Daily News. Thirty members of a disaffiliating North Carolina church show up at a neighboring UMC. (Added 10-17-2022)

Has the Church Ever Been ‘Like-Minded?’” by Jack Harnish. “…suggesting that everyone in a denomination will be like-minded is either a wishful fantasy or it will result in a very small denomination.” (Added 10-17-2022)

1844 Redux (Part 1): ‘Rhyming’ Schisms” by John Alexander Wright via Mainstream Community Forum. Connects the GMC with the 1844 schism creating the Southern Methodist Episcopal Church, South. (Added 10-17-2022)

Post via Friends of the Global Methodist Church Facebook Group. Pictures of Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson and others from the North Georgia Conference celebrating at Atlanta Pride. (Added 10-17-2022)

Overheard: Covenant Methodist Church in Winterville, NC voted on 10-16-22 to disaffiliate from the UMC. The vote was 542-7. (Added 10-22-2022)

Some Johnstown-area United Methodist churches looking to exit denomination” by Randy Griffith via The Tribune-Democrat (PA). “Two of the Johnstown area’s prominent United Methodist churches are among more than 300 of the 800 congregations in the UMC’s Western Pennsylvania Annual Conference that are considering disaffiliation with the denomination.” (Added 10-17-2022)

Agreement in the UMC” by Scott Knowlton. “You might think every pastor would agree on the substitutionary atonement of the cross- that Jesus died for our sins on the cross. Nope.” (Added 10-17-2022)

The Foundry Network: An Interview with Shane Bishop” by Chris Ritter via An interview with one of the organizers of The Foundry Network, a connection for the pastors of very large, former United Methodist churches. (Added 10-17-2022)

Global Methodist and United Methodist Church Disaffiliation” via Frankton First UMC (IN) via YouTube. An October 16 presentations by Mike Womack and DS Saneta Meiko. (Added 10-16-2022)

Thoughts on William Willimon’s opinion piece on, August 17, 2022 (“The United Methodist divorce is a mistake”)” by David DeSilva. “He said a number of things that I cannot let pass without comment.” (Added 10-16-2022)

An Open Letter From North Georgia United Methodists on the Future Of The United Methodist Church” via North Georgia Conference. “We acknowledge that there is no perfect institution here on earth, but we love the denomination which has called us, nurtured us, brought us into a relationship with Jesus Christ, and brought us into connection with God’s children within North Georgia and around the world.” (Added 10-16-2022)

Still United” via North Texas Conference. A form to transfer from a disaffiliated church in order to stay in the UMC, worshipping at another church or online. (Added 10-15-2022)

Will the words written in red still stand?” by Nick Channell via Inter-Mountain (WV). Letter to the Editor: “The United Methodist Church is at a dividing moment, of those who believe the words of the Bible are God-inspired, and those who wish to interpret the words to accommodate the precepts of men.” (Added 10-15-2022)

A Perspective from Africa” by Forbes Matonga via Pen-Del WCA. Shares a video by a noted clergy and GC delegate from Zimbabwe. (Added 10-14-2022)

Don’t You Dare Leave!” by Randy Burbank. Focus on the future, not what you want to escape. (Added 10-14-2022)

A Dunkirk Response to United Methodist Disintegration” by Scott Field via Good News. The exit of traditionalists from the UMC compared to a famous WWII evacuation. (Added 10-14-2022)

GMC Thursday Night Live with Dr. Sterling Allen & Krystal Gauld” via YouTube. An interview with a member of the GMC Transitional Leadership Council. (Added 10-14-2022)

Hurricane Ian Disaster Relief Efforts Continue” via Global Methodist Church. “One hundred percent of these donations have been distributed for immediate relief.” See also “In Appreciation of our Clergy” by Keith Boyette. (Added 10-14-2022)

Megachurch Takes Unusual Disaffiliation Route” by Sam Hodges via UMNS. “St. Andrew’s leadership said its property is not subject to The United Methodist Church’s trust clause. The church leadership says the church will have a better future outside The United Methodist Church but will not be joining the Global Methodist Church.” (Added 10-14-2022)

What we know: United Methodist disaffiliation in Oklahoma” by Carla Hinton via The Oklahoman. “Progressive congregations want to separate from the denomination they feel excludes LGBTQ individuals. Conservative congregations also want to separate from the denomination because they agree with the ban on same-sex marriage and gay clergy, and want the debate to end.” Avoid paywall here. (Added 10-14-2022)

Drag Queen Leads Children’s Sermon at United Methodist Church” by Ian Giatti via Christian Post. “Will drag queens in the pulpit become “mainstream” in the United Methodist Church?” (Added 10-14-2022)

AP covers the new Pentecost in United Methodist life, without mentioning Ms. Penny Cost” via Terry Mattingly via Get Religion. “Doctrinal progressives in the United Methodist Church believe they are seeing evidence of a new Pentecost, with the Holy Spirit leading the denomination into a new era.” (Added 10-12-2022)

Post by Andy Oliver via UM Clergy Facebook Group. The Florida pastor who invited drag queen Penny Cost to preach writes about his decision to do so. Multiple comments. Reposted in UM Insight. (Added 10-12-2022)

The Foundry Network Information Session” via First UMC, Culman, AL (YouTube). Tommy Gray of Asbury UMC in Madison, AL gives a presentation on The Foundry Network, an emerging connection of large, autonomous Methodist congregations (attendance 800+). Currently consists of Cove Church (AL), Christ Church (Fairview Heights, IL), Anderson Hills (Cincinatti), The Orchard (Tupelo, MS), Granger Church (IN), The Story (Houston), Quest Church (GA), Asbury (Madison, AL). On accountability: “In the UMC, a number of bishops are our Mark Driscoll.” (Added 10-12-2022)

Discerning the Way Forward Session 5” via John Wesley UMC, Houston (YouTube). Pastor Marty Dunbar recommends disaffiliation to his congregation during a sermon. (Added 10-12-2022)

Shiftiness, Bullying, and Sexual Ethics in New Jersey United Methodism” by Beth Caulfield via Juicy Ecumenism. The second in an expose series regarding Bishop Schol of New Jersey. (Added 10-12-2022)

Methodist Bishop’s LGBTQ+ Pride Sermon – Saint Mark UMC of Atlanta” via YouTube. The bishop of the North Georgia Conference preaches at an Atlanta Church. (Added 10-12-2022)

Heretics Beclown Selves With Penny Cost” by Rod Dreher via The American Conservative. Another example of Isaac Simmons’ fame spreading beyond United Methodism. (Added 10-12-2022)

Bishop Mande Muyombo to transition to Connectional Table Chair” via ResourceUMC. The bishop of the North Katanga Conference replaces Bishop Alsted as head of Connectional Table. (Added 10-12-2022)

A Drag Queen At The Altar | Ep. 1039” by The Matt Walsh Show. A conservative commentator covers Isaac Simmons, a UMC drag queen certified clergy candidate. (Added 10-11-2022)

General agencies face tough budgeting season” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. “UM general agencies are developing their spending plans for the coming year, but that work is tricky as the denomination deals with the ongoing fallout of COVID, high inflation rates and rising church disaffiliations.” (Added 10-11-2022)

Standing Committee on Inter-Methodist Relations Holds First Meeting” by Doreen Gosmire via Dakotas Conference UMC. “Areas of cooperation may include but are not limited to, camping, mission activity, disaster response, and administrative services.” (Added 10-11-2022)

What’s happening in the United Methodist Church? Part 1/2” by Brady Whitton via Baton Rouge First UMC. A Centrist/Compatibilist presentation on the situation in the UMC. (Added 10-11-2022)

Rejoice! BeUMC” by Julius Trimble via UM Insight. “I will rejoice! This day and every day. In the midst the acrimonious bumpiness of church disaffiliations. Even with a myriad of global problems and challenges.” (Added 10-11-2022)

Moving the Needle” by Jay Therrell via WCA. Since WCA called upon churches to escrow apportionments, there has been movement toward fairer disaffiliation policies. 17 conferences still listed as punitive. (Added 10-11-2022)

African UM Interview Series – Labenyimoh Patrick” via PlainSpoken Podcast. The first in a series of conversations with African United Methodists begins with a interview with a Nigerian seminarian. (Added 10-10-2022)

A Fork in the Methodist Road” via YouTube. “Rev. Dayne Zachrison of the Dakotas Conference and Jeff Pospisil, professor of accounting at Dakota Wesleyan University speak about the United Methodist Church and Global Methodist Church at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church.” (Added 10-10-2022)

GMC Thursday Night Live with Dr. Sterling Allen & Dr. Keihwan Ryoo” via YouTube. Sterling Allen interviews a member of the GMC’s Transitional Leadership Council. See past conversations with Carolyn Moore, Daniel Topalski, Filipino Pastors, inc. Luther Oconer, Cara Nicklas, Jay Therrell, Tom Lambrecht, Kenneth Levingston, and Angela Pleasants.

UM Action’s Hopes and Plans for Faithful United Methodists” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. The plans of UM Actions in a season of rapid change. (Added 10-10-2022)

United Methodism, Global Methodism, and the Future: Two Different Trajectories” via WCA Eastern PA. Shares a transcript from a presentation by Joe DiPaolo. (Added 10-10-2022)

United Methodists are breaking up in a slow-motion schism” by Peter Smith via Associated Press. National coverage of the split happening in United Methodism. (Added 10-10-2022)

Where Do We Go From Here? (Are We Really Better Together?)” via Christ Church Memphis (Podcast). The final in a series of discussions on the book, Are We Really Better Together? (Added 10-10-2022)

Setting the Record a Little Straighter” by Greg Witte via Vimeo. A video mash-up of Bishop LaTrelle Easterling’s “Setting the Record Straight” video along with clips refuted her comments. (Added 10-10-2022)

[Link Improved] “Pastor goes to pride parade to protest his congregation’s disaffiliation vote” via Screen Capture (PDF). A United Methodist pastor posts a selfie at a Pride Parade following his congregation’s 85% disaffiliation vote, along with a reference to a Scissor Sisters song. (Added 10-10-2022)

The Worst Trade in Baseball History?” by Scott Field via Northern Illinois WCA. Changing is coming no matter the choice on disaffiliation. This is a fork in the road. (Added 10-10-2022)

Gatesville Methodists vote to go ‘Global’” via Jeff Osborne via the Gatesville Messenger (TX). “After voting earlier to disaffiliate from the United Methodist Church, members of First Methodist Church of Gatesville voted on Oct. 3 to apply for membership to the newly formed Global Methodist Church.” (Added 10-10-2022)

Amplify Your Voice” via “With misinformation and quick decisions rising, it is vital that committed United Methodists present clear and holistic facts and information to their congregation if it is considering disaffiliation.” (Added 10-10-2022)

Bishop Schnase on Remaining UMC & Disaffiliation” via New Mexico Conference. Enter into disaffiliation conversations with tenderness and in keeping with the three simple rules. “There is no rush.” (Added 10-10-2022)

A Letter From Rev. Maxie Dunnam about the UMC” via Christ Church Memphis. “Some are surprised that I now believe that separation is essential and can be redemptive.” (Added 10-8-2022)

Methodist Drag Queen ‘Ms. Penny Cost’ Returns in Florida Children’s Sermon” by Jeffrey Walton via Juicy Ecumenism. (Added 10-8-2022)

Post by Duane Anders via Facebook. Shares news link about an ACNA church start transferring to the Episcopal Church. (Added 10-8-2022)

Reasons to Affiliate with the Global Methodist Church” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News. Seventeen reasons for churches to affiliate with the GMC. (Added 10-7-2022)

Bishop Requests a Pause on Church Conferences During Holiday Season” via Alabama West Florida Conference. “Bishop David Graves…has called for a pause on any special church conferences or town hall meetings related to local church disaffiliations between November 20, 2022-January 1, 2023.” (Added 10-6-2022)

Penny Cost Drag Children’s Sermon” via Allendale UMC (St. Petersburg, FL) Vimeo. At about 26:00, a drag queen clergy candidate, Isaac Simmons, is interviewed as “Penny Cost” children’s sermon on October 2 as part of World Communion Sunday. (Added 10-6-2022)

Advancing the Global Methodist Church in Florida” via WCA-Florida. “The Rev. Nako Kellum, GMC Elder, has been appointed full-time as our Florida GMC Organizer.” This brings the number of state-wide GMC organizers to 13. (Added 10-6-2022)

Tweet Thread by Brandon Atwood. “Here’s an update and more comprehensive explanation of what’s happening at St. Andrew Methodist Church, formerly St. Andrew United Methodist Church
@StAndrewUMC, in Plano, Texas.” “The leadership team at St. Andrew amended the church’s Articles of Incorporation, without the awareness or approval of the congregation or the UMC, to remove the trust clause language.” (Added 10-6-2022)

United Methodism: It’s Time to Multiply” via More to the Story with Andy Miller III. Jeff Greenway and Bishop Mike Lowry interviewed. (Added 10-6-2022)

Tweet Thread by Brian Felker Jones. A consequence of our doctrinal standards being protected by restrictives rules is that they no longer necessarily reflect what United Methodists actually believe. (Added 10-6-2022)

Tweet by Liam Adams. “In North Carolina, a “pro-United Methodist group of clergy” launched a new advocacy group to counter messaging from conservatives encouraging churches to disaffiliate from the UMC and join the Global Methodist Church. From the announcement about the group:” (Added 10-6-2022)

Tweet by John Lomperis. “Was recently told in Wisconsin conference of #UMC they have numerous congregations who have been going for a while w/ NO pastor. Many retired evangelical pastors there are eager to serve, but liberal bishop will not appoint them. Don’t believe lies re #UnitedMethodist “big tent”” (Added 10-6-2022)

Tweet by Caleb Speicer. Thread begins: “Theory: Most #UMC pastors are avoiding the disaffiliation discussion like the plague, and in so doing disenfranchising their flock, because deep down they know that the local church isn’t united when it comes to mission, theology, ecclesiology, etc.” (Added 10-6-2022)

Hamilton counters GMC claims in videos, Leadership session” by David Burke via Great Plains Conference. Coverage of Hamilton’s response to Renfroe. (Added 10-6-2022)

The white church isn’t dying; it’s in exile” by Alan Bean via Baptist News Global. “The explosive growth of African Christianity is having a profound impact on Roman Catholic, Methodist and Anglican communions in Britain, Canada and the United States.” (Added 10-6-2022)

Let’s Talk about Newsong Voting to Disaffiliate from the United Methodist Church” via NewSong (YouTube). A video podcast for a Baton Rouge, Louisiana congregation. (Added 10-6-2022)

Methodist churches mull stand against LGBT front” by Lorly Kykendall via Ouachita Citizen (Louisiana). “First United Methodist churches in Monroe and West Monroe are considering breaking away from the United Methodist Church, according to church leaders.” (Added 10-6-2022)

Oklahoma Methodist Conference names churches wanting to leave the denomination” by Carla Hinton via The Oklahoman. “Twenty-nine congregations across the state will have an opportunity to formally withdraw from the United Methodist Church during a special meeting Oct. 21-22 in Oklahoma City.” List provided. (Added 10-5-2022)

Towards a Kingdom Mentality” by Stephen Fife. A Kingdom focus allows us to lay aside pride in our own tribe and celebrate the success of other denominations and congregations, and to think multiplication instead of division. (Added 10-6-2022)

The Recap: Episode 1” via UM Communications. A 7-minute information video, the first 2.5 minutes are on the topic of disaffiliation. Emphasizes a small percentage of churches have disaffiliated, but more will come. (Added 10-5-2022)

Parting Ways: News and Views on United Methodist Disaffiliation from UM Insight: January 1, 2022-September 30, 2022″ via UM Insight. A compilation of UM Insight articles on disaffiliation (Added 10-5-2022)

Bishop Jones’ Behavior Questioned” by Linda Ormand via UM Insight. A letter to the editor accuses the Bishop of the Texas Conference with encouraging disaffiliation. (Added 10-5-2022)

It Is Time to Stand” by Toby Chastain. A North Alabama clergy: “However, I envision a day very soon when my convictions no longer align with those of the United Methodist Church.” (Added 10-5-2022)

Oct 4, 2022 Why the UMC?” via Youtube. DS Tony Vinson addresses First UMC in Sweeny, TX on why to remain in the UMC. (Added 10-5-2022)

Oct. 2, 2022 | Town Hall Meeting on Affiliation” via Guntersville UMC, AL (YouTube). A congregational meeting on affiliation options. (Added 10-5-2022)

Each Church Fully Alive for Christ – Nehemiah Journey 2.0” via Global Methodist Church. News on a second phase of a church revitalization program. (Added 10-5-2022)

FAQ About The United Methodist Church” via North Alabama Conference. Interesting FAQ page by a conference seeking to stem the tide of disaffiliations. (Added 10-5-2022)

United Methodist Forward NC Promotes The United Methodist Church” via North Carolina Conference. News on a North Carolina movement to stem the tide of disaffiliations. See the open letter at the group website, registered by the North Carolina Conference. (Added 10-5-2022)

West Plains Conference of the GMC Website. “We anticipate well over 100 churches in the Panhandle of Texas joining us in our launch, and we welcome the possibility of expanding into the surrounding regions over the next several years.” (Added 10-5-2022)

An Open Letter to the Texas Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church – October 3, 2022” via That We May Be One. A statement by Texas Conference laity and clergy. (Added 10-4-2022)

GMC Information Session” via First UMC, Culman, AL (YouTube). A presentation by Vaughn Stafford. (Added 10-4-2022)

First UMC to disaffiliate from United Methodist Church” by Holly Morgan via Washington Daily News (NC). “A vote was taken at the church on Monday evening (Oct. 3). A total 421 congregants voted – 295 voted to disaffiliate, but 126 voted to remain with the United Methodist Church fold.” (Added 10-4-2022)

Methodists and Christian Nationalism” by David Watson via WCA. “I believe Christians in the U.S. should appreciate the good and call out the bad in our country. While we recognize that this world is not ultimately our home and that Christ is Lord of all, this does not excuse us from political engagement… The ideals of human dignity, individual freedom, and God-given rights have grown up out of our own faith tradition, and we should go to the mat for them… We do not impose the values of our faith with a heavy fist, but offer them continually in a spirit of love, grace, and service.” (Added 10-4-2022)

FAQ Clergy and Surviving Spouses” by North Alabama Conference. On the fairly common practice of retired clergy serving in other denominations. “Credentialed United Methodist Clergy, active or retired, may not serve non-United Methodist churches unless the context is approved by the Board of Ordained Ministry and the bishop as an appointment to an extension ministry setting governed by ¶343 and ¶344 of The Book of Discipline. Serving in a non-related church without approval is deemed as withdrawal from United Methodist membership and credentials.” (Added 10-4-2022)

Where to Begin Reformation of the UMC” by Paul Stallsworth via Firebrand Magazine. “‘The doctrine (or ‘doctrinal standards’) of the United Methodist Church will not change.’ That statement is true. However, the issue for United Methodists is not whether church doctrine will change. The issue for United Methodists is whether church doctrine will be taught and learned, upheld and defended.” Calls for reforming district committees on ministry. (Added 10-4-2022)

Post via Plainspoken Podcast (Facebook). OK Conference local pastor: “Due to some heat in response to the way I handled some subject material recently, I have chosen to halt production for a bit. I would invite your prayers as I navigate faithful covenant relationship.” (Added 10-3-2022)

Catch Me Up: A UMC Separation Timeline, v. 1.1” by Chris Ritter via A timeline recounting major events related to UM separation, going back to GC2016. (Added 10-3-2022)

A Future with a Hope” via Church of the Resurrection. Adam Hamilton gives a presentation on the future of the UMC at COR’s Leadership Institute. Addresses rumors, Penny Cost, changing attitudes, etc. (Added 10-3-2022)

First UMC Meeting with Global Methodist Church Representative” via First UMC, Cleveland, TN. A presentation by Rowland Buck representing the Global Methodist Church. (Added 10-3-2022)

Overheard: Good Shepherd in Cypress, TX voted to join the Global Methodist Church. (Added 10-3-2022)

Overheard: Friendswood Methodist in Texas (membership 3700) voted yesterday to disaffiliate from the UMC and join the GMC, 80% margin. (Added 10-3-2022)

Overheard: Covenant Church in Winterville, NC voted on 10-2-2022 to 542-7 to disaffiliate from the UMC. Pre-COVID attendance was near 1,900. (Added 10-3-2022)

Overheard: “3,500 member Christ Church United Methodist in The Woodlands Texas and of the Texas Annual Conference voted 85% in favor of disaffiliation to 15% remaining. Also voted same percent to unite with Global Methodist.” (Added 10-3-2022)

The Methodists Are Splintering Again” by Betsy Phillips via The Nashville Scene. “But this split in the Methodist church is not new. It’s not a fresh crisis. It’s just Methodists being Methodist, with a dollop of forgetting their own history. It will pass and be forgotten, as it always does and is.” (Added 10-3-2022)

Drag Queens, Scripture, and Division” by Scott Reeder via Illinois Times. “Simmons is viewed as emblematic of bigger issues within the denomination, not only LGBTQ matters, but also the authority of the Bible.” (Added 10-3-2022)

Tweet via Emory Wheel. “‘They [Glenn Church] are themselves discriminating. They can’t blame this on the United Methodist Church … and if Emory permits this to continue, since Emory supports Glenn so richly, Emory itself is complicit in homophobia,’ said Shepard.” @sarahgdavis_ (Added 10-1-2022)

Link improved: “September 30 Update” by Jon Ferguson via Anderson Hills UMC (Vimeo). The pastor of a large West Ohio Conference congregation responds to points made during a surprise appearance to a congregational meeting by Bishop Greg Palmer and DS Timothy Bias. (Added 10-1-2022)

District Superintendent Meeting 9.27.22” via Anderson Hills UMC (Cincinnati) Youtube. DS Jen Lucas addresses one of West Ohio Conference’s largest congregations as they consider disaffiliation. Bishop Palmer enters and takes over at 21:00. See this response by John Ferguson via Vimeo. (Added 10-1-2022)

Webinar: Somos Metodistas Unidxs” via Resource UMC. October 17 webinar will address: “How will our connectional system protect and care for the most vulnerable ministries when it comes to disaffiliating congregations, especially in light of the impact of systemic racism?” (Added 10-1-2022)

Connections Empowers Local Churches” by Mary Stamp via The Fig Tree. Interview with DS Andrew Miranda. With only 5% of Pacific Northwest Churches disaffiliating, “I would not call that a split.” (Added 10-1-2022)

Tweet by Keith McIlwain. In response to a question whether an article by a polyamorous UMC clergy was a hoax. “It was not a hoax. The pastor has been identified & the situation is being addressed.” (Added 9-30-2022)

Still Fewer Young United Methodist Elders in 2022” by Lovett Weems. “The trend of steep losses continues in 2022 with a loss of another 94 and thus another record low number of young elders at 648.” (Added 9-30-2022)

Tweet by John Lomperis. “Fun fact: both the two largest-worship attendance congregations in South Georgia Conference of #UMC (per official GCFA 2018 stats) are now fully functioning as #GlobalMethodist congregations. More to come!” (Added 9-30-2022)

Tweet by John Lomperis. “As more #UnitedMethodist s wake up 2 the depths of spiritual corruption of #UMC Bishops, bishops R responding w/ same playbook we at @TheIRD
have seen for decades: -loudly claiming “misinformation” w/no documentation -ad hominem vs whistle-blowers -appeals to their own authority (Added 9-30-2022)

A Message of Assurance” by Bishop Mike McKee via North Texas Conference (UMC). Responding to the news of St. Andrew UMC in Plano (membership 6,000) pursuing disaffiliation. (Added 9-30-2022)

A Denomination Upside Down: The Problem of Theological Reversal in The UMC” via North Carolina Evangelical Fellowship (Facebook). “Imagine people who are living right side up, from the point of view of those upside down, it’s the right side up who are in need of correction.” (Added 9-30-2022)

North Texas Conference Meets Disaffiliating Churches Halfway” via North Texas Conference (UMC). “Decisions: 1) to apply undesignated pension reserves against the NTC’s unfunded pension liability calculated by Wespath, and 2) to calculate apportionments owed  per ¶2553 as 12 months prior and 12 months following the date of disaffiliation, in most cases reducing the apportionments due by six months.” (Added 9-30-2022)

United Methodists talk up reasons to stay in splintering denomination with less than 3% of U.S. churches leaving so far” by Cynthia Astle via Baptist News Global. “United Methodists from bishops through well-known clergy to everyday laypeople are proclaiming their reasons for staying in the disintegrating denomination, looking toward what some call ‘a future with hope.'” (Added 9-30-2022)

Northeast Nigeria Conference Responds to Open Letter on Bishop Yohanna” via UM Insight. Reports Ande Emmanuel and his dissident group adding fake signatures and titles to their writings in an effort. to discredit Bishop Yohanna. (Added 9-30-2022)

The Importance of Staying Connected” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News. “The responsibility of making all the decisions for a congregation without any guidance or support can become overwhelming.” (Added 9-30-2022)

A word for those who wish to remain United Methodist” by Paul Black via Illinois Great Rivers Conference. A Midwest conference is willing to short-circuit disaffiliation and give the property to a minority of members. “There is a provision through the United Methodist Trust Clause that would allow the Church and all assets to remain open and intact as a United Methodist Church if there are enough folks wanting to remain United Methodist. This is NOT based on a voting percentage but is based on a condition of sustainability.” (Added 9-30-2022)

Post by Matt Sichel via Facebook. “Bloodless Hymnals.” Discusses how Methodist hymnals in the 20th Century downplayed divine judgment and the blood of Jesus.(Added 9-30-2022)

Staying UMC” via First UMC Bentonville, AR (YouTube). Pastor Michelle Morris talks about plans to reach out to dissidents from surrounding disaffiliating churches. (Added 9-29-2022)

Bishop McAlilly Announces Called Annual Conference Sessions” via Tennessee-Western Kentucky Conference. “We recognize there are some churches that do not want to wait for the holy conferencing and discernment to take place at the 2024 General Conference.” (Added 9-29-2022)

December 10 Special Session of the Annual Conference to take place in Birmingham” via North Alabama Conference. A special session called to handle disaffiliations. A portion of this meeting is dedicated to talking about the future. (Added 9-29-2022)

Why I (Still) Love the United Methodist Church, but Chose to Go” by RC Muhlbaier. “I did not join the GMC because I hate the UMC or out of some sort of rebellion. I now serve in the GMC because I believe it is an attempt to include the best of the Wesleyan tradition and aspects of the UMC, without the theological drifts and practices that seem to be institutionally irreparable.” (Added 9-29-2022)

How United Methodist seminaries are navigating uncertain future as denomination splinters” by Liam Adams via The Tennessean (PDF). “Seminaries who educate future UMC clergy pride themselves on tradition of ecumenism and being a home for Methodists with differing opinions. That’s now being put to the test. Global Methodist Church is developing new network of seminaries that, amid some overlap, deviates from that of the UMC. It points to the debate over theological education as part of larger conflict.” See this Graphic showing # of UM ordinands per seminary and an accompanying “Explainer“. (Added 9-29-2022)

Clergy & Churches in South Georgia” via South Georgia Provisional Conference (GMC). A roster of current churches and congregations. (Added 9-29-2022)

Important Information From Church Council” via Marion Methodist (Iowa). 2000+ member church: Disaffiliation “was unanimously selected by forty-two members of the Church Council.” (Added 9-29-2022)

Resources for your Local Church” via Piedmont District of the Western North Carolina Conference. A large collection of resources supporting the continuing United Methodist Church. (Added 9-29-2022)

Fact vs. Fiction” via North Texas Conference (UMC). Responses to questions from a UMC Texas Conference facing growing interest in disaffiliation. (Added 9-29-2022)

Is The UMC Really…? (Part 5)” via UM Communications. Responses to questions on mandatory voting, gay clergy, delegates, and whether church rules are being ignored. (Added 9-29-2022)

Church Court Makes Impact” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Explores the impact of recent rulings limiting exit: “United Methodist chancellors say the Judicial Council ruling could have an impact on civil courts.” (Added 9-29-2022)

Christ Church Votes to Disaffiliate from United Methodist Church Denomination” by Kathleen Orenza via Christianity Daily. Coverage of Christ Church in College Station, TX voting to leave the UMC. (Added 9-29-2022)

A Dunkirk Response to United Methodist Disintegration” by Scott Field via Northern Illinois WCA. This season of disaffiliation related to the Dunkirk evacuation of Europe in small vessels. (Added 9-29-2022)

A Message from Bishop Moore-Koikoi” via Vimeo. Western PA bishop to clergy: “I want to remind you of your obligation to adhere to that Covenant by correcting misinformation that you hear about the United Methodist Church… It is your responsibility to encourage the use of United Methodist literature and media.” (Added 9-28-2022)

Tweet by JJ Mannschreck. Young Michigan clergy featured in Good News Magazine: “so, last night – I resigned as the pastor at my church (effective June of next year) long story short – my church does not have the money or support needed to make the jump from UMC to GMC. Mixed emotions, lots of sadness. Prayers appreciated.” (Added 9-28-2022)

Tweet by Frank Anguiano. “Whatever expression United Methodism takes on in it’s future, it must be kinder to its clergy of color, its young clergy, and queer clergy. Otherwise we might as well all be Global…#WMT, #UMC” (Added 9-28-2022)

The UMC and the Need for a New Wineskin” via Christ Church Memphis (podcast). A sermon by Pastor Paul Lawler. (Added 9-28-2022)

Post-Separation UMC Myths – Changing Doctrine” by David Livingston. Changing official doctrine in the UMC is nearly impossible. (Added 9-28-2022)

Progressive Views on Sexuality Will Ultimately Fail” by Trevor Wax via Gospel Coalition. “The Global Methodist Church is in the process of breaking up with the United Methodist Church and will provide a worldwide home for Wesleyans who wish to maintain a faithful witness to God’s Word in the days ahead.” (Added 9-28-2022)

Weekly Update for Pastor Adam (9-27-22)” by Adam Hamilton via COR. “You may know that about 15 to 20% of the churches in the UMC are anticipated to be leaving.” On the Proud of Be UMC effort: :”Eventually those whose churches are leaving the UMC but who wish to remain UMC will be able to search for those churches that will remain UMC in their community.” (Added 9-28-2022)

Call on Baptismal Power to Confront Evil” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. Claim: United Methodist baptism vows require resistance to Texas governor Greg Abbott’s policy preventing parents from medically altering children with gender dysphoria, part of a weekly news round-up. (Added 9-28-2022)

Explainer: United Methodist higher education and the denomination’s splintering” by Liam Adams via Leaf Chronicle. “Seminaries are bearing the brunt because they prepare future clergy. As part of the larger conflict in the UMC, seminaries’ doctrinal leanings have been part of an ongoing debate.” (Added 9-28-2022)

Former Glenn Memorial Church members call for full inclusion as national denomination splits over LGBTQ acceptance” by Sarah Davis via Emory Wheel. Protests that a progressive university church does not go far enough. “Candler Dean Jan Love said that this change would make it legal for UMC clergy to officiate same-sex weddings and for Haupert-Johnson to appoint openly gay clergy, something Love said she believes the bishop will be more than willing to do.” (Added 9-28-2022)

Church-wide Informational Meeting – Sept. 25, 2022” via First UMC, Monroe, LA (YouTube). A congregational informational meeting on disaffiliation. (Added 9-28-2022)

Disaffiliation Town Hall” via First UMC, Huntsville (YouTube). Stan Copeland and Tom Lambrecht share the podium at this September 25 event. (Added 9-28-2022)

GMC Q&A with Rev. Greg Stover” via Grace Church (YouTube). A presentation of a Perrysburg, Ohio congregation. (Added 9-28-2022)

Vanderbilt Divinity’s Profanity” by Mark Tooley via Juicy Ecumenism. Reporting Assistant Dean of Admissions, Vocation, and Student Life at Vanderbilt Divinity School in Nashville (a school approved by the UM University Senate) tweeting that applicant unwilling to abide by the seminary’s vaccine mandate should f*** themselves. (Added 9-28-2022)

Petition: Fair and Equitable Separation Process for SC United Methodist Churches” via “Discontent continues to intensify in the South Carolina Annual Conference because our Bishop Johnathan Holston will only allow Paragraph 2549 entitled: ‘Disposition of Property of a Closed Local Church.'” (Added 9-28-2022)

Bishop McKee on Learnings from Discernment Conversations” via North Texas Conference (UMC). “It has also become clear that mistrust and misinformation continue to plague our conversations, preventing us from engaging from a place of truth.” (Added 9-28-2022)

The Recap series to deliver timely updates to United Methodists” via Resource UMC. A news recap designed to keep busy people to date on UMC news and perspectives. See Episode One. (Added 9-28-2022)

Taking the High Road” by Walter Fenton via GMC. “In its gracious, heartfelt, and positive statement, Africa Initiative set a healthy example for faithful people in contentious circumstances.” (Added 9-28-2022)

Bishops Push Back Against Recruitment Tactics” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. A round-up of responses by bishops to a growing tide of disaffiliations. Includes comment by Jay Therrell. (Added 9-28-2022)

East Texas GMC Interactive Map via A tool to locate a GMC church in the East Texas provisional annual conference. (Added 9-28-2022)

#BeUMC: Wrong Answers Only Edition” by Chris Ritter via Explores bad reasons offered to #BeUMC. (Added 9-28-2022)

Tweet by John Lomperis. “We keep hearing the #UnitedMethodist Church is a “big tent.” But by Jan 1, US #UMC will not have room for even 1 strong traditionalist leader among dozens of bishops. Only 2 orthodox bishops will remain outside of SEJ, both of whom have been hostile to departing traditionalists” (Added 9-27-2022)

Monday Statistical Update” by Rich Jones via Facebook. “97 of the 200 churches in [NorthWest Texas Conference] have held their Church Conferences…86 voted to disaffiliate… 38 have already voted to join the Global Methodist Church. 47 are discerning their next steps; most of these have indicated they are likely to join the GMC.” (Added 9-27-2022)

An Open Request to Bishop Easterling” by Robert Barnes via Mount Oak (Youtube). Raises concern over theological drift in the UMC. (Added 9-27-2022)

September 26, 2022” via Rodrigo Cruz via YouTube. A North Georgia Conference DS talks frankly about disaffiliation and appointment-making. (Added 9-27-2022)

Disaffiliation Informational Session #2” via Scott UMC Youtube. An African-American congregation in Denver hosts an informational session on disaffiliation led by conference officials. See also Part One.(Added 9-27-2022)

Post by Sky McCracken via Facebook. “What I’d Tell a United Methodist Church in Tennessee-West Kentucky Conference Considering Disaffiliation.” (Added 9-27-2022)

Of Empty Churches, Resilience Centers and Immigration” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. “What if we turned weekday-empty church buildings into “resilience centers” to help people survive extreme heat?” (Added 9-27-2022)

Dry Bones Coming to Life” by Jay Therrell via WCA. People came to New Room beat up and weary. Thee opposite of exhaustion is wholeheartedness. (Added 9-27-2022)

Disaffiliation Panel Discussion Sunday, September 25th” via Christ Church (Woodlands, TX) YouTube. A local church panel discussion on disaffiliation. (Added 9-27-2022)

Left Behind Part Two (Uniting the Remnant)” by John Feagins via UM Insight. “The most destructive division facing the UMC is not the departure of the GMC. It is the growing demographic and economic division between the church and its missional context, a division evidenced in its own growing homogeneity, inequity, internal polarization, and numerical decline.” (Added 9-26-2022)

The United Methodist Church split is personal for me” by Mary Paul via The Charlotte Observer. A Raleigh native shares an op-ed in response to an earlier article. (Added 9-26-2022)

A History of Incompatibility: The End?” by Charlie Baber via UM Insight. An LGBTQ clergy completes an extended comic book series on the history of the UMC’s stance toward homosexuality. (Added 9-26-2022)

What’s Next?” by Matthew Mitchell via Church of the Servant September 2022 Newsletter. An Oklahoma City congregation focuses on healing after an extremely close, failed disaffiliation vote. (Added 9-26-2022)

Setting the Record Straight: Town Hall with Bishop Easterling” via Baltimore-Washington Conference. Bishop Easterling will “lead an informative and clarifying Town Hall across the affiliation” on Wednesday, September 28, 2022, 7 PM EST. (Added 9-26-2022)

Delegation to Host Webinar on Connecting Conversations” via Mississippi Conference UMC. A September 27 webinar by the MS Conference delegation on various hopes for the future. (Added 9-26-2022)

Informational Meeting – For Such a Time as This: Why Disaffiliation Makes Sense (Pastor Tim Reaves)” via Jarvis Memorial UMC YouTube Channel. A North Carolina information session led by a former UMC GC Delegate. (Added 9-26-2022)

Eastern Texas Conference of the GMC Facebook Page. This is a great place to check for East Texas disaffiliations and re-affiliations. See also the Mid-Texas Conference and Western Texas Conference. (Added 9-26-2022)

United No More” by Russell Payne via The Vindicator (Liberty, TX). Local impact of disaffiliations from United Methodism and to the Global Methodist Church. (Added 9-26-2022)

Update on a Motion to Dismiss the Disaffiliation Lawsuits” from Mark Hanley via Florida Conference (UMC). The Florida Conference Chancellor shares an update. (Added 9-25-2022)

Overheard: This afternoon at 4 pm the Church Conference of the Reynoldsburg UMC (West Ohio Conference) voted to disaffiliate from the UMC by 94.7% and to affiliate with the GMC by 99%. (Added 9-25-2022)

Connected or Independent?” via Western North Carolina WCA. The merits of staying connected with a denomination. (Added 9-24-2022)

Political context and the meaning of church” by David Scott via UMNS (commentary). “variation among political contexts in which The United Methodist Church operates… (equals) different understandings of what it means to be a “church” and different strategies pursued to be a successful church.” (Added 9-24-2022)

Disaffiliation Movement Continues, with Questions” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. A weekly news round-up. (Added 9-2

Discerning – WCA Perspective – Dan Parr 2022-08-21” via Trinity at the Well (YouTube). A local church presentation. (Added 9-24-2022)

Relativism within culture and the church” by Rev Erik Rasmussen via YouTube. Part of a series on issues facing United Methodism at First UMC Shreveport. (Added 9-24-2022)

Post by Steve Wellman via Facebook. “The Problem of Turning Scripture Against Itself in the UMC” (Added 9-24-2022

Turmoil in Africa” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News. “We have been told by informed sources that at least two of the bishops present opposed the statement and do not agree with it. Seven active bishops were present out of the 13 total active African bishops.” (Added 9-23-2022)

The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease!” by Bishop Frank Beard. “As I move around this Annual Conference (IGRC) I am discovering that the squeaky wheel of disaffiliation has very little to do with its originally intended usage. Disaffiliation began as a way for churches that are in disagreement with the current United Methodist position on homosexuality, to leave the denomination.” (Added 9-23-2022)

First United Methodist Church joins other county churches in voting to split with UMC conference” by Cheryl Burke via Carteret County News-Times. “464 members voted in favor of disaffiliation and 112 voted against, with one member abstaining. According to a letter, dated Aug. 26, from a Stay United Committee, comprised of members who opposed the split, they favored staying with the conference and a more liberal stance regarding homosexuality.” (Added 9-23-2022)

GMC Misrepresentation Continues” by David Livingston. A Great Plains clergy takes issue with an unsourced chart comparing the UMC and GMC. (Added 9-23-2022)

A Tale of Two Failed UMC Disaffiliation Votes in Oklahoma” by Jeremy Smith (Seattle). “Two churches provide case studies that reveal what the separatists want is disaffiliation by any means necessary, no matter the harm done to the local church when those votes fail.” (Added 9-22-2022)

About Our Disaffiliating Kin: A Reply to Tom Frank” by Daryll Stephens via UM Insight. “We must repent of having asked LGBTQ persons to bear the burden of our ecclesiology while awaiting the moral arc of United Methodism to bend sufficiently to prevent their ongoing victimization. (Added 9-22-2022)

Let our People Go: The Cry of Disaffiliating UMC Churches” by Timothy Tennent. Asbury President: “The Trust Clause was designed to protect churches from false doctrine.  Today, the Trust Clause is being used to pressure churches into embracing false doctrines.” (Added 9-22-2022)

Blind Loyalty and Nepotism in New Jersey Methodism” by Beth Caulfield via Juicy Ecumenism. Charges that employment opportunities for Bishop Schol’s family members appear under his leadership. (Added 9-22-2022)

College Station church votes to disaffiliate from United Methodist Church” via KBTX. 4000-member Christ Church votes to disaffiliate and join the GMC by 91% with 900 voting. (Added 9-22-2022)

#ProudtoBeUMC Website. Adam Hamilton produced a video series to answer Rob Renfroe’s video series, “Differences that Divide the UMC.” (Added 9-21-2022)

Post via WCA Facebook Page. A statement of appreciation to the Michigan conference and Bishop Bard for lowering disaffiliation requirements. Michigan is now removed from WCA’s list of punitive conferences. (Added 9-21-2022)

College Station church taking vote to disaffiliate from denomination” by Morgan Riddell via KBTX News 3. On Christ Church’s vote to join the GMC: “The church is expected about 1,000 people from their 4,000-person congregation to show up for voting. The results will be announced Wednesday morning.” (Added 9-21-2022)

Splits, Separations & Reconciliations: Introduction” by General Commission on Archives and History, United Methodist videos (YouTube). Resources for Heritage Sunday feature Methodist separations and mergers. Methodist Episcopal Church, Divisions from the Beginning, Church of the United Brethren in Christ and Evangelical Association, Free Africa Society, Mother Zoar, AME Zion, Methodist Protestant, Wesleyan Methodist Church of America, Methodist Episcopal Church South, Free Methodists, The Methodist Church, Evangelical United Brethren, The United Methodist Church, Conclusion. “The Global Methodist Church is the latest growth from out of these historic traditions… The United Methodist Church will continue… (Added 9-21-2022)

Staying: Kenny Beauvais” via Louisiana Now Podcast. The ninth in a series of podcasts produced by the Louisiana Conference and aimed at stemming the tide of disaffiliations. This epidsode focuses on embracing diversity. (Added 9-21-2022)

A Fresh Start” by Keith Boyette via Global Methodist Church. “These congregations, and thousands of others that are in the process of withdrawing, are turning a new leaf. Having expended significant energy and resources to join the GM Church, they now must shift their focus to new opportunities and possibilities. Our prayer is that they will not dwell on what is past but embrace what is new.” (Added 9-21-2022)

Tweet by John Wayne McCann. “My church is days away from our vote for disaffiliation decision. I am tired. Frustrated. And honestly angry it has gotten to this point. There is serious repentance that is needed from our leaders. Churches are tearing themselves apart because of pride and power. #umc #gmc” (Added 9-21-2022)

Rev. Dr. Leah Hidde-Gregory Representing the Global Methodist Church (GMC). September 13, 2022” via St. Luke San Angelo (YouTube). A disaffiliation information meeting in Texas featuring the chair of the GMC Transitional Leadership Council. See also “State of the UMC (as I see it)” by the pastor. (Added 9-21-2022)

Polyamory, Africa, and Methodism” by Mark Tooley via Juicy Ecumenism. “United Methodists in Africa are overwhelmingly traditionalist and evangelistic, far more so than even conservatives in the U.S. church. They have close to zero tolerance for sexual or theological liberalization.” (Added 9-21-2022)

Who Are We Now?” by John Meunier. “The most effective argument, by far, in persuading people to depart the UMC is that our polity is broken.” (Added 9-20-2022)

Weekly Update | September 20, 2022” via Mid-Texas Annual Conference (GMC). Church planting, clergy retreat, and young adult connection are among the topics for this provisional conference of the Global Methodist Church. (Added 9-20-2022)

Discerning the Way Forward Session 3 – September 21, 2022” via John Wesley UMC (Houston). See also Session 1 (Part 1), Session 1 (Part 2), and Session 2. Pastors offer content for the church aimed at denominational discernment. Seems to have a traditional focus. (Added 9-20-2022)

“Trinity’s Discernment Gathering Week One and Week Two” via Trinity UMC Birmingham. The first two in a series of four discernment sessions in a church with a small discernment team taking a Centrist approach. (Added 9-20-2022)

What to expect after leaving the United Methodist Church (hint: the local church grows)” via Dalton & Tomich. A law firm representing some disaffiliating churches says that churches grow after leaving the UMC. (Added 9-20-2022)

East Texas Methodist churches’ differing opinions leading some to split from UMC” by Erin Wides via KTRE (ABC affiliate). Local coverage of UMC divide. (Added 9-20-2022)

Connected or Independent: Why I Hope Churches Will Choose the Global Methodist Church Over Being Independent” by Jay Therrell via WCA. “I would argue that the term “independent Methodist” or “independent Wesleyan” is an oxymoron. There’s no such thing.” (Added 9-20-2022)

Post by Aliyu Samaila via Facebook. A letter purporting to be from Nigerian clergy and laity seeking the removal of Bishop Yohanna for supporting the GMC and WCA. [note: It is difficult to authenticate letters like this that appear on social media. Some suggest that Aliyu Samaila is really Ande Emmanuel and that the names/offices listed are not correct.] (Added 9-20-2022)

My heart breaks for Killearn United Methodist Church’s congregation | Opinion” by Kimberleigh Buchanan via Tallahassee Democrat. UCC Pastor: “As a straight clergywoman, I already had made a commitment to supporting people in the LGBTQ+ community.” (Added 9-19-2022)

Conversation with NOVA District Superintendent [9/18/2022]” via Nokesville UMC (YouTube). Northern Virginia District Superintendent does a presentation on disaffiliation. (Added 9-19-2022)

Trinity UMC to Disaffiliate from The United Methodist Church” by Holly Morgan via Washington Daily News. “Either it’s God’s Word or it’s not God’s Word. I can’t have it both ways and say well I want to keep most of it but I am going to skip these portions,” Noble said. (Added 9-19-2022)

The United Methodist Alternative Reality” by Trav Wilson via Juicy Ecumenism (UM Voices). “Can you trust a system so dysfunctional that this state of affairs would be permitted and even encouraged? If not, then it’s time for a peaceful, Christian revolution.” (Added 9-19-2022)

UMC Choices Archive” via Juicy Ecumenism. A collection of articles posted by the Institute on Religion and Democracy about the state of the UM denomination. (Added 9-19-2022)

UMC Youth Leaders Toolkit” via Reconciling Ministries Network. A number of resources for youth leaders to affirm LGBTQ+ youth, including “Queerfully and Wonderfully Made: A Guide for LGBTQ+ Christian Teens.” Also a list of Christian resources to avoid. (Added 9-19-2022)

Orbiting the UMC Hairball” by Bishop Laurie Haller. A NCJ bishop reposts an article from 2010 on navigating UMC dysfunction. (Added 9-19-2022)

Left Behind Part One (The Rapture Rupture)” by John Feagins via UM Insight. “The appeasement and impunity extended to these [GMC] rallies suggests that unjust privilege is, for some, even more sacred than institutional integrity and the welfare and loyalty of those who are remaining.” (Added 9-19-2022)

Grassroots groups talk up The United Methodist Church” by Sam Hodges via UMNS. Groups cropping up to counter disaffiliation include Stay UMC, Celebrate UMC, That We May Be One, Arkansans Staying United and Abide South Georgia. (Added 9-19-2022)

Tweet by Liam Adams. “UMC news: On Saturday, the Central Texas Conference held a special session in which delegates approved disaffiliation resolutions for 81 congregations, according to the conference.” (Added 9-19-2022)

Neutrality Is Not A Virtue: Revelation’s Answer to Theological Centrism In The UMC” by Steve Wellman via North Carolina Evangelical Fellowship. The pastor of New Hope Church in Goldsboro, NC offers perspectives on Centrist from the Book of Revelation. (Added 9-17-2022)

Disaffiliation Voting Results” via St. Andrew’s Community UMC in OKC. “269 Members present. 269 Votes cast. 194 Votes to disaffiliate. 73 Votes not to disaffiliate. 2 abstentions. St. Andrew’s Community United Methodist Church has voted to disaffiliate from the United Methodist Church with a 72.119% in which 66.7% was needed to pass the motion. Please continue to pray for the church and one another.” (Added 9-19-2022)

Disaffiliation Information” via Sierra Vista UMC. A San Angelo, TX congregation’s information page. (Added 9-19-2022)

Overheard: Faith United Methodist Church in Richmond, TX: voted Sun, Sep. 18. 89% in favor of disaffiliation from UMC and to join the Global Methodist Church.

Theological Perspectives Among United Methodist Members” via UM Communications (PPT). United Methodist Communications contracted with online panel organization, Research NOW, to field this study of UM beliefs in 2018. It is making the rounds recently as a snapshot of UM beliefs. (Added 9-19-2022)

Epworth UMC Livestream – Information Session Sept 15, 2022” via Epworth UMC, Concord NC (YouTube). Charles Kyker, the pastor of Christ Church in Hickory, gives a presentation on disaffiliation from the UMC. (Added 9-19-2022)

Tweet by Bishop Scott Jones. Texas Conference bishop: “To help this happen amicably, I am calling a #SpecialSession of the Texas Conference of the #UMC for the morning of 12-3-22 for a number of limited tasks, including granting separation to those churches deciding that is best for them.” (Added 9-19-2022)

Wesleyan Covenant Association denounces bishops’ claims it’s ‘wrongfully influencing God’s people’” by Michael Gryboski via Christian Post. Outside coverage of WCA’s response to a letter by some African bishops. (Added 9-19-2022)

First United Methodist to change affiliation” by Mc Cordell via Marysville Journal Tribune. Coverage of an Ohio congregation re-affiliating with the Global Methodist Church. (Added 9-17-2022)

Pastor strives to keep Methodists as one, set to speak in Fayetteville” by Frank Lockwood via Arkansas Democrat Gazette. Adam Hamilton called into Arkansas to help stem the tide of disaffiliations from the UMC. (Added 9-19-2022)

Update from Discernment Team: Benny and Monica” via Foundry Church Houston (YouTube). The Discernment Team believes a change is needed… “but really just standing firm in our beliefs.” See also message from Pastor Ray Hughes. (Added 9-18-2022)

Post by John Wesley Leek via Facebook. A Mississippi clergy outlines “three primary ways conservative congregations and pastors are responding to this moment.” (Added 9-18-2022)

Post by John Pena via Facebook. “Africa is not for sale!” A statement in support of Africa Initiative and WCA. (Added 9-18-2022)

Post via Going Global: Mid-Texas Conference GMC (Facebook). “Thankful for a peaceful Special Called CTC Annual Conference. This morning 82 churches disaffiliated from the Central Texas UMC. We expect 72 to affiliate with the Global Methodist Church by November 1st. May God bless the ministry of the GMC and the UMC. #midtexasgmc” (Added 9-17-2022)

Happenings Around the Church: Time for a Reality Check: #1 The Seminaries” by Riley Case via Confessing Movement Facebook Page. “The continuing UM Church cannot continue to support the MEF fund at the levels it has in the past. We need to close, merge, or disaffiliate from some of our present seminaries.” (Added 9-17-2022)

Gathering for Traditional Churches, Pastors, and Laity” via NewMethodistMovement. Rob Renfroe and Angela Pleasants featured at an October 22 event at ClearBranch UMC in Alabama. (Added 9-17-2022)

Informational Meeting – Disaffiliation and the Future of the UMC” via Jarvis Memorial UMC (YouTube). A Greenville, NC church holds a disaffiliation meeting with the assistant to the bishop. (Added 9-17-2022)

Willow View Church moves forward after disaffiliation vote” by Tanner Holubar via Enid News & Eagle (OK). Pastor Mark McAdow: “We’ll just be known as Willow View Church, and then we will approach our membership about the possibility of affiliating with another denomination.” (Added 9-17-2022)

Churches Discern Whether to Stay or Go” by Jim Patterson via UMNS. A round-up of discernment activity around the nation. (Added 9-17-2022)

Special session approves 55 disaffiliations, increased budget for ’23” by David Burke via Great Plains Conference. “After a special session vote of 96.5% to approve the disaffiliation of 55 churches from the Great Plains Conference, Bishop Ruben Saenz Jr. urged those remaining to strengthen their missions for Jesus Christ. ” (Added 9-17-2022)

Tweet by Bishop Scott Jones. “It’s my reality that I have been presiding over the splitting of our church, as I have tried to tell you, it is breaking my heart. There are a number of churches that are discerning whether to stay or go in the #UMC. We have to approach this process with the kind of love that John Wesley said, “Even if we cannot think alike, may we not love alike.” Surely, we may. #UMC” (Added 9-17-2022)

Tweet by Jarrod Johnston. “Praying for my colleagues and their churches, and the Bishop and cabinet in @ctcumc as they prepare for a called Annual Conference to deal with disaffiliations of many United Methodist Churches. It is just heartbreaking. … Whole regions of the conference will no longer have UMC churches in my former conference.” (Added 9-17-2022)

Special Called Annual Conference – September 17 Agenda” via Central Texas Conference. See Preliminary List of Disaffiliating Churches and Addendum. (Added 9-17-2022)

Tweet by Shane Bishop. “Networks, denominations and associations are formed so like minded Christians can focus on missional objectives without division and distraction. When they fail in this primary task, they fail their very purpose for existence.” (Added 9-17-2022)

Tweet by John Wayne McMann. “My church is days away from our vote for disaffiliation decision. I am tired. Frustrated. And honestly angry it has gotten to this point. There is serious repentance that is needed from our leaders. Churches are tearing themselves apart because of pride and power.” (Added 9-17-2022)

New Members Encourage Holston Churches During Tense Times” Anette Spence via Holston Conference. “While a few pastors may be trying to lead members away from The United Methodist Church through disaffiliation, others in Holston Conference are seeing opportunities to welcome new members to their congregations.” (Added 9-17-2022)

Tweet Thread by Stephen Fife. “The future of the UMC is relativism. This is the vision of the one church plan, and this is the vision of the leadership. The unknown is how local churches will do in this environment.” (Added 9-17-2022)

Big Ten or Revival Tent?” by Scott Field via Northern Illinois WCA. “Rather than fighting about a place in the Big Tent of United Methodism, increasing numbers of theologically conservative Methodists are putting up the Revival Tent for the express purpose of introducing others to the transformational gospel of Jesus.” (Added 9-17-2022)

Changing Course” by Scott Knowlton. “With or without the blessing of General Conference (the only group that sets doctrine for the church), progressives know where the UMC train is going and it is where progressives want to be.” (Added 9-16-2022)

UMC Bishops Make Videos, Set Meetings on Church’s Future” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. This news round-up includes coverage of Africa Initiative’s response to African bishops. (Added 9-16-2022)

UMC vs. GMC: Who has more red tape?” by Jeff Pospisil. The final in a series of video-based comparison posts. (Added 9-16-2022)

A ReStart for the United Methodist Church: The Heart of United Methodism” by Bishop Gary Mueller. Six principles for a United Methodism that includes traditionalists and moderates, written the bishop of Arkansas the day before he announced his retirement. (Added 9-15-2022)

Hope and The Future or Wesleyanism with Dr. Ryan Danker and Dr. David Watson” via New Testament Theologist Podcast (YouTube). Interview with two Wesleyan scholars about the current shifts.(Added 9-15-2022)

Bishop Mueller Announces Retirement” via Arkansas Conference. “I have sought to be a bridge builder in that broad middle I have come to call the ‘Heart of United Methodism’. I am proud of this effort, but it has not been easy. The best way I can describe it is to say that I have often felt I was marching to the beat of a drummer no one else could hear…. The deep divisions in our denomination have taken a personal toll…” (Added 9-15-2022)

UMC bishops in Africa break with Africa Initiative, Wesleyan Covenant Association” by Emily McFarlan Miller via Religion News Service. Coverage of a September 8 letter by a majority of UMC African bishops. (Added 9-15-2022)

Global Methodist Church Update with Keith Boyette” via Holy Conversations Podcast (WCA). A status update on the formation of the GMC by the Transitional Connectional Officer. (Added 9-15-2022)

A New Era of United Methodism” by JJ Warren via YouTube. A documentary of Reconciling Ministries recent trip to Kenya. (Added 9-14-2022)

Current Landscape” by Bishop Gary Mueller via YouTube. Arkansas Bishop: An update on the changing state of affairs in the UMC. (added 9-14-2022)

A Living Hope: An Open Letter About the Future Of the Alabama-West Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church” via AWFC. Clergy sign a renewal pledge for United Methodism: “God is not finished with The United Methodist Church. The Triune God who is making all things new is just beginning with us.” (Added 9-14-2022)

Buckle Up, Buttercup: Let’s Get Ready to Run” by Andrew Forrest. The new pastor of Asbury Church in Tulsa say following the disaffiliation vote: “We’re going to drop the hammer. We’re going to push the pedal hard. We’re going all in.” (Added 9-14-2022)

Why GMC Needs to Bag On UMC” by Jason Valendy via UM Insight. “But these past several months has shown me a very fundamental difference between the GMC and the UMC – how the leaders deal with those found to be distasteful, problematic, or apostate.” See also original post. (Added 9-14-2022)

The Truth about United Methodist Seminaries” by Matt Jameson via UM Voices, Juicy Ecumenism. A review of ways UMC-funded seminaries have eroded UM ministry and doctrinal standards. (Added 9-14-2022)

Willow View votes to disaffiliate from United Methodist Church” by Tanner Holubar via Enid News & Eagle. Coverage of a OK congregation’s exit vote: “The vote was 137 yes, 41 no and 8 to abstain, or 73% voting to disaffiliate. Two-thirds, or 67%, of votes were needed.” Exit fee is $366,542. (Added 9-14-2022)

A New Formula: Multiplying Methodism after Division” by Walter Fenton via Global Methodist Church. A review of Multiplying Methodism, the new book by Jeff Greenway and Bishop Mike Lowry. (added 9-14-2022)

Africa Initiative’s Response to African Bishops’ Accusation” via Juicy Ecumenism. (Added 9-13-2022)

Commentary: A Methodist Matter of Faith” by Larry Neal via Times Observer (Warren, PA). It is about Scripture, not about sexuality. (Added 9-13-2022)

United Methodist Church of the Servant disaffiliation vote was decided by only a few people” by Carla Hinton via The Oklahoman. Two ballots made the difference in a key disaffiliation vote that fell just short of super-majority. (Added 9-13-2022)

In stunning development, United Methodist African bishops repudiate separatist group” by Cynthia Astle via Baptist News Global. The editor of UM Insight writes for a Progressive Baptist outlet. Further down, the article gets into episcopal elections here in the U.S. (Added 9-13-2022)

Is the Protocol Doomed?” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News. “One thing some UM leaders fail to recognize is that their heavy-handed tactics only serve to make the case for why churches and clergy should withdraw and join the GM Church.” (Added 9-13-2022)

The Decline and Renewal of the American Church: Part 1 – The Decline of the Mainline” by Tim Keller via Life in the Gospel. “The decline of mainline Protestantism, once the unofficial religion of America, was both a cause of and a result of this breakdown in American society. It both paved the way to the secularization of culture (rather than resisting it) and then became the victim of the same wave it had facilitated.” (Added 9-13-2022)

‘Heartbroken’: Killearn United Methodist Church Splits Over Gay Marriage, Clergy” via Tallahassee Democrat. Coverage of a 2400 member church voting overwhelming vote to disaffiliate. There is a pay wall. See also a letter from UMC clergy with some connection to the exiting congregation saying farewell: “we cannot follow where you’re going.” (Added 9-13-2022)

The Division and Future of the United Methodist Church” via Altoona United Methodist Church via YouTube. A series of six videos from Altoona United Methodist Church (Iowa) describing the divisions within the UMC. (Added 9-13-2022)

The steps leaders of a local church should take when a congregation is not ready to leave the UMC” by Dan Dalton via Dalton & Tomich. A law firm representing exiting churches offers guidance on getting a church ready to leave the UMC. (Added 9-13-2022)

A Word of Lament for the United Methodist Church” by Tim Carson via Facebook. “The United Methodist Church my generation of clergy is handing off to the clergy coming into ministry now is in far worse shape than the United Methodist Church that was handed to me in 1996.” (Added 9-13-2022)

Episode 3 – Guest Kira Calhoun-Wilson – Part 1 – Commentary & Opinion” by PlainSpoken Podcast via YouTube. See also Part Two. Topics include conservative entrapment, statements by non-U.S. bishops, and lack of transparency on conference finances. (Added 9-13-2022)

How to Read a Sentence” by Keith Sweat. On the South Carolina bishop and others who hold that Par. 2553 does not apply to traditionalists in a conference upholding the Discipline. (Added 9-13-2022)

Africa Initiative’s Response to African Bishop’s Accusation” by Africa Initiative Executive Committee. A response to the September 8 letter by African bishops. (Added 9-13-2022)

A Fog in the Pews” by Jonathan Brewster via Firebrand Magazine. “As a Wesleyan, I agree that the way of the gospel is the way of love. But what is love? This seems to be at the heart of the confusion and the source of the fog that occupies many pulpits. Love isn’t the avoidance of offense… Love… is the desire to see others thrive, while pointing them to the ultimate and highest source of love found in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We call this holy love.” (Added 9-14-2022)

Christology Matters” by Caleb Speicher via Firebrand Magazine. “I am a United Methodist, and we have a problem—a big problem. We have fully accepted a post-modern deconstructed view of the world where the individual is the ultimate locus of authority and truth, which means that in practice, a person’s thoughts about God or what is good or true or beautiful are sacred and must be accepted.” (Added 9-13-2022)

Why I’m Moving to the GMC – To Remain Faithful” by Burt Palmer via Kingwood UMC. “[Shawn and I] choose the ancient path of the historic faith contained in the Holy Scriptures and the rich Wesleyan heritage of Methodists. That path leads us to the Global Methodist Church.” See also: Kingwood UMC Affiliation Page. (Added 9-13-2022)

Tweet by Liam Adams. “UMC news: The Great Plains Conference, based in Topeka, Kansas, held a special session on Saturday to consider the disaffiliations for 55 congregations. A conference spokesperson confirmed to me that those 55 were approved by delegates at the session.” (Added 9-12-2022)

The Argument United Methodist Bishops Should Be Making” by Scott Fritizsche via Unsettled Christianity. An argument about homosexual practice from the UM doctrinal standards. (Added 9-12-2022)

Judicial Council Fall Docket via Resource UMC. The nature of GC2024, disaffiliation requirements, and relief in North Katanga are among the 24 items on the UMC high court’s fall docket released today. (Added 9-12-2022)

A Centrist Replies to Rob Renfroe” by David Livingston. A Kansas clergy offers a response to “A Few Hard Questions” by Rob Renfroe. (Added 9-12-2022)

Holding on by Letting Go” by Steve Wellman via North Carolina Evangelical Fellowship. A point-by-point response Bishop Willimon’s article in Christian Century. (Added 9-12-2022)

Overheard: On the extremely close- to-supermajority vote at Church of the Servant in Oklahoma City: Some are raising concerns that DS Sam Powers opened the disaffiliation meeting with a strong speech against disaffiliation. He is said to have voiced criticism of WCA and to have mentioned the letter by African bishops. It is also said that he criticized the pastor for leading the church toward a disaffiliation vote. Members not aligned with WCA are said to have been outraged in the conduct of the D.S.. (Added 9-12-2022)

A Special Statement from the Wesleyan Covenant Association” by WCA with a further statement by Simon Mafunda and Kimba Evareste. A response to the September 8 by some African bishops. (Added 9-12-2022)

UMC vs GMC: What about the Trust Clause?” by Jeff Pospisil via YouTube. The treasurer of the UMC Dakotas Conference discusses the trust clause. (Added 9-12-2022)

Where are the United Methodist Protocol Bishops Now?” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. Bishops on the Protocol negotiation team were interviewed as to whether their present actions reflect their previous commitment to gracious separation. (Added 9-12-2022)

Why I will Remain a United Methodist” by Jack Harnish. The list: Theology, Global Connexion, Apportionment system, trust clause, and the Appointment system for clergy. (Added 9-12-2022)

Tweet by John Lomperis. “At least one #UnitedMethodist African bishop has already confirmed that statement supposedly from “the African bishops” condemning theologically orthodox caucuses is NOT supported by him, and other #UMC bishops in Africa also do not support it. Developing…” (Added 9-12-2022)

Tweet by Caleb Speicher. “Bishops preserve the institution. That is their job. It has always been their job. Good bishops preserve the institution by ensuring its integrity. Bad bishops preserve the institution through coercion. #UMC bishops must decide what sorts of bishops they wish to be.” (Added 9-12-2022)

Epworth UMC Livestream – Info Session on Sunday, Sept 11, 2022” via Epworth UMC Concord, NC. Amy Coles, Assistant to the Bishop, gives a presentation on disaffiliation. (Added 9-12-2022)

Disaffiliation Workshop Update for CTC Churches” via Mid-Texas Conference – GMC (YouTube). Denny Lessman provides information for churches to complete the disaffiliation process after the special called Annual Conference on September 17. First Methodist Waco will host a workshop on October 8 at their downtown campus on Austin Avenue. (Added 9-12-2022)

“Why is the UMC Splitting” Video Series via First UMC of Yazoo City (YouTube). A local church produced explanatory videos on the UMC split. (Added 9-11-2022)

Post by Jeff Harper via Facebook. Pastor of one of the larger Ohio congregations: “After six long years of trying to exit the denomination EUM Church voted 99.5% to disaffiliate from the United Methodist Denomination — 198 yes votes and 1 No vote. We also had a number of people invite Jesus into their lives during our weekend worship services. God is moving!” (Added 9-11-2022)

Africa Voices for Unity Statement” via Izzy Alvaran via Facebook. A group aligned with U.S. Centrists celebrates the September 8 Statement by African bishops. (Added 9-11-2022)

Town Hall w/ Ben Gosden 9-11-22” via Thomasville First UMC (Youtube). A progressive South Georgia clergy encourages others to stay UMC and indicates the main work of GC2024 will be on disaffiliation mechanisms, not changing church teaching on marriage (Added 9-11-2022)

Called Church Conference Results” via Church of the Servant (OK City). On disaffiliation: ” 66.4% of the votes were yes; a 66.7% vote was not achieved to disaffiliate.” (Added 9-11-2022)

Multiplying Methodism with Bishop Mike Lowry and Jeff Greenway” via Holy Conversations Podcast (WCA). An interview with two GMC leaders on the release of their new book. (Added 9-10-2022)

Thoughts on that Statement by African Bishops” by Chris Ritter via The 9/8/22 letter by African bishops is best understood in light of internal tensions caused by the UMC and its break-up. (Added 9-10-2022)

Just Another Day in the UMC” by Laura Saffell via Western PA WCA. A clergy reflects on a meeting led by the bishop and the recent article about a Western PA clergy who has a wife, girlfriend, and is looking for a boyfriend. A call for honesty about the direction of the UMC. (Added 9-10-2022)

Discussion on African Bishops’ Statement” by Jeffrey Rickman via PlainSpoken Podcast. A discussion of the Africa Bishops’ Statement critical of Africa Initiative and WCA. (Added 9-9-2022)

Tweet by John Lomperis. “Yes, there are bigger #UMC / #GMC divides than gay weddings. Note #inumc minister + conference staffer posting yesterday “If there is really life and justice after death, may Elizabeth and her ancestors get what they deserve.” IF there is life after death. Hmmm” (Added 9-9-2022)

African Bishops present the UMC future that the GMC most fears” by Jeremy Smith. Seattle pastor believes the African bishops letter portends a progressive wave for the UMC. (Added 9-9-2022)

Response to GMC Pastor Letter” via Tom Berlin. The author answers remarks about him related to his advocacy against the Traditional Plan at GC2019. (Added 9-9-2022)

It is Never Too Late to Do the Right Thing” by Louis Kasongo via Facebook. The former Dean of Cabinet in the North Katanga Conference responds to a recent statement by African bishops. See also a response by the same author to a RMN-supported UM church being dedicated in Kenya. (Added 9-9-2022)

Press Release via Florida WCA (Facebook). Florida WCA President Jeremy Rebman refutes district superintendents who are telling churches there is no need to rush if they want to exit the UMC. (Added 9-9-2022)

African bishops call for unity, condemn advocacy groups” by Eveline Chikwanah via UMNS. “‘The Africa Initiative and Wesleyan Covenant (Association) are pushing for obedience to the Bible and the Book of Discipline. Why should we not associate with them?” said Yohanna, who did not attend the meeting.” (Added 9-9-2022)

What Church Splits Can Teach Us About a Dividing America” by Russell Moore via Christianity Today. “[The UMC Split] makes sense to me… Both groups agree that the stakes, although different for each faction, are equally high—and there’s no way to meet in the middle.” (Added 9-9-2022)

Letters: Methodist church split giving off stench of power, bigotry” by DM Pike via Waco Tribune-Herald. A letter to the editor against disaffiliation: “the continuing stench emanating from the cauldron of bigotry and cravings for power motivates me to say more.” (Added 9-9-2022)

Washington church considers disaffiliation from UMC” by Holly Morgan via Washington Daily News. Opposing views highlighted in coverage of a North Carolina congregation’s disaffiliation vote. (Added 9-9-2022)

More Oklahoma Methodist churches consider dissolving ties with denomination” by Carla Hinton via The Oklahoman. The Church of the Servant, “a prominent Oklahoma City house of worship has joined several churches that are poised to sever ties with the United Methodist denomination.” (Added 9-9-2022)

Post via the UMC Arkansas Conference (Facebook). Bishop Mueller names Michael Roberts as Director of Newly Created Arkansas Conference ReStart Initiative “to support those who will remain United Methodist even if their congregations ultimately disaffiliate.” (Added 9-9-2022)

Tweet by Drew McIntyre. “Lots of United Methodists in America suddenly began caring about the opinions African United Methodists yesterday.”

Tweet by John Lomperis. On the polyamorous Western PA clergy: “More to come in post-separation #UMC? Local paper runs op-ed by current #UnitedMethodist pastor using same arguments as LGBTQ activists to lament how denomination will not (yet) accept his lifestyle of having multiple partners” (Added 9-9-2022)

Bishop Bickerton on the UMC Protocol” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. A series continues with responses from Bishop Bickerton on the Protocol. (added 9-9-2022)

UMC African Bishops Repudiate WCA, Africa Initiative” by Maidstone Mulenga via UM Insight. Coverage of a recent statement by a majority of African UM bishops. (Added 9-9-2022)

Tweet Thread by Chris Ritter. “Thoughts on the recent statement by African bishops both reaffirming biblical teaching and distancing themselves from the Africa Initiative and WCA: #UMC” (Added 9-9-2022)

Setting the Record Straight: Clarifying Intentions” by Thomas Lambrecht via Good News. “Since adversarial maneuvering is what we have, it is important to clarify some of the misinformation that is being spread by official denominational channels.” (Added 9-9-2022)

Being a Queer Pastor Isn’t for the Faint of Heart: A first-person essay on bisexuality, polyamory, and acceptance” by Anonymous via Pittsburgh City Paper. A Western Pennsylvania UMC clergy shares anonymously about being a queer, polyamorous pastor with both a wife, girlfriend, and dreams of a boyfriend. Looks forward to the split after which he can be more open. (Added 9-8-2022)

You May Have Heard” via North Carolina Conference. A document seeking to dispel myths related to UMC separation. (Added 9-8-2022)

Statement from the African Colleges of Bishops” via UM Council of Bishops. The African bishops renounce ties with the Africa Initiative and WCA as they see the goals of these groups have changed. (Added 9-8-2022)

Is the United Methodist Really…? (Part Four)” via UM Communications. More questions and answers related to disaffiliation. (Added 9-8-2022)

Church Must Address Property Issues in Net-Zero Effort” by Thomas Edwards Frank and Richard Reinhard via UMNS. The biggest step The United Methodist Church could take to reduce its carbon footprint would be to address its vast amounts of underused property. (Added 9-8-2022)

Living In The Overflow: The Top 10 Reasons To Become GMC Vs. Going Independent” by Steve Wellman via New Hope Church (Facebook video). A presentation in North Carolina on why the GMC is preferred over independent status. (Added 9-8-2022)

A Few Hard Questions” by Rob Renfroe via Good News Magazine. “Abandoning the biblical view of marriage has not caused any mainline church to grow. Doing so has only increased the rate of their decline. There is no reason to believe it will be any different with the UM Church.” (Added 9-8-2022)

UMC Pastor: Abortion is a ‘Gray’ Issue” by Colin Bastian via Juicy Ecumenism. On Adam Hamilton’s event: “But given the Kansas referendum result, we should ask whether this relativistic attitude from our churches has failed to promote in society, and even within the church, a high regard for all human life.” (Added 9-8-2022)

Addressing Denominational Tensions” by David Bard via Michigan Conference UMC. “The road ahead will be bumpy.” A bishop gives a thorough statement on things happening related to disaffiliations in the Michigan Conference. See also Minnesota Conference version. (Added 9-8-2022)

Tweet Thread by Chris Ritter. A collection of unpublished posts on Methodism, boiled down to 280 characters or less. (Added 9-7-2022)

Multiplying Methodism: A Bold Witness of Wesleyan Faith at the Dawn of the Global Methodist Church by Bishop Mike Lowry and Jeff Greenway via Amazon. A new book in support of a new day for Methodism, with endorsements by Leah Hidde-Gregory, Bill Arnold, Chris Ritter, Bishop Mark Webb, and Carolyn Moore. (Added 9-7-2022)

You Shall Have No Other Gods BEFORE Me?” by Jason Valendy via UM Insight. #BeUMC pastor: “God’s wisdom and cleverness shines through by saying in this commandment – ‘Look, I know you are not going to give up your idols, in fact you can keep all your other ‘gods’, they do not bother me, but do not have those gods before me.'” (Added 9-7-2022)

Communicators Share Information to Counteract Lies About the UMC” via UM Insight. “Counteracting lies about The United Methodist Church has been the challenge of United Methodist conference communicators over Summer 2022.” (Added 9-7-2022)

Rev. Dr. Connie Mitchell Shelton: Humility. Courage. Discernment.” via Connie for Bishop. A Mississippi episcopal candidate: “I pray churches who have longed for full inclusion will be patient with those churches who still wrestle. And churches practicing full inclusion will offer to be a place to marry and lift up LBGTQIA+ persons for ordination and stand in the gap for those churches and clergy not there yet.” (Added 9-7-2022)

Council of Bishops: Best Practices on Disaffiliation Matters” via UMC Council of Bishops (PDF). A COB document on best administrative practices related to disaffiliation. (Added 9-7-2022)

Western Jurisdiction Episcopal Candidates for the UMC. Listings of a crowded field of 33 candidates for bishop in the Western Jurisdiction. (Added 9-7-2022)

Post by David Donnan. On South Georgia GMC leadership team: “These preachers have had some of the most fruitful methodist ministries in South Georgia! Blessed to work alongside great leaders like Jimmy Towson, Jim Cowart, and Jay Hanson. I am looking forward to getting to know the laity on our team.” (Added 9-7-2022)

SGAGMC Announces the Formation of Executive Team” via South Georgia GMC. Local organization comes to the GMC in South Georgia with a provisional annual conference. (Added 9-7-2022)

Overheard: A new book by Bishop Mike Lowry and Jeff Greenway will be available for purchase tomorrow at noon via Amazon. The title is Multiplying Methodism – A Bold Witness of Wesleyan Faith at the Dawn of the Global Methodist Church. (Added 9-7-2022)

Clergy Deployment in the Global Methodist Church” by Keith Boyette via GMC. Details on the clergy deployment system of the new denomination. (Added 9-7-2022)

The UMC” by Erik Rasmussen via Shreveport First (LA) (video). A pastor provides a sermon to his congregation about the status of the UMC as they discern their future. (Added 9-6-2022)

UMC vs GMC: How will churches get their pastors?” via Jeff Pospisil via YouTube. The treasurer of the Dakotas Conference (UMC) interviews former DS Roger Spahr. See also “UMC vs. GMC: Which one costs more?” and “Which one has better benefits for churches?” (Added 9-6-2022)

The United Methodist Split – a Conservative Methodist’s Perspective – Get Out While the Goings’ Good” by Jeff Dollar via YouTube. A clergy in the Evangelical Methodist denomination speaks about the United Methodist split and invites UM’s to consider them as an option. (Added 9-6-2022)

Staying: A Conversation with Co-Host Van Stinson” via Louisiana Conference UMC (YouTube). A video series supporting staying in the UMC. See also Episode One, “Staying, A Conversation with Bishop Cynthia Fierro Harvey” (Added 9-6-2022)

Why are Churches Leaving the United Methodist Church (UMC)?” by Jonathan Burris via YouTube. A non-UMC pastor with Methodist roots takes on recent statements by Stan Copeland. (Added 9-6-2022)

Interview: Union County pastor explains church’s decision to leave United Methodist Church” via WTVA (YouTube). Interview with Jeff Lawrence, pastor of Bethlehem UMC in New Albany, MS on their 100% decision to disaffiliate. (Added 9-6-2022)

The fall 2022 UMC Conference dates for local churches who wish to leave under 2553 of the Discipline” via Dalton & Tomich. A law firm representing some disaffiliating churches discusses sixteen annual conferences holding special sessions this fall. Runs down the hot spots for disaffiliation. (Added 9-6-2022)

GMC vs FMC vs Nondenom Clip” via PlainSpoken Podcast (Youtube). “What are the pros and cons of the different options for disaffiliating from The United Methodist Church? Are any of the options clearly better than others?” See also the full episode. (Added 9-6-2022)

Three Departing Bishops Clip” via PlainSpoken Podcast (YouTube). “Three different bishops who lean right have left or will soon be leaving their positions. What potential impact does this have for conservatives who have not yet left?” See also the full episode. (Added 9-6-2022)

Tucker First UMC Informational Session 2 (September 1)” via YouTube. Dan Parr from the North Georgia WCA offers a presentation to a local church. See also session one with District Superintendent Byron Thomas (also the North Georgia head of delegation and episcopal candidate.) (Added 9-6-2022)

Navigating Female Leadership in the Church” by Carolyn Moore via Firebrand Magazine. The chair of the WCA council releases a new book, When Women Lead. This is an excerpt. (Added 9-6-2022)

Disaffiliation and the Coming Drop-Deadline” by Chris Ritter via Outlook (WCA). Why the 12-31-2023 disaffiliation deadline is real and likely to be the only off ramp from the progressive direction of United Methodism. (Added 9-6-2022)

Metro District Presentation : The Future of the UMC” via SouthPark Church (Charlotte, NC) Youtube. The DS and Assistant to the bishop host a district-wide presentation on the future of the UMC. (Added 9-5-2022)

Informational Interview on Remaining UMC” by NorthWest Texas Conference (YouTube). A 25-minute interview on the prospects of staying in the UMC. See also a companion video on the GMC. (Added 9-5-2022)

Episode 98: A Conversation with Bishop Mande Muyombo” via Pod Have Mercy Podcast (Chapelwood UMC with John Stephens). Centrists talk to the bishop of the North Katanga Conference to make the point that dividing the UMC will harm the poor in Africa. [See also an earlier episode with Adam Hamilton the Compendium missed.] (Added 9-5-2022)

For Those Remaining in the South Carolina Captivity” by Keith Sweat. A former UM clergy talks problems in the South Carolina Conference and United Methodism in general. (Added 9-5-2022)

Cornerstone UMC Houston Bishop Scott Jones Q&A 08-14-2022” via YouTube. A Houston area church hosts a presentation and Q&A with Bishop Jones: “Not to decide is to decide.” “The Protocol is dead in the water.” (Added 9-5-2022)

Discerning the Way Forward – Session 1 Part 1 – August 31, 2022” via John Wesley UMC (Houston) Youtube. The three pastors of a Houston area church discuss the state of the UMC. 31:00 (Added 9-5-2022)

Congregational Discernment Meeting, 2022 08 14” via Hope UMC, Ephrata, PA (Youtube). Joe DiPaolo presents “United Methodism, Global Methodism, and the Future: Two Different Trajectories.” (Added 9-5-2022)

Haven’t We Always Been United Methodist?” via First UMC Yazoo City, MS (YouTube). A pastor walks his congregation through the various denominational iterations that have comprised American Methodism (24 minutes). (Added 9-5-2022)

United Methodist Separation in Europe” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. Developments in Europe related to UM separation. (Added 9-4-2022)

Tweet by Eric Huffman (part of the emerging Foundry network): “An extremely powerful church leader once proudly said to me: “I am accountable to no one but God!” It wasn’t Mark Driscoll or Matt Chandler. It was a UMC bishop who, like all bishops, can unduly promote or ruin clergy & congregations w impunity. Denomination ≠ Accountability” (Added 9-5-2022)

UMC break has been years in the making” by Josh Cotton via Times Observer (Warren, PA). “While issues including lack of accountability, abuse of power, and lack of local control will be cited as reasons driving the split, the issue at the heart of the divide is human sexuality.” (Added 9-5-2022)

St. Timothy on the Northshore taking steps to leave the United Methodist denomination” by Sara Pagones via On the exit of the largest church in Louisiana; “Vince Liuzza, who is gay, said that he and his partner of 22 years joined St. Timothy because they found a home, fellowship and spiritual guidance. He supports the move to leave the UMC.” (Added 9-5-2022)

Un-United Methodists: Church splinters between its conservative and gay-affirming sides” via Raleigh News & Observer. [paywall] Local coverage of UMC split. (Added 9-5-2022)

EDITOR’S NOTEBOOK: The Power of Apology, United Methodist Tragedy” by Warren Cole Smith via MinistryWatch. “The United Methodists could learn much from the history of other denominations that have jettison’s a biblical understanding of human sexuality.” (Added 9-4-2022)

The Day the United Methodist Church Died” by R.C. Muhlbaier. An Indiana clergy offers this first in a series of posts about his experiences serving in and leaving the United Methodist Church. (Added 9-4-2022)

Episode 1: Methodist Hope for What Comes Next with Will Willimon” via The Methodist Foundation (Podcast). Bishop Willimon offers his take on the future of the UMC and GMC. (Added 9-4-2022)

Bishop Tracy S. Malone Message to EOC Clergy and Laity 090322” via Vimeo. The bishop of the East Ohio Conference rebukes the local WCA Chapter for sending an invitation to informational meetings in disaffiliation to local lay leaders. (Added 9-4-2022)

Tweet Poll by Chris Ritter. “When a large church votes to disaffiliate, what should be the message of the #UMC toward the minority? (1) Ask them to stay put, (2) Recruit them to leave, (3) Offer help as needed.” (Added 9-3-2022)

Letter to Jonesboro First Methodist (AR)” by DS John Fleming. “Bishop Mueller and I, along with the rest of the Appointive Cabinet, are already exploring all options to make sure that no matter the final outcome, you will have a place you can call home in The United Methodist Church.” (Added 9-3-2022)

Weekly Update | September 3, 2022” via Mid-Texas Conference (GMC). Meetings with Bishop Lowry, getting pre-approved by the GMC, a legal workshop, and NextGen ministries among the news in a GMC conference deep in the heart of Texas. (Added 9-3-2022)

Bishop Juan Rejects UMC Protocol He Negotiated” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. Reporting on Bishop Juan’s shift regarding The Separation Protocol. (Added 9-3-2022)

Bishop meets with church as part of disaffiliation process” by Josh Cotton via Times-Observer. Coverage of Bishop Moore-Koikoi’s visit to a Warren, PA congregation for a standing-room-only, district-wide disaffiliation informational meeting. (Added 9-3-2022)

A Denomination in Divide” via Katie Pratt, (YouTube). A Tyler, TX news source features the UM divide. (Added 9-3-2022)

Post by Lonnie Brooks via Facebook. A long-time Alaska lay leader planning to stay in the UMC critiques a recent video by Bishop Trimble as an example of the abysmal state of rhetoric in the UMC. (Added 9-3-2022)

Post by Sky McCracken via Facebook. “Which all leads me back to the religious conflict in my denomination: it may be that orthodoxy, orthopraxy, and orthopathy are not constants in the universe, but informed by our intellects, our upbringing, and our thought processes… which clearly have no universal norm.” (Added 9-3-2022)

Kedging Our Way to a Hopeful Future” by Michael Beck via UMNS. “While the seemingly endless debate about schism rages on among the Methodist family, taking up headline space about the denomination, a movement of the Holy Spirit has been quietly spreading.” (Added 9-6-2022)

Important Conversations Made Easier with UMC Presentation Slides” via UM Insight. UM Communications offers PPT slides promoting the #BeUMC message. (Added 9-2-2022)

What will American Protestantism look like after the wars inside the ‘Seven Sisters’ are done?” by Terry Mattingly via Get Religion. “The current maneuvers by the North American UMC establishment may well limit the number of dropouts joining the Global Methodist Church. Its vision has been to unite a million or more U.S. Methodist evangelicals with the growing Methodist churches in Africa and Asia, creating an effective and innovative international denomination dedicated to defending current United Methodist doctrines.” (Added 9-2-2022)

United Methodists Exit Now!” via The IRD Youtube Channel. A 7.5 minute appeal for Methodists to exit the UMC. (Added 9-2-2022)

08 23 2022 Discussion on Disaffiliation” via St. John’s UMC (YouTube). Video of a presentation in a church in Georgetown, TX. Includes video outtakes from throughout the UMC, including theological problems in the UMC and drag queen worship services. (Added 9-2-2022)

Sinking Sand: Why I am Leaving the United Methodist Church” by Mindy Dennison via Good News. “And for my fellow cradle Methodists, and for United Methodists everywhere who find themselves struggling with the idea of what comes next, I have this good news: meaningful and relevant ministry exists outside of the institution of The United Methodist Church.” (Added 9-2-2022)

The Way Forward … Disaffiliation Information Session Part 1” by Northwest Hills UMC (YouTube). A local church presentation in Austin, TX. (Added 9-2-2022)

Why is Methodism Splitting?” by David Donnan. A breakdown of governance and trust issues are cited. (Added 9-2-2022)

Disaffiliation and the Coming Drop-Deadline” by Chris Ritter via Thoughts on disaffiliation and why next year’s deadline is real. (Added 9-2-2022)

Three Simple Observations on Bishop Trimble’s Video” by Bob Phillips via IGRC WCA Facebook Group. A critique of Bishop Trimble’s “Buyer Beware” video. (Added 9-1-2022)

[Link improved] “June 12, 2022 | Free Methodist Bishop Keith Cowart” via Latham UMC. An interesting presentation by a Free Methodist bishop to a discerning congregation in Guntersville, AL. (Added 9-1-2022)

PlainSpoken Podcast with Jeffrey Rickman. A long-form video podcast on Facebook focusing on the tensions in the UMC. (Added 9-1-2022)

Bishop Trimble: Buyer Beware” via Indiana Conference. The bishop of the Indiana Conference connects Rob Renfroe’s video series with the Ku Klux Klan as he critiques the GMC. (Added 9-1-2022)

“Reasons for Disaffiliation, Part One: Disagreement on Essentials” by Mark Ongley via Western PA WCA. First in a four-part series for the reasons behind disaffiliation. (Added 9-1-2022)

Future of the UMC: Bishop’s Reflections” featuring Bishop Ruben Saenz, Jr. (In Layman’s Terms podcast). “Bishop Ruben Saenz Jr. shares some reflections on what has transpired in The United Methodist Church, the process of disaffiliations, and his hope for the future of the denomination as we conclude a short four-episode series on the future of the UMC.” (Added 9-1-2022)

Methodism Implodes Amid Litigation” by Mark Tooley via The World. An opinion piece featured in a Christian news outlet about the Florida litigation. (Added 9-1-2022)

The Methodist Divide” via The Advance (Vidalia, GA). The top, front-page headline of a Sunday paper in Georgia dedicated to the division happening in Methodism. (Added 9-1-2022)

Arkansas’ Largest United Methodist Church Considers Disaffiliation” by Matthew Moore via KUAF. An NPR affiliate discusses the discernment happening at Central UMC in Fayetteville. (Added 9-1-2022)

United Methodist churches face deadline for disaffiliation” by Eric Freehling via Butler Eagle. Local coverage of the 12-31-23 deadline for disaffiliation: “The Rev. Keith McIlwain, pastor of Slippery Rock United Methodist Church, 130 Franklin St., Slippery Rock, said his 300-member congregation is talking about issues facing the denomination.” (Added 9-1-2022)

‘Is the United Methodist Church Really…?’: Part Three” via United Methodist Communications. Questions related to abortion, disaffiliation, and apportionments are included in this third installment of a FAQ series defending the UMC. (Added 9-1-2022)

‘Musical Preacher’ Pens Book on Communion as Way to UMC Unity” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. A book by a leader in the Alabama #StayUMC movement is featured. (Added 9-1-2022)

[Not so] Frequenting Asked Questions” via Western North Carolina WCA. Redefining vs. reaffirming the doctrinal standards of the UMC. (Added 8-31-2022)

Tweet by Bishop Scott Jones. “The coming split in our church is a deep defeat for me. As a man who has tried to champion the extreme center, who has tried to do these things, this is just going to be a really, really hard time. Let’s continue to pray for one another in Jesus’ name.” (Added 8-31-2022)

Advance Approval of Local Church and Clergy Membership in the Global Methodist Church” by Keith Boyette via Global Methodist Church. “Current UM churches and clergy do not have to wait until completion of the UM withdrawal process to apply for membership in the GM Church. The Transitional Leadership Council… will approve your membership application as a church or clergy in advance of your withdrawal from the UM Church with an effective date that coincides with the date of withdrawal.” (Added 8-31-2022)

Reflections on a Historic Kenya RMN Gathering” via Reconciling Ministries. Three authors share their reflections from the recent RMN trip to Kenya where a building was dedicated. (Added 8-30-2022)

Overheard: On the COB approach to disaffiliations agreed to last week: The COB did not approve a new disaffiliation document. They “agreed upon clarity and direction.” Specifically, they underscored the sunset time for Par. 2553 is 12-3-23, including AC vote. (Added 8-30-2022)

Bishops plan for the election of new colleagues” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. “Haupert-Johnson said the Southeastern Jurisdiction is contemplating a major restructuring of the jurisdictional system. “We’d like to lead the whole church in the possible discontinuation of the jurisdictions,” she said. (Added 8-30-2024)

Bishops agree ways to tackle gun violence; church disaffiliations” by UMC Council of Bishops. “The bishops then heard a report from the Disaffiliation Task Force and acted on several recommendations related to matters of disaffiliation and clergy orders to create a uniform approach to how bishops deal with the process of disaffiliation as well as the manner in which they deal with clergy withdrawals.” (Added 8-30-2022)

On Separation, Schism, and Seasons” by David Watson via Firebrand Magazine. Thoughts the dean of a UM seminary on his decision to leave the UMC. (Added 8-30-2022)

“Holy Boldness” by Jay Therrell via WCA. “We must follow Jesus even when it costs us.” (Added 8-30-2022)

Post by Lonnie Brooks via Facebook. A reflection on the day General Conference was supposed to have convened. (Added 8-30-2022)

Post by Paul Black via Illinois Great Rivers Conference. “Bishop Laurie Haller to retire Dec. 31, setting up potentially three Episcopal elections in the NCJ when they gather Nov. 2-5 in Fort Wayne, Ind.” (Added 8-29-2022)

Post by Rob Renfroe via Facebook. “The most recent account I have seen is that 273 congregations in the Texas Annual Conference are in the process of discernment about leaving the UMC. (Added 8-29-2022)

Mid-Texas Conference (GMC) Weekly Update | August 27, 2022” Includes list of churches who have joined the conference and those in discernment. (Added 8-29-2022)

Special sessions of United Methodist annual conferences 2022” via UMNS. Lists conferences holding special sessions this fall to consider disaffiliation votes. (Added 8-29-2022)

Liberal Bishops Have Redefined United Methodist Polity” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. The COB “have effectively changed UM polity by largely nullifying the authority of General Conference and getting the Judicial Council to consistently give this group everything it requests in major policy changes.” (Added 8-29-2022)

LakeRidge UMC Disaffiliation Vote Results” via Facebook. A congregation in Lubbock, TX voted 95% to disaffiliate with 450 members present. A subsequent vote to join the GMC was approved by 98.4%.

Tulsa Asbury Disaffiliation Vote Results” via Asbury Methodist (Tulsa). 98.05% majority to disaffiliate. 1637 total ballots. (Added 8-28-2022)

United Methodist Church remains fractured over ordaining LGBTQ+ clergy” by David Gura via NPR. “David Gura speaks with Rev. Kimberly Scott about last week’s meeting of the United Methodist Church’s Council of Bishops and its impeding vote on whether to ordain gay pastors.” (Added 8-28-2022)

Foundry Network offers third alternative to disaffected UMC churches” by Cynthia Astle via Baptist News Global. Coverage of a network forming from former UM mega churches. (Added 8-28-2022)

On Remaining United Methodist” by Allison Cambre via YouTube. Retired Texas Conference clergy responds to Rob Renfroe’s video series. (Added 8-28-2022)

Post by Vaughn Stafford via Facebook. A Northern Alabama Conference clergy shares his insights on local church disaffiliation. (Added 8-27-2022)

Mt. Bethel Church Says It’s Not Joining Foundry Network” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. Consultant: Mt. Bethel “is currently in a period of quiet and discernment, and is not actively considering any formal associations with other groups or denominations at this time.” (Added 8-27-2022)

Post via Indiana Confessing Movement Facebook Page. “Eight Things Forgotten That Now Matter in the Turmoil of the UMC. (Added 8-27-2022)

Post by Bill Trench via Progressive Methodists Facebook Page. Offers an article written by a UMC clergy defining Progressive Christianity. Article: “Jesus isn’t God. Jesus didn’t die for our sins. Jesus wasn’t killed instead of us.” (Added 8-27-2022)

WCA Response to UMC Bishops Regarding UMC Doctrinal Standards” by Jay Therrell via YouTube. No one the doctrinal standards will change. This straw man argument distracts from the fact they are being ignored. (Added 8-27-2022)

United Methodist Judicial Council Narrows Exit Ramps” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. Coverage of recent Judicial Council decision on the meaning of 2548.2. (Added 8-27-2022)

Thoughts on Disaffiliation from Bishop Gregory V. Palmer” via West Ohio Conference (YouTube). There is “Plenty good room” for all. (Added 8-26-2022)

Omitting Hell (It’s Not Traditional)” by Scott Fritzsche via Unsettled Christianity. Answering a UM clergy who argues there is no hell. See also Part Two on Omitting the Apostles Creed. (Added 8-26-2022)

Death by Bologna Sandwich” by Mark Tooley via Juicy Ecumenism. “The United Methodist era of million dollar agencies, guaranteed jobs for clergy, scores of bishops and tens of thousands of churches, unaccountable seminaries, under a command and control structure, is ending.” (Added 8-26-2022)

Judicial Council Eliminates Yet Another Exit Route” by Tom Lambrecht. “The 2019 General Conference also envisioned Par. 2548.2 as a possible means of disaffiliation when it included that paragraph in the pension provisions it enacted in Par. 1504.23. But the Judicial Council ignored that inconvenient fact.” (Added 8-26-2022)

Bishop dedicates reconciling church in Kenya” by Gad Maiga via UMNS. Quotes JJ Warren: ““What this church demonstrates is the truth that affirming LGBTQUIA+ people of faith isn’t a luxury for wealthy progressives in the U.S. — no, it is essential to our very claim to be the church, the people of God.” (Added 8-26-2022)

5 UMC story lines to follow this fall” by David Scott via UM & Global. Disaffiliations and GC 2024 plans top the list of things to watch. (Added 8-26-2022)

Those Wanting to Leave the UMC Hit Roadblocks on Alternative” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. Coverage of the recent Judicial Council ruling and its impact. (Added 8-26-2022)

Former UMC Large-Membership Churches Start New Network” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. “A collaboration of former United Methodist large-membership churches has announced the creation of an association that intends to provide accountability and resources without the constraints of a denomination.” (Added 8-26-2022)

Post by Lonnie Brooks via Facebook. Lay leader from Alaska offers his analysis on the Judicial Council memorandum on the exit of the Bulgaria-Romania Conference from the UMC. (Added 8-25-2022)

Tweet by Mark Tooley. “Dallas TX Methodist cleric posts his dream that I choke to death on bologna sandwich, evincing spiritual & intellectual depth for parts of the denomination, & further confirming need for unfolding split” (Added 8-25-2022)

Judicial Council closes down GMC “loophole” around the UMC Trust Clause” by Jeremy Smith. “For a denomination being led and designed by several lawyer/pastors, the Global Methodist Church sure is losing a lot in the courtrooms of The United Methodist Church.” (Added 8-25-2022)

The Catechism of the Global Methodist Church with Jason Vickers” via Holy Conversations Podcast (WCA). (Added 8-25-2022)

[Link Repaired] “Episcopal Discernment — Through a Social Justice Lens” via Western Methodist Justice Movement. Questions developed for UMC episcopal elections in November. (Added 8-25-2022)

Post by Stan Copeland via Facebook. Centrist leader, pastor of Lovers Lane UMC, follows up on a post about dreaming Mark Tooley choked on a sandwich by imagining him standing before divine judgement. (Added 8-25-2022)

Disaffiliation and Relationships” via In Layman’s Terms Podcast. Part of a series on the future of the UMC. (Added 8-26-2022)

I try to invite my friends and neighbors to come on Sunday, but honestly, who wants to come to a church fight?” By Scott Field via Northern Illinois WCA. Three reasons for anxiety and two things to do about it. (Added 8-25-2022)

Events turn against disaffected forces wanting to leave the UMC” by Cynthia Astle via Baptist News Global. The editor of UM Insight writes for a progressive Baptist audience about recent events. (Added 8-25-2022)

No more!” by Warren Lathem via WCA. On withholding apportionments. (Added 8-24-2022)

Bishop slams ‘negative rhetoric’ as conservative Methodists declare end to moratorium” by Emily McFarlan Miller via RNS. (Added 8-24-2022)

UMC Bishops welcome Judicial Council’s clarification of church disaffiliation process” via COB Press Release. “Bickerton added, “While this decision has pleased some and disappointed others, I continue to invite every United Methodist, lay and clergy alike, to join me in a prayer for peace and civility as we walk through these days of challenge and uncertainty.”” (Added 8-24-2022)

A Message from Jay Therrell Regarding the Recent Judicial Council Ruling” via Facebook video. See also YouTube. (Added 8-24-2022)

Global Methodists, Methodically Organizing for a Faithful Future” by Walter Fenton via GMC. “As more provisional annual conferences come into existence, local churches seeking to join the GM Church will be able to contact people in their areas for assistance and guidance.” (Added 8-24-2022)

Methodist Split & Sex Etc.” by Mark Tooley via Juicy Ecumenism. “we should recall that the split, although precipitated by differences over sex, had a long 100-year preamble of wandering from Christian orthodoxy.” (Added 8-24-2022)

Arkansas bishop rejects attempt by Central United Methodist Church to enter discernment process” by Frank Lockwood via Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Bishop requires more clear wording in resolution to begin discernment process about disaffiliation. (Added 8-23-2022)

Fresh Freedoms” by Greg Weeks via UM Insight. “Didn’t we think it a bit hypocritical for us to have had the motto a few years ago of “Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors”? Now we can really be open, and not just with words but words backed up by actions.” (Added 8-23-2022)

Memorandum addresses conference’s withdrawal” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. On the Bulgaria-Romania exit: “The church court said its hands were tied because the bishop did not receive a duly submitted question of law nor did the conference ask the Judicial Council for a declaratory decision. The conference’s vote to leave was unanimous.” (Added 8-23-2022)

Church court clarifies property-transfer rules” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. “A church law that some have pushed as an exit path from The United Methodist Church can only be used to move property — not members — to another denomination, the Judicial Council ruled.” (Added 8-23-2022)

Bishop urges end to falsehoods, pivot to future” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. “Amid a summer of denominational discontent, Council of Bishops President Thomas J. Bickerton called on fellow bishops and church members to begin pivoting The United Methodist Church toward a hope-filled future.” (Added 8-23-2022)

Response Letter to NCLL” by Patrick, Harper, and Dixon. Attorneys for the Western North Carolina Conference respond to lawsuit. (Added 8-23-2022)

Tweet by UMNS. “BREAKING NEWS: The #UMC Judicial Council ruled that a much-debated church law can only be used for transferring property and is not an exit path for members to another denomination.” (Added 8-23-2022)

Omitting Hell (It’s Traditional)” by Bill Trench via UM Insight. “I’m guessing [hell is]one tradition that won’t be carried over from the UMC to the GMC.” (Added 8-23-2022)

Compassion: The Only Acceptable Extremism” by Adam Michael Beck via Firebrand Magazine. Answers criticisms of the author’s earlier “Weaponization of Orthodoxy” piece. (Added 8-23-2022)

Judicial Council Decision 1449. The decision on whether exits under 2548.2 are possible. There is a dissenting opinion on whether the COB has authority to recognize denominations. (Added 8-23-2022)

Tweet by Religion Reporter Liam Adams. “Side note: I point out North Georgia’s disaffiliation stats because it’s notable, but not because I see it as a reflection of congregational sentiment. If anything, it’s a reflection of a more seamless disaffiliation process. #UMC” (Added 8-23-2022)

On Being United Methodist While Refuting Misinformation” by Julius Trimble via UM Insight. Indiana Bishop: “With all the good that is happening through the Church, it is unfortunate that some of our members have been exposed to misinformation about The United Methodist Church.” (Added 8-23-2022)

Methodist Church bishops mount defense amid conservative attacks” by Liam Adams via The Tennessean. Bishop Bickerton quoted: “We’ve been dealing with what has become a constant barrage of negative rhetoric that’s filled with falsehoods and inaccuracies.” (Added 8-23-2022)

South Georgia Provisional Conference of the Global Methodist Church Website. (Added 8-22-2022)

Over 30 North Carolina churches demand UMC allow them to leave denomination” by Michael Gryboski via Christian Post. Outside coverage of the NC lawsuit. (Added 8-22-2022)

Grappling with mixed news on giving, church exits” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Coverage of the latest GCFA meeting. (Added 8-22-2022)

‘Everything is Changing at the Same Time,’ Veteran Religion Reporter Explains” by Jeff Brumley via UM Insight. (Added 8-22-2022)

Look at a United Methodist timeline: Why are conservatives going nuclear with lawsuits?” by Terry Mattingly via Get Religion. (Added 8-22-2022)

Tweet by Jason Vickers. On the Foundry Network: “From the press release, it looks like the criteria are 1) be large; 2) be independent; 3) be “theologically like-minded.” Apart from a confessional statement or list of doctrines, #3 is meaningless. Also, the “network” appears to be by invitation only. What am I missing?” (Added 8-22-2022)

Tweet by Drew McIntyre. On the Foundry Network: “No bishops or superintendents?Then it’s not Wesleyan, it’s just a club for megachurch pastors who refuse to submit to any authority. And, frankly, we already know how that story ends.” (Added 8-22-2022)

Overheard: St. Stephen Methodist Church in Amarillo, TX, the largest congregation in the Northwest Texas Conference, voted by 99.2% to disaffiliate from the UMC on 8-21-2022. The 630 people gathered voted to join the GMC by a show of hands. (Added 8-22-2022)

Tweet by Beth Ann Cook. “I find it interesting that this author, who clearly disdains traditionalists, speaks bluntly about the problem with institutionalist efforts to prevent fair exits. Again as the one who presented 2553 I have no problem with straight up 2553–especially with Wespath recalculation.” (Added 8-21-2022)

Letter by Adam Hamilton. A letter encouraging members of the Church of the Resurrection to be in worship on 8/21 for an important discussion of homosexuality and the UMC denomination. (Added 8-21-2022)

Studied Ambiguity” by Mike Shockley. “And the practice of ambiguity, well intended as it may have been employed to preserve unity, has proven the UMC’s undoing. It has been used as a vehicle for a completely different gospel to be introduced under the guise of the gospel of Jesus Christ.” (Added 9-21-2022)

For United Methodists, the center is not holding” by Jacob Lupfer via Religion News Service. Carter should compromise for a clean split. “Another fantasy centrists adopt to accommodate progressives is the patently unbelievable notion that the only thing progressives wish to change is prohibitive language about same-sex relationships.” (Added 8-20-2022)

Weekly Update | August 20, 2022” via GMC Mid-Texas Conference. Board of ordained ministry, appointive cabinet, and episcopacy committee formed at an August 18 meeting. Lists 45 churches that have joined the GMC and another 23 in discernment. Five disaffiliation votes fell short of the super-majority needed. (Added 8-20-2022)

Overheard: The South Georgia Conference met in special session today and approved the disaffiliation of 62 Churches. Among these two of its largest: Harvest (Byron) and The Chapel (Brunswick). (Added 8-20-2022)

CEO Blog: Caring for Those Who Serve—Our Commitment to You” by Andy Hendren via Wespath. Context on the reduction of the liability premium on unfunded pension liability owed by disaffiliating churches: “Recently, we worked with an independent consultant specializing in this area to do a market-based review of the liability premium. Based on that review, Wespath reduced the liability premium in July.” (Added 9-20-2022)

[link repaired] “Wespath’s Role in Determining Withdrawal Liabilities” via Wespath (PDF). Official explanation of July new calculations of the market rate for unfunded pension liability and a summary of Wespath’s role. (Added 8-20-2022)

A Messy Methodist Schism” by Mark Tooley via The Wall Street Journal (jpg Image file). Coverage in the nation’s largest newspaper of the Methodist division currently underway. (Added 8-20-2022)

(Almost) All WCA, All Week” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. The weekly new round-up from a progressive UM news source. (Added 8-19-2022)

Press Release via Florida WCA Facebook Page. “This week three council members of the Florida chapter filed formal charges against the leadership in the Florida conference of the United Methodist church. The complaints stem from the June 9, 2022, executive clergy session of the Florida Annual Conference.” (Added 8-19-2022)

Wise as serpents, innocent as doves” by Art Collins. GMC clergy: “Just leave. Let them “win.” You go proclaim the kingdom of God. I know it’s unfair… But belligerence is not going to get you anywhere.” (Added 8-19-2022)

Tweet by Chris Ritter. “Can we make it a rule that everyone writing to refute misinformation (from any side) must cite the source of the alleged misrepresentation? Otherwise, we may fall into the temptation of crying foul just to make the other side look bad. #UMC” (Added 8-19-2022)

Bishop Trimble On being United Methodist while refuting misinformation” by Bishop Julius Trimble via Indiana Conference. “There have been assertions that The United Methodist Church plans to eliminate or alter foundational theological doctrines including the Trinity and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. These claims are blatantly untrue, and I would question the motives of any person who would assert such falsehoods.” (Added 8-19-2022)

More About Misinformation” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News. Examining claims in a UM Communications piece about the UMC. (Added 8-19-2022)

Tweet by John Lomperis. “With diminishing exceptions, it seems that liberal #UMC bishops, DS’s, and other leaders are increasingly determined to show orthodox #UnitedMethodist s that we have nothing to gain by laying down our arms to make nice with them, and nothing to lose by exposing their corruption” (Added 8-19-2022)

Bishops gather to discuss future of The United Methodist Church” via COB Press Release. “In the midst of ongoing challenges related to Covid-19 and church disaffiliations, the Council of Bishops will meet August 22-26, 2022, to discuss the future of The United Methodist Church” (Added 8-19-2022)

North Georgia Conference #BeUMC Page. A collection of resources in the North Georgia Conference to support the idea of staying in the UMC. (Added 8-19-2022)

31 UMC Churches in NC Demand Immediate Exit From Denomination, Threaten Lawsuit” by Yonat Shimron and Emily McFarlan Miller via (originally in Religion News Service). Coverage of the Western North Carolina legal actions. (Added 8-19-2022)

Amici Curiae via The Supreme Court. The Western Jurisdiction joins with a UCC conference, Unitarian Universalists, and reconstructionist rabbis in a brief before the U.S. Supreme Court in a free speech case where a web designer refused to do graphic design for a same-sex wedding. (Added 8-19-2022)

Global Game-Changers: Ending Guaranteed Appointments” by Chris Ritter via The GMC will end a practice the UMC tried to end in 2012 before the Judicial Council elevated appointment security for elders to the same protected status as doctrine. (Added 8-19-2022)

No Longer Waiting: Loving our LGBTQ+ Community | Rev. Rob Fuquay” via St. Luke’s UMC (IN) Youtube. The governing board of a large Indiana Church votes to hold same-sex weddings in anticipation that GC 2024 will change church teaching on marriage. (Added 8-19-2022)

Denominational Discernment 3: Jon Ferguson & Bill Smith” via Anderson Hills UMC (Youtube). A large Cincinatti church discusses three UMC alternatives: GMC, Free Methodists, and The Foundry Network. See also Update One and Update Two. (Added 8-19-2022)

WCA Churches Aren’t the Victims in UMC Splintering” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight (Editorial). “Don’t be fooled. The WCA isn’t the victim in the slow-moving landslide of UMC disintegration. They’re the ones who pushed the first boulder down the hill, and now they’re getting hit by their own stones.” (Added 8-19-2022)

Dear Dad (Part Six): From a Breaking Heart Over Orchestrated Division” by Stan Copeland via YouTube. A continuing video series from the pastor of Lovers Lane UMC supporting staying in the UMC. (Added 8-19-2022)

The Messy Methodist Church Schism” by Mark Tooley via The Wall Street Journal. The head of IRD covers Methodist schism for America’s leading financial newspaper. View JPG here. (Added 8-19-2022)

Tweet by Mark Tooley. “Promoting a specific Protestant tradition over generic nondenominational evangelicalism in America will be difficult. Mainline Protestantism has been sidelined—and it will take years for United Methodism’s schism to resolve.” (Added 8-19-2022)

The Moratorium is Over” by Jay Therrell via WCA. “We… encourage theological conservatives to hold bishops, district superintendents, conference officials, boards of ordained ministry, and other leaders accountable by no longer allowing violations to slide.” (Added 8-19-2022)

Yes, the United Methodist Divorce is a Mistake” by Scott Fritzsche via Unsettled Christianity. A response to Bishop Willimon’s recent article in Christian Century. (Added 8-19-2022)

I Don’t Think that Word Means What You Think It Means” by Scott Field via Northern IL WCA. “Do we prefer the lower-expectations of the United Methodist Church or the higher-expectations of responsible discipleship in the Global Methodist Church?” (Added 8-18-2022)

Tweet by Mark Tooley. “My friend Bishop Willimon gives no serious reason for staying in collapsing institution with no capacity for turnaround. Also, our book THE NEXT METHODISM was NOT organized by a Free Methodist seminary. Order copy:” (Added 8-18-2022)

Traditional Methodists Search for New Path Forward” by Mark Tooley via The Gospel Coalition. Tooley writes for an Evangelical Reformed outlet on the prospects for traditionalist Methodists “leaving and those left behind.” (Added 8-18-2022)

Tweet by Mark Tooley. “United Methodism has 38,000 USA clergy w/guaranteed jobs. USA UMC was losing 200,000 members annually before pandemic & schism & likely loses 2 million members over next 5 yrs. Will sale of thousands of closed churches pay for clergy buy-outs?” (Added 8-18-2022)

Letter from Bishop Carter” via Western North Carolina Conference. Letter in response to 31 churches filing suit against the conference for exit. (Added 8-17-2022)

Letter from Bishop Schol” via Greater New Jersey Conference. Response to WCA call to escrow apportionments in conferences adding additional burdens on disaffiliating churches. (Added 8-17-2022)

The United Methodist divorce is a mistake” by Will Willimon via The Christian Century. Retired Bishop: “Progressives will also lose some of their most adept, doggedly persistent, Bible-loving interlocutors, leaving them stuck in a denominational echo chamber with an even higher percentage of people who think just like they do. Dissident conservatives, please don’t abandon me to my theological blind spots and the clutch of goofy liberals in my congregation. Though you don’t love scripture more than I do, some of your pompous, painful, pretentious criticism of our church is, worst of all, true.” (Added 9-17-2022)

Tweet by Chris Ritter. “The Florida Conference should kick these churches out immediately:-) FWIW, the church I serve has decided to pay apportionments literally, not just seriously, as our Transition Team does its work.” (Added 8-17-2022)

Tweet Thread by Liam Adams. A thread on WCA advocating escrowing apportionments in 19 conferences who are making disaffiliation difficult. (Added 8-17-2022)

Recommended Reading: Soundings Towards an Intercultural Identity for The United Methodist Church” by David Scott via UM & Global. A work by Hendrik R. Pieterse recommended to help resolve the UMC “identity crisis rooted in the role of culture, power, and agency in the negotiation of denominational identity.” (Added 8-17-2022)

WCA calls on conservative churches to withhold dues from United Methodist Church” by Emily McFarlan Miller via Religion News Service. Coverage of WCA’s call too escrow apportionments in conferences making exit more difficult than it has to be. (Added 8-17-2022)

Transitional United Methodist Integrity” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. “Faithfulness will also at times include filing formal complaints against clergy violating the biblical standards of what remains our denomination.” (Added 8-17-2022)

Church Planting, the GMC, and You” by Steve Cordle. The River Network is a strategic partner with the GMC on church planting. (Added 8-17-2022)

Disgust Will Kill the UMC and GMC” by Jason Valendy. “The GMC is pushing the UMC plate away. The UMC is pushing the GMC plate away. Neither of us will be justified when we come down our little mountains of self-righteousness.” (Added 8-16-2022)

Methodist Separation in Mainline Context” by Chris Ritter via How the current Methodist separation compares with those of our Mainline sisters. (Added 8-16-2022)

Press Release via Florida WCA Facebook Page. Shares the news that Western North Carolina Conference churches have filed similar lawsuits to the ones filed in Florida. (Added 8-16-2022)

United Methodist Schism Fracturing Families and Friendships” by UMARC via UM Insight. A Mountain Sky Conference based retired clergy group sponsors a webinar on fractured relationships happening as a consequence of UM separation. (Added 8-16-2022)

May the Love of Christ Dwell Deeply” by Kathy Rohrs via Firebrand Magazine. A past West Ohio GC delegate shares her pain at the division happening in Methodism. (Added 8-16-2022)

Tweet Thread by Chris Ritter. The PCUSA 2008 Gracious Dismissal Policy required exiting congregations to join a Reformed denomination with similar polity framework. Facing imminent separation,Presbyterians felt a moral obligation to prevent congregations from going independent. By refusing to allow transfers under Par. 2548.2 and pushing disaffiliation as the only exit, #UMC Conferences in the US are complicit in weakening the larger Wesleyan witness.” (Added 8-16-2022)

Listing Onerous Requirements by Annual Conference” via Wesleyan Covenant Association Facebook Page. As a follow-up to its call to escrow apportionments in 19 conferences, WCA provides a listing of the specific additional requirements in each of the conferences. (Added 8-15-2022)

Bishop Mark Webb Announces Retirement” via Upper New York Conference (PDF). The bishop some consider as the lone traditionalist in the NEJ college announces a Dec. 31 retirement: “The divide within the United Methodist Church has lessened my joy for this role and changed my sense of whether my gifts, convictions, and leadership as a residential Bishop are best for the United Methodist Church in the future.” (Added 8-15-2022)

The Resurrection of Jesus and the United Methodist Church: A Personal Introduction” by Bob Phillips via The author draws on a long and varied ministry career to discuss how United Methodists variously view the bodily resurrection of Jesus. (Added 8-15-2022)

Top Ten Q&A on Disaffiliation” by Bob Phillips via A frequent presenter to local churches answers common questions on disaffiliation. (Added 8-15-2022)

Dear Disaffiliating UM Congregations” by Tom Frank via Facebook. Retired professor: “…you will be voting to walk away from one of the most faithful and effective religious organizations in American history” for “a cave of the like-minded.” (Added 8-15-2022)

The Future of Methodism – What Has You Excited About the GMC with Rev. Dr. Hidde Gregory” via David Donnan (Facebook video). A short video in which the chair of the GMC Transitional Leadership Council shares what excites her about the GMC. (Added 8-15-2022)

UMC pastor on exit: They left us a long time ago” by Steve Jordahl via Coverage of The Woodlands’ exit from the UMC. (Added 8-15-2022)

Mid-Texas Conference of the Global Methodist Church | Weekly Update, 8-12-2022” via Mid-Texas GMC (PDF). Lists churches who have disaffiliated and/or re-affiliated. The Mid-Texas annual conference plans to convene in January with an ordination service led by Bishop Lowry. (Added 8-13-2022)

Some Ways to Cope When the UMC Division Turns Nasty” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. The editor of UM Insight turns to wisdom from Rev. Nadia Bolz-Weber for perspective. (Added 8-13-2022)

Post via WCA of Western PA Facebook Page. “At the time of this writing, nearly 300 churches out of nearly 800 in the Western Pennsylvania Conference have indicated a desire to explore disaffiliation from the United Methodist Church.” (Added 8-13-2022)

We Must Do Better at Honoring the Trust Clause’s Moral Obligations” by Daryl Fansler via UM Insight. “As churches choose to disaffiliate, the major portion of the monies received from these churches (except for the portion designated for unfunded pension liability) should be used to support the expenses of a Ministry Response Team” to guide the UM remnant. (Added 8-13-2022)

Post by Bishop Ken Carter via Facebook. “If you were going to start an evangelical church you would not share misinformation about an existing church—this is a violation of the 9th commandment, bearing false witness.” (Added 8-13-2022)

WCA calls on United Methodist churches to violate church law and withhold their tithes” by Jeremy Smith via Hacking Christianity. Perspective on WCA’s call to escrow apportionments in 19 conferences making disaffiliation more difficult. (Added 8-13-2022)

Post by Bob Phillips via IGRC WCA Facebook Group. The President of the IGRC Chapter of WCA prefers the conference not be listed among those adding onerous requirements to disaffiliation process. (Added 8-12-2022)

Clearing Up Misinformation with ‘The Rest of the Story’” by Bishop Frank Beard via Illinois Great Rivers Conference. Responds to “leave now” messaging and the 50% of church assets where disaffiliation negotiations start. (Added 8-12-2022)

Misinformation Abounds” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News. “Inaccurate information and caricatures abound in the sharing of material related to congregational discernment of their future alignment.” (Added 8-12-2022)

United Methodism, What’s Going On Now? Rob Renfroe” via More to the Story Podcast (YouTube). Andy Miller interviews Rob Renfroe on this video produced by Wesley Biblical Seminary. (Added 8-12-2022)

Let Our People Go!” by Jay Therrell via WCA. Calls upon laity to lead efforts at withholding apportionments in the 19 annual conferences adding additional requirements to the disaffiliation process found in Par. 2553. (Added 8-12-2022)

NCJ Committee on Episcopacy Recommends Electing at Least Two Bishops in November gathering, Dakotas and Minnesota be reunited under one bishop” via Paul Black, IGRC Facebook Page. Press release from the North Central Jurisdiction Committee on Episcopacy recommending the election of two new bishops. (Added 8-11-2022)

Against Liberal Theology with Roger Olson” via Holy Conversations Podcast (WCA). Discerning and challenging liberal theology, along with critiquing more fundamental forms of Christianity, are keys to making Christianity Christian again. (Added 8-11-2022)

Standing at the Crossroads” by Scott Fields via Northern Illinois WCA. Applies Jeremiah 6:16 to UMC separation: “The primary question is simple and profound: will you choose the ‘old, godly way, and walk in it’ or not?” (Added 8-11-2022)

Disaffiliation Wave Faces Complexities, Lawsuits, Emotional Distress” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. An extensive round-up of disaffiliation activity throughout the United States, including lawsuits and counter-measures. (Added 8-10-2022)

What About the Next Bishop?” by Sam Powers via Preceding Grace. Oklahoma Conference district superintendent discusses upcoming SCJ episcopal elections: “When one considers that Northwest Texas will have a special called conference on December 3rd in order to vote on disaffiliations, the remaining churches will amount to the kind of numbers we would see in one of our smaller districts in Oklahoma (around 50).” (Added 8-10-2022)

Tweet by Bishop Scott Jones. “I admire those who are casting vision for both the #UMC and #GMC. And I want to suggest to you that I want to think the best of each group and say that this is what the next Methodism needs to look like. We need to be living deeply into what it means to be this kind of Christian.” (Added 8-10-2022)

What the Methodist Split Tells Us About American Political Polarization” by Bonnie Kristian via Reason. “However this denominational divorce plays out, theology around same-sex relationships isn’t the only thing driving Methodists apart.” Churches as the “canary in the coal mine” signaling disaster.(Added 8-10-2022)

Future of the UMC – Where Things Stand” via In Layman’s Terms Podcast. “A new series looking at the future of The UMC kicks off with this episode that examines where things stand at this moment in the life of the denomination. The series kicks off with an interview with the Rev. Adam Hamilton, lead pastor of United Methodist Church of the Resurrection.” See also Episode Two with David Livingston. (Added 8-10-2022)

Disaffiliation and churches leaving the United Methodist Church” via Unbound Love Podcast. Two reconciling pastors discuss disaffiliating congregations. (Added 8-10-2022)

When Being Right Is More Important Than Being Reconciled” by John Stephens. “What saddens me is I see very little love in church division. Our witness to the world is severely damaged – not because of a lack in the quality of our belief, but because of our lack of love for one another.” (Added 8-10-2022)

Texas megachurch with 14K members votes to leave UMC amid homosexuality schism” by Michael Gryboski via Christian Post. Coverage of The Woodlands disaffiliating from the UMC. (Added 8-10-2022)

Beyond the Death of Authority” by Robert Hunt. Follow-up to an earlier post: “We could focus on the the normative processes of Church rather than crumbling structures of authority… Recognize that the Word of God and sacraments acted out in the Body of Christ are the occasion for revelation rather than the revelation itself.” (Added 8-10-2022)

Letter to Members and Friends via Concord Church Roxbury. Pastor Tom Newman writes to his congregation following their vote to disaffiliate from the UMC. “Nothing has changed… Everything has changed.” (Added 8-10-2022)

Post by Jason Vickers via Facebook. On the new GMC Catechism: “I was privileged to play a small part in this. The resulting document, as this article rightly highlights, was the work of many people. Teddy Ray Phil Tallon David Watson Bill Arnold Suzanne Nicholson David DeSilva” (Added 8-10-2022)

Why Churches Choose to Disaffiliate Rather Than Joining the GMC” by Jeremy Smith via Hacking Christianity. “Strategy and control” are the reasons some churches have a gap between leaving the UMC and joining the GMC. (Added 8-10-2022)

I Am Right You Are Wrong” by Michael McKee (not Bishop McKee). “Linear, traditional thinking (“rock logic”), is insufficient to free us from the polarized trap in which we’re caught.” (Added 8-10-2022)

Listening Sessions Update” by Zionsville UMC (IN) via YouTube. Pastor David Williamson shares the Church Council is not calling for a disaffiliation vote because straw polls conducted by the pastors indicate no view on human sexuality holds a majority. (Added 8-10-2022)

Understanding Who We Are” by Ted Smith III via The Fount (Fountain Valley, CA) (YouTube). An August 7 sermon to a UM congregation by a WCA layman/attorney explaining the issues at work in Cal-Pac. (Added 8-10-2022)

Embracing a Rich and Vibrant Faith” by Walter Fenton via Global Methodist Church. Introduces a catechism approved by the Transitional Leadership Council for the GMC. (Added 8-10-2022)

Part Three…Dear Dad–Having Your Cake and ‘Gobblin’ It Down Too‘” by Stan Copeland via Youtube. A continuing video series by the pastor of Lovers Lane UMC. Says disaffiliation votes are driven by certain pastors and bishops. Reads a letter by Bishop McKee. (Added 8-9-2022)

Large Texas Churches Vote on Disaffiliation” by Sam Hodges via UMNS. UM denominational coverage of disaffiliation votes. (Added 8-9-2022)

Methodism & Christian Nationalism” by Mark Tooley via Juicy Ecumenism. “Arkansas United Methodist Bishop Gary Mueller recently commented to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette about United Methodism’s split: ‘There are parts of the church in which traditional Trinitarian thinking is beginning to morph into Unitarian thought. However, there are also parts of the church where I am concerned that traditional Christian orthodox thought is beginning to resemble white Christian nationalism.'” See Firebrand Magazine version here. (Added 8-9-2022)

Informational Meeting for Church Members” featuring Rob Renfroe (Youtube). An August 8 presentation in Lufkin (East Texas). (Added 8-9-2022)

After Lambeth: As a bishop with an orthodox view of marriage, I’m filled with hope for the future” by Bishop Jill Duff. The Anglican bishop of Lancaster expresses hope following the recent once-in-a-decade meeting of bishops in which church teachings were upheld, but not everywhere enforced.. (Added 8-9-2022)

Summary of July 2022 Changes to Disaffiliation Agreement” via Oklahoma Conference. The OK Conference moves away from a restrictive reading of Par. 2553 which has been used by bishops/trustees to prevent traditionalists from using the disaffiliation process (as in South Carolina). (Added 8-9-2022)

A Response to a conference-wide letter by Bishop Trimble” by Beth Ann Cook via PDF. An Indiana clergy responds to a conference-wide letter by Bishop Trimble referring to UM “refugees” from disaffiliating churches. (added 8-9-2022)

Bishops and budgets: Why Methodist money matters as South Carolina churches consider split” by Caitlin Herrington via Greenville News (SC) [PDF]. Money is one reason why the South Carolina Conference “isn’t allowing churches to leave on the same path more than 300 churches have used nationwide.” Jay Therrell quoted on Bishop Holston’s interpretation of Par. 2553. (Added 8-9-2022)

EPA Churches Start Legal Action to Leave the UMC: Bishop Schol’s Disaffiliation Plan Still Clear as Mud” via Baltimore-Washington WCA. “…nearly 30 EPA congregations initiated legal action to leave the UMC and unite with the Global Methodist Church.” (Added 8-9-2022)

Church Vote” via Faithbridge (TX). Video results of the 549-0 vote for a mega-church in Spring, TX to disaffiliate from the UMC. A second vote to incorporate separately was approved 458-1. Pastor comments on the process. (Added 8-9-2022)

Resource Toolkit for LGBTQ+ Christian Teens” by Reconciling Ministries Network. “The denomination’s disagreement about LGBTQ+ inclusion is one of the reasons why some anti-LGBTQ+ churches are splintering away from The UMC. The details and effects of this separation continue to unfold, but there are many in our denomination hoping and working for the Book of Discipline language to change so that all God’s people have full inclusion in every aspect of the Church.” (Added 8-9-2022)

The Christian Reformed Church Corrects Course” by Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra via The Gospel Coalition. “…it’s unusual to have a denomination on the path to liberalism yank itself around. It can be done (see the Southern Baptists) but it’s not normal (see the Presbyterians, Episcopalians, Lutherans, and even the Africa-heavy Methodists).” (Added 8-9-2022)

Soundings Towards an Intercultural Identity for The United Methodist Church: Some Historical and Theological Resources” by David Scott and Hendrik Pieterse via Methodist Review. American has dictated UMC identity, but “United Methodists need an alternative understanding of our collective identity that evolves out of intercultural conversations that remain alert to the role of culture, power, and agency in identity formation.” (Added 8-9-2022)

It isn’t a church and doesn’t have members, but it is a way to keep United Methodists in the fold as their congregations disaffiliate” by Cynthia Astle via Baptist News Global. Reporting on the “metaverse movement” that Bishop Ken Carter asked Steve Harper to start for United Methodists from disaffiliating congregations. (Added 8-9-2022)

A Message from Bishop Trimble” via Indiana Conference: “The Bishop, Cabinet, Church Development, and our Coordinating Council will ensure that we invest in communities where—through no fault of their own—United Methodists have been forced to become spiritual refugees.” (Added 8-8-2022)

It’s Not the Bible, It’s Any Authority At All” by Robert Hunt. Answers a common complaint by UM traditionalists: “We live in an era in which there are NO widely accepted authorities and no widely accepted structures of authority. In fact, in the United States we have arrived at a place in which even the broadest source of authority, truth, is no longer relevant.” (Added 8-8-2022)

South Georgia Disaffiliating Congregations Resolution” via South Georgia Conference. Lists the 62 disaffiliating congregations part of a special conference session vote on August 20. (Added 8-8-2022)

Prominent Greenville church could split from United Methodist Church over LGBTQ rights” via Greenville News (SC). [Paywall]. Coverage of Buncombe Street UMC’s discernment process leading up to a disaffiliation vote. (Added 8-8-2022)

Correcting Misinformation” by Sterling Allen via Facebook. Shares a Texas WCA document countering information aimed at keeping churches in the UMC. (Added 8-8-2022)

Bishops Etchegoyen and Nacpil on Autonomy and Connectionalism” by David Scott via UM & Global. Explores the writings of retired bishops in Argentina and the Philippines to promote “local and national decision-making alongside international connection.” (Added 8-8-2022)

Post by Leah Hidde-Gregory via Facebook. Former D.S. reports what is happening in the Central Texas Conference: 35 congregations voting to disaffiliate and to affiliate with the GMC effective November 1, 25 congregations who voted to disaffiliate, but decided to hold a second vote to deal with the matter of affiliation, 24 votes still to take place in the month of August, 17 voted this summer to send disaffiliation letters prior to the January 15, 2023 deadline for second wave, 2 Churches voted to remain UMC instead of Disaffiliate, and 1 Church voted to affiliate with the Free Methodist. (Added 8-8-2022)

Tweet by Mark Tooley: Sharing news of The Woodlands’ disaffiliation: “2nd largest church in USA United Methodism in attendance & 5th largest in membership. Thousands more churches will follow. @RobRenfroe1” (Added 8-8-2022)

Jonesboro First United Methodist Church members torn by split from national denomination” by Frank Lockwood via Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Highlights members who voted against disaffiliation and their options for the future. (Added 8-8-2022)

Methodist churches in SC could split from United Methodist denomination: What to know” by Caitlyn Herrington via Greenville News. An overview followed by a particular focus on Buncombe Street UMC and the website Friends to Preserve Buncombe Street. (Added 8-8-2022)

Overheard on Going Global: Mid-Texas Global Methodists Facebook Page: This past weekend’s list of churches disaffiliating from the UMC include Foundation UMC (Temple, TX), Dawson Methodist Church, Rising Star, Kopperyl, Greenscreek, First Methodist Wortham, Coleman, and Waco Korean. Voting to join the GMC are Lanham, Bethel (Hamilton Co.), Zephyr, and Tehuacana. (Updated 8-8-2022)

Post by Rob Renfroe via Facebook. “Below I announced that The Woodlands Methodist voted to disaffiliate today by a 96% margin. Now, word just in, the Texas Annual Conference’s second largest church, Faithbridge, has announced the results of the vote it took today. They voted to leave by a vote of 100%.” (Added 8-7-2022)

Lambeth Conference: Welby unites bishops with compromise on sexuality” by Aleem Maqbool via BBC. “[Welby] reaffirmed a resolution passed by the Lambeth Conference in 1998 which said same sex marriage was wrong and “homosexual practices” are incompatible with scripture. Welby also said that churches (like those in Wales and Scotland) which moved away from that historical teaching, would not be sanctioned or condemned.” (Added 8-7-2022)

Post by Rob Renfroe via Facebook. “The Woodlands Methodist Church is the largest in the Texas Annual Conference with 14,000 members. This afternoon its members voted to disaffiliate from the UMC by a vote of 96.3 percent. The TAC’s second largest church is voting now on disaffiliation. Will post their results as soon as I hear.” (Added 8-7-2022)

The Joyful Journey: It’s Complicated” by Bishop David Bard via Minnesota Conference (UMC). “The [separation] processes are not as simple as was once hoped, particularly related to how churches that wish to disaffiliate from the UMC are asked to contribute to the conference’s aggregate unfunded pension obligation.” (Added 8-6-2022)

Methodist Church of Brazil discusses environment, anti-racism and relations with [UMC]” by Sara de Paula via UMNS. Use Google translate for an English summary of debate in Brazil about relations with the UMC and GMC. (Added 8-6-2022)

Recommended Reading: Methodist Church of Brazil discusses relations with UMC” by David Scott via UM & Global. “…this debate is an indicator of the sort of ecumenical tensions that the UMC/GMC split is causing within world Methodism but beyond the UMC. Such debates, which also arose at the recent Methodist Church of Mexico General Conference, are presenting themselves because of strong GMC outreach beyond the UMC, outreach that often carries an anti-UMC message.” (Added 8-6-2022)

Separation Distracts Us from Humanity’s Primary Crisis” by Jerry Eckert via UM Insight. “I complained… the whole issue of splitting the denomination was distracting us from global warming, THE crisis facing humanity.” (Added 8-6-2022)

Preview the Hymnal” via Seedbed. “Our Great Redeemer’s Praise” is soon-to-be-released by Seedbed Publishers. Organized around the Apostle’s Creed, the hymnal reflects the Methodist and Holiness traditions and is being promoted to GMC congregations that use hymnals. (Added 8-6-2022)

Thoughts on the Future of The United Methodist Church” via Isle of Hope UMC (YouTube). A July 31 sermon by Pastor Scott Tucker offered to his growing Savannah, Georgia congregation (AWA 952). (Added 8-5-2022)

Disaffiliation Webinar” via Eastern Pennsylvania Conference (Youtube). Features Bishop Schol. (Added 8-5-2022)

Mid-Texas Conference of the Global Methodist Church, Weekly Update: August 5, 2022” via Going Global, Mid-Texas Conference of the GMC. Lists 19 newly disaffiliated churches and work toward a provisional annual conference. (Added 8-5-2022)

Exiting United Methodism Now” by Mark Tooley via Juicy Ecumenism. “Everyone who’s tired of control and manipulation by the dysfunctional and bloated bureaucracy of a dying denomination must take advantage of this opportunity to liberate their congregation.” (Added 8-5-2022)

Dear Bishop Gary Mueller: An Open Letter” by Randy Burbank. Takes umbrage with the bishop’s comment linking traditional orthodoxy with Christian nationalism in a press interview. (Added 8-5-2022)

Pension Liability Declines Dramatically” by Tom Lambrecht via Good News. Why the UM Pension Liability recently declined by half, making disaffiliation more affordable for local churches. (Added 8-5-2022)

Nondenominational Churches Are Adding Millions of Members. Where Are They Coming From?” by Ryan Burge via Christianity Today. New research: People who leave the UMC are more likely to become a “none” than non-denominational. “Now, a young person is just as likely to be raised in a nondenominational church as a Southern Baptist one—but just 4 percent of people are being raised United Methodist.” (Added 8-5-2022)

Jonesboro church votes to separate from denomination” by Gretchen Hunt via The Sun (Jonesboro, AR). “Senior Pastor John Miles said he understands there are 61 Arkansas churches at some stage in the process of disaffiliation, but that the Jonesboro congregation is the first in the state to take an official vote.” (Added 8-5-2022)

UMC-GMC Comparison Chart” via Texas Conference (UMC). One of the more details and updated comparison charts available. (Added 8-5-2022)

Thursday Night Live with Angela Pleasants and Sterling Allen” via Youtube. This weekly livestream video podcast features interviews with Rob Renfroe and Angela Pleasants about the developing GMC. (Added 8-5-2022)

The Young Adult Methodist Connection” by Elizabeth Fink via WCA. “It wasn’t until I joined the WCA and got more involved that I truly began to feel like I wasn’t alone.” (Added 8-5-2022)

The Global Methodist Church on Abortion: Challenges Ahead” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. The GMC has much work ahead to flesh out its pro-life ethic. (Added 8-5-2022)

The Post-Separation United Methodist Church (psUMC) on Abortion” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. “The emerging ‘daughter denominations’ of the present UMC—the Global Methodist Church and the post-separation UMC—are clearly moving in different trajectories on pro-life concerns.” (Added 8-5-2022)

Five Reality Checks Before Going Independent” by Bob Phillips via Things UM congregations should consider before deciding to be non-denominational. (Added 8-5-2022)

As frustration and misinformation mount, United Methodist Church’s reputation takes a beating” by Cynthia Astle via Baptist News Global. The editor of UM Insight writes for a progressive Baptist outlet about the current state of the UMC. (Added 8-4-2022)

Seven Reasons to Align with the Global Methodist Church (IF leaving the UMC is discerned as God’s Will)” by Bob Phillips via A list of positives relating to to the GMC. (Added 8-4-2022)

United Methodist Church” via Texas Conference UMC Youtube Channel. “We are certain…” A video produced to support the continuing UMC and to stem the tide of disaffiliations. Discusses what must change and won’t change. (Added 8-4-2022)

Tweet by Bishop Scott Jones. “I’ve seen Methodism at its best, a church faithful to apostolic witness of scripture as authoritative for all matters of faith and practice; that builds community in an isolated world; that’s evangelistic w/ a burden to keep people from going to hell and from living in hell.” (Added 8-4-2022)

Connect Clergy Retreat” via North Texas WCA Chapter Facebook Page. An October 10-12 retreat for clergy moving from the North and Central Texas UMC conferences to the GMC. (Added 8-4-2022)

Post via North Carolina Evangelical Fellowship Facebook Page. A church in Nashville, NC shares their experience working through the disaffiliation process. (Added 8-4-2022)

Bishop Calls Special Session of Annual Conference” via Dakotas Conference (UMC). Interim Bishop Deborah L. Kiesey calls a November 19 special session to deal with disaffiliations. (Added 8-4-2022)

Discernment Resources” via Atascocita United Methodist Church. A congregation in Humble, TX offers a resource page about its decision to reaffiliate. (Added 8-4-2022)

“‘UMsConnected’ Offers a Way Station on the Journey toward a New UMC” by Cynthia Astle via UM Insight. News about a new website and Podcast project led by Steve Harper, focused on Florida and Western North Carolina. (Added 8-3-2022)

Denominational Affiliation | 2022” via Sugar Land Methodist Church. The web page for a Texas congregation in discernment. (Added 8-3-2022)

GMC Presentation” via First UMC, Oklahoma City. A video of a July 24 meeting with Leah Hidde-Gregory. (Added 8-3-2022)

Disaffiliation per the addendum to the 2016 Book of Discipline following the 2019 Special General Conference” via The Oklahoma Conference. Conference trustees make updates to the disaffiliation process, including a different interpretation of the permitted reasons for disaffiliation. (Added 8-3-2022)

My Church is Being Led to Disaffiliate from The UMC, but I Want to #BeUMC – What Can I Do?” via The Central Texas Conference. A conference offers advice on how to confound a disaffiliation effort in a local church. (Added 8-3-2022)

The Unofficial Guide to Disaffiliation in the Tennessee/West Kentucky Conference” by Sky McCracken via Facebook. GC clergy delegate offers some thoughts on churches disaffiliating from the conference. (Added 8-3-2022)

Schism in the Body” by Barry Yeoman via The Assembly. In-depth treatment of UM schism by a digital magazine. (Added 8-2-2022)

Changing Churches: Wisdom for Transformational Leaders” via Changing Churches Podcast (Rob Couch, Christ Church Mobile). Bryan Collier and The Orchard (Tupelo), “along with a handful of other large-church pastors are forming a new network of former (or soon to be former) UMC churches. This network of independent Wesleyan/Methodist churches from around the county will provide connections and facilitate partnerships.” The players are Collier (The Orchard, Tupelo MS), Shane Bishop (Christ Church, Fairview Heights IL), Tommy Gray (Asbury Church, Madison AL), Eric Huffman (The Story, Houston TX), and Ted Bryant (Granger Church IN). (Added 8-3-2022)

Bishop Gary Mueller assesses Methodist division” by Frank Lockwood via Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. “The United Methodist Church in the United States is increasingly polarized and people on the extreme ends of the spectrum are moving away from long-held Christian beliefs, Bishop Gary Mueller warned Monday.” [non-paywall version here] (Added 8-3-2022)

Theological split?: Temple’s First United Methodist Church members to vote on denominations” by Christian Betancourt via Temple Daily Telegram. Texas coverage of Temple First UMC’s 500-person meeting to discuss disaffiliation. (Added 8-3-2022)

Methodists in midst of split: Churches diverge” by Jimmy Williams via Tideland News. Carolinas coverage with interviews from clergy on both sides. (Added 8-3-2022)

Post by Rob Renfroe via Facebook. Shares notice of an Informational Meeting about the Global Methodist Church on Monday, August 8 at the Lufkin Convention Center in Texas. (Added 8-3-2022)

Overheard on the Mid-Texas Global Methodist Facebook Page: Reports on six disaffiliation votes that happened last night in Central Texas: Ballinger (voted for disaffiliation), Cross Plains (voted to affiliate GMC), Winters (voted to disaffiliate), Cicso (working to join GMC), Groesbeck (unanimous vote to affiliate with GMC), Novice (voted to disaffiliate, weighing options). (Added 8-3-2022)

Leaving and Lifestyle – A Reflection on the Disintegration of The United Methodist Church” by William Trench via UM Insight. A response to Bishop Hayes: “Being gay is not a lifestyle choice.”

Post by Keith Boyette via Global Methodist Church Facebook Page. Boyette draws upon his own experience as a church planter to communicate the GMC’s commitment to church multiplication. (Added 8-3-2022)

Post by Bishop Ken Carter via Facebook. Shares the narrative for the continuing UMC and says “There is misinformation about what the ongoing and future United Methodist Church believes. If we do not tell our story, others will construct a story about us, in this instance a false witness about the UMC.” (Added 8-3-2022)

It Was Not Supposed to Be this Way” by Riley Case via Confessing Movement (Facebook). The Confessing Movement prepares for a smaller support base and a continuing UM presence. (Added 8-3-2022)

Next Methodism Summit Document” via The John Wesley Institute. The texts associated with “The Faith Once Delivered: A Wesleyan Witness,” an articulation of traditionalist Wesleyan faith undergirding the Global Methodist Church. (Added 8-2-2022)

The Center Cannot Hold” by Cabe Matthews via Firebrand Magazine. An elder is the Texas Conference discusses Adam Hamilton’s views on the UMC and scripture. (Added 8-2-2022)

Making a Way” by Jay Therrell via WCA. The President of WCA shares how the new market rate approved by Wespath makes disaffiliation easier. (Added 8-2-2022)

Interview with Warren Lathem” via Christ Fellowship Church (Youtube). An interview with a former North Georgia Conference DS about the Global Methodist Church. (Added 8-2-2022)

[Link repaired] “Why Your Pastor Isn’t Talking about UMC Separation” by Chris Ritter via Six reasons why many clergy are silent as the UMC falls apart. (Added 8-2-2022)

Jay Therrell’s Letter to Regional WCA Leaders” via Earl Tucker in In Support of the Global Methodist Church Facebook Group. Shares the news that Wespath has reduced their calculation of the market rate for unfunded pension liability, reducing disaffiliation costs for many. (Added 8-2-2022)

UMC Funded Seminary Offers ‘LGBTQ Studies Concentration’” by Caleb Knox via Juicy Ecumenism. Garrett Evangelical, a UM-funded seminary, offers a Master of Divinity with an LGBT Studies Concentration. (Added 8-2-2022)

Disaffiliations and Comparisons Website hosted by Charles Creek of Liberty Church in Macon, GA. “This site has been created for the purpose of sharing information related to Disaffiliation from the United Methodist Church. It is being shared so that church members can educate themselves on the topic.” (Added 8-2-2022)

A Future with a Hope for the UMC” via Chapelwood UMC Vimeo. A July 31 rally for the UMC in Texas featuring Adam Hamilton. (Addresses Isaac Simmons at 45:00). A pastors’ panel follows Hamilton’s remarks. (Added 8-2-2022)

And If Pain is a Premise?” by Michael McKee (not Bishop McKee). In the (LGBTQ+) Inclusion/authority discussion, each side has its own way of relating to harm. A 3-minute read looking at some dynamics and obstacles. (Added 8-2-2022)

Post by Central Texas Conference via Facebook. “The CTC Trustees have announced that based upon Wespath’s latest updated calculations and asset valuations and the actions taken by the 2022 Annual Conference, the liability exit costs related to Pension Liability has been reduced to $0….” (Added 8-1-2022)

Large Arkansas church votes to leave UMC amid homosexuality schism: ‘Pray for healing’” by Michael Gryboski via Christian Post. Coverage of Jonesboro First UMC’s vote to disaffiliate from the UMC. (Added 8-1-2022)

UMC portion of Boy Scouts’ bankruptcy ruling approved” via UM Press Release. “A 281-page ruling last Friday in the Boy Scouts of America’s (BSA) bankruptcy proceedings indicates that most of the reorganization plan meets the criteria of bankruptcy law and is constitutional.

Six Top Tips, Tactics, and Thumb-Twiddling in the Disaffiliation Discernment Process” by Bob Phillips via People Need Jesus. Things to watch for a UM congregations discern their future. (Added 8-1-2022)

Holston Conference and Disaffiliation – Honesty?” via Laity Sharing Network. Charges the Holston Conference with not being forthcoming with a disaffiliation process. (Added 8-1-2022)

Exit Now!” by Warren Lathem via Facebook. “Please do not believe the speculation that there is no need to do anything before the 2024 General Conference.” (Added 8-1-2022)

Important Legal Disaffiliation Information for Central Texas Churches” via Mid-Texas Conference GMC (Youtube). Attorney is interviewed regarding churches and clergy taking steps to disaffiliate. (Added 8-1-2022)

Post via Stay UMC Jonesboro Facebook Page. “We are obviously disheartened and saddened that anyone would want to leave the UMC., [sic] We worked through a process that was problematic and challenging. Our goal now is to be a resource to the Annual Conference should they have questions regarding the steps that were and were not followed.” (Added 8-1-2022)

Historic vote results for church disaffiliation are in” via KAIT8. Pastor John Miles and Stay UMC Jonesboro quoted in this local coverage of First Methodist Jonesboro’s successful disaffiliation vote. (Added 8-1-2022)

Post by Rob Renfroe via Facebook. On the Jonesboro First disaffiliation vote: “The pastor is a strong and extremely effective traditionalist. And his church is strongly traditional. But he said dozens of people he had not seen in years if ever showed up for the vote.” (Added 8-1-2022)

Jonesboro First United Methodist Church votes to break away from national organization” by Frank Lockwood via The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. “The vote was 944 to 412.” (Added 8-1-2022)

Overheard: First UMC Jonesboro, the 2nd largest congregation in the Arkansas Conference, voted last night to seek disaffiliation in a super majority of 67.2%. There was organized opposition from the state-wide StayUMC Jonesboro organization, who purchased 3 full page ads in the Jonesboro Sun. John Miles is the pastor. (Added 8-1-2022)

Weekly Update: Mid-Texas Conference of the Global Methodist Church July 30, 2022” via Central Texas Global Methodists Facebook Page [PNJ PDF Version]. An impressive collection of news and information for Central Texas congregations moving to the GMC. Includes a list of affiliating congregations. (Added 8-1-2022)

Tweet by Mark Tooley. “Conversation to which I contributed today on United Methodist split & joining Global Methodism: [Nokesville UMC Youtube Link]. (Added 8-1-2022)

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