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A Peculiar Methodism” by David Watson via Firebrand Magazine. An address to the Next Methodism Summit, a meeting of sixty traditionalist Wesleyan scholars. A call for a “saltier” Methodism that puts forth our distinction and does not continue the path toward a generically evangelical or mainline church. (Added 1-25-2022)

Tweet Thread by Ryan Danker. “1/6 PRESS RELEASE: The Next Methodism Summit, January 24, 2022 Alexandria, VA. Over sixty Wesleyan scholars from various theological disciplines met in Alexandria, VA for the Next Methodism Summit, Jan. 21-23, 2022. The Summit was sponsored by The John Wesley Institute under…” (Added 1-24-2022)

We (the UMC) HAVE to Talk About Bruno” by Stephen Fife. First in a series of posts: “You have to see the protocol as an opportunity for change. The denomination must change! This is why we must pass the protocol.” (Added 1-24-2022)

Throwing Rocks” by Jay Therrell. Bishops are throwing rocks at WCA for trying to help Central Conference delegates get the vaccinations they need to vote. (Added 1-24-2022)

Better Together or Bitter Together?” by Bob Phillips via PeopleNeedJesus.org. “An approach that says, ‘Let’s stay together and we’ll figure something out’ after 54 years of not figuring something out is Exhibit A for ongoing denial.” (Added 1-24-2022)

“The 2021 North Central Jurisdictional Conference: Ten Takeaways” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. A summary of take-aways from the NCJ Conference. Even with gains among progressive American clergy delegates, traditionalists still hold a General Conference majority. (Added 1-24-2022)

United Methodist Split: What’s Going on in 2022?” by Ready to Harvest via Youtube. A summary of the current state of affairs in the UMC from an outside source. (Added 1-23-2022)

Church Challenges Law to Keep Land After Voting to Leave Methodist Denomination” by David Wells via Courthouse News Service. In a Wisconsin filing, Dalton & Tomich is seeking to invalidate a state law that incorporated the Trust Clause into law as it violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. Dan Dalton: “Wisconsin and a handful of other states adopted similar laws when Bishops were politically influential several years ago. This has been the barrier for any church to leave the denomination and retain their property in Wisconsin.” (Added 1-22-2022)

Lonnie Brooks on Vaccination Controversy via Facebook. Long-time lay leader and GC delegate not aligned with WCA/GMC: “I think the WCA is getting a bit of a bum rap on this thing.” (Added 1-22-2022)

Tweet by Mark Tooley. “Next Methodism Summit with nearly 60 traditional theologians planning for future, Dr Matthieu Gnonhossou @SeattlePacific preaching.” See also here and here. (Added 1-22-2022)

‘Appalled’ UM Leaders Denounce Vaccination Initiative” by Thomas Lambrecht via Good News. Response to hyperbolic statement against an effort by WCA to make sure African delegates are not disenfranchised from voting. (Added 1-21-2022)

COB Executive Committee Endorses Central Conference Statement on Vaccines” via Council of Bishops. The COB Executive Committee endorses a statement by three Central Conference bishops denouncing WCA for trying to support vaccination efforts. (Added 1-20-2022)

Rooms for All Coalition, Indiana Update” by Room for All Indiana. Laments ““how harm continues… In the continued loss of clergy and clergy candidates in our Indiana Conference who feel they have no home in the UMC because of their sexual orientation. Though their stories may not be widely known, they are many.” Includes a manuscript link to a presentation by Penny Cost. (Added 1-20-2022)

Transitional Leadership Council Members and the Formation of the Global Methodist Church” by Walter Fenton via Crossroads Newsletter (WCA). The work of the Transitional Leadership Council is highlighted. (Added 1-19-2022)

[Link repaired] “Bishops, Others Denounce WCA’s Vaccine Plans” by Heather Hahn via UMNS. Coverage of responses to WCA raising funds to help international delegates have access to the vaccines that will keep their vote from being disenfranchised due to U.S. Visa requirements. (Added 1-18-2022)

Council of Bishops: Central Conference Bishops Appalled by WCA’s Actions on Vaccine Offers” via COB Press Release. Three Central Conference bishops issue a statement critical of WCA raising funds to provide COVID vaccinations to international delegates. This echoes an earlier critique by Reconciling Ministries Network. (Added 1-18-2022)

Reformed Church in America Begins Amiable Separation” by Thomas Lambrecht via Good News. “It is striking how similar the RCA’s situation is to our United Methodist dilemma.” (Added 1-18-2022)

Cindy McClendon: How Did United Methodists Get to this Place?” via Juicy Ecumenism. A historical review of our impasse over human sexuality. (Added 1-18-2022)

Does the UMC Have a Faithful, Defensible Sexual Ethic?” by Phil Thrailkill via Firebrand Magazine. “Our failure is not that we do not have the teaching; it’s that we largely have failed to offer it as part of a life-giving call to discipleship in the modern world.” (Added 1-18-2022)

Lesbian Bishop Seeks to “Reshape United Methodism for a New Era’” by Collin Bastian via Juicy Ecumenism. Reporting on the webinar hosted by the United Methodist Association of Retired Clergy. (Added 1-17-2022)

Chris Weitzel on the Looming Schism via UM Clergy Facebook Page. A progressive comments that traditionalists have organized well for the future while progressives have not. (Added 1-15-2022)

“Reformed Church in America Split Points to Rising Tensions in Calvin Country” by Terry Mattingly via Get Religion Podcast. UMC mentioned. Denominational schism involve strong conservative congregations in tension with the more liberal leadership of their denomination. (Added 1-14-2022)

“An Evening with Walter Fenton: Questions and Answers” via Eastern European WCA Youtube Channel. The VP of WCA answers questions from Eastern European pastors. (Added 1-14-2022)

Persevering in the Midst of Uncertainty” by Keith Boyette via WCA. “Whatever the case, the WCA Global Council and the GM Church’s TLC are prepared to make key decisions concerning the launch of the GM Church should the General Conference be further postponed or canceled.” (Added 1-14-2022)

43 Congregations Leave Reformed Church in America to Form New Denomination Amid LGBT Debate” by Michael Gryboski via Christian Post. Coverage of a split that some say reflects the coming split in United Methodism. (Added 1-14-2022)

Forgiveness and the Future Schism, Part Three” by C. Don Jones. “The new Global Methodist Church will be just as unforgivable as the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. But the people who comprised those institutions are a different matter.” (Added 1-13-2022)

Ineffective Liberal United Methodist Anti-Racism” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. “With this [NCJ] Covenant, liberal American United Methodist leaders displayed a racially arrogant, fundamentally nationalist attitude of asserting the supremacy of their 95-percent-white jurisdiction over most United Methodists of color.” (Added 1-13-2022)

The Great Resignation, the Great Retirement, and the Great Reconsideration among Clergy” by David Scott via UM & Global. Reporting on studies related to COVID impact on clergy. (Added 1-13-2022)

Schism in United Methodism: Is the Ground Level for Open Debate?” by Tendai Maxwell Nyagano via UM Insight. Zimbabwe East Clergy: “We have seen that the ground is not level at all for healthy debate to take place.” (Added 1-13-2022)

The Human Cost of General Conference in 2022: WCA’s Vaccine Campaign Poses Great Risk” by Albert Otshudi Longe, Lloyd T. Nyarota and Kennedy Mwita via UM Insight. Rotten tomatoes thrown at vaccination efforts by WCA from Africans aligned with U.S. Centrists. (Added 1-13-2022)

Reformed Church Split Mirrors Mainline Divide, Minus Acrimony” by Jeff Walton via Juicy Ecumenism. “The move potentially presages how an expected split in the United Methodist Church (UMC), America’s second largest Protestant denomination, could unfold with a minimum of disruption and rancor.” (Added 1-13-2022)

Peace for Our Time?” by Vatroslav Župančić via WCA of Eastern Europe. “Good intentions cannot always bring true peace and stability and that neither political balancing nor agreements of sacrifice can ensure and prevent conflict. An old tried and true proverb declares that ‘‘the road to Hell is often paved with good intentions.“ (Added 1-12-2022)

Launch of the Global Methodist Church Eagerly Anticipated” by Keith Boyette via Crossroads Newsletter (WCA). “The day is coming soon when the GM Church will boldly
step into the place God has prepared for it. Pray for the work of launching the GM Church.” (Added 1-12-2022)

Tweet from John Lomperis: W-o-w. Talk about “negative partisanship” on steroids. Reconciling Ministries Network actually blasts orthodox #UnitedMethodist s for…helping African delegates access life-saving vaccines. Do #BlackLivesMatter or not? Hope there are more responsible liberal #UMC ers out there (Added 1-12-2022)

More Drama in Nigeria via UM Clergy Facebook Page. The latest in an ongoing saga in Nigeria: Clergy are facing charges for taking music gear from churches after their appointment was terminated. (Added 1-12-2022)

Reconciling Ministries’ Response to WCA Vaccination Efforts via Facebook (Originally on Twitter). Reconciling Ministries releases a statement that it view’s WCA’s efforts to vaccinate all delegates as an expression of colonialism. (Added 1-12-2022)

Baptism Vows? Obviously Optional” by Sky McCracken. The pastor of First UMC in Jackson, TN references his LGBTQ daughter in this piece on tribalism. (Added 1-12-2022)

Methodism – A Conversation with Paul Lawler” via Beeson Divinity School Podcast. An interview related to the future of Methodism. (Added 1-11-2022)

The Perfect Storm – New Methodist Movement Update” by N. Alabama WCA. Update on the status of UM Separation and the Protocol. (Added 1-11-2022)

UMC Has Experience to Prep Virtual General Conference” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. The UMC now has the tools and experience to hold a limited, virtual General Conference. (Added 1-11-2022)

What Have We Learned?” by Chris Ritter via Team Caffeine. What 2021 taught United Methodists about the future. (Added 1-10-2022)

Forgiveness and the Future Schism (Part One)” (See also Part Two) by C. Don Jones via Patheos. “Desiring to see the new denomination fail is morbid. I don’t wish to see any further destruction. I am observing that fighting over who is in charge never ends.” Part Two discusses reconciliation by casting UM traditionalists as Darth Vader. (Added 1-10-2022)

The UMC Must Die to Have Any Hope of Life” by Christy Thomas via Patheos. “Let’s embrace the damage that Covid has done, recognize that our way to doing church is now over, and let it go. Out of this sadness will come new life.” (Added 1-10-2022)

Reformed Church in America Splits as Conservative Churches form New Denomination” by Kathryn Post via Religion News Service. Quotes a New York Church Planter: “Realistically, it’s a large group of conservative churches that are also providing a lot of income to the denomination. I really think the mass exodus of all these conservative churches is going to throw the RCA into a really difficult financial situation,. I doubt the RCA will be financially sustainable for much longer.” (Added 1-8-2022)

Why Beliefs Matter — with Dr. Bill Arnold and Dr. David Watson” via Beliefs Matter Podcast (Confessing Movement). Maxie Dunnam interviews two leading Wesleyan professors. (Added 1-7-2022)

Why I’m Going with the Global Methodist Church” by JJ Mannschreck via Good News. A young clergy from Michigan explains why he will align with the GMC. (Added 1-7-2022)

Dr. Kevin Watson to Lead Wesley House of Studies” via Good News. Watson becomes acting director of the Wesley House of Studies at Baylor following the passing of Billy Abraham. (Added 1-7-2022)

Access to COVID Vaccines Offered to All General Conference Delegates” by Keith Boyette via WCA. The Wesleyan Covenant Association is raising funds to help ensure that all GC Delegates are vaccinated. (Added 1-7-2022)

State of the Church in 1000 Words, Part Three” by Jeremy Smith via UM Insight. This look at the future supports linking the Protocol to regionalization. (Added 1-7-2022)

Rescuing the Eucharist from The United Methodist Church, Part One” by Keith Sweat. The current ecumenical rite used by most United Methodists retains the form but jettisons the content of classic Christian communion. (Added 1-6-2022)

Global Methodist Church Newsletter Sign-up” via globalmethodist.org. The GMC launches a newsletter called “Crossroads.” (Added 1-6-2022)

Disaffiliation Update” via Quest Church in Georgia. A large, “young-ish” church in Georgia talks disaffiliation. (Added 1-5-2022)

United Methodists, General Conference, and The Protocol Are in a Pickle” by Stan Copeland via Youtube. The pastors of Lovers Lane UMC talks down GC2022 and the Protocol. (Added 1-5-2022)

Sin and Repentance in the North Central Jurisdiction: Some Simple Thoughts” by Bob Phillips via PeopleNeedJesus.net. Remarks on the limited understanding of sin behind the NCJ Beloved Covenant. (Added 1-4-2022)

“Old, Nagging Conflicts will Continue to Dominate Religion News in the Coming Year” by Richard Ostling via Get Religion. “Early in 2022, a commission must decide whether the twice-postponed conference, now scheduled for August 29-September 6 in Minneapolis, can finally occur despite two years of COVID-related snarls and, some say, stalling by the UMC establishment.” (Added 1-1-2022)

Tweet by Mark Tooley. “I hear rumors of great gathering of distinguished Methodist theologians next year to offer theological counsel to future traditional Methodism. May the angels guide them! 2022 will be exciting for Methodists everywhere.” (Added 1-1-2022)

The UM Fallout Compendium 2021 Archive (Added 1-1-2022) A collection of over 870 posts in 2021 related to UM separation.

Traditional Methodists of South Georgia” via Facebook. A January 22 event at Epworth by the Sea will feature Jay Therrell and Cara Nicklas. (Added 12-31-2021)

Ultra-Progressive Liberation Methodist Connexion Fizzling Out” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. The demise of the short-lived LMX. (Added 12-31-2021)

2021 Year in Review” by David Scott via UM & Global. Five major themes explored in the blog for 2021. Questions about GC tops the list. (Added 12-30-2021)

Holidays Can be Complicated for LGBTQ+ People” by Charlie Schlenker via WGLT (NPR affiliate). Hope UMC’s Drag Advent Service is featured, along with mention of Craig Duke. (Added 12-23-2021)

UM Men Engaged in Two-Year Bungee Jump” by Rich Peck via UM Insight. The challenges faced by the UMM organization include leadership changes, the BSA bankruptcy, and COVID disruptions. Better days hoped for ahead. (Added 12-23-2021)

The LMX: Where Are We Now?” by Press Release via UM Insight. The Liberation Methodist Connexion explains that it has not gained traction due to internal disharmony and other factors. (Added 12-22-2021)

Year-End Mailbag with Keith Boyette” via Holy Conversations Podcast (WCA). A end-of-year status update from the President of WCA. (Added 12-22-2021).

$30 million from United Methodists in BSA Bankruptcy” by Sam Hodges via UMNS. Annual conferences asked to help raise $30 million for the Survivor’s Trust Fund as part of the Boy Scouts of America bankruptcy. (Added 12-21-2021)

A Message to the RMN Community” by Bishop Peggy Johnson. Bishop Johnson apologizes for participating in the trial of Frank Schaefer as she and her spouse live publicly as a “cisgender/transgender couple.” (Added 12-21-2021)

Clarifying United Methodist Challenges and Preparing for the Future” via IRD. The Institute on Religion and Democracy comments on recent developments in the UMC. (Added 12-21-2021)

December 17 Perspective” by Rob Renfroe via Good News (Youtube). The President of Good News answers questions about the Protocol and GC2022. (Added 12-17-2021)

Filipino Leaders Push to Elect New Bishops” by Gladys Mangiduyos via UMNS. A push to elect new bishops in spite of BOD hurdles. (Added 12-16-2021)

Christmas Letter from the Council of Bishops” via Press Release. “As we enter 2022, we will continue to make room for all to be welcome. Christ compels us to live creatively in the context of all the new possibilities that only a true gift of Christ can bring.” (Added 12-16-2021)

Christmas Covenant Celebrates Second Anniversary” via Press Release. This statement was linked by United Methodist News Service and includes a video by Bishop Rudolpho Juan of the Philippines. (Added 12-16-2021)

“Ruling: NCJ Bishops, Others Must Still ‘Fully Comply with’ the UMC Discipline” by John Lomperis via Juicy Ecumenism. An NCJ delegate receives a ruling of law from Bishop David Bard on the “Beloved” Covenant. (Added 12-16-2021)

An All-Welcoming Church: Reality Check in Newbergh, Indiana” by Bob Phillips via PeopleNeedJesus.net. A congregation thrown under the bus for not being excited about the pastor surprising them in drag. (Added 12-16-2021)

Why You Don’t Need to Compromise to Evangelize” via Youtube. An outside response to Indiana pastor Craig Duke’s drag HBO appearance. (Added 12-16-2021)

A Pregnant Pause” by Bob Dean via UM Insight. A retired Iowa clergy offers Advent preaching notes in light of our denominational woes: “Every new beginning also means something has come to an end.” (Added 12-15-2021)

The Financial Future of Connectional Ministry” by David Scott via UM & Global. “Yet regardless of what other strategies denominational agencies may or may not adopt to respond to lower apportionments, the agencies are moving towards greater soliciting of direct gifts from United Methodist individuals and congregations.” (Added 12-15-2021)